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free there s life in the inner west issue 214 july 12 2013 luscious lunches masterchef s amina spills the chickpeas win movie tix before midnight soup kitchen the 4 best soups in the inner west plus theatre tix opera at the vanguard romeo juliet is taking over the inner west distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill he s back what we think of krudd s return bring theparramatta rd noise can live music revive


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bellezza hair salon ph 9572 6966 open 7 days shop 4 norton plaza 55 norton st leichhardt express yourself with a new look make an appointment and bring in this ad you ll recieve 20 off your next colour service monday thursday only


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renovating visit us today or buy online showrooms open 7 days phoenix `vivid conical shower rose arm mirrored shaving cabinets 3 300mm only $144 4 450mm only $144 600mm only $152 750mm only $165 7 900mm only $180 9 1200mm only $220 1 polyurethane cabinets vizzini undermount kitchen sink 384 x 444 x 210mm sale price avalon vanity on legs 600mm only $361 750mm only $389 900mm only $417 1200mm only $658 polyurethane cabinet with ceramic top also available kickboard or wall hung rrp $149 now only 3 star wels rating 8 l/per min 85 save 198 $64 metro wall hung vanities with hidden handles vizzini square shower screen 1 10mm toughened glass 900mm x 900mm door av available with knob or bar handle rrp $1040 now only methven satinjet shower rail 10 year warranty vizzini momento fixed over bath screen c change your ugly sh shower curtains now 10 toughened glass 10mm 70 700mm wide x 1450 high rrp $699 now only 740 save polyurethane cabinet with ceramic top 600mm only $415 750mm only $435 900mm only $495 1200mm only $699 also available on legs or kickboard rrp $405 now only $300 manhattan toilet suite close coupled full ceramic soft close seat rrp $400 now only 199 230 save $469 designer floor waste vizzini lucio wall faced toilet suite toi easy clean ceramic quick release soft close seat geberit flush system rrp $695 now only bermuda mk iii toilet wall faced toilet suite easy clean ceramic quick release soft close seat geberit flush system 300 save $100 adp sante fe 1 wall hung vanity unit australian made with german hardware 900 x 475 x 400mm cabinet available in 4 different colours rrp $696 now only 395 also available in 1500mm designer floor waste smart tile 100mm only rrp $89 rrp $795 now only 525 now only 49.90 save $39 vizzini `phoenician free standing bath roma bath set alisha ii basin mixer 5 year warranty australian standard 5 star water rating 1730 x 790 x 730mm rrp $1599 now only modern bath tap set suitable for any bathroom rrp $150 now only 580 1090 64 save $86 rrp $380 now only save $509 159 74-76 pyrmont bridge rd 200m from parramatta rd 9 barney street off church street camperdown/glebe 1 300 go bo ys 1300 462 697 north parramatta a t li best b d australia s b t brands


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact petersham s gentrification black market trolleys disappearing providores l long time inner west institution the oxford tavern is about to be gentrified quietly perched opposite the police station at the top of crystal street in petersham just around the corner from marrickville council hq the hotel is famous for its lingerie waitresses as well as its annual golden g-string competition known locally as the swinging tit the oxford has been taken over by property developer greg magree magree successfully made over the norfolk hotel in surry hills and is the owner of the hugely successful porteno restaurant also located on cleveland street magree can smell a bargain and has a knack for transforming an unattractive space into a hipster s paradise it was only a matter of time before the highly saturated newtown hipster hangs moved further afield to petersham l trolley madness in leichhardt if you thought all local trolley men could be trusted think again the average trolley costs $150 and it seems there is a big black market for them in fact twenty leichhardt branded trolleys were recently found in rockdale ­ and let s just say they didn t get there on their own l g-fitness drummoyne has stopped trading at its lovely drummoyne waterside location after 18 years the owner of the building decided to transfer the lease to a private restaurant operator who no doubt was willing to pay more rent l annandale s village providore has left a void in the suburb after recently disappearing in a hurry locals say that the place has never been the same since the new owners took over about 12 months ago declining sales and service may be a reason for their rapid departure i m right you re wrong in which righteous rightie rejoices in bob carr encouraging the australian labor party to finally grow a pair dear ll ­ are you as delighted as i am to see bob carr outflanking the conservatives on the right just like in the good old days of his glorious premiership it seems that with the departure of the bald hippy garrett and that hairy-arsed feminazi gillard the grand old man of the nsw right is belatedly getting his chance to shine again do you think he would be up for commandeering a naval boat and personally machine gunning some swarthy iranian kiddies if it resulted in a glowing editorial in the daily terror and a thumbs up from alan jones ray summer hill ll replies i think anyone who lived in new south wales at any point from 1995-2005 knows the answer to that one ray though i ve never had much time for those degenerates on the communist side of the political fence i must confess a begrudging admiration for carr s anarcho-capitalist approach to infrastructure investment his shameless propensity to bang the law and order drum his willingness to spy on his party for the cia his glee in reducing workers compensation payments to malingering members of the proletariat and his passion for exposing the mollycoddled australian literati to the globalised rigours of the dan brown-loving free market frankly if the alp had a few more sensible moderates like him willing to let news ltd dictate their policy direction and highly skilled at dog whistling in order to pander to marginal seat bogans mainstream australians it might not be in its present calamitous state one can only hope mr carr will be called upon to rebuild labor after its imminent crushing defeat that way if the socialists ever do occupy the treasury benches again it will at least be under the leadership of someone well to the right of cory bernardi we are c!ao advertising sonya madden leane senzamici newtown food melissa leong winsor dobbin wine c!ao history if you call the fire brigade nowadays they ll race over to you in their big red truck and high tech fire-fighting gear but this was not always the case this photo taken around 1895 shows firemen being pulled by horse and cart in front of the balmain fire brigade station we hope no one needed urgent help given the less than speedy mode of transportation built in 1894 opposite balmain town hall the fire station itself still stands and is operational at 391 darling street balmain n balmain 1860-1910 municipal jubilee balmain fire brigade station courtesy of leichhardt library local history art director eleanor wales editorial nancy merlo n email your dilemma to publishing sonia komaravalli contributors max kobras and nigel bowen ciao aenean a magna vel pede vestibulum rhoncus nulla cursus orci quis tortor things we love hello is it me you re looking for if you ve been searching for lionel richie we found him entertaining diners with his retro hair and tear-off lyrics outside the west juliett cafe in marrickville we do love a bit of classic lionel and when he appears on random telegraph poles in the inner west well that s even better ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication d onate your new or used toys books and clothing to the children of the sydney childrens hospitals and st michaels family centre c!ao s voice · gatsby-themed 1920s parties and fashion · the lovely staff member at pastizzi cafe newtown who gave a guy a break when he couldn t get enough coins together to pay for his pastizzi · marrickville s sexy new jazz hangout lazy bones lounge · the friendly bearded barista at cocoa milk leichhardt · zonuts the adriano zumbo version of `cronuts croissant donuts selling for a limited time only in his rozelle store distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0402 202 951 ­ sonya 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia ciao is locally owned and produced in what s in out · kim and kanye s ridiculous baby name · the drunken woman from balmain who was caught on cam verbally abusing a school kid on the bus because of his race · excessive rain · norton grocer s shrinking variety in the deli section · live wires hanging dangerously from awnings on parramatta rd near leichhardt · the difficult popcorn machine at burwood s cinema out please recycle printed by spot press marrickville subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered email with your address this july we are putting together christmas in july hampers for the kids at the sydney childrens hospitals as well the boys at the st michaels family centre please donate any new or used toys books and clothing for children between the ages of 0 through to 12 your donation is very much needed and appreciated a little goes along way to those in need christmas in july collection of donated goods will be from july 1 st through to july 20 th cover bringing soul back to parramatta rd singer songwriter charmaine bingwa at the lewisham hotel where she is set to perform on july 21st as part of the [yellow tail presents soul sista jam see pg10 for more photo by ben cregan c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west 4


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community life r oad test rant get souped up mekong noodle bar leichhardt vietnamese pho soup beef while pho is traditionally a breakfast dish i think most westerners have a hard time picturing this meaty noodle broth as their wake-up meal and really it can be had at any time of the day at mekong delta on norton street i d recommend coming in at lunchtime for the special because who doesn t love a discount this is a very authentic dish with chillies lemon and sauces served on the side to be added according to your preference you will feel whisked away to south-east asia as soon as this soup is placed at your table by the time you leave hopefully not too sweaty from an over-indulgence in chilli as happened to me you will be more than satisfied $8.90 lunch special of pepper if you like your soups a little more on the spicy side $9 on the regular lunch menu the 101 vagina exhibition hit sydney last month attracting varying reactions and even a visit from the boys in blue here s what the artist philip werner has to say about it all children come out of vaginas but are not allowed to see them when the police visited the 101 vagina exhibition and festival of the vagina in redfern a couple of weeks ago they suggested that we should be keeping minors out of the gallery why why should children not see talk about hear different words for draw and reflect on vaginas are vaginas bad are penises bad mine isn t is yours the younger the children are the more recently they have themselves just emerged from a vagina after having been conceived through one but in spite of this there seems to be a cultural fear around children and anything sex related coming within proximity of each other of course children should be protected from sexual predators but somehow the valid and important concerns about sexual abuse have resulted in sex being given a blanket label bad the act that led to their existence is labelled bad what are the two most forbidden words in the english language fuck and cunt how unfortunate they should be words of celebration exuberance joy pleasure freedom and love our culture is severely hobbled by sexual repression and suppression the worst manifestation of this is sexual abuse and though it may not be the only cause i believe we will never rid culture of sexual abuse without first dealing with the sexual repression and suppression that underpins it guilt and shame do not arise naturally in us as children it is taught to us by adults whether directly or indirectly through judgement and fear it is adults who teach children that their bodies are to be hidden not to touch themselves and not to say certain words this means that it is up to us the adults to reverse this trend one of the best ways to reverse guilt and shame is through open discussion and direct engagement a child who has had open honest and respectful discussions about their bodies and sexuality is far less likely to end up with feelings of shame and guilt about their own it also means they will be less likely to fall victim to externally imposed shame from various media or abusive comments imagine if instead of learning about sex through porn children were taught to respect their own and other people s bodies that they are the masters of their own that no part of it is shameful that pleasure is a birthright and that sex can be a beautiful act of bonding joy and pleasure fortunately there is a growing and international `sex positive movement which is working to remove the negative stigma around bodies and sexuality the 101 vagina exhibition and festival of the vagina are proudly part of that movement breaking taboos can be both a creative and fun exercise and no one needs to get hurt in the process in fact years of hurt can begin to be undone n words philip werner creator of the 101 vagina book and exhibition aboutlife rozelle soup of the day this organic natural marketplace generally has a couple of different soups made fresh daily sitting in hot cauldrons at the front of the shop on the day i visited there was a `nourishing and cleansing broth on offer which was some kind of clear vegan mystery broth that smelt like stock but was max with his healthy liquid lunch in the ciao office a lot spicier super healthy and refreshing as well as a to warm you up from the inside out made with bits thai style creamy coconut soup made with corn of tender cubed beef green beans and quartered and thai spices the latter was delicious though potatoes and finished with a sprinkling of neither were particularly filling on their own so rosemary and pepper you ll feel like you re having make sure you add bread a roast dinner with all the trimmings in the middle $4.90 for a medium cup or $7.90 for a package with salad and a bread roll of the day this is a real rich rustic mediterranean style soup that looks smells and tastes like something your grandma would make at home it s served with three generous pieces of crusty brown bread and although it costs a little more you are definitely getting a little more for your money $13.90 on the winter lunch menu n words max kobras nancy merlo catherine piper lilyfield minestrone soup i m used to vegetarian minestrone soup with cannellini beans but i have to admit this version of `italian style minestrone complete with bacon bits was pretty hearty and satisfying served with two slices of toasted bread the main flavours that come through are tomato and bacon while the tiny cubes of carrot potato and zucchini add a little bit of chunkiness to it and make it filling enough to be a meal on its own it s quite a generous serve but you may need to add a shake west juliett cafe marrickville northern greek style beef and potato stew this substantial soup is the perfect winter lunch opera at the vanguard the vanguard will be bringing its own spectacular version of opera to the stage this month for the first time ever in a performance festooned with costumes inspired by the innovative fashion designer alexander mcqueen featuring camperdown resident simon halligan right as the `warrior king alongside three other seasoned opera australia performers opera at the vanguard will showcase a collection of classic songs including nessun dorma e la solita storia del pastore and a selection of crowdpleasers from carmen ­ all performed in fabulous mcqueenesque costumes that stay true to the grandeur of traditional operatic spectacles owner of the vanguard russall s beattie said it had long been his dream to bring opera to the venue and he s confident this production will satisfy both veteran opera fans and newcomers to the genre this production is designed to not only make opera affordable but also offer audiences an unusually up-close and intimate experience he said the show will be running from tuesday 23rd to saturday 27th july with tickets available at or by calling 9557 9409 tickets are $33.80 or $68.80 for the meal and show package n the vanguard 42 king st newtown to win a double pass to the show simply email with your contact details and preferred date what s on compiled by max kobras email wednesday 17th july info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are fri 19th sat 20th july sunday 28th july friday 19th july mid-century modern architecture building buffs rejoice we have something interesting for you starting at 6:30pm at marrickville library architect bruce eeles and designer annalisa capurro will be discussing mid-century modern architecture and sharing their perspectives on things constructed from the mid-1930s to the mid1960s the highlight of this event will be the presentation on restorations of modernist buildings and the revival of this style in the usa bookings are not required so feel free to turn up unannounced for more info visit n marrickville library marrickville rd 6 do you need a roots music knees-up country roots blues gig in a busy year that has seen them play the tamworth karuah bluegrass and northern beaches music festivals sydney country/bluegrass band dear orphans will play a headlining show with support from alternative country band mem davis the kindred spirits the two bands will put on a performance to remember at everyone s favourite pokie-free live music venue the petersham bowling club from 8pm to 11pm everyone is invited and entry is just $10 so don t miss out for more info visit the what s on page at n petersham bowlo 77 brighton st exist-ence #5 exhibition pact centre for emerging artists is hosting the sydney leg of the `exist-ence #5 festival of live art featuring two nights of experimental performances by local and international artists on friday there will be presentations by john g boehme and henrik hedinge followed by bonnie hart and on saturday there s live art and performances from a range of artists pact centre is at 107 railway pde erskineville n for more information visit www.pact national tree day feeling a bit green well come and do something positive for the environment and plant a tree leichhardt council s group planting event running from 10am to 12pm will assist in the restoration of the bushland on the southern side of king george oval the council will be providing all the plants and necessary tools although they suggest you bring your own sun protection as well as wear closed shoes if you aren t convinced yet the council will also be having a sausage sizzle for volunteers afterwards so there s no reason not to come down and help out for more info visit n where king george park rozelle monday 29th july we don t know what it means either wall 2 wall mural competition now in its seventh year leichhardt council is once again calling upon local artists to


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n local gigs passion pit n local movies n at dendy newtown saturday 27th july supported by fellow splendour act pvt passion pit s gig is bound to be pretty indie and pretty synthy at times if you re into that then this is going to be a sweet show otherwise i wouldn t recommend it then again passion pit is pretty damn popular so maybe you should go whether you like them or not n enmore theatre $78.60 deez nuts free tickets win double movie passes barbie doll from hell sunday 28th july this is a hardcore band that named themselves after a dr dre song i feel like i m missing the logic there regardless these guys are really energetic and the show will be a lot of fun if you re into rapping over metal instrumentals fair warning these guys are no rage against the machine n bald faced stag $17 only god forgives nicolas winding refn s drive violent hyper-stylised revenge fantasy set in the very bad back streets of bangkok was the surprise winner of this year s sff jury prize be brave you ll need to be and give it go ­ it is hypnotically compelling ryan gosling plays julian a drug pusher whose psycho older brother brutally murders an underage prostitute the brother is then killed by the girl s father who quickly suffers the same fate the carnage in the streets attracts the attention of a sword-wielding detective vithaya pansringarm whose version of retributive justice involves slicing off limbs the brother s mum a strutting peroxided blonde a ferociously scary kristen scott thomas then turns up to sort things out ridicule the size of her son s penis and call his sort-of girlfriend he pays to watch her to masturbate a cum dumpster no wonder julian is smouldering ­ something gosling does very very well ­ though surely this actor can t take his camp brooding macho act any further after this his lips barely move from a contemptuous sneer throughout though he does get to mumble a few lines of dialogue ­ if wanna fight constitutes dialogue ctc surely r18 from july 18 nine years later still talking before midnight celine julie delpy and jesse ethan hawke the young couple we first met in 1995 before sunrise are now pushing 40 richard linklater brought them back in 2004 before sunset to roam the streets again and talk talk talk in that rambling funny but entirely believable way this is the way couples relate and bullshit to each other or so it seems now they re together they have been for a while in greece on holiday with kids and a broken marriage jesse s behind them and we can see the scars of age not physical these two are ageing the way only hollywood actors do ie not at all ­ and we do get to see quite a lot of celine in one extended nude scene jesse is jovial but glib barely hiding the cynicism of male middle age with banter that is both telling and acute while celine seems brittle resentful and all too ready to argue when their fight does start it erupts with an astonishing fury it s one of the most realistic and shocking matrimonial scenes you will ever see it may even break your heart for we have grown to love this pair will there be an after sunrise in nine years time we hope so ma15 from july 18 n thanks to hopscotch films we have 10 double inseason passes to give away details below at the multiplex james franco i get but i ve never quite understood the schlubby everydude appeal of seth rogen and jonah hill both men are overweight but it is the slender franco ­ playing himself as all the actors do in this very funny movie ­ who gets eaten he s literally torn apart something many of us have longed to do to michael cera ­ who is impaled by a road sign early on as the apocalypse approaches the boys retreat to franco s pad and behave very badly ­ penis jokes an ejaculation contest and an erection the size of a no 10 metro bendybus it belongs to the devil ma15 from july 18 this is the end deez nuts battle of the bands sunday 4th august this is the finals to see which australasian band will compete in the global battle of the bands this is just a cool event i have no idea what the bands are going to be like but i am still going to be there potential history in the making and it s only twenty bucks n west ashfields league $20 n arthouse pick words max kobras time to meet the devil boganised bard turning tables in the gender wars two households both alike in dignity in fair cronulla this is the beginning of veteran director stephen wallace s exciting modern aussie take on the shakespearean classic romeo and juliet with the backdrop of race riots that have rages across sydney s southern and western suburbs in recent years shakespeare s timeless play of love and loss among feuding families gets a makeover here telling the story of a beach party crashed insults exchanged and an unlikely romance but when one lover is from a well-to-do family in south sydney while the other is from an immigrant family living in the west can love prevail come along and find out a gun in each hand the reputation of spanish men at least those of middle age takes quite a battering in cesc gay s starstudded ensemble piece a parade of hapless blokes identified only by an initial and played by some of the spanish world s most well known actors eduard fernández ricardo darin and eduardo noriega amongst others line up to be skewered by their own words and actions in six beautifully crafted and sly vignettes which all unfold more or less in real time it s very funny and deadpan but men will cringe the women fare rather better ­ this is the perfect antidote for those australian women left feeling bruised and angry about julia gillard s fate there are some nongs more pathetic than the men in this country none of them wear a blue tie m15 on now n reviews ­ re win tix wherefore art thou razza running thursday through saturday at 7.30pm from wednesday 31st july to saturday 24th august tickets are $28 or $22 for concessions tickets are available at n king street theatre 644 king st newtown to win a double pass to the opening night of the show on wednesday 31st july email of everyday domestic life entry is free with light refreshments provided n for more information contact the library on 9911 6351 connect with the site and its community with the first prize vlaued at $4000 this is a great opportunity for all local talent to get involved but act fast as entries must close on july 29th n for more info visit www.leichhardt wednesday 31st july indulge your inner graffitist register for the upcoming wall 2 wall mural competition designed to both minimise graffiti and foster artistic talent this competition provides tangible benefits for the whole community there are three sites available this year two on mullens street in balmain and one on norton street leichhardt and applicants designs must george clooney s haircut and other cries for help abc radio host and fairfax columnist richard glover will have you laughing out loud as he shares his latest book george clooney s haircut and other cries for help during an author talk at concord library 60 flavelle st concord from 6.30pm on july 31st the book is a collection of unusually skewed stories of everyday life creating a bizarre world in which george clooney s haircut can help save a relationship don t miss this fun-filled night of laughs presided over by a writer with a keen eye for the absurdities energy future and are seeking community input if you want to help make your future greener and use locally produced renewable energy in your home then come along to this workshop from 10am to 12pm at canterbury hurlstone park rsl and get involved a morning tea will also be held from 9.30am before the workshop to register call jon stiebel at leichhardt council on 9367 9045 or for more information go to the environment and sustainability page at n where 20-26 canterbury rd hurlstone park richard glover sunday 21st july win double movie passes to be in the running to win a double in-season movie pass to before midnight just email telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao include your name and address only at the movies july 18 trailer and info http coming-soon/beforemidnight-film community glamour at its best 7 energy workshop leichhardt council is one of eight councils working to develop a plan to increase energy from renewable energy sources called `our


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leichhardt bowling recreation club 2013 state of origin grand final watch the final battle live at leichhardt bowling club july 17 everyday deals monday tuesday wednesday happy hour 4-6pm tuesday line dancing with julie 10.30am thursday friday monster meat raffles 7pm member badge draw 8pm fabulous friday friday night football savvy saturday punters paradise barefoot bowls fun day sunday barefoot bowls bring the family fabulous seafood raffles 5pm opening hours wednesday-friday lunch 12pm-2.30pm dinner 5.30pm-9pm saturday-sunday 12pm-9pm 88-92 piper st leichhardt ph 9569 1936 9560 3574


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breathingcolours aboriginal art sale with keith rowe glass art and jewellery from arnhem land utopia breathing colours is proud to announce aboriginal art reduced prices of exceptional paintings from utopia and central australia region from a private collection glass art by keith rowe jewellery by nancy mutilnga burarrwanga arnhem land jewellery using hand painted beads by women of camel camp utopia for more examples of this outstanding collection please refer to our website exhibitions_130625_culture.shtml culture and connection keith rowe dryland glass bowl exhibition 16th july 28th july opening celebrations saturday 20th july 4-7pm please join us for the official opening saturday 20th july from 4-7pm to celebrate this exhibition with some light refreshments looking forward to seeing you warm regards robin hill minnie pwerle awelye acrylic on linen 2005 180cm x 150cm stocktake sale 40 off alexandra blak­ perspex jewellery angle diamond dot­ jewellery janusz szkolnik titanium silver and gold jewellery stamps watches katherine grocrott­ contemporary material jewellery art gallery contemporary jewellery objects 446 darling st balmain ph 02 9555 8543 tues to sun 10am to 5pm new stock at breathing colours joy dodd­ handwoven scarfs alison blain­ roughcut gemstones silver jewellery graciela­ vivacious handcrafted leather bags sarah whitlock­ silver and gemstone jewellery barbara ryman­ enamel and silver jewellery


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n feature can parramatta rd rock once more the recent bankruptcy of the annandale hotel seemed to be the last nail in parramatta road s live music coffin but it might just turn out to be the start of a revival that will turn a currently unlovely and unloved thoroughfare into australia s answer to new orleans bourbon street n charmaine bingwa at the lewisham hotel ­ see her perform live at the hotel on sunday 21st july from 2pm-9pm for [yellow tail presents soul sista jam photo by ben cregan it is no secret that parramatta road has been in a steady decline for many years while once a lively area bustling with businesses nowadays it s more like a ghost town with a succession of empty storefronts can someone please explain to me why the only stores that remain are wedding dress shops the bankruptcy of popular music stores like billy hyde and jacksons rare guitars was seemingly the final nail in the coffin with parramatta road struggling to maintain its position as a music hot spot however not everyone has given up on the battling boulevard quite yet alex lange co-owner of global vintage guitars believes there is still life to be found on parramatta road yes rents are high and that is making it difficult for many business owners but alex thinks that there are more than enough instrument sellers still around to satisfy all local musos and he for one is not worried about going out of business encouragingly it isn t just tenacious retailers who are optimistic about the future of parramatta road in a movement quickly gaining traction leichhardt mayor darcy byrne is spearheading an initiative to revitalise parramatta road as a live music and cultural precinct the project which will span the stretch of road from the university of sydney to the taverner s hill pub in leichhardt aims to foster the development of new entertainment venues through a quicker approval process and rate concessions while venues would have to follow strict sound insulation regulations there will be increased noise allowances and extended trading hours many locals have already expressed excitement about seeing the area become a live music hub alex lange says that this is what parramatta road used to be happily reminiscing about when he could see three bands in one night by walking between the annandale hotel the lewisham hotel and max s petersham inn he goes on to say that with the proximity to the city and the rock `n roll history of the area there is no reason why the live music hub dream can t be realised similarly carlo bora a long-term resident of the area who has been working at downtown music gallery since he was 12 says it would be fantastic to recreate the halycon days of parramatta road s past insisting `if we build it they will come the music hub project became official council policy in march this year largely in response to the famous annandale hotel ­ one of australia s 6 most storied and beloved music venues ­ going into receivership in february despite nimby noise complaints from some local residents which played a large part in the annandale s demise it s fair to say that there are very few inner westies who would not be sad to see the pub go luckily at least for now the annandale hotel isn t going anywhere and the new owners oscar s hotels known for other establishments such as sweeney s hotel and bar century have promised to adopt the same music strategy as previous owners matthew and daniel rule understandably some are still apprehensive about the pub s future former annandale employee and newtown local tom grant says that oscar s hotels seem like they know what they re doing in terms of pubs but in terms of live music venues i don t know if they ve tried it before i think if they can keep the same core staff and management at the pub it should be fine as a lover of live music tom was excited about the new proposal to turn parramatta road back into a haven for the musically inclined but he s not without his concerns sydney needs a live music district he says that said they have to get it right they can t just chuck in a pub and a stage and call it a live music district byrne is well aware of what this project requires ­ the time money and community support needed during just the preliminary stages ­ but he s not afraid of thinking big i have a vision for parramatta road which will see it become for sydney what broadway and tin pan alley have been to new york he enthuses it is one hell of an ambition if it can be pulled off parramatta road could become far more than just a rock n roll playground for sydneysiders ­ it could ultimately become a famous tourist attraction like bourbon street in new orleans in april this year marrickville council unanimously decided to support the initiative and the good neighbour policy ­ originally created by leichhardt council to stop litigation against bars and their owners ­ is currently being considered by the nsw parliament for state-wide implementation in the meantime you may have to dig a little to find life on parramatta road but it s certainly there to be found on sunday the 21st of july for example [yellow tail presents soul sista jam at the lewisham hotel ­ a free music session of all female djs singers and performers featuring ciao s very cover star and headlining act charmizzle von dizzle pictured she will be just one of many musicians performing living proof that there are solid fundamentals on which to create a parramatta road that rocks n words max kobras a rock n roll directory of parramatta road downtown music gallery downtown music gallery is an esoteric business with unique guitars and plenty of boutique supplementary items this is a store intended for intermediate-and-up musicians in the words of the owner people don t come here for their first guitar but they do for their second through fifteenth on top of sales this business separates itself by providing high quality repairs tuition with experienced musicians and a youtube page with over 200 videos that show everything from simple instructions for new guitar players to performances from local upcoming musicians blackwire records previously located in newtown before being forced to move due to high rent and unsympathetic neighbours blackwire records is now one of the most interesting places on parramatta road while this is primarily a vinyl store it is probably just as well-known as a performance space for the gigs they host every few days blackwire records is run by artists and volunteers and is not-forprofit they are just interested and personally invested in the local music scene bald faced stag in many ways the bald faced stag is your regular old fashioned pub they have good service good food and good beer all of which is served cheap but three or four nights a week the bald faced stag hosts local musicians and has a youth night on thursdays to give young locals a chance to perform this is really a local community kind of pub and appropriately so but it is far more than just a watering hole lewisham hotel while chiefly promoted as a watering hole for generations of local workers and residents the lewisham hotel has made a name for itself over the past couple of decades as a live music venue currently the home of the sydney livehouse this pub has original bands performing every thursday friday and saturday nights as well as hosting regular underage shows on saturday afternoons this is a great place for a comfortable yet rocking weekend.


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p. 12

pâté has to be one of life s best little luxuries particularly in winter when paired with a good glass of wine some crusty bread and cornichons to cut the richness kitchen with melissa leong wine with winsor suave savvy pertaringa 2013 scarecrow sauvignon blanc thefirstwinesfromtherecentvintageare startingtomaketheirwayintothestores;and thisisabeauty.madefromfruitgrowninthecool adelaidehills,thisisadeliciouslycrispandfresh sauvignon blanc with tropical fruit salad notes it is not as overt as some of its kiwi cousins but is extremely approachable and very refreshing i d pair this with salt and pepper calamari $18 addtothatthefactthatit scheapaschipstomakeandjustassimpleand it sasurprisewe renotmakingfoodlikethismoreoften­it stheperfect indulgence for those on a shoestring budget chicken liver pate with port wine jelly ingredients · · · · · · · apacketofportwinejelly 1teaspoonpowderedgelatine 1tablespoonwarmwater 1cloveofgarlic,crushed 3eschallots,chopped theleavesfrom6-7stalksofthyme 6bayleaves,makeasmallslitineachonetohelpreleasetheflavour spanish accent mr mick 2010 tempranillo mrmickisthebargainlabelofclarevalley winemakertimadams;andtempranilloisthe sa ripping wine for everyday enjoyment savoury andspicywithsubtleoaktreatment,plentyof lengthandsoftandsmoothonthefinish.this would be terrific paired with grilled red meat dishes or with a gourmet hamburger and it certainlywon tbreakthebank 16 5 add the butter cream allspice a generous pinch of salt and pepper and processuntilsmooth.tasteandadjustseasoningaccordingly 6 pass the mixture through a sieve to give you a smooth finishing result ordon tsieveifyoupreferitmorerustic 7 pourthemixtureintoramekins,stoppingaroundhalfacentimeterfrom the top lightly tap to create a smooth surface and allow the mixture to set inthefridgewhileyoumakethejelly 8 followtheinitialinstructionsonthejellypacket,addingboilingwaterto the jelly crystals 9 inaseparatecup,sprinklethetablespoonofpowderedgelatineovera tablespoon of just boiled water mix and set aside 10.oncethesaucepanjellyhasboiledforaround30seconds,removefrom heat add the powdered gelatine mixture and stir to dissolve 11.allowthemixturetocoolforabout20minutes,removethepatefrom thefridgeandcarefullytopeachramekinupwiththejellymixture 12 return to the fridge and allow to set 13.servewithwarm,crustybreadandcornichons,andalightredwine likeabeaujolais unused ramekins store well in the freezer for a few weeks n · 700gchickenlivers,trimmed · 1cupmadeirayoucouldalsouseport · aknobofbutterforsautéing · 100gcoldbutter,cubed · 75mldoublecream · agenerouspinchofgroundallspice · seasaltandfreshlycrackedblackpeppertoseason to serve a warm crusty baguette and cornichons you will also need:1foodprocessorand6standardsizedramekinsto setthepâtéin method 1 inasaucepanonmediumheat,sautéthegarlic,eschallots,thyme andbayleavesuntiltheeschallotshavesoftenedtakesabout2minutes 2 addtheliversandstirfryforoneminuteandnomore 3 pourinthemadeiraandcookforafurtherminute 4 remove bay leaves and pour the remaining mixture into a food processor top dog gundog estate 2013 poacher s semillon mattburtonofgundogestateisoneof thehuntervalley smosttalentedyoung winemakers;andyoung,livelyhuntersemillon isoneofaustralia sfinestwinestyles.theend resulthereisacrackingindividualvineyardnewvintagesemillonwithlotsofzingycitrusonthe palate along with some fresh asian spice notes thisisalovelydrinkrightnow,butitwillalso cellar well for several years $30 n at home with amina elshafei masterchef favourite amina elshafei has joined the team at plunge no 46 restaurant in summer hill here she chats to ciao about cooking her favourite ingredients and what the future may hold how did you first learn your way around the kitchen asachild,iusedtositatthekitchenbenchandwatchmumanddadcook.iguess thiswasmyinitiationtocookingandthekitchen.myparentsusedtogetmysister eman and i involved in the creation of meals even if it was peeling onions and garlic as i got older and was introduced to different foods i would try to replicate themathome­somegreatandsomedisastrous­however,myparentsdidn t mindmecookingupastorminthekitchen.myparentswerefull-timeworkers wheniwasgrowingupsoiguessitgavemetheopportunitytocookamealforthe family every now and then as part of helping around the household but to also have some fun and try something different what international cuisines inspire your cooking style iamveryblessedtohaveafatherwhoisegyptianandamotherwhoissouth korean.thetwocuisinesarefarapartinflavoursandtexturesbutinourhousehold wehavehadbothonthedinnertablequiteoften.soiguesskoreanandmiddle eastern cuisine are my absolute favourites and my inspiration as i am most familiar withthemandlovetheflavours.ido,however,enjoyagreatitalian,japaneseor southeastasianfeast what are your favourite ingredients inmykitchenialwayshavegarlic,oliveoil,yoghurt,soysauceandkoreanchilli powder.theseingredientsarethebasicsofmycookingneedsandwithoutthem i am a little lost for meals garlic perhaps is my favourite as it is common in both middleeasternandkoreancuisines,butidoenjoyagoodthickyoghurt-especially with honey if you could invite anyone over for dinner whom would you invite ihavebeenaskedthisseveraltimesandiadmitthatmyanswerhaschanged dependingonmymood!iwouldlovetohavericksteinoverfordinnerbecausehe ismyculinaryidolandithinkhewouldloveawarmhome-cookedmeal.iwould lovetohaveclaudiarodentoo,asialsoidolisehercookingstyle,butalsobecause her recipes are so close to that of my grandmother s and she would be a wonderful dining companion can you tell us a bit about what you re doing at plunge no 46 restaurant atthemomentiworkwiththestaffatplungeno.46fordinnersandamusually thereonetotwonightsaweekdinnerisbetweenthursdayandsaturdaynights ihavebeengiventheopportunitytoworkwiththewonderfulyoungchef,james picturedabove andowner,hesham.wehavechangedaroundthemenuusing seasonalproducetocreateafunky,modernmiddleeasternandmediterranean mezze/tapasstylemenu.workingatplungeno.46hascertainlygivenmethevibe andinspirationtokeepdevelopingnewideastocreatedeliciousfood.asforthe future it s a hard one to predict let s just say food is definitely a priority 10 jared ingersoll on politics what if our pm and our opposition leader were a couple of cafe owners chickpea salad with spiced yoghurt ingredients 400g of cooked whole chickpeas if using canned wash numerous times and drain liquid 1 green onion/shallot sliced into thin rings 1 punnet of cherry tomatoes cut into quarters 1 small cucumber deseeded and chopped into small cubes 1 small bunch of parsley leaves only chopped coarsely 2 baby pink radish cut into small cubes 2 tablespoons pomegranate seeds 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon lemon juice ½ teaspoon salt imagine two cafes next door to each other you enter one and immediately get lambasted by an overbearing owner he literally roars about how bad the café next door is shouting passionately into your ear about their terrible fit out and their rubbish awful overpriced food you sit there patiently waiting to order finally choosing the soup which the owner assures you is the most delicious and wonderful bowl of sustenance that you will ever have the opportunity to taste it is going toenrichyouandsustainyou.infact,thissoupwillmakeyourworld a better place and provide you with everything that you desire oh this soup this wonderful soup your meal turns up and it s a salad slightly overdressed a little limp anditactuallylookslikeitmayhavebeenservedbefore.youdon teat it and when the bill comes you realise that you are forced to pay a small fortune for tap water tired,frustratedandhungryyougotothecafénextdoorandsitdown ravenous you try to catch the waiter s eye you wait and wait the waiterknowsyouaretherebutitseemsthatthetwoownersofthese cafésarefighting.tempersarerising,thingsaregettingvocalandthe browbeatenwaitertriestolookafteryoubutkeepsgettingcaughtupin theirargument.youwaitalittlelonger,tryingtobepatient­afterall themenulooksgreat,therearegreatsmellscomingoutofthekitchen and you can t help but feel a little excited about your meal finallythefed-upwaiterthrowsdownhisapronandstormsout,oneof the owners comes over to you and apologises that you had to witness the whole thing and informs you that unfortunately because the argumentwentonforsolongthatthekitchenisnowclosed­butcould youpleasecomebacktomorrow.andyou reforcedtopayaneven biggerbillforthetapwateryoudidn taskforthatdidnotarrive you leave hungry tired and financially worse off than ever before and youvowneverevertoreturn butit sabitterfeelingknowingthatyou will.whatotherchoicedoyouhave being in the small business industry i am a little jealous of our political leadersbecauseiknowthatiwouldnevereverinamillionyearsget awaywithcarryingonlikethat n jared ingersoll spiced yoghurt ½ cup thick greek style yoghurt ½ teaspoon ground cumin ½ teaspoon ground coriander ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper ½ teaspoon minced garlic ½ teaspoon salt ½ tablespoon olive oil method combine salad ingredients in a large bowl and mix well to ensure olive oil and lemon juice have coated the vegetables in a separate bowl combine ingredients of the spiced yoghurt dressing and mix well assemble salad on a large platter and spoon yoghurt over salad n for more information visit


p. 13

weekly specials delicious produce excellent value rosa green olives 330g whole or pitted marketplace leichhardt cnr marion and flood st leichhardt located next to aldi tel 9572 6886 $1.99 sandhurst quince paste 99 cents prepacked egg tomatoes $1.99 kg dried apricots $3.99 per packet $29.99/kg rosa coffee arabica roasted whole bean italian parma prosciutto 2 punnets for $5 queensland strawberries 1kg $13.99 $1.49 kg sweet mandarins $15.99 kg primo spanish salami greek farmhouse fetta organic goat cheese organic fetta $1.99


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n your say n sustainability keen greens world history is changed by small groups of determined people and climate change balmain-rozelle is a tenacious collective of inner westies determined to rapidly decarbonise australia what do you think of k-rudd s return to the nation s top job n the labor party has gone back full circle to the grown up milky bar kid don t they learn from their mistakes andrew penrith n the whole thing was a publicity stunt and it doesn t impress me one bit that being said i support him because he is progressive ­ under his leadership the country will continue to move forward in terms of social reforms but is he as wellequipped as abbott to handle the economy probably not i haven t made up my mind as to how i m voting yet i m not impressed my either side but as a student i feel my university would be improved under a liberal government louise haberfield n i am moving to another country if that idiot gets in people have too short a memory if you ask me diana annandale n if it keeps abbott out it s fine by me samara erskineville n i think it makes australia and the labor party look like a joke not something you d expect to happen here gives me the impression that they are disorganised and ego driven vanessa paddington it s hard to remember ­ but seven years ago when a group of local residents formed climate change balmain-rozelle few people thought about climate change scientists were sounding alarm bells but few listened there was no minister for climate change little question about how we generate electricity and no price on carbon it didn t seem important how things have changed today no-one can deny that climate change is real co2 levels are at 400 ppm ­ the highest for millions of years floods heat waves and storms are increasing around the globe the arctic icecap is melting faster than most scientists predicted resulting shifts in ocean and air currents have consequences for crops and fisheries raising political tensions as countries struggle for resources yet even now the newly restored rudd government continues to subsidise mining and may lower the carbon price to match the over-supplied and under-effective european carbon market the coalition is determined to abolish the carbon price completely and plans to fasttrack approval of new coal mine projects australia is responsible for more emissions per person than any other country 78 per cent of our electricity comes from coal australia is also the world s biggest coal exporter now that we know the damage fossil fuels cause it s time to stop the federal climate commission s newly released critical decade report says it is clear that global society must virtually decarbonise in the next 30-35 years this means that most of the fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground there are easy alternatives sun and wind are plentiful in australia and the technology to harness them for 24x7 power is well developed local news helping hand for drummoyne drummoyne public school is facing the possibility of partial closure of their school canteen due to dwindling parental volunteers and are calling for help from outside the school community the canteen currently opens five days a week for 200 days a year so there is a constant need for additional volunteers local residents who can spare an hour or two a week are being asked to donate their time with the p&c s head of canteen committee louise mcguigan saying it s not difficult and many hands make light work if you can make a sandwich and have some spare time we d love to hear from you without more volunteers the school will be forced to close the canteen a couple days a week or offer a more basic menu n if you can help call louise on 0409 909 398 can you help save the world but the coal and gas industry doesn t agree naturally they prefer making every last dollar from their investments they have a well-funded lobbying presence in canberra that bangs the drum about jobs and export dollars but the truth is that there are more jobs per kwh in renewables coal costs taxpayers billions in subsidies ill-health and environmental damage and much of the profit goes offshore meanwhile china and india are working hard to move away from coal making further investment unwise ccbr is determined to counter the big business lobby we inform people about climate change speak out against the ongoing use of fossil fuels and champion renewable energy sources we take our supporters views to local politicians enabling them to influence policy you ll see us from time to time at local events like leichhardt council s upcoming footprints ecofestival in annandale on 25th august we also collaborate in campaigns such as solar citizens which champions householders who install their own rooftop solar arrays and beyond zero emissions whose detailed strategy shows how australia could switch to 100 per cent renewable energy in 10 years if you d like to get involved see us on facebook visit and sign on for our e-newsletters or email for more information n words dominic case derek bolton climate change balmain-rozelle a new fence for haberfield public greens mp jamie parker has announced the success of his campaign to have a fence installed at haberfield public school in the wake of security concerns following the assault of four children at the school during school hours parker described this as an important win for our community citing the need to ensure parents students and teachers feel safe at the school again get over to the green living centre there is plenty going on at the green living centre this month with inner west residents invited to come along and learn how to minimise their carbon footprint the green living centre is organising a range of workshops in july that will help you live a little more sustainably if you fancy yourself a bit of a green thumb sign up for the no dig gardening workshop on saturday 27th july from 10am to 12pm where guests will learn how to productively use their small urban space balconies for example to grow herbs and other plants in clean soil the class will be held at tom foster community centre at 11 darley street newtown and participants even get to take home their own mini no-dig garden after the class the worm farming workshop is another great event to be held at the brown street community hall 8 brown street newtown on tuesday 30th july from 6.30pm to reserve your place visit wormfarmingjuly and learn how to turn kitchen scraps into garden gold n for more information and bookings visit can you xxxxx apparently not caption dig it maryellen vanessa angela are xxxx now teaching in leichhardt learning in leichhardt an exciting new learning centre has opened in leichhardt run by local `mumpreneurs angela galic vanessa vitali and maryellen beaini offering school readiness classes primary school tutoring and school holiday programs for kids aged 2-12 the keep learning education centre focuses on helping children prepare for the academic expectations of school these mums have 10 years teaching experience under their belt and are happy to work with each of their student s individual needs they can tailor programs to suit differing learning styles while adhering to the relevant national curriculum n for more info or to book a free assessment visit or call 82014461 snap happy email us your snaps at jamie parker local warren fahey highlighting the need for an upgrade of balmain east ferry wharf rugged up with a sangria at vinoteca leichhardt 18 marrickville mayor victor macri gillian odbert from the cancer council shake on it at the mou signing hilary lawrence from glebe s cruelty free shop with her matt nat bag flying the flag for aboriginal people lmc held a flag raising ceremony for naidoc week


p. 15

newtown we thank all our loyal customers and we invite you to celebrate with us and experience our new look salon we won your next visit valid monday ­ friday before 5.30pm only at toni&guy newtown not redeemable for cash expires 30th september 2013 $20 off receive 188 king st newtown to make a booking call 9565 2111 newtown 2003-2013



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