DXN Network User Guide - you may use our ID to join: 310007879


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How to join to DXN online? And how to order DXN products online - a complete user guide, which could help you. If you would like to choose us as a sponsor, use our ID: 310007879 Farago Istvan http://dxnganodermacoffee.com/

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dxn holdings bhd user guide registration of new member prepared by group it department date 19 october 2012 version 1.4


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table of contents 1registration of new member 3 1.1 become a member 3 2 registration of existing member 10 2.1 existing member registration for network system 10 3 login 14 3.1 member login 14 4 view welcome letter 20 4.1 view welcome letter 20 5 genealogy report 22 5.1 generate genealogy report 22 6 redeem of member kit 23 6.1 redeem kit purchased 23 7 online purchase order 25 7.1 new purchase order 25 8 po status summary report 38 8.1 check po status 38 9 change password 40 9.1 change password 40 10 customer feedback 41 10.1 send customer feedback 41


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1 registration of new member 1.1 become a member figure 1.1.0 main page 1 click on the hyperlink become a new member to register as a member.


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figure 1.1.1 registration of new member 2 this is the welcome notes to the member who join dxn.


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figure 1.1.2 registration of new member 3 select your country of residence from the drop down list figure 1.1.3 registration of new member 4 enter your sponsor code and press on button check sponsor if you do not have any sponsor code please tick on the check box system will automatically select a sponsor code for you.


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figure 1.1.4 registration of new member 5 enter your personal particulars.


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figure 1.1.5 registration of new member 6 please read the terms and conditions of dxn network system before tick on agree.


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figure 1.1.6 registration of new member 7 system will automatically generate a welcome letter to the member who successfully register as a member 8 member code will be given upon the completion of the registration 9 email notification will be sent to member as follows.


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figure 1.1.7 registration of new member email content will contain information that has been successfully registered at dxn network system.


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2 registration of existing member 2.1 existing member registration for network system figure 2.1.0 main page 1 click on the hyperlink member login.


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figure 2.1.1 login page 2 press on the button create an account here.


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figure 2.1.2 member identities verification 3 enter member id sponsor id and joined date or date of birth for verification.


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figure 2.1.3 registration of existing member 4 enter your personal particulars figure 2.1.4 registration of existing member successful 5 user can login to the system with their new username and password from login page.


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3 login 3.1 member login figure 3.1.0 login page 1 enter login information.


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figure 3.1.1 double login for same user 2 when you see this pop up mean previously you do not logout the system properly 3 system will request to kill the previous session by enter the particular information and press on button delete my session figure 3.1.2 session deleted 4 press on button ok.



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