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The Regina Maersk (0751) and Maersk Line Container (1650) Story.

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a.p møller-maersk and first lego ships the founding of the maersk corporation originally known as a p møller is a long and complex story that can be found online in many sources but the connection between lego and maersk surprisingly goes back to 1959 with a #0751 glued continental european display model that has never been found on the secondary market and again starting in 1974 with the #1650 maersk line container ship this partnership has continued ever since partly because of the strong personal friendship between the christiansen/kristiansen and møller/maersk families a.p møller was founded over a hundred years ago and is today the world s largest shipping company with some of the largest ships on the planet besides the christiansen/kristiansen family that owns lego a/s the møller-maersk family is the only other billionaire danish family on the fortune 500 list the villa anna maersk built in 1904 was the first headquarters for a.p møller for many years and is today a well preserved historic landmark the headquarters of a.p møller for most of the 20 century was in this elegant building in the historic district of copenhagen th 1


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in the 1980s a.p møller became better known as the maersk corp and built a sleek new headquarters along the harbor in copenhagen where they are still located today the now famous maersk white star on blue background can be found on their building a.p møller-maersk had been having ships commissioned for much of the 20th century most of these were from the danish port of odense s famous shipyards odense had been famous as a shipbuilding city for many centuries and was where most of the maersk line of ships were built 1954 was a very important year for the a.p møller-maersk company it was the year that the regina maersk ship was commission and completed in 1955 this was the very first of their ships that had the famous maersk blue hulls this regina maersk was replaced by a 2 nd ship in 1972 followed by a larger supership in the 1990s the regina maersk that was the first of the maersk ships that tlg built a model out of this was released only to continental european retailers from 1959-62 as a glued display model 2


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in 1959-60 the regina maersk ship of 1954-55 was the first ship ever found built of lego here is a page right of the blue retailer display catalog showing the page with the regina maersk ship with a close-up left of the ship 0751 as we as its dimensions this ship was built with regular blue bricks since maersk blue bricks weren t introduced until 1974 there are no known surviving glued display models of this ship here is part of a german 1959-60 glued model retailer order form showing the #0751 tankschiff tanker model 3


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here is an image from an early 1960s version of the #238 building idea book no 1 on british irish australian and usa/canada versions of this booklet the ship name identification lettering on the sides is missing since no #0751 regina maersk models have ever been found on the secondary market here is a rebuilt ship using real maersk blue parts modern maersk stickers custom regina maersk printed bricks old 1960s windows and modern bricks here is a size comparison of the earlier 60cm 2ft long #0751 regina maersk and the shorter first publicly produced maersk set the rare #1650 maersk line container set of 1974 4


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the box top image shows the main model of the #1650 maersk line container ship with the maersk blue hull the first official lego maersk set was the #1650 maersk line container set of 1974 this set was a maersk exclusive sold/given by a.p møller to their customers and guests this set had many firsts among lego parts it was the first set that had maersk blue lego elements although there were far fewer parts in that color than one would expect also this set was the first time that old gray lego bricks with tubes underneath were introduced in a lego set a large number of 2x3 gray bricks were included in this set it would be another 6 years before another set with gray bricks would be introduced although gray plates and baseplates had been around for over a decade this set also had the newly introduced floatable ships parts bow stern midsections there were 5 midsections in this set and 3 red weighted keels this set also came with a very large sticker sheet mainly for all the cargo container stickers that were included today this is one of the most highly sought after lego sets on the secondary market and can command several thousand dollars in misb condition this secondary build of the #1650 set is shown on the back of the box it uses none of the cargo container stickers 5


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#1650 maersk line container set box contents sticker sheets instructions and maersk brochures that came with the set many of these old sets have lost their associated a.p møller brochures that came with the set 6


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the promotional a,p møller paperwork that came with the #1650 set many times this paperwork gets lost 7


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for more info on the other newer maersk promotional sets and over 100 other promotional lego sets see chapter 17 of my lego dvd/download which can be found in eurobricks bazaar and lugnet buy-sell-trade as well as with a few bricklink sellers included would also be free detailed building instructions and a complete retailer order guide image for this regina maersk model gary istok p.s many thanks to bret harris of virginia usa for all the images of the 1650 maersk set 8



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