Emmanuel Child Care Center Parent Handbook


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days and hours of operation monday ­ friday 6:45 a.m ­ 6 p.m age range of children infants i waddlers toddler i toddler ii twos twos/threes threes fours/fives after school 6 weeks to 6 months 6 months to 12 months 12 months to 24 months 12 months to 24 months 24 months to 36 months 2 years 3 years combination pre-school must be potty trained pre-school kindergarten to 12 years state standards may require alteration to this division of ages due to staff/children ratios and other factors 1


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holidays the center is closed for the following holidays new year s day good friday memorial day july 4th labor day thanksgiving day day after christmas day 24th and 25th martin luther king jr day 1 of 2 planned teacher workdays 2 planned teacher workdays ­ tba 2


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enrollment procedures/admission dismissal policy parents may secure child care applications and necessary forms from the center during the regular office hours of 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m the application and forms must be returned to the center a week before the first day of attendance signed dated and registration fees paid parents are required to submit a medical examination report and a current immunization report on their child within 30 days of enrollment parents are encouraged to visit the center before their child is enrolled by scheduling an appointment with the director this will give the child an opportunity to meet the teachers and other children before the first full day of attendance it is the responsibility of the parent to report to the office any change of address telephone numbers employment emergency contact person and/or medical information payment agreement at the time of enrollment parents are required to sign a tuition agreement pay the registration fee and one week tuition in advance the registration fee and 1st week of tuition is nonrefundable the registration fee/tuition will also serve as a security deposit to secure a child s space in a classroom for a minimum of one 1 week at the end of the week the child will need to have started the program or another week of tuition is due the space is forfeited when the financial obligation is not met 3


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waiting list procedures emmanuel child care center s waiting list is based on a first come first serve basis without discrimination based upon race gender religion or nationality a child s name is placed on a waiting list for his/her age group in order of date of application when an opening occurs we give first priority to children of emmanuel families and childcare providers second priority is given to siblings of current and former students in addition we may consider other factors to ensure optimum group proportioning to place a child s name on the waiting list we require a completed application form when an opening is available the director will call the first eligible name on the waiting list once notified the parent has three center days to accept or decline the opening if the parent accepts the opening emmanuel must receive a non-refundable deposit no later than the end of the same three-day period parents will always have at least a two-week notice of an available space in order to give notice to their present caregiver if the parent declines an opening the first time he/she is called he/she will have the option of keeping the child s name at the same spot on the waiting list thereafter if the parent declines an opening the child s name will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list 4


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discounts a $10.00/week tuition discount is given for the first sibling and a $5.00/week discount for each additional child in the same family the initial registration/supply fee of $75.00 increases to $125.00 for 2 children and $150.00 for 3 or more children the annual fee of $50.00 every year increases to $75.00 for 2 children and $85.00 for 3 or more children forms of payment clients are encouraged to make payments in the form of check or money order administration may not always have the proper change for your payment if cash is used payments for the daycare afterschool or summer camp may be dropped off in the boxes on the wall near the drop-off entrance to the daycare after 12 months of enrollment emmanuel child care center extends to all of our parents the opportunity to have one week of family vacation with no week s tuition required payment for every other week is required whether or not the child is present that particular week will need to be scheduled with the office a week in advance and cannot be credited retroactively late pickup fees charges will apply if a child is picked up after the operating hours the operating hours are from 6:45 a.m to 6:00 p.m monday through friday if your child is picked up after 6 p.m the following fees will be imposed ­ 6:01 ­ 6:15 6:16 ­ 6:30 6:30 until $5.00 $15.00 $15.00 plus $1.00/minute returned check fees there will be a $25.00 service charge for all returned checks in addition to a $15.00 late payment fee if the client takes care of the check before it is returned to the center the account will not be billed a $15.00 late payment fee when three or more checks are returned we will no longer accept checks as a method of payment from that client returned checks must be paid out before another check is taken no exceptions 5


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delinquent accounts if accounts are two or more weeks delinquent the program has the right to discontinue services withdrawal policy if a parent decides to withdraw his or her child from the program a minimum notice of two weeks is required we cannot promise immediate reenrollment if you decide to do so but we will try our best if you provide the dates you would like to return and comply with the withdrawal policy drop-in policy we do not have space for drop-ins due to the fact that this takes a space away from a fulltime commitment if your child is not enrolled for the full 52 week/12 month program you are not considered fulltime and therefore are not entitled to a week of vacation at no cost 6


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safe arrival and departure all parents must sign children in and out upon arrival and departure pickup time is 6:00 p.m if any individual other than the parent/guardian is picking up the child the parent must notify administration and the child s teacher the individual must show identification such as a driver s license prior to departing with the child to prevent unnecessary accidents parents are asked to take the child/children directly to their class upon entering the building children leaving the building must be accompanied by an adult or parent from the class to the vehicle do not allow your child to roam freely through the building classrooms or hallway when you pick up your child you must provide safety while on the premises if we feel your children are becoming too loud or running around without supervision we will assist you or provide care for them the children must be supervised at all times safety first emmanuel will not be held liable for accidents incidents or injuries that may occur to children who are not under the care of the staff when children are released from the class to parents/guardians they are no longer under the care of the emmanuel staff safety tips during arrival and departure do not block drive through areas when dropping off or picking up your child/children please turn your car off and take the keys out of the ignition before entering the center in the morning and afternoon please turn off or turn down loud music please drive very slowly when approaching the building please do not leave small children unattended we know it is convenient not to have to bring in your small ones or infants while you take their older siblings to class or pick them up at the end of the day but the following can happen o the child or another child can jump into the driver s seat and change gears o little ones can lock themselves in or the parent may lock them in unintentionally o the child or baby can choke o someone can abduct your child o children can climb out of the car and get hit by a moving car or wander off o children can go into your purse and open medicine bottles o heat exhaustion or hypothermia may occur since your car should not be running o heads necks and arms can get caught in power windows o children can sometimes lock parents out of the car 7


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sickness your children are very susceptible to colds the flu and other diseases we realize a child s illness can be a difficult time for a parent and that it s often frustrating to rearrange your schedules to provide care for a sick child at home we want to help eliminate these concerns as much as possible this requires that our center has the healthiest environment possible the best way to prevent illness is to prevent exposure please keep your child at home if any of the following is true your child has a fever or has had a fever in the past 24 hours your child has vomited or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours discharge in or around the eyes green or yellow runny nose excessive coughing questionable rash any communicable disease sick policy regulations concerning sick children according to the north carolina department of health and human services we are unable to accept any child with a diagnosed communicable disease measles mumps chickenpox etc or an obvious acute illness therefore do not send your child to the center when he or she is sick or has signs of a possible contagious disease if your child has a communicable disease please keep him/her at home until the symptoms have subsided and the child feels well enough to participate in activities in order for the staff to administer medication it must be prescribed by a doctor unless it is an over-the-counter medication recommends and signed off on by a doctor which can be given only as recommended by the label please help us by signing and dating a medical consent form which can be picked up from the child s teacher making sure that all medication is in its original container and has the date the child s name the doctor s name and the dosage plainly stated on the outside of the container provided by the pharmacy/doctor acetaminophen generic for tylenol® can be given if the child s temperature reaches 101 only if there is a written parental consent on file if a child has a temperature of 101 degrees or greater diarrhea contagious illness or an injury occurs during the day the parent or next of kin will be contacted immediately if there is a serious injury and/or medical emergency the director will transport the child to the hospital local physician or call 911 for immediate service if this action is taken parents/guardians will immediately be contacted a quick health check will be conducted when you bring your child back to the center a child will not be admitted with any of these symptoms matter in the eyes frequent coughing runny nose anything but clear discharge please remember to call the center with the diagnosis as soon as possible so the other families can be notified that their child may have been exposed 8


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daily outdoor play north carolina childcare law states that all children have to have outdoor play daily weather permitting please dress your child in layers water will always be provided and encouraged time limited to 10-20 minute intervals on temperature extreme days outside time is limited between 10 a.m and 4 p.m on hot days nutrition policy ­ meals and snacks a emmanuel will provide nourishments three times a day a breakfast lunch and an afternoon snack will be distributed all snacks and meals are prepared based on the recommended dietary allowances contained in the food pyramid weekly menus are posted and sent home routinely emmanuel participates in the child and adult care food program of north carolina department of health and human services which meet all federal recommended daily nutritional standards b parents of infants are required to fill out an infant feeding form before the first day of care c parents wishing to celebrate a child s birthday by providing a snack for the class must purchase store-bought food items instead of bringing something homemade parents must check with the child s teacher to be aware of any classroom allergies in advance d bagged lunch requirements note bagged lunches are optional if a parent chooses to provide a bagged lunch for your child you must contact the child care office to obtain a list of portion and nutritional requirements enforced the state child care nutrition laws parents must check with their child s teacher about classroom allergies before packing a bagged lunch daily rest periods provisions will be made each day for each child to rest a minimum of 2 hours per day of rest time will be available for each child 9


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personal belongings toys and money should not be brought to the center unless it is requested for a special occasion bottles and pacifiers are not allowed in the preschool classrooms all parents are asked to bring an extra set of seasonal clothing for his or her child the extra set should be complete including underwear and socks note when a child is being potty trained several pairs of training pants should be brought to the center on a daily basis please put your child s name or initials on all items left in the classroom lost and found unlabeled clothing/items left will be placed in lost and found at the close of each day it is the parent s responsibility to check this area daily all items left at the end of the month will be donated to goodwill items needed by parents to ensure quality care infants ­ 6 weeks to 12 months diapers wipes ­ weekly clean bottles with caps and nipples ­ daily breast milk or formula ­ daily optional 2 complete changes of clothes seasonal ­ at all times toddlers ­ 12 to 24 months diapers wipes ­ weekly 2 complete changes of clothes seasonal ­ at all times 3 sippy cups ­ cleaned at home daily twos diapers/training underwear if child isn t toilet trained complete change of clothes ­ at all times note when toilet training please dress children in clothing that will help increase independence of this new skill clothes to avoid overalls onesies undershirts jumpers and body shirts threes fours complete change of clothes ­ at all times note please dress children in clothes to have fun in children should not have to worry about getting their clothes soiled while they are learning and exploring 10


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discipline and behavior management policy the guidelines at emmanuel child care are to foster and teach children to be independent self-monitors of their behavior that walk in christian love this will be achieved through certain behavior guidelines children attending emmanuel child care center will not be subjected to any form of corporal punishment by any staff member the definition of staff includes any directors regular or substitute caregivers volunteers cooks secretaries janitors vehicle drivers or any other individual who might come into contact with the children while providing services for emmanuel praise and positive reinforcement are effective methods of the behavior management of children when children receive positive non-violent and understanding interactions from adults and others they develop good self-concepts problem solving abilities and self-discipline instructors and staff will provide verbal guidance by speaking kindly to children providing positive verbal praise when interacting with children giving clear instructions avoiding making comparisons between children giving positive directions and suggestions modeling christian values promoting positive self-esteem supervising children for all activities indoor outdoor and field trips planning developmentally appropriate classroom activities ensuring that children know the consequences for inappropriate behavior providing consistency in discipline practices ensuring that teachers and staff will be positive role models giving children positive choices in their decision-making process knowing and understanding the mental and emotional needs of the children using time out immediately following physical aggression hitting with objects kicking or biting no child will be handled roughly in any way including shaking pushing shoving pinching slapping biting kicking or spanking no child shall ever be disciplined for not sleeping during rest period no child shall ever be placed in a locked room closet or box no child shall be disciplined for toileting accidents or any other accidents no child shall be delegated to providing discipline of another child foods shall not be withheld as a means of discipline 11 instructors and staff will provide behavioral guidance by emmanuel complies with the general statues of the state of north carolina which are:


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suspension/dismissal policy emmanuel child care center reserves the right to suspend or permanently dismiss any child under the following conditions 1 2 3 unpaid fees and tuition incomplete and/or outdated medical immunization forms continual disruption to the class emmanuel child care biting policy biting is a natural developmental stage that many children go through it is usually a temporary condition that is most common between thirteen and twenty-four months of age the safety of the children at the center is our primary concern the center s biting policy addresses the actions the staff will take if a biting incident occurs toddlers bite other toddlers for many different reasons a child might be teething or overly tired and frustrated he or she might be experimenting or trying to get the attention of the teacher or his peers toddlers have poor verbal skills and are impulsive without a lot of self-control sometimes biting occurs for no apparent reason the center will encourage the children to `use their words if they become angry or frustrated the staff members will maintain a close and constant supervision of the children at all times 1st and all biting incidents teacher will complete an incident report form and let both involved parties become aware of the occurrence 3rd biting incident if three biting incidents occur the child may be asked to leave the daycare center for three days 4th and/or continuous biting the program may need to release the child from the center reporting child abuse and neglect we understand the importance of family unity however if a time arrives where upon any symptoms of suspected child abuse or neglect by a staff member or parent/guardian are brought to our attention we are required by law to report it to the union county department of social services this center will abide by this law parent teacher conferences we schedule parent/teacher conferences as needed parents and teachers/staff may schedule additional conferences as desired or warranted to discuss the child s progress and/or any specific problems that may arise 12


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inclement weather refer to the delay and closing lists provided by wsoc-tv channel 9 news for information about inclement weather emergency procedures the center will follow state guidelines and regulations for the practice of fire drills and other practice drills throughout the year field trips field trips and nature walks will be taken periodically to nearby places and are considered an important part of the educational program the same responsible adult supervision will be provided for those excursions as are available to the children while in attendance at the center parents will be notified in advance of all field trips away from the center and a separate permission slip must be signed prior to the trip the entire class staff is needed on the trip to ensure proper supervision and safety of the class during the trip students are strongly encouraged to wear sneakers on all field trips toys electronic devices games and other such items are not allowed on trips unless special permission is given by staff emmanuel will not be held liable for any lost damaged or stolen items on field trips staff national criminal background checks are completed on all staff all staff are trained annually in cpr and first aid emmanuel child care center operates under as a five-star center with enhanced ratios/excellence 13



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