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r anger r eview forest hills class of 2013 vol xxxiii no 3 spring 2012-2013 f orest h ills the 46th annual commencement exercises officially graduating one hundred sixty-one forest hills high school seniors was held at the cambria county war memorial on june 4th with nearly 3,000 family and friends witnessing this momentous day in lives of the graduates president of the class of 2013 briana kostan gave the welcoming address student speakers were valedictorian ethan gabany and salutatorian shawn dell ethan s salutatorian shawn dell valedictorian ethan gabany speech focused on finding what you are passionate about in life and pursuing it he quoted will spong stating you don t need a career you need a calling the theme of shawn s address was to keep a positive attitude through any challenges keep persevering and move in the right direction with your life others offering remarks and words of advice and appreciation to the class of 2013 were superintendent mr edwin bowser high school principal mr curt vasas and high school assistant principal mr larry celmer mr vasas conferred the diplomas while mr celmer read the names of each graduate as they received their diplomas from board of education president mr fred russell one amazing highlight of the evening was the surprise conferring of briannah baxter s diploma by her father ray baxter who is serving in afghanistan mr baxter made arrangements with the high school administration to surprise both his daughter and his wife chris by showing up at briannah s graduation ceremony there wasn t a dry ray baxter surprises his daughter briannah on stage eye in the arena as mrs sral and mr bowser look on congratulations to the forest hills class of 2013.


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s uperintendent s m essage as i conclude my second year as superintendent of the forest hill school district i am pleased to present the final edition of the school district s newsletter for the 2012-2013 school year as i stated last year at this time i believe the students and staff continue the philosophy that physical plant aesthetics are important but it s the people within the system that make up the heart and soul of our school district our motto excellence is the tradition continues to exemplify the actions and beliefs of the forest hills school district family webster s definition of excellence is the quality or state of being outstanding and superior it is clear that our district has made great progress toward the goal of improving education and attaining excellence in our schools at the end of each school year a superintendent sits down and performs a comprehensive reflection on the entire year as a whole he look for things that worked really well and things that can be improved as i review the 2012-2013 school year it is evident that the students and staff have in most cases exceeded expectations first i would like to congratulate the forest hills high school administration staff parents and students for receiving a bronze medal distinction and being recognized by u.s news world report as one of the best high schools in the country and i am proud to announce that the middle school and elementary school each received a pssa placard from the pennsylvania department of education for once again achieving adequate yearly progress ayp for two consecutive years the board of education approved a $24,145,272 general fund budget for the 2013-2014 school year the 19th consecutive year with no tax increase for property owners property owners again qualified for a tax reduction of $211.17 through the homestead/farmstead act the tradition of excellence at our district is a process and philosophy that is instilled early and begins as soon as a student enrolls in school it is a cooperative effort among administration staff parents and students to ensure that all students are provided the opportunity to flourish and reached their individual goals and aspirations for 13 years this senior class embraced a belief of respect and epitomizes the philosophy that we embrace at the forest hills school district as i reflected on the year s events and endeavors associated with this graduating class i discovered that some people might characterize this group as the most athletic after all under their senior leadership they won the laurel highlands championships in girls soccer and girls track we were crowned district vi champions in girls soccer girls basketball and girls track for the first time one young lady was selected as 1st team all state soccer player numerous seniors were selected to all conference teams and a large number of athletes qualified for state competitions we even had a state wrestling champion and a young lady who placed fourth and seventh in the piaa state track meet academically a total of 9 seniors achieved grade point averages over 4.0 and approximately 67 of the class of 2013 will move on to higher education at colleges such as babson university in boston brigham young university in utah juniata pitt and penn state this class had the distinction of having a young man appointed to the us naval academy over 45 seniors were awarded scholarships that have a monetary value of close to 1.4 million dollars some people might argue this class was certainly the most scholarly group that has graced the halls of forest hills school district in a long time other individuals reviewing this class accomplishments might classify it as the most artistic especially if they had the pleasure to attend the spring concerts and view the many paintings and crafts created by the 2013 graduates i will remember the class of 2013 for their compassion their unselfishness their willingness to accept people for their cultural and social diversity from the very first moment this class walked into the hallways of the elementary school they have embraced the philosophy that not everyone is the same people tend to be different and each of us has little flaws that make us unique they did not really care that a person is in the band or on the high school track team they realized that it was all right that some of their classmates attend vo-tech and some chose to stay all day for their education at forest hills but it s the differences and flaws we each have that make our lives together so very interesting and rewarding as i look back on the 2012-2013 school year and look forward to 2013-2014 it is my hope that the forest hills school district is a place where students want to be the district will continue to work in partnership with the community to create in our students a working knowledge of the educational opportunities that exist in our district and in doing so stimulate pride and self-worth as a district administrators and staff members continue to seek the best instructional strategies and methodologies to ensure all students reach their full potential and are able to meet the challenges of the 21st century the district will continue to strive to instill in every student at every grade level a belief that one of the see 2 superintendent on page 3


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superintendent continued from page 2 most courageous things you can do is identify yourself know who you are what you believe in and where you want to go have a great summer parent advisory meeting held the esea title i parents advisory council meeting was held on may 21 2013 in the elementary school elementary assistant principal mr lucas jacobs discussed an overview of the district s title i parent participation plan parent involvement policy and school/parent compact the forest hills school district s esea title i program is a federally funded supplemental educational program that provides financial assistance to improve educational opportunities for students needing assistance in reading and mathematics title i part a of the no child left behind act of 2001 requires the district to develop an outline of how parents the entire school staff and students will share the responsibility of achieving the challenging pa academic standards and improving student achievement after listening to an overview of the programs the parents guardians and family members were treated with four impressive presentations by students working with our title i reading and mathematics teachers ­ mrs barbara berk mrs dianna hupkovich mrs mindy jani mr tim kestermont mrs lisa mazey and mrs gail weyandt parents and members of the audience were served a tasty treat while meeting with teachers to ask additional questions about the title i program title i teachers and students are pictured to the left grade 6 kitchen tour each year sixth graders are invited to take a tour of the elementary kitchen as part of this on-site field trip food service director mrs boyer outlined the process the school meals take from food delivery through production to serving and clean up while students learned about various pieces of institutional food service equipment the favorite experience was stepping into the walk-in freezer s sub-zero temperatures during the creative part of the visit students were given the opportunity to be cooks and servers four students from each room were chosen to prepare a healthy snack for their classmates two additional students were designated to serve their peers the emphasis of this year s class was whole grain foods as it ties into the new school meal guidelines students made open-faced cheese sandwiches on whole grain bread complete with green pepper eyes red pepper mouths and freckles of black pepper the sixth graders also sampled other whole grain items such as crackers bars pita bread and muffins here robert krug left and josh remick prepare cheese sandwiches 3 cooking up healthy meals the 2012-2013 school year brought many changes for the district s cafeteria program as a participant in the national school lunch program the district was required to meet new nutrition standards for healthier meals the change was driven by the 2010 healthy hunger-free kids act which is part of first lady michelle obama s let s move campaign to improve the health of the nation s children the new lunch pattern includes more fruits vegetables and whole grains and less fat and sodium lunch guidelines require specific quantities of foods and calorie ranges based on three grade groups a student s tray must contain a fruit or a vegetable to be considered complete and reimbursable school breakfast will be the focus of the next phase of usda s new nutrition guidelines beginning in the 2013-2014 school year it will introduce calorie ranges based on the three grade groups and increase quantities of fruits and whole grains required at breakfast cafeteria workers yvonne perich claudia estok cindy davis and theresa mayes display a tray of healthy fruit to be served at the high school.


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e lementary s chool band/chorus perform ranger-opoly have you heard the buzz the forest hills elementary pto is developing a ranger-opoly game that will feature our local businesses and schools all in the traditional monopoly format that you know and love why not purchase a piece of forest hills history and enjoy your favorite family game night all at the same time this is a special project that embraces both the forest hills school district and the community net proceeds generated from this game will exclusively be used to improve technologies within the forest hills elementary school the ranger-opoly games are expected to make their debut at the forest hills festival on labor day weekend and will be available for the minimal price of just $20 each a limited quantity will be available these games are predicted to be treasured keepsakes preordered games will be available for pickup at the forest hills festival on labor day weekend additional future pick-up dates to be announced check the website in september for a list of dates feel free to email the pto at fhk6pto@hotmail.com with questions or check out the pto website http www.fhrangers.org/pto and click on rangeropoly for additional information the pto thanks all the businesses and organizations that are supporting this project it could not have been created without your generous support thank you the grade 6 band and rockin ranger ensemble presented their concert to the general public on april 25th in the elementary dining room the band under the direction of mr jake kearney performed 4 selections featuring flute clarinet saxophone trumpet baritone and percussion performers after two years of instrumental lessons the students have progressed to a very well organized band with a more mature sound and gave a well-executed performance of a difficult level of music the grade 5 instrumentalists were also featured for the first time performing one selection for the concert the 95 member grade six rockin ranger ensemble pictured below under the direction of mr kevin balog performed seven selections three of the four patriotic selections featured a slide show created by mr jay elias the 550 audience enjoyed a night of musical entertainment as part of the annual concert program which included a commemoration to our armed services all students in the elementary attended an abbreviated version the grade 6 band and rockin ranger ensemble performance on april 26th the chorus and band thank the parents teachers and administrators for their unwavering support of the fine arts program in the forest hills school district grade 2 podcasts substitute teacher mr shilcosky did a podcast with the 2nd grade students the students each recorded a page of their class book titled how to mr shilcosky then put all of the recordings together into a podcast and posted it on 2nd grade teacher mrs.shilcosky s webpage on the school district s website mrs bachota s class recorded haiku poems which can be found on the district website under mrs bachota s webpage the students enjoyed hearing themselves read and having their friends and families listen to them at home rilynn swinger is shown here with mr shilcosky recording her page the great outdoors mrs faith s fhoss group enjoyed learning about the great outdoors in a variety in ways they read and researched a variety of animals read about outdoor life watched a movie called the wilderness family built wilderness cabins and even wrote about what life would be like living in the wilderness some students decided that it would be great to hunt and fish for their meals and not have to worry about all of the business that goes on in our everyday lives while others decided that it would be a struggle worrying about survival trying to get food and warding off vicious animals the children really enjoyed this year end project while learning in a multifaceted way 4


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internal organ hall of fame sixth grade science class curriculum includes the study of internal organs and organ systems students in ms ohler s classes performed the play titled name that internal organ the play is a musical comedy in which the lungs kidneys and small intestines are inducted into the internal organ hall of fame and provides the lifetime achievement award to the heart the play is not without disappointment for a few organs the liver pancreas gall bladder and appendix feel a little left out of the festivities however they manage to muster-up a few cheers for the winning organs they re sure to get em next year perhaps they ll even let the raging hormone present an award in 2014 the year of the spleen frisky and his friends an election day voting lesson evolved into a yearlong project in mrs seftic s kindergarten class as part of a social studies lesson the students voted for their choice of a stuffed animal class pet the candidates were frisky fox and brown bear following the vote frisky emerged victorious and mrs seftic purchased a small stuffed fox for the class the students enthusiastically welcomed frisky to the class and what followed was truly amazing the students took turns taking frisky home with them on three separate visits the first visit was strictly for fun while the next two visits involved a creative writing assignment on home-visit number two frisky and the kindergarten student were asked to help with a chore at home and then draw and write about their job the following day frisky and the student reported to the rest of the class frisky helped to complete a variety of household tasks including folding laundry cleaning floors and setting the dinner table during these visits the students learned the importance of helping their parents for the benefit of the family as spring arrived and thoughts turned to upcoming vacations frisky made his third visit to each student s home this time each child was asked to plan an imaginary vacation with frisky frisky shared in visits to exciting destinations including italy disney world a cherry blossom tour of washington d.c a pirate baseball game and the golden gate bridge the students thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with frisky and eagerly anticipated their next visit with him each day they faithfully returned frisky to school for his next adventure with another classmate this experience taught valuable lessons about responsibility and sharing the students also developed their creative writing illustrating and public speaking skills with their reports in may frisky found a permanent home all of the students names were included in a random drawing and alex williams was chosen as frisky s new owner alex proudly took frisky home for many more adventures readers theatre to relieve the stress of pssa week mrs gordon s student teacher miss zubal had her 4th grade students express their individuality and creativity by performing reader s theater the students worked in groups to put together four short stories they added their own touches with handmade props pictured here are henry sinclair jade nastase zackery rummel alexus mclucas and olivia guilarmod performing their skit pecos bill 6th grade spellers sixth grade held its annual spelling bee on may 17th in the high school auditorium family members of the contestants were invited to attend the competition and the entire sixth grade student body watched the spelling bee the 31 contestants went through several exciting rounds of spelling before the final three places were decided first place winner was abigail josephson second place went to kristi burkett and the third place winner was nathan long the three winners were in ms ohler s homeroom they each were awarded an electronic dictionary and cash prize from the pto 5 alex williams and frisky center are surrounded by the rest of mrs seftic s kindergarten students on frisky s last day in school.


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patriotic essay grade 5 student thomas hockensmith s patriotic essay won first place in class 2 western district american legion essay contest this in effect means that tommy s essay is a state champion he represented st michael american legion unit 551 this is the first time that st michael unit 551 had any essay s advance and win at this level in the essay competition a framed certificate and monetary award were presented to thomas by mrs veronica richards of the st michael american legion auxiliary pictured are mr mrs hockensmith brother caleb thomas and mrs veronica richards science on the road second graders learned about fossil fuels with the pittsburgh carnegie science center s science on the road program scientists and demonstrators took the students back millions of years with a program called colossal fossil fuels the students learned about oil coal and natural gas with a wonderful multimedia presentation the students ventured to prehistoric park to discover how plants and plankton became fossil fuels they stopped at geology junction to determine how to use sound and electricity to locate underground fuel finally they visited rockbuster rig to learn how marcellus shale extracts natural gas from our earth the students built a gas pipeline over and around earth s landforms determined what everyday items are made of through the use of a bingo game created their own fossils out of clay and stamps and studied different rocks and minerals under a magnifying glass during the handson activity portion of the program the students learned so much from the carnegie science program and greatly enjoyed the hands-on activities mrs shilcosky s class is pictured below mastering math mastering math is a comically written musical play about how sherlock holmes became a great detective after his former elementary mathematics teacher mr homes cooked up a scheme to assist in his desire to become a great detective the doctor of deduction the prince of problem-solving the play performed by ms ohler s 6th grade mathematics and science classes infused comedy among musical numbers of jazz rap country and rock to reinforce the problem-solving mathematical skills of guess and check act it out find a pattern draw it up make a chart and work backwards pto s amazing year authors are born three classes became published authors this winter the children began the process by researching their topics miss carroll s class wrote about their experiences with the children s book the wondrous journey of william bennett mrs shilcosky s class wrote a how to book for aliens visiting our country mrs myers class researched their favorite president and included fun and interesting topics in a parade of presidents the children also created the illustrations for the book the publishing kit was provided free of charge by student treasures the parents were able to purchase a hardcover book for the children to keep the classroom received a book free of charge this project was a wonderful cross-curricular activity that will be a lifelong memory for the students 6 the elementary pto enjoyed yet another successful year most of the money the organization raised occurred in the fall from their annual walk-a-thon fundraiser the walk-a-thon ended with all the students gathering on the football field for a balloon release cheers and squeals of delight followed as the students watched all those balloons go up each balloon had a card on it which asked the person finding the card to return it to the forest hills elementary school return cards were displayed as they were returned one balloon traveled 404 miles to boxborough massachusetts others were found in new york rhode island connecticut new jersey and of course pennsylvania the box tops program continues to be a huge success the students collectively brought in more than 104,000 box see pto on page 26


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m iddle s chool csi classes do you know going to the dogs the truth about drugs while studying csi methods and techniques mr kosmac s science classes hosted several special guest speakers and presentations deputy coroner mr jim zangaglia spoke to several classes about the roles and responsibilities of the coroner s office some of which included establishing time and cause of death the johnstown k-9 division officers mike kanuch and brad christ brought several police dogs to the middle school and demonstrated the training care handling and duties of the dogs the officers explained what they look for in a dog s personality and behavior before spending considerable time and effort in the training of them the dogs eventually become part of the officer s family here a k-9 officer demonstrates his skills with police dogs you hear about it in the headlines and see it on the news but on the evening of march 21 2013 we learned first hand from a man who has worked many years with individuals under the influence of many different substances the evening program entitled do you know the truth about drugs was open to the forest hills community and neighboring communities to educate them about the dangers of substance use and our youth the forest hills school district wanted to take a proactive stance in helping our youth by educating our parents who are the front lines with all students pennsylvania state trooper scott davis shared his expertise with our families in an eye opening program on a number of topics including current drug trends signs of ingestion drug paraphernalia and the warning signs of drug usage trooper davis is a certified drug recognition expert dre with the pa state police the dre program was set up to help officers detect people under the influence of controlled substances and help in reducing drug related dui s there are approximately 85 drug recognition experts in the state his unique delivery of very sensitive material allowed parents and community members to learn a wide variety of important information regarding substance use and our youth trooper davis stressed the importance of parents educating themselves on the latest trends and language used by youth he stated it takes an entire society to raise a child it is more important than ever for parents to talk to their children about the dangers and consequences of drug use and not assume that their child knows the impact of drugs on their lives lions club subject awards ms kim bloom presented seventeen 9th grade students with lions club subject area awards and an outstanding boy and girl for 2012-13 the lions club is a civic-minded organization that supports a multitude of community service projects the middle school students and staff are appreciative of the continued support that the area lions club has provided over the many years of service award winners were english-brianna facciani geometry-alyssa peretin spanish-samantha bromley history-shane kelley science-skye smay technology education-jillian scott family consumer science-megan fessler reading-alexandra maurer computer applications-nicholas borelle boys physical education-dallas mcclintock girls physical education-gabrielle vogel art-kirsten capatch instrumental music-samantha wright vocal musicjennifer rosmus student council-dalton faith outstanding boy-gage mccall,outstanding girl-kaitlyn kline 7


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6 attend superconference on wednesday may 8th the cambria county secondary principals association continued the annual conference for student leaders known as the superconference at mount aloysius college six forest hills middle school students 2 from each grade attended this 20th annual event attendees pictured here were luke helsel claudia shrefler sidney kakabar shelby hostetler gage mccall and katie vitez for the students the purpose behind this event is to provide student leaders an opportunity to enhance leadership traits develop leadership skills and foster pride in their schools they attended several workshops and interacted with other student leaders from schools within cambria county pasc district 6 conference humanities driven learning this school year one of the goals of the english department included fostering a culture of literature writing and appreciation for the humanities at the forest hills middle school several projects and initiatives helped promote this learning culture mrs aspen ferre and mrs jennifer raptosh collaborated to bring in a professional acting company the shakespeare theatre of new jersey to present a production of romeo and juliet to all students about 35 students volunteered to take a workshop with the thespians about dialect and acting during shakespeare s time they even acted out a scene prior to the production 9th grade students studied and read the play in class and prepared scene selections to act out in front of their peers mrs melissa shrift s 8th graders celebrated their poetry studies with a poetry lounge and hot chocolate house several teachers listened to students presentations and shared their own writing band students also added to the atmosphere with their guitar and bongo music students in grades 8 and 9 entered writing and poetry contests throughout the year this year a new writing and research award was granted to one 9th grade student congratulations to samantha wright pictured here for winning research scholar award in language and letters the eight student council members pictured here in front of the flight 93 memorial attended the pasc district 6 conference sponsored by shade school district evan kundrod sidney kakabar taylor kulka sarah pavlosky grace bromley gage mccall dalton faith and adam bambino visited the quecreek mine rescue site and the flight 93 memorial the fact that both of these sites honor those in our country and community who acted heroically in order to save the lives of others this trip encapsulated the theme of the conference of what would you do at quecreek students met and heard from the owners of the property and were regaled with the first hand stories of the rescue and at flight 93 each had an opportunity to reflect on the solemn events of that fateful september morning in 2001 njhs inducts 24 on may 13 2013 twenty-four middle school students were inducted into the national junior honor society requirements for njhs at forest hills are a minimum 3.51 gpa for the second semester in grade 8 a minimum 3.51 gpa for the first semester of grade 9 no d s or f s in any subject no suspensions and no more than two demerits in addition students are rated on service leadership and character by their grade 8 9 teachers 17 students in this year s freshman class earned gpa s of 4.0 national junior honor society officers are president-kaitlyn josephson vice-president-nicholas borelle secretary-katie vitez and treasurer-samantha wright the remaining inductees were robert bambino veronica baroni samantha bromley morgan cronauer brianna facciani dalton faith megan fessler timothy frazer alex hook shane kelley kaitlyn kline shannon kudlawiec gage mccall dallas mcclintock alyssa peretin brooke rorar jillian scott gabrielle shaulis gabrielle vogel and ian wieczorek 8


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legion awards presented research scholar award this year a new award the research scholar award in language and letters was instituted in the english department at forest hills middle school this award is given to one student enrolled in the english composition 9 course the students independently read a classical novel of their choosing research it for critical theories and literary merit and formulate an argument-based research paper on the novel the students are then required to present a 10-15 minute conference-style presentation of their papers with a questioning forum by classmates the quality of the research paper composition use of research skills critical thinking and professionalism of the research presentation are taken into consideration as criteria to win the award this year 9th grade student samantha wright received the award for her paper and presentation entitled the stranger way of life which was influenced by her research and reading of the novel the stranger by albert camus samantha gives an overview of what she learned from completing this project i learned a lot about classical literature as well as the research process in general i believe that classical novels in particular have another layer of depth to them and this deeper meaning is something to be studied and analyzed i will use what i learned from this project in the future by applying the new skills i have into the papers and projects that i will have to research and write when i get to the high school i will definitely utilize these skills in college as well not only did samantha present in class she and several other students also presented their projects to mrs shrift s eighth grade english classes on winning the award samantha says winning the research scholar award in language and letters is truly an honor for me being recognized for this project and receiving this award makes all the hard work and effort extremely worthwhile congratulations samantha on a job well done front left to right gage mccall and brianna facciani middle kaitlyn kline jillian scott kaitlyn josephson back alex hook dalton faith nicholas borelle the four local american legion posts and auxiliaries presented nine middle school students with their prestigious awards the south fork post and auxiliary recognized alex hook and brianna facciani the beaverdale post and auxiliary honored dalton faith and kaitlyn josephson the dunlo post and auxiliary recipients were nicholas borelle and jillian scott finally the st michael post and auxiliary recognized gage mccall and kaitlyn kline the outstanding student legion award was presented by the beaverdale post to kaitlyn kline a special thank you to all of the area american legions and auxiliaries for their continued support of our students this is only one of the many community-based programs that the posts and auxiliaries provide nasa class up the river the nasa class took several interesting and educational field trips this year canoeing at shawnee state park visiting seldom seen mine field testing water quality at locally amd degraded streams and riverquest all of the trips centered on water quality watersheds wetlands and resource stewardship the 9 riverquest adventure included spending most of the day on a riverboat on the ohio monongahela and allegheny rivers the enhanced nasa class collected and studied plankton and benthic macroinvertebrates chemical tests were performed at various locations and the results of these field tests were analyzed the findings were somewhat surprising to the class and mr kosmac all 3 rivers had good water quality although the temperature was a little brisk the class seemed to forgo the elements in favor of their education.


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ms hosts iu08 reading competition the forest hills middle school hosted the appalachia iu08 reading competition on april 30th and may 2nd student from schools located in blair center cambria and somerset counties participated in the event the middle school was represented by two teams the 7th and 8th grade team earned a 1st place ribbon and the 9th grade team came away with a 2nd place ribbon the reading teams are looking forward to another successful competition in the fall jump rope for heart forest hills middle school students and staff were entertained in december by the ht high flyers competitive jump rope team from ligonier pennsylvania this national jump rope team has won several national jump rope championships along with individual team members winning top honors as best male and female athletes in the jump rope sport the ht high flyers demonstrated individual and team skills used in competition several students and staff members were given the opportunity to practice their jump rope skills with the team art fcs collaborate this year the fab foods i and nutrition classes collaborated with the middle school art department to provide refreshments to the forest hills community during the 2013 middle school student art exhibition held on may 22 in the library foods i and nutrition students baked chocolate chip cookies sprinkle cookies and snicker doodles the students also helped cut cheese and make fruit cups and punch fab foods 1 and nutrition students learned about food presentation as they arranged everything on trays in a decorative manner on the day of the exhibition art students and yearbook club members helped with food set up and distribution the 2013 student art exhibition showcased students works including animations digital imagery drawings graphic design mixed media paintings sculptures and videos created during this school year this first time middle school art and fcs department collaborative effort was a cross-disciplinary success blake custer chad burkett and jonas wissinger 10


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h igh s chool wilson enjoys art success interact club s 1st year the interact club had a very busy spring raising money to benefit the heifer international project heifer international s mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth the club raised money by requesting donations from local businesses selling paper animals selling t-shirts and by conducting a zumba thon and a walk-a-thon through the generous donations and all of the hard work from our members we are proud to announce that we raised $2,500 for this worthwhile cause senior jena wilson has certainly enjoyed the fruits of her labors creating a specific craft is quite a rewarding feeling ­ creating art something original from within yourself to share with the world for intrinsic value jena s work was exhibited in the southern allegheny museum of art at st francis in the winter was exhibited at the bottle works ethnic arts center in johnstown in early spring then again at the cambria county community arts center in westmont at the end of the school year at the bottle works jena s wooden table with glass mosaic was named best of show at the community arts center her giacometti-style life-size sculpture was named best of show jena has created a quilt as an additional project on her own time for the psea fabric of unionism scholarship award this scholarship opportunity is for artwork that is created to signify the importance of unions their history and the need for them in the workplace jena received one of the three scholarships at an awards ceremony on june 1st at the psea state college office every year the allied artists of johnstown and the cambria county community arts center offer scholarship grants to talented high school seniors intending on pursuing a career in art scholarships are based on the quality of artwork in the individual student s portfolio an edited collection of the best artwork intended to showcase his/her style or method of work jena was rewarded for her efforts from both organizations she will receive $400 from the community arts center s abe janet and blanche beerman award and $500 from the allied artist group for the same portfolio jena is the daughter of patti and darren wilson she plans to attend seton hill in the fall and major in art therapy where she will continue to create awardwinning pieces of art while helping others front tori dibble madison kundrod rika milavec back maggie long shelbie o hara the 2013 junior-senior prom was held at the pasquerilla conference center in johnstown on saturday may 18th the theme wish upon a star presented many photo opportunities for the ladies in elegant gowns and gentlemen wearing striking tuxedos students and their guests enjoyed having their pictures taken in the very popular photo booth all photos taken in the booth may be viewed and downloaded by visiting the website myphotoflare.com the dance floor was crowded all night as dj labarko kept the music lively for the 294 students in attendance brianna kostan and shawn dell were crowned prom queen and king members of the prom court in cluded standing from left to right conor dimond chelsea chizmar cody law maggie madison spencer ivock reanna killinger hannah blanchetti zack pinkas chelsea wess collin smay nicole miller and jared shope for those looking forward to next year s event the prom is scheduled for saturday may 17 2014 11


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hs music students excel megan kostan teresa yuhas alex edwards jenni fox angie morgart kate roxby and renae kakabar participated in district band held at central cambria megan teresa alex jenni angie and kate advanced on to regional band held in hollidaysburg kate roxby moved on to all-state band forest hills high school chorus was well represented in all-district chorus which was held in altoona these students were tori dibble joe bailey jake peretin megan kostan and jen rosmus jake megan and jen also went on to make regional chorus megan kostan todd harteis and nathan madison participated in district jazz this year which was held at richland this year s jazz band performed at the christmas concert the elementary art show and the first ever fine arts gala the vocal quartets of the middle and high schools gave a combined total of 16 performances this school year major minority quartet has given 19 performances in its 2 years of existence including concerts singing valentines the county commissioners meeting art shows barbershop shows and even as an inservice demonstration for regional chorus its members are casey haberl julia barton megan kostan and jen rosmus pictured here other chorus members who have been in a quartet this year include cassidy ruffing kaylee michalides tori dibble whitney fyock brooke plows jared bunn jake peretin and joe bailey the bands and choruses of the middle and high schools have continued the tradition of excellence with fantastic spring concerts if you missed them make sure you reserve some time to watch them on channel 182 if you missed any musical event this year or want to see more music at forest hills please check out our websites www.fhrangers.org/custer or www.fhrangers.org/parlock the 40th annual volleyball marathon sponsored by the forest hills jaycees/jayceettes was held on march 15th a total of $3,000 was raised this year to be divided between cystic fibrosis and the erin hostetler scholarship fund eleven coed teams made from 68 jaycees/jayceettes members competed in a double elimination tournament the organization s steering committee also competed against faculty members from all three district schools the teams started playing at 8:00 am and continued until 9:00 pm trophies were awarded to the first second and third place winners members of the winning team were jena wilson cara lang trevor sculthorpe tim kestermont alex leer nick panick and dylan horvath 2 charities benefit from marathon poster contest winners many art students enjoy creating art for various poster contests in the fall careerlink sponsored a poster contest endorsing careers madison kundrod won third place a basket filled with countless prizes and gift cards for her poster promoting csi crime scene investigation the federation of sportsmen s club s poster contest theme was wintertime in the great pa outdoors the top local winners were conor dimond with a 1st place calli smith with second place and cory hribar with a third place these students were invited to the annual banquet for sportsmen s and were presented with plaques all posters entered moved on to the next level and at the pfsc spring convention tyler volcjak won third place in the senior division and was presented with a cash award the cambria county conservation district s poster contest theme was where does your water shed in the high school junior cheyenne hull claimed top honors brianna neff was the second place winner and the third place went to taylor schalesky each student was awarded a ribbon or trophy and cheyenne also received a cash award cheyenne s poster will move on to the state level for competition 12


p. 13

attention fhsd marching ranger alumni the 3 annual alumni night will be held in conjunction with homecoming on september 27 2013 go to www.fhrangers.org/page/4454 for more details rd forest hills ministerium holds annual baccalaureate approximately 70 seniors and 300 family members and friends attended the annual baccalaureate ceremony on thursday may 30 2013 in the high school auditorium members of the forest hills ministerium conducted the service rev terry trudgen was the keynote speaker and delivered the spiritual message rev jason mcqueen provided the invocation rev earl butterfield gave the benediction members of the senior class participated in all facets of the worship ceremony briana kostan greeted the class and thanked everyone for coming to the program abigail shaffer led the liturgy of blessings victoria ivock and kacie erb provided scripture readings briana kostan led the seniors in various songs accompanied by theresa arena on the piano community arts center exhibit high school students whose artwork was chosen for submission to the cambria county community arts center were emily miller-acrylic painting of a still life nicole miller-clay piece from a ceramics class patrick gaydos-wooden sculpture chosen from sculpture class nathan madison-wooden sculpture chosen from the same class jamie donoughe and her older sister taylor donoughe-relief projects submitted from sculpture class jena wilson-giacometti-style sculpture alexis spicher-painting of a zebra josie helselpainting zach pavlik-pencil drawing of a t-rex jena wilson garnered best of show with her submission spike autism fundraiser senior marlee zubek completed the unique class of 2013 senior wall with a collage of pictures of each student in the senior class marlee submitted her idea to the student council and her design was chosen for this year s wall marlee started the painting part of the wall last summer on her own time then she did her best to get each and every student in the senior class to submit some kind of picture to be used on the collage part marlee finished the wall this spring and it truly is a unique piece of art zubek designs class of 2013 senior wall juniors lakin stiffler keri ondrejik and brianna neff have raised awareness and funds for autism as part of their senior project in march they partnered with the johnstown tomahawks for spike autism a charity volleyball game that featured the forest hills girls varsity volleyball team playing against tomahawks players to raise funds for acrp s autism spectrum disorders unit acrp is a community based mental health organization servicing the mental health needs of children adolescents adults and families in bedford blair cambria clearfield and somerset counties the goal of acrp s autism spectrum disorders unit is to provide interventions and services aimed at helping children and families improve their functioning and quality of life in may they presented a check for $4,861.50 to acrp raised during spike autism through ticket see did i pass parents may request a preliminary score report for all keystone exams and grades 3 8 pssa assessments by contacting director of education mrs vanessa sral at 814-487-7613 extension 3249 13 spike autism on page 26


p. 14

seniors were honored at the annual awards night ceremony on may 30th for their academic achievement athletic prowess citizenship and extra-curricular activities a total of $1,400,000 was presented to individual students who excelled in the classroom on the athletic fields and in the community students receiving awards/scholarships were julia barton president s education award senior girls chorus award and national honor society brooke bassett artists of the 21st century participant hannah blanchetti jaycees/jayceettes service award sara ann borelle senior scholarship award president s education award and penn highlands community college board of trustees scholarship andrew buchkovich school directors award president s education award rotary club academic excellence award senior boys soccer award upj presidential scholarship spanish honor society and james w reese memorial scholarship jared bunn senior boys chorus award reach service award and challenge program academic improvement jonathan carden just beyond your reach scholarship abigail custer st francis university academic scholarship austin danel president s education award westminster tower scholarship reach service award st michael catholic church higher education grant and forest hills education endowment scholarship shawn dell school directors award president s education award rotary club academic excellence award rotary club service above self award senior boys physical education award senior english award senior mathematics award national football foundation scholarship upj reb commuter scholarship national honor society spanish honor society jaycees/jayceettes service award army reserve scholar athlete award and upj presidential scholar-academic award conor dimond senior boys cross country award elizabeth baker scholarship juniata alumni scholarship juniata scholarship fund artists of the 21st century participant and eagles abroad fellowship scholarship kayla dively senior scholarship award president s education award and carlow academic scholarship taylor donoughe senior scholarship award and president s education award kacie erb senior scholarship award president s education award senior girls cross country award senior girls physical education award district vi sportsmanship award robert morris academic/athletic scholarship,national honor society spanish honor society and south fork american legion essay award cory fessler school directors award president s education award rotary club academic excellence award senior boys basketball award national honor society spanish honor society 2013 pa american legion essay contest award dunlo american legion essay award cambria county american legion essay award united states navy outstanding athlete award and united states naval academy appointment hayden fyock senior accounting award ethan gabany school directors award president s education award rotary club academic excellence award rotary club service above self award senior forensics award senior mock trial award senior social studies award senior physics award samsung scholarship american association of senior awards scholarships kayla dively kacie erb cory fessler ethan gabany taylor schalesky hayden fyock 14 sara kakabar julia barton


p. 15

university women scholarship national honor society spanish honor society st michael american legion essay award and united states marine corps scholastic excellence award casey gallaher school directors award president s education award rotary club academic excellence award senior girls basketball award senior girls soccer award st francis founder s scholarship st francis mathematics fellowship scholarship st francis soccer scholarship national honor society spanish honor society and army reserve scholar athlete award bradley haberkorn laurel highlands vva chapter 364 post scholarship sydney harteis school directors award president s education award rotary club academic excellence award rotary club service above self award lock haven global honors program scholarship fromm family scholarship national honor society spanish honor society amd forest hills education endowment scholarship josie helsel school directors award president s education award rotary club academic excellence award rotary club service above self award st francis university founders scholarship national honor society spanish honor society forest hills education endowment scholarship and knights of columbus scholarship justin hogan senior hockey award dylan horvath senior scholarship award and president s education award jessica houghton school directors award president s education award rotary club academic excellence award waynesburg university ab miller scholarship and national honor society kaitlyn hoyer senior cheerleader award sons of the american legion scholarship dunlo american legion essay award and candida sylvia martella webster scholarship spencer ivock national honor society victoria ivock senior softball award and brandon g baxter scholarship sara kakabar senior scholarship award president s education award senior girls tennis award national honor society and spanish honor society stephanie kelley senior scholarship award president s education award st francis presidential scholarship and penny matlin memorial scholarship timothy kestermont mount aloysius academic scholarship mount aloysius commuter scholarship and forest hills education endowment scholarship reanna killinger mount aloysius academic achievement award briana kostan president s education award seton hill academic/soccer athletic scholarship national honor society and barbara ann peters memorial award loren krupa just beyond your reach scholarship cara lang school directors award president s education award rotary club academic excellence award senior computerized reading award senior chemistry award upj reb commuter scholarship national honor society spanish honor society forest hills alumni scholarship south fork american legion essay award cambria county american legion essay award and united states navy ­ distinguished scholar award cody law senior wrestling award alex leer senior boys see more awards scholarships continued from page 14 even more awards and scholarships on page 18 jessica houghton kaitlyn hoyer victoria ivock stephanie kelley alyssa miller reanna killinger 15 briana kostan loren krupa



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