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01 our company 02 products pvc abs edging 03 technology prolaser antibacterial edging 04 stock range pvc abs edging melamine edging veneer edging t-bar/dust seal profiles adhesives cleaning repair products 04 06 07 05 finishes 06 r&d colour matching 07 quality 12 14 15 16 18 18 08 08 09 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 08 decors proadec decors to match trends in the market 3


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01 our company 01 4


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quality edging recognized worldwide proadec uk ltd from its premises in kent with a modern storage production and distribution facility provides a perfect partnership for users of edgebanding in the uk and the republic of ireland coupled with over 20 years presence in the uk market its modern facilites and its experienced and dedicated team the company is focused on customer satisfaction service and quality proadec uk provides high quality products allied to consistently high levels of service reflecting the brand motto `the edgebanding solution proadec uk a member of probos group one of the top three european manufacturers of plastic based edging with over 35 years experience in extruding calendaring and printing thermoplastic edging for the furniture industry proadec is renowned in the market for delivering its customers a personal and tailored customer service at proadec customers get direct contact with the company s commercial team and are offered free sample swatches and technical advice 5


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02 02 products 6 edgings protective functional and decorative the use of furniture made for the home the office and other spaces from melamine and postforming boards has become very popular despite the functionality and beauty of these boards its edges are generally exposed leaving the substrate in view in order to cover these areas and in search of more aesthetic products the edgings have been developed edgebands are one of the most important accessories for the furniture industry not only for the decorative finish but also for the technical features as edgebands protect boards from impacts and humidity the market offers different types of edgings classified according to their material and the function for what they have been designed the most relevant are the thermoplastic abs pvc and pp edgings .


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at proadec we name the edging type according to the thickness production process and gloss level proclassic thin edging thicknesses 0,40 ­ 1,20 mm abs pvc and pp possible to slit in various widths from bulk rolls proflex thick edging thicknesses 1 .3 mm ­ 2 mm abs pvc and pp possible to slit in various widths from bulk rolls prothick thick edging abs and pvc thicknesses 1 .5 mm ­ 3 mm prowood through-grain thick edging abs and pvc thicknesses 2 mm ­ 3 mm progloss glossy thin edging gloss level 90º thicknesses 0,40 ­ 1,20 mm abs and pvc possible to slit in various widths from bulk rolls prohigloss high gloss mirror effect edging high-grade lacquered finish thicknesses 0,80 ­ 2 mm abs and pvc possible to slit in various widths from bulk rolls 7


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03 8 03 technology prolaser laser technology seamless edging an integrated functional laser melt is applied to the back of the edging ensuring the laser adhesion to the panel prolaser works without the need for hot melt adhesives the standard adhesive applicator inside the machine is replaced by a highly efficient laser which melts the polymer layer and enables the edging to bond seamlessly to the board substrate benefits of proadec prolaser edging visible glue joint is eliminated giving the edging and board a perfect moulded look permanent and functional invisible seam seam does not get dirty or go yellow furniture gets more resistant to heat and moisture no need to coordinate edging material and adhesive reduced maintenance outlay and set-up times savings in terms of resources ensures a clean panel due to the omission of adhesives and cleaning agents lower cleaning time and costs prolaser the best choice in the market thickness from 0,60 mm ­ 3 mm bespoke widths minimum quantity 1 roll unlimited options in terms of colour and surface finishes funcional laser melt layer


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antibacterial edging technology developed by proadec laboratories no matter how clean we think our homes are they are still teeming with bacteria that live on every surface any environment that is warm and moist is an ideal place for bacteria to breed and establish themselves furniture is no exception specially those more in contact with different substances such as hands fat and numerous dirtiness mainly in kitchens and bathrooms the existence of bacteria on furniture can originate some problems as bad odours discolouration and loss of properties such as gluing properties and permeability and consequent reduction of the time of life of the furniture proadec developed its antibacterial technology internally the antibacterial protection consists of an additive that is incorporated to the virgin formulation the main characteristic of the proadec antibacterial edging is that the protection is given by an additive special formulation with silver chloride throughout the edging and not only on the surface evaluation tests were carried out in laboratories worldwide one in germany and another in japan .test results showed a reduction of the bacterial activity of more than 99 certificates were issued the antibacterial formula is available for application in all abs and pvc plain colours as per customer request 9


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04 stock range proadec offers a stock range specially geared for the uk and irish markets it includes the best selling decors and finishes as well as the most relevant novelties with over 350 stock decors of thermoplastic edging in addition to melamine veneer t-profiles dust seal adhesives repair and other related products proadec uk is a leading supplier for the uk and republic of ireland pvc and abs the range of abs and pvc edgings is available from stock in thicknesses from 0 .40 mm up to 3 mm in quantities as low as one roll because of proadec s production facility of sheet profile calendaring the company holds bulk rolls in stock at its warehouse in widths up to 800 mm plain decors and woodgrains up to 1 mm thickness from these rolls it s able to offer bespoke widths from 16 mm in short led times the main advantage is that customers can get different widths of the same décor in the same order sample swatches are available on request 04 10


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melamine edging proadec uk offers an essential range of melamine decors exstock at very competitive prices the range encompasses plain colours and woodgrain effects all in various widths bespoke widths veneer edging is a real wood veneer in a roll form that is pre-sanded and available in several sizes proadec uk supplies a variety of species thicknesses widths and finishes our veneer edging is stocked in 0 .6mm with some also in 0 .9mm 2mm and 3mm and in a variety of widths the more common being 22mm 25mm 30mm and 40mm t-bar/dust seal profiles high impact decorative materials used to finish and seal the surface protecting it while enhancing the quality of furniture proadec uk range of t-bar is produced in flexible pvc which can be supplied from stock in varying degrees of hardness in a variety of colours and patterns plain aluminium or wood effects adhesives hot melt adhesives are a key factor in the woodworking process as without them fast and efficient bonding of the edging would not be possible proadec uk offers a variety of high performance clean running hot melt adhesives granules and cartridges to suit most applications when using glue pot edgebanders cleaning repair cleaning and repair products play an important role in offering cost effective ways of dealing with surface marks glue streaks and minor defects which may occur during manufacture transportation or installation repair pens and waxes residue cleaner self adhesive cover caps 11


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05 1 highgloss 9 ultra smooth 2 smooth b office 05 finishes surface finishes proadec offers a complete range of over 30 surface finishes matching those of the boards in the market 4 top face 6 sandy 3 wood tick 8 ash pore j duna ultra smooth and matt surface finish smooth surface smooth flat surface textured surface with brilliant pearl effect textured sandy surface irregular and dense wood pore pronounced wood pore brushed finish with both a glossy and matt linear grain 12


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f matrix y rustic pore n estuco x grain q couro l brushed s sagade u textil saw cut deep brushed finish with both a glossy and matt linear grain deep embossed linear structure deep embossed surface with robust surface properties realistic rough and grainy finish leather effect fine brushed surface irregular cross-grain wood pore creates an interaction of light and shadow reproduces the material character of fabric rough rustic look surface 13


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06 14 06 r&d proadec developed two distinct production processes co-extrusion and sheet calendaring proadec has been the pioneer in the sheet calendaring process for over 35 years proadec has been producing edging in bulk rolls in widths up to 800 mm what makes proadec different is that proadec produces not only plain colours through the calendaring process but also woodgrains fantasies and highgloss edging giving the customer the possibility to order different widths within the same décor bespoke widths on top of this with our own slitting machines and bulk rolls stock we are able to produce bespoke widths in small quantities in thin pvc/abs material 0 .40 to 1mm and despatch with short lead times .


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colour matching our r&d services are totally focused and committed on the needs of our customers we offer an accurate colour matching service able to reproduce most decors and textures proadec offers an almost unlimited choice of plain colours and realistic woodgrain reproductions with natural appearance we follow the trends of major board manufacturers and every year thousands of new decors are developed either by our own initiative or as per our customers request digital prototyping digital prototyping is the revolutionary approach to product development that lets you design visualize and simulate products rapidly and cost-effectively 15


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07 16 07 quality quality all our products are produced with production processes in total respect with the environment human health and the community the sustainable use of raw materials is a top priority for us and is firmly anchored in our core values proadec printed edgings are produced with environmentally friendly voc free uv paint technologies proadec edgings do not include plasticisers in its formulation all our raw materials are controlled internally in compliance with the international rules and the reach program about 90 of all our production waste is recycled .



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