21st World Congress for Sexual Health | Preliminary Program


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21st world congress for sexual health sexual issues straight from the heart september 21st 24th 2013 plaza são rafael hotel porto alegre brazil information and registration www.2013was.com foto secretaria de turismo preliminary program


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dear friends i am very happy for the closeness world of the health 21st of sexual was that returns to south america the after 20 years preliminary scientific program gathers over 90 brazilian speakers and 19 international that will discuss various aspects of the human sexuality we have approved more than 500 abstracts to privilege the new colleagues the welcome cocktail will be on september 21st however the peak of the social program will be the gala dinner that will happen on the september 23rd at clube jangadeiros the organizing and scientific committee await you in porto alegre brazil warmly dra jaqueline brendler president of the mundial was 2013.


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09/21/2013 são josé room 08:30 09:30 opening ceremony 09:30 10:00 plenary session just do it sex marriage and the brain in-love speaker bianca acevedo united states 10:00 10:30 break exhibition and poster visit 10:30 12:30 panel sexual pleasure sexual brain sexual desire sexual pleasure and romantic love lessons from functional neuroimaging studies speaker serge stoleru france the marketing of sexual pleasure a sexual rights issue speaker jane araujo russo brazil physiopharmacology of women s sexual pleasure response speaker srilatha balasubramanian singapore love and passion with recent contributions from infant research recognition theory and neuroscience speaker lawrence hedges united states discussion 12:30 13:30 lunch break exhibition and poster visit 13:30 14:00 was presidential lecture what is driving sexual desire speaker kevan wylie united kingdom president of was 3 september 21


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14:00 16:00 panel sexual education teaching the brazilian kiss to japanese college students and shaking up their culture speaker daisuke onuki japan efficacy of sexuality education through tv radio and public forum speaker t kamaraj india a new conceptual approach to adolescent sexuality/sexual health an evidence based critique of stanley hall s speaker bernardo useche aldana colombia eros emerging adolescence in the operatic imagination speaker esther corona mexico discussion 16:00 16:30 break exhibition and poster visit 16:30 18:00 panel sexually transmitted disease polygamy and hiv a complicated affair speaker elna rudolph south africa the politics of hiv/aids and global health speaker richard parker united states gay men`s sexual choices in a changing hiv prevention paradigm speaker garrett prestage australia structural barriers to work with sexuality sexual health including hiv interventions for key population at risk a paradigm shift is required for sustainability speaker sharful islam khan bangladesh discussion september 21 4


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itapema auditorium 15:30 16:00 definition of premature ejaculation speaker chris mcmahon australia 16:00 16:30 break exhibition and poster visit 16:30 18:00 issm/slams symposium integrating psychosexual medicine and pharmacotherapy in the management of sexual dysfunction coordinator chris mcmahon australia coordinator sidney glina brazil erectile dysfunction speaker sidney glina brazil ejaculatory dysfunction speaker chris mcmahon australia female sexual dysfunction speaker carmita abdo brazil hypoactive sexual desire in men discussion cambará room 14:00 16:00 was sexual rights committee symposium focus on sexual rights in practice coordinator tommi paalanen finland human rights perspective in sexual health alain giami france ethical dilemmas in promoting sexual rights in practice speaker tommi paalanen finland sexual policies and rights in south africa speaker marlene wasserman brazil invisibility of sexual rights in australia a hidden trap in the health-based approach to transgender phenomenon in japan speaker yuko higashi japan discussion 5 september 21


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16:00 16:30 break exhibition and poster visit 16:30 18:00 aasect symposium why aasect sexuality certification speaker pamela michele sugg united states sexual health wellness for women an integrated treatment model speaker shannon chavez united states speaker debra wickman united states discussion paineira room 16:30 18:00 workshop for couples training in the art of loving a couples guide to overcome lovesickness a medical psychological approach speaker sergio rueda mexico oral presentation session 01 medical research in sexuality session 02 psychopathology in sexuality session 03 ejaculation problems session 04 medical conditions in sexology imperatriz room 18:00 welcome cocktail reception september 21 6


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09/22/2013 são josé room 08:00 09:30 panel interventions in sexuality how to deal with sexual complaints from adolescents speaker sylvia c cavalcanti brazil rebt rational emotive behavioral therapy for sexual dysfunctions speaker ricardo cavalcanti brazil sex therapy does it work a systematic review speaker brynjar fowels landmark norway discussion 09:30 10:00 john money lecture the sexual and emotional habits of extremely happy couples around the world the heart speaks and the body follows speaker pepper schwartz united states 10:00 10:30 break exhibition and poster visit 10:30 12:30 panel sexual rights why melodrama can never tell a story about sexual rights speaker carole s vance united states the right to desire what about pedophiles speaker tommi paalanen finland do good values make bad science speaker william fisher canada the meeting of heart and head implications for sexual health and public policy speaker eleanor maticka-tyndale canada discussion 7 september 22


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12:30 13:30 lunch break exhibition and poster visit 13:30 14:00 gold medal lecture 40 years of academic sex straight from my heart speaker lars gosta dahlof sweden 14:00 16:00 panel relationship the link between intimacy and sexual activity in long-term relationships the moderating effects of gender and attachment style speaker jacques van lankveld netherlands sexualtity and violence are they related speaker ruben j hernandez serrano venezuela sexual pleasure as a key ingredient in the promotion of sexual health speaker eli coleman united states discussion 16:00 16:30 break exhibition and poster visit 16:30 18:00 who/unesco symposium sexual health and public health priority issues and challenges coordinator thierry troussier france sexual counselling eases the burden of disease speaker marlene wasserman south africa sexual health conceptual framework sexual health in icd-11 sexual health counselling creating a new icd category zcode speaker alain giami france discussion september 22 8


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itapema auditorium 08:00 09:30 sexual dysfunctions in different situations mental illness and sexual dysfunctions speaker pierre assalian canada aphrodisiacs in sexual medicine arena speaker adaikan ganesan singapore catalysing sexuality dialogue in africa speaker uwemedimo uko esiet nigeria sexual dysfunction in infertile couple and therapy speaker reiko ohkawa japan discussion 10:00 10:30 break exhibition and poster visit 10:30 12:30 panel world database on sexual health coordinator pedro nobre portugal debater kevan wylie united kingdom developing a world database on sexual health was representant pedro nobre portugal to be defined unesco chaire alain giami france to be defined who representant to be defined 12:30 13:30 lunch break exhibition and poster visit 16:30 18:00 curso flasses atividade em espanhol el complejo abordaje de la eyaculación precoz rapida prematura integrando desde la neurobiología a la terapia sexual que sabemos de neurofisiología y fisiopatología del proceso eyaculatorio y la eyaculación precoz speaker teresita blanco lanzillotti uruguay la eyaculación rápida en la práctica de la sexología médica speaker fernando jose bianco colmenares venezuela 9 september 22


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repercusiones en la pareja efectos etapas y paradojas speaker ruben j hernandez serrano venezuela lo que aprendí como enseñé y lo que enseño hoy acerca de la eyaculación precoz resistencias a la terapia sexual lo que es y que hacer speaker ricardo cavalcanti brazil uso de tratamientos combinados sexológicos y medicamentosos la mejor opción para la eyaculación rápida speaker leÓn roberto gindin argentina 18:30 was general assembly cambará room 08:00 09:30 forum sexuality around the world 1 general coordinator alain giami france the future of sexology sexual health speaker alain giami france speaker jane araujo russo brazil sexual health and sexual behavior in the united states trends from the 2009 and 2012 national surveys of sexual health and behavior coordinator michael reece united states sex education in sweden coordinator charlotta lÖfgren-mÅrtenson sweden between professional ambivalence and multidisciplinary harmony a qualitative study on sexologist as a profession coordinator charlotta lÖfgren-mÅrtenson sweden discussion september 22 10


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paineira room 08:00 09:30 panel strategic holonic structural psychotherapy coordinator eusebio rubio-aurioles mexico theoretical bases the holonic model speaker graciela garcÍa hernÁndez mexico psychotherapy a negentropic process speaker nadine terrein-roccatti mexico practical application a clinical case speaker veronica delgado-parra mexico implications for sexual medicine speaker eusebio rubio -aurioles mexico discussion 16:30 18:00 session best abstracts 1 pedophilia and the brain current mri research and its implications speaker james m cantor canada/ontario what boys really desire to know about sex speaker osmo kontula finland the effects of gay sexually explicit media on the hiv risk behavior of men who have sex with men speaker simon rosser united states oral presentation session 05 gender identity issues session 06 women s sexual problems session 07 male sexual problems session 08 sex therapy session 10 adolescent sexuality session 11 sex and violence session 12 prevention and sexuality session 31 sexual education iv 11 september 22


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09/23/2013 são josé room 08:00 09:30 panel sexology in latin america history and development the clinical sexology in latin america speaker andrÉs flores colombino uruguay the impact of latin american sexological movement in the development of sexology worldwide speaker fernando jose bianco colmenares venezuela from past to present profile and tasks of a professional sexology in medical territory speaker juan carlos kusnetfzoff argentina sex education in latin america speaker rodolfo rodrigues castelo ecuador discussion 09:30 10:00 gold medal lecture to future generations of sexologists speaker leÓn roberto gindin argentina 10:00 10:30 break exhibition and poster visit 10:30 12:30 panel a new classification system will it create new understandings gender dysphoria dsm-5 and beyond speaker kenneth zucker canada therapy from the heart psychotherapy in the wpath standards of care for transsexual transgender and gender non-conforming people speaker lin fraser united states notes for social integrating strategy of trans people speaker mariela castro espÍn cuba discussion september 23 12


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12:30 13:00 lunch break exhibition and poster visit 13:30 14:00 plenary session getting less sexually violent speaker julia heiman united states 14:00 16:00 panel male sexuality pharmacological treatment for anorgasmia premature and delayed ejaculation speaker rupin shah india prevention of male sexual dysfunction speaker sidney glina brazil/sp couples issues in sex therapy speaker oswaldo m rodrigues jr brazil/sp discussion 16:00 16:30 break exhibition and poster visit 16:30 18:00 paho symposium sexual health in the context of public health the most relevant issues coordinator rafael mazin mexico the challenges and opportunities for sexuality education today speaker esther corona mexico the need to improve capacities of health care providers speaker aysa saleh-ramirez united states legislation health care needs and new paradigms in sexual health the sexual health of key populations speaker rafael mazin mexico improving the sexual health of the new generations speaker matilde maddaleno chile discussion 13 september 23


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itapema auditorium 08:00 09:30 youth initiative committee vulnerable youth groups worldwide sexual health difficulties and challenges coordinator anton castellanos usigli mexico 10:30 12:30 wpa symposium coordinator antonio pacheco palha portugal why psychiatrists are afraid of sex speaker ruben j hernandez serrano venezuela rb gender identity disorders versus dysphoria dsm v cultural repercussion on management speaker said abdel azim egypt the importance of a sexological consultation in a general hospital nowadays speaker antonio pacheco palha portugal homosexuality an egyptian tv realty bites speaker radwa abdel azim egypt discussion 16:30 18:00 panel psychotherapy for sexual dysfunction from basic science to evidence based treatments coordinator pedro nobre portugal understanding sexual problems and treating sexual dysfunctions potential important directions speaker julia heiman united states testing psychological models of sexual dysfunction in the laboratory new research findings and clinical implications speaker pedro nobre portugal cognitive-behavioral treatment of lifelong vaginismus treatment effects and process variables speaker jacques van lankveld netherlands discussion september 23 14


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cambará room 08:00 09:30 forum sexuality around the world 2 sexual health status in the changing middle east opportunities and challenges coordinator sara nasserzadeh united sates first specialized sexology clinic in bahrain speaker elham ahmed abdullah attalla bahrain new trends in sexual behavior speaker faysal el kak lebanon sexuality education and advocacy in conservative context pakistan`s case study speaker qadeer baig pakistan general introduction to chinese sexual science coordinator peicheng hu china advances in chinese sexual science speaker peicheng hu china the new treatments to sexual dysfunction in china speaker jixiu xu china sexual photograph one aspect in chinese sexual culture speaker lin tao china 14:00 16:00 sfsc symposium teaching sexology and sexual health the challenges coordinator michele pujos-gautraud france history of 40 years of teaching in sexology at sfsc speaker nicole arnaud-beauchamps france how improve the post graduate physicians instruction in sexology and sexual health fields speaker michele pujos-gautraud france the socio-psychological approach of sexuality the lines between sexual health and sexology speaker capucine ternisien d`ouville france 15 september 23



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