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surge the zone s teen literary summer 2013 summer 2013 magazine winter 2013


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surge contents 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 13 15 16 17 19 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 29 31 33 34 the zone s teen literary magazine of the mount sinai kravis children s hospital summer 2013 volume 3 issue 2 surge staff thomas dooley editor-in-chief diane rode executive editor angie koeneker contributing editor russell mindich founding editor susanne bifano art editor eshanie henry guest teen editor cover art by brian padilla letter from the teen editor letter from editor-in-chief the last boat by adrienne alverio art by melanie lizano spring by melanie lizano suffering by pressyla ramirez art by malaysia phillips interview dr alfin vicencio by sabrina getrajdman how i get through sickle cell by bryson banks art by emanuel barrera from pain to pastels by allison berrio art by melody kikta art by bryson banks the road by ben mills the wash by michell garvey art by cristal nooks art by julia sokoloff hospital blues by latricia burns everybody wants peace but nobody gets it by arifa lipi art by natalie rivera run between by carolyn silverstein freedom by joceline de los santos art by allison berrio dear prednisone by cindy two haiku by genacy moody art by cordelia foster my pathway through life by guiseppe maniglia ii art by cristal nooks my milestones with cystic fibrosis by amelia loran art by cordelia foster a long road by jamal fowler painting by michelle garvey a thanks to russell mindich and family riverdale country school and the staff of the child life and creative arts therapy department of the mount sinai kravis children s hospital to view this issue online the child life and creative arts therapy department 1 gustave l levy place box 1153 new york ny 10029 212-241-6797 1 surge


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happy summer surge readers what better way is to celebrate the beginning of summertime then with a brand new issue of surge surge has really come to mean a lot to me i remember sitting in the zone back in the summer of 2012 watching an episode of kidzone tv that invited viewers to call in and share a poem or short story live on the air i remember hurriedly writing a poem and the sweet anticipation i felt as i picked up the phone and heard its ring and when i finally read secret aloud for the first time the audience s outright approval was something that touched my heart when i was asked to submit my poem to surge i felt the same thing i m sure all other surge writers and artists have felt happiness happiness at being able to share something of ours with others and being commended for it after reading other people s stories i ve been cheered awed and inspired the creative and heartfelt things that other teens come up with has never ceased to amaze me i ve learned that despite the tough times that many of us who go to the hospital have been going through it is possible to make room for the more cheerful things such as storytelling and artwork i was excited by the fact that when i opened the magazine i wouldn t find the work of famous writers and artists but that of the underdogs who have always managed to make it out on top to me that is one of the truly motivating messages that surge delivers i m looking forward to the future issues to be just as motivating as they have been since day one so once again good luck to you in the summertime and i hope you find this issue of surge to be one that ll make you laugh think and smile here s to the underdogs eshanie henry guest teen editor surge 2


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from editor-in-chief thomas dooley in this sixth edition our teen writers express how they get through difficult times providing readers with insights into their personal struggles and challenges when we encounter these poems we learn new ways to confront and surmount pain so we can as our author allison berrio writes live in pastel surge is a magazine written by teens for teens if you are a teenager and would like to have your original writing or artwork published in surge please e-mail your work to n in this issue we recognize the work and imagination of dr judith gleason who twenty three years ago inspired the idea of creative writing for teens and pediatric patients here at mount sinai with gratitude judith ibaye ibaye tonu diane rode executive editor 3 surge painting by the artists of the zone


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the last boat closing my eyes feeling the warmth of the sun the boat swaying back and forth the way a mom cradles her newborn alone i peek over like a scared kid to see how high the waves will be they are fierce strong look like they could take out my little boat drown it like a napkin but even though the boat needs patches to be fixed up i still stay strong against the waves to find calm waters adrienne alverio new york ny surge 4


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5 surge painting by melanie lizano illustration by melanie lizano


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spring in the spring pink roses bloom out they remind me of valentine s day when my friend gave me a bouquet in spring i start soccer a traveling team called eclipse i like how the weather feels warm and breezy at the same time the wind blowing my pony tail as i run with the ball i hear the birds chirping and smell the grass i see rainbows and think about the colors like i feel like i could touch it my family and i got to pony tail park we catch butterflies we go on the swings i have a pretty big family and we ride bikes around a giant circle and we get ice cream from the truck that stops right in front of my house i feel refreshed just being with my family and the roses the petals soft like clouds the smell sweet like strawberries last spring my family and i went out of state to an outdoor concert it was loud but it was worth it melanie lizano south plainfield nj surge 6


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suffering my feet they feel like a fire in the wilderness and my legs are weak like my bones are going to break my whole back is being held by a crab his big claws are pinching and twisting me the pain is always there like a shadow sometimes i feel it flash like lightning but i stand tall even though i m bursting into tears inside me it s not easy to crack that shell pressyla ramirez jackson heights ny 7 surge


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painting by malaysia phillips surge 8


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treading new shores an interview with alfin vicencio md d r vicencio is a pediatric pulmonologist and expert researcher in the field of asthma he grew up and did most of his studies in ohio where many members of his family inspired him to enter the field of medicine the son of a psychiatrist and a nurse it almost seemed natural for dr vicencio to become a doctor though he entered a significantly different field than those of his relatives he quickly became a top doctor who has had a significant impact on his patients and mount sinai in the short time that he s been here along the way dr vicencio has had many role models that pushed him to enter the field of pulmonology and research growing up and as a young doctor dr vicencio never believed that this would be his realm of study one of his first significant mentors was a passionate professor at columbia who convinced him to become a pulmonologist personally and professionally she gave him advice and supported him along his way to success dr vicencio did his subspecialty training at yale where he met dr hidad the division chief at yale who introduced him to the world of research it was one of his peers dr eckleberg who sparked his interest in respiratory research specifically dr vicencio explains that while research can be incredibly rewarding it is sometimes quite frustrating there is no sense of instant gratification and requires a lot of trial and error however he explains the feeling of building a hypothesis and being right after years of attempts is incredibly satisfying and humbling the discoveries that come out of 9 surge


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research impact the practice and tactics of doctors all over the world and also could save the lives of patients dr vicencio is studying the pulmonary condition called asthma as he explains asthma is a prevalent condition that affects so many people around us interestingly though dr vicencio was not inspired to enter the field because a loved one of his was suffering from the condition however when he was a young attending doctor he spent a year in a children s hospital in the bronx where he met many patients suffering from asthma and saw how debilitating it was the experience of seeing the faces of his patients in agony motivated him to study asthma dr vicencio is trying to find ways to classify patients with asthma into different subgroups to give them more individualized treatment instead of giving everyone the same medication because people are affected with asthma in different ways there cannot be a uniform treatment to help all asthma patients dr vicencio hopes to open a pilot trial using a variety of new medication to specifically address the different causes of asthma though he spends a lot of time in the lab conducting research dr vicencio loves caring for patients and could not imagine giving up that part of his job it is incredibly rewarding for him to interact with different families and cherishes the amazing connections he gets to make with his patients and their loved ones it provides him with the instant gratification that he does not receive in his research outside of medicine dr vicencio has an eclectic variety of interests one of his main hobbies is ocean kayaking he hopes to get certified and may begin to participate in races along the coast of massachusetts he recently also got into stand-up long boarding another water sport though he is not a singer dr vicencio loves to go sing karaoke in korea town with his wife although dr vicencio is relatively new to mount sinai hospital he loves working here and feels like he s been here for a long time he appreciates the collaborative environment and is excited to build new programs in his field dr vicencio is a passionate and innovative doctor whose work in the lab and with patients is profound and appreciated sabrina getrajdman new york ny surge 10


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how i go through sickle cell i gotta carry other people s feelings and my pain it s watching over me a cloud hovering a black rain cloud the sadness how my family doesn t want me in here when i m going through something when i don t pay attention the cloud just goes away when i go through crisis one time i had a crisis i was rolling in bed couldn t find a way to sleep 11 surge


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my bones my body felt like it was tearing apart piece by piece i feel like there s a world in my body and a war is going on swords hammers drills until i get an i.v until my mom strokes my shoulders rubs my back bryson banks new york ny painting by emmanuel barrera surge 12


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from pain to pastels sometimes i feel broken they fix me then i have to come back i feel damaged sometimes not only my stomach my asthma one day headaches the next my back the next my stomach i feel like an old lady my grandparents go through that i don t want to spend my early years in the hospital i want to go out have a young life now i could have been applying for college eating ice cream a walk through the park shopping for some beige flats or 13 surge


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yellow wedges it s spring colors a lot of pastels are now inĀ­ turquoise light blue coral the neon colors are out i could have been doing my nails or my feet i would go out to eat treat myself have a date with myself i like this chinese place scallion pancakes with peanut butter soy sauce i ll make sure to order desert then i might take a nice walk home enjoy central park to sit by the pond watch the ducks hear the children playing the smell of spring allison berrio new york ny painting by melody kikta surge 14



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