PHILIPS Corporation Promotional LEGO Items


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Dutch electronics maker used to have LEGO promotional items in the 1950s-1970s.

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de witte dame or the white lady the former philips corporation headquarters building in eindhoven netherlands this 1955-67 town plan scale version of this still existing historic landmark building in eindhoven was put together by dutch lego collector jeroen van dorst with all the necessary #657 philips delivery trucks parked out front philips promotional lego items 1957-72 philips is a dutch multinational electronics corporation headquartered in amsterdam netherlands it was founded in eindhoven netherlands in 1891 they make many household appliances lighting and medical equipment there has been a loose relationship between philips and tlg from the 1950s-1970s the extent of this relationship has been the production of philips labeled lego products that have been produced during the 15 years between the years 1957-72 the exact nature of this relationship has never been publicly disclosed 1


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the earliest lego products with the philips name were a pair of beams with names that were produced from circa 1957-68 these 1x6 and 1x8 printed bricks had the corporate name and logo on the bricks but were never sold as a promotional item only as regular printed bricks found in the #226 1957-65 and #491 1966-68 printed bricks parts packs of several continental european countries another philips item were the 1:87 scale vw vans 258 658 and mercedes delivery vans 657 with the philips name and logo on the sides the #258 658 gray and blue vw van with red philips writing but no logo were made at some time between 1962-66 as a promotional item for philips corporation these vans are rare and are highly valued on the secondary market they came in red and yellow promotional packaging the #657 mercedes delivery van were likely only produced for regular production from 1965-67 just one of the 18 different design variations to this mercedes truck these are not very rare and are not as valuable as the smaller philips vw vans but are still highly sought after since they are unique among the #657 delivery van designs these came in a standard #657 lego cardboard box the #654 mercedes delivery truck and trailer with philips red writing and logo on the sides are extremely rare these would date to between 1965-67 the exact nature of these has never been determined and may have been just prototypes never actually released for production no boxes for these have ever been found the #258 white and blue vw van with only the philips logo in blue and white is another very rare item that is extremely rare since the known examples of these have a slight warp to the roof they are made of cellulose acetate and were therefore produced between 1961-63 so they could not be of the #658 type abs plastic only again the exact nature of these has never been determined and may also have just been prototypes never actually released for production again no boxes for these have ever been found by 1969 the last of the philips #657 trucks/vans were no longer produced and neither were the printed bricks however one additional promotional item without a lego logo on the packaging was a non-tlg philips medical scanner kit made out of lego parts in a non-tlg box this unmarked and unnumbered kit was likely produced for a medical equipment gathering around circa 1971-73 since this small kit has both philips stickers and 4x4 corner bricks lego stickers were first introduced in 1971 and lego 4x4 corner bricks were retired in 1973 after this medical scanner no other philips related lego items have yet been identified 2


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these 1x6 and 1x8 philips printed bricks were likely produced between 1957 and 1968 note the netherlands began lego sales in 1957 these may have been found in the #226 printed bricks parts pack 1956-65 or the #491 printed bricks parts pack of 1966-68 of several continental european countries besides the netherlands this promotional philips vw van came in its own non-lego box right there is no mention of lego except on the bottom of the van this item was likely not sold directly from tlg this #657 mercedes delivery truck was produced by tlg from 1964-67 it may have started out as a philips promotional item that became a regular lego sales item as well but this has not been confirmed it came in a regular #657 lego box seen behind it there are 17 other known variations to this truck without philips on it 3


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the #654 mercedes delivery truck and trailer are very very rare usually these #654 trucks/trailers have a globe and the word transport printed on both sides the origins of this pair are unknown and may have been prototypes that found their way out of the company collections no nonlego box for this truck/trailer is known to exist this #258 vw van with philips emblem on the sides is also considered very very rare since there is a slight bow to the roof line this van is made of cellulose acetate which tends to warp over time thus dating this to the 196163 era before the introduction of nonwarping abs plastic the origins of this van is unknown and may have been a prototype that found its way out of the company collections there is no promotional box for this van known to exist 4


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dating this non-lego produced promotional philips item would normally be very problematical except for 2 things one is that lego stickers were introduced in 1971 the philips signage is a sticker the other is that 4x4 corner bricks were discontinued by tlg in 1973 both of these items are found in this set this medical scanner lego promotional model was likely given out at a medical convention to attendees 5



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