Moving up, from Year 2 to Year 3.


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welcome to the year 2 to year 3 transi3on mee3ng these words were all chosen by the children in year 3 to describe what year 3 is like.


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many things will remain the same the children in their class their friends some of the adults and the focus on learning a few things will change but there your teachers all the adults at ks2 and your friends will help you.


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2ls will have a new classroom at the top of the long corridor it is a big bright room with blue curtains and a blue carpet.


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team 3c your teacher is · mrs charlesworth the other adults are · · · · mrs smart mrs mckenzie mrs waddington mrs whylie if you are worried about anything you can always speak to any member of the staff team.


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2f will have a new classroom next door to 3c their classroom has a red carpet and blinds.


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team 3cw class 3cw has 2 teachers mrs cruse and mrs wilson · mrs hancock · mrs mckenzie · mrs whylie will also be part of the 3cw team.


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school starts at 8.45am children will line up on the playground.


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the school uniform is the same at ks2 except children need to bring indoor shoes to wear inside they can bring `wellies to play out in.


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morning play3me is at 10.15am the children have a wonderful play area to play in.


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there are always adults out at play3me to make sure that the children have a safe and happy 3me mrs lambert is the learning mentor at ks2 you can always chat with her.


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12.00am is lunch3me but first you go out to play for a while at 12.20 the bell goes if you have a packed lunch you come in to get it and go down to the hall to eat it if you have a school dinner you line up on the yard and an adult will take you to the north building for lunch.


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at 3.20pm it is home 3me an adult will wait with the children un3l they are collected from the playground children must not walk home unaccompanied you need to take your book bag as you will get maths home work every week and a learning log task every 2 weeks.


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extreme reading is very important at ks2 you will be expected to read every evening and will get points for your class there are prizes for the class who reads the most!


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this is the studio you will learn to cook here there will be lots of new and exci3ng things to learn like french pe is on a friday a[ernoon and you will be able to chose 6 different things to learn in your pe sessions there will be lots of a[er school clubs to join including mathle3cs!


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year 3 has a blog too informa3on about what the children have been learning will be on the school pla^orm and the blog it would be wonderful if you posted comments to the class too.



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