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bordeaux itinerary small/large metropolis report and photos by robert holden ­ interviews by ruben modigliani historical architecture restored to its original splendour exceptional spaces for contemporary art big city infrastructures with a human dimension and a generous nature to be visited and savoured starting with the wine which has ­ for centuries ­ been a star here david barnes/onlyfrance/sime the miroir d eau in place de la bourse a 3,450 m2 thin layer of water for a fountain that comes alive every 20 minutes with a mist effect a magical space where the architectures are doubled and a symbol of the new bordeaux 116elle decor elle decor 117


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bordeaux itinerary ashok adicÉam director of the institut culturel bernard magrez after venice where he was at the helm of palazzo grassi ed i came back to paris the city where i grew up and from there i curated exhibitions across the world when bernard magrez offered me the position as curator of its new foundation i thought that bordeaux could be the ideal place to find creative inspiration here there is quality of life a sophisticated urban dimension great cultural heritage now i understand why this is the city after paris where the french prefer to live there is a new energy and at the same time a love for the past on the cultural front i believe that the programmes should be more international and at the same time that we should invite more renowned french artists to take part in long-term projects only a strong and long-term interaction with art can make the image of a city evolve from top left clockwise in an ancient building furnished with a contemporary flavour the maison fredon is a 5 room hotel that seems to be a home www.latupina.com the pillars of the pont chaban-delmas europe s highest vertical-lift bridge the tram with minimal visual impact ­ without visible cables ­ which crosses the city a hall in the institut culturel bernard magrez centre of contemporary art carved out of a 19th century residence in the middle of a park the exhibition of the ceramicist kristin mckirdy at musée des arts décoratifs until 27/5 www.bordeaux.fr une cuisine en ville restaurant of the chef philippe lagraula young local talent www.une-cuisine-en-ville.com 118elle decor


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bordeaux itinerary an entire building dedicated to the culture of wine this is the hôtel gobineau home of the winemaking consortium civb with a hi-tech school for sommeliers and on the ground floor the bar à vin dedicated to wine tasting baravin.bordeaux.com 120elle decor


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bordeaux itinerary audrey aldebert architect ava /aldebert verdier architectes i was born in paris and i studied here i decided to stay because i realised that this city is more open to young people and then what is very important there is the pleasure of living with nature within arm s reach nature that we are trying to bring to the city through our projects reopening the closed waterways creating public green spaces our watchword is `re-enchant the city is planning a population increase of 40 this translates into enormous potential in the past bordeaux lacked cultural dynamism but under the guidance of alain juppé ­ who has truly transformed it ­ great strides have been made in many areas and in recent years outstanding initiatives have been launched such as the biennial of architecture for the future it would be nice to experience more of the river a resource yet to be fully developed i would like to be able to cross it in more places to colonise it with floating buildings from top left clockwise nineteenth-century stuccoes and glasses hanging from the ceiling for max extraordinary wine store www maxbordeaux.com the skate park constructed in the area of the old port one of the large modern greenhouses of the jardin botanique de la bastide on the riverfront and a heron in the section dedicated to the river ecosystem www.bordeaux.fr le garage moderne an old industrial building which houses ­ alongside cars awaiting repair ­ a bar restaurant and spaces for shows legaragemoderne.org the base sous-marine former base for submarines converted into a structure for artistic initiatives and heart of an area dedicated to culture 122elle decor


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bordeaux itinerary yard installation by allan kaprow at capc former warehouse for food coming from the colonies architecture saved from demolition at the centre of the chartrons district the city s most pleasant www.capc-bordeaux.fr 124elle decor


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bordeaux itinerary lawrence collins franco-american musician i arrived here from paris where i was the director of a radio station together with my family we were attracted by the idea of a place with clean air in which to bring up our daughter and by the vivacity of its musical scene i liked it straightaway it has the infrastructures of a big city ­ station airport ­ but it gives you the impression of living in a village it is full of young people and it is full of places where you can make music here i put on about a hundred shows a year in paris it would be impossible the neighbours complain the pubs don t pay you a few years ago we started open stage nights the stage is open to anyone who can play or put on a show and the idea has been emulated i also like the fact that you go everywhere on bicycles here that you can go canoeing you can also feel the proximity of nature at the table the products are really fresh there are excellent markets my favourite close to home is the marché des capucins from top left clockwise agora one of the city s top design stores www.agoramobilier.com a jaguar breaks the wall of the building a car park with installation the parc victor hugo has become one of the city s landmarks www.sggparkingbordeaux.fr the inside of the hotel seeko o white architecture and minimalist décor www.seekoo-hotel.com the tribunal de grande instance designed by richard rogers a former hangar in the base sous-marine area houses the frac fonds régional d art contemporain www.frac-aquitaine.net experimental fashion and vintage design atmosphere for the concept store monsieur madame www.monsieurmadameboutique.fr 126elle decor


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bordeaux itinerary top from left the pont de pierre the first bridge to be positioned over the garonne and for more than a century the only link between the two banks of the river furniture objects and fabrics by rkr a very interesting selection of contemporary design from the top companies to the small producers www.rkr-international.com the interior of antoine a brand new gourmet pastry shop/chocolatier www.antoine-patisserie.fr bordeaux closed traditional and provincial until recently the french thought so they will have to change their minds the ninth largest city in france in recent years bordeaux has been able to renew itself the large old town cleaned up thanks to a forward-looking programme of municipal aid has been entered on the world heritage list its port on the garonne where sugar and spices arrived from the new world ­ the roots of the city s wealth ­ but now abandoned was redeveloped about a decade ago with lawns skate parks shops and lounge bars with djs and reclining chairs and today the river has a new star the chabandelmas vertical-lift bridge europe s highest which seems almost to have come from the imagination of george lucas it is worth exploring the other bank in full swing bordeaux is all built on the left bank from the large blue bronze lion by the artist xavier veilhan to the botanical and aquatic gardens designed by the landscaper catherine mosbach recharging your batteries in one of the restaurants on stilts which overlook the sun resting on the city but there isn t just water bordeaux is the land of fine wines an ancient and glorious activity still very much alive the civb the prestigious winemaking consortium has reinstated 4 floors of the hôtel gobineau creating a hi-tech school for sommeliers or for wine tourists with a room designed all around tasting created by the local star françoise bousquet and next year will see the opening of the futuristic cité des civilisations du vin designed by x-tu and casson mann www.centreculturelduvin.com another of the city s engines is art the capc contemporary art museum occupies the old warehouse for colonial produce built in 1824 which then fell into disuse and was recovered from the 1970s onwards around it the chartrons district is the city s most pleasant antique shops galleries restaurants and old cafes here we find rkr a design boutique or the gallery-showroom of jean philippe cache designer and artist virginie the owner and chef of the salle à manger des chartrons welcomes the creative artists of the district as though her establishment were a private apartment this human dimension is the city s great quality on a bicycle you can go from one side to the other of the quais in quarter of an hour or you can take the tram jewel of engineering without exposed cables desired by the citizens from civic participation in the development of bordeaux came agora biennial of architecture design and urban planning now reaching its fourth edition capable of attracting personalities like koolhaas or souto de moura or the director sokurov the discussion with its residents also led to the rehabilitation project of the bassins à flot www.bassins-a-flot.fr the part of the city where you see the most significant changes already the home of the most interesting artistic spaces ­ like the frac or the base sous-marine the old german base of the atlantic fleet of submarines ­ its symbol today is the corian façade of the hotel seeko o designed by king kong architects a monument to the new bordeaux seems to have a clear vision of its future the metropolitan complex boasts to date 700,000 inhabitants the city has set itself the target of reaching a million by 2030 and it seems to have found the route to navigate between heritage and modernity all in the name of sustainability all this in a city where you strongly feel the dynamism of our era but at the same time life has the sweetness and calm of life in a small and tranquil village where amongst other things the sun is often shining for information www.bordeaux-tourisme.com it.rendezvousenfrance.com 128elle decor



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