Bodega San Francisco (FINAL) Ingles


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carte restaurant san francisco ruedo alameda 32 c dawn 10 phone 952878162 680622587 mobile ronda


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soups picadillo soup seafood soup gazpacho porra antequerana salads mixed salad 2 people mixed salad 4 people marinated tomatoes tomato flavored with anchovies marinated tomatoes with tuna apprehend salad roasted peppers with tuna grilled peppers with anchovies lettuce with anchovy judela pasta spaghetti bolognese macaroni bolognese


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meats iberian ham combined iberian iberian loin iberian sausage iberian chorizo cheese in oil tapas chicken skewer pork skewer skewer shrimp smoked cod palometa with cheese serranitos hicks avocados salmon roll chorizo masita masita sausage filetito with mojo tortilla shrimp cod omelette


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rations russian salad delight salad gazpacho quail eggs croquettes mushroom croquettes asparagus topped with halibut mushrooms fried rice with prawns mushrooms crab drumstick fried anchovies marinated dogfish tiptoe fries fried cod shrimp pavías fried calamari grilled squid gambas al pil pil galician octopus snails


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rations combined fish grilled pink swordfish pink with seafood cod with garlic gold bass artichoke hearts with ham habitats baby fried eggplant with honey prawns cooked fried peppers register anchovies in vinegar cantabrian anchovies piquillo peppers stuffed with cod scrambled scrambled eggs with potatoes scrambled eggs with asparagus scrambled eggs with mushrooms


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grilled meats iberian sirloin skewer sirloin skewer iberian pen iberian pork iberian pork iberian sirloin white fillet mushroom pepper mojo picon fillet of beef fillet of beef oxtail rabbit in garlic field beefsteak chicken breast lamb chops pork chops leg of lamb


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wines ronda young chinchilla chinchilla 6 +6 oak lagarejo lagarejo parenting cortijo los aguilares hawthorn payment round the old barefoot young barefoot parenting jorge bonet lucio morosanto morosanto lunera lunar young black payoya high sky apasos sangre de ronda


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riojas muga marqués de cáceres parenting cune parenting viña herminia azpilicueta parenting marqués de riscal book lagunilla book añares book puerto marqués crianza reserva gran reserva puerto marqués book puerto marqués large reserve rioja house whites white house borno palace borno palace soubiñón round lagarejo marqués de riscal


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ribera del duero protos oak protos parenting protos book payment of chaplains payment of chaplains parenting emilio moro payment carravieja payment carravieja book matarromera parenting pesquera breeding king meadow oak prado king breeding vaquos emilio moro resalzo hisan


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pink great feud chinchilla the aguilares pink house marqués de riscal lagarejo desserts milk pudding flan bacon heaven custard fresh yogurt cream cheesecake pudding chocolate mousse ice homemade desserts fruit puddings bacon heaven



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