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Information on NLP & Personal Development Training Programmes for Individuals

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the power of change is in you


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nlp is just like having a sat nav for your mind and life why nlp may be right for you now nlp will help you understand `why you behave the way you do nlp will teach you what it means to communicate more effectively nlp will show you `how your thinking impacts on your results `what if you were able to communicate easily and dramatically increase your chances for success?


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how will nlp benefit me gain more confidence build your self esteem remove your limiting beliefs improve communication skills understand yourself and others at a fundamental level improve your relationships create impactful goals for all areas of your life whether you want to make changes in your life learn more about yourself improve your relationships or your business nlp provides you with the foundation to build upon it may be that you are already a coach or mentor a business owner or work in a team or you may even be thinking about a change of career becoming a certified practitioner of nlp will enable you work with people on a one to one basis further training at master practitioner level or obtaining a foundation in neuro linguistic psychotherapy will broaden your skill base.


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nlp practitioner certification release your unlimited potential with our popular training programme in neuro linguistic programming you will accelerate your development and be the best you can be learn how to create a compelling future and then achieve it feel completely confident and self assured motivate and inspire yourself and others take action and transform your results nlp master practitioner certification open to those already qualified as practitioners of neuro linguistic programming this master practitioner training programme will allow you to further develop your skills as an nlp specialist you will also receive an introduction to hypnosis you will continue your path to mastery in all aspects of your life integrate additional powerful techniques to compliment those already in your unconscious mind break through the limitations you may currently place upon yourself and begin to realise your full potential.


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foundation certificate psychotherapy in neuro linguistic designed for those who wish to use nlp in the field of psychotherapy this programme will give you the insights essential to work effectively and safely in this valuable field the programme is open to those already qualified as practitioners and master practitioners of nlp you will be trained in the basic principles and safe practice of neuro linguistic psychotherapy hypnosis certification this programme is designed to give you a deep and working knowledge of hypnosis and how it may be used with oneself and others to improve performance you will learn several hypnotic techniques which will allow you to further develop your coaching and therapeutic skills you will develop a deeper insight into the way in which our unconscious minds effect our day to day performance increase your skills as a therapist coach or mentor general information all of our programmes are delivered by highly qualified and experienced specialists all programmes are interactive with time allocated for you to practice new techniques all programmes include additional work which must be completed before the start of the training and between the modules each programme is accompanied by a comprehensive workbook.


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a few words from some of our delegates attending the nlp practitioner training was a great experience opening doors of new ideas and opportunities i have gained more mental and spiritual flexibility and have explored the depths of my own individuality with change u s guidance attending the nlp practitioner training with change u for me was a life changing experience change u helped me release years of built up emotions which had controlled me in business and personal situations and which i had accepted as just being the way i was change u are very highly skilled coaches their training style and delivery is second to none professional humorous compassionate knowledgeable the list goes on ­ they are certainly the best providers of nlp training that i have experienced in the 13 years of working in hr and training arena and i would recommend that anyone who wants to reach peak performance in all areas of their life attend this course this is one of those courses that should be made compulsory for anyone who seeks to achieve continuous personal improvement the tool box of techniques are easy and effective and have life changing results.


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booking form name company name address email website course attending date of course method of payment any dietary requirements any other requirements signed date please sign this form and email to or visit our website all bookings are subject to terms and conditions.


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contact us telephone 0191 2343103 email website changeunltd @change_unltd



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