CLUES (Crimes Leading Us to European Stories)


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the very latest version of our 40 detective short stories magazine written by 102 European teenagers. School year 2012-2013

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clues crimes leading us to european stories


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preface once upon a time 102 teenage masterminds from countries as different as the czech republic france germany italy and poland set out to create and solve 40 crimes this book you are about to read is what they achieved it is a collection of 40 detective short stories written by european students between the ages of 14-16 it is the result of our etwinning project etwinning is an official programme meant to encourage young europeans and their teachers to cooperate on online projects and thus to get to know each other and gain insight into the lives and customs of their countries this is how the project was organized each story was created by five groups who worked like relay teams the first groups in each participating country started their stories and forwarded them to the following group in another country according to a planned order of turns and writing stages via our etwinning twinspace an internet platform used to communicate to distinguish the national teams each country wrote its parts using a different colour red for the czech republic pink for france green for germany black for italy and blue for poland although the original groups devised the setting and characters and had their own ideas of the plot and crime it was not under their control anymore how the stories developed that is what created suspense for all of them as much as for us teachers who were all eager to discover how the stories ended after seven months of work we all explored the stories students then made up the titles and drew pictures for each story we do hope the stories will give you as much pleasure reading them as we all had working on them together and now follow the colours and enjoy!


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index of our short stories czech short stories 1 murderous tattoo salon 2 lost son hurt his sister 3 arm dealer 4 troubles with daughter 5 murder in the apple store 6 bloody christmas 7 abnormal race 8 broken string italian short stories 1 my sister s dark side 2 the dark pond 3 a night at the cemetery 4 murder in wakefield road 5 the blond bait 6 melted forks and crimes 7 the nightmare 8 the strange lab french short stories 1 the mysterious box of mysteries 2 dangerous game 3 family secret 4 the finger 5 a bloody play 6 zlatan is back 7 bloody friend 8 one girl one problem polish short stories 1 the tattoo 2 the triplets 3 the jewel 4 the sunflowers 5 mr black and the carjacking gang 6 john kelly and the racketeers 7 the slender man 8 the unrequited love german short stories 1 motherly love 2 the man of shadows 3 the green liquid 4 time of death ­ 12:48 5 insomnia 6 fatal trap 7 darkness 8 ransom


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a selection of catchy sentences from our short stories czech short stories murderous tattoo salon not bad but suddenly he stopped oh my lord what´s this the watchman was lying on the floor behind the counter lost son hurt his sister around his neck he had a big snake and his hands were covered with blood sophie scared backed up and bumped into the wall she couldn t escape it was the end troubles with daughter now he couldn`t spoil her any more on the windshield was written in red you ll never get out alive arm dealer i couldn t believe my eyes it looked like a white arm.the scene was horrifying a laboratory with a lot of pieces of body french short stories the mysterious box of mysteries in cambridge an old despicable couple owns a building their boring life only gets exciting when they play tricks on their neighbours one day their routine changes when antony a new renter moves in will he be able to avoid their tricks family secret it was cold and dark in the german black forest alexis s parents had been killed by a stranger on christmas day when he was seven years old he was walking through the forest when his thoughts were interrupted by voices zlatan is back during the winter2010 anabelle mc coy met jessy gregor two years later they got married one day jessy received a mysterious letter containing a bloody pound sterling but who is the sender what does this mean?


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bloody friend hi my name is kelly my best friend is sandy but strangely no one can see her i love my parents even if they hurt me but sandy hates them she is sure that one day they will pay for that german short stories the man of shadows suddenly they heard a scary noise and turned around quickly a big shadow was stretching out in front of them lucy silverstone your daughter is next the green liquid it was a dark night in the year 1845 robert smith was walking down the street the knife in his pocket felt cold and sharp insomnia sure i m a sleepwalker and do many hazardous things sure i can t remember everything but i m not capable of doing anything as horrible as this fatal trap darkness lay over hannover it was 11pm i went into the night to drive to our local lake called maschsee i turned right and got away from the bright lights of the city and finally reached the dark zone of maschsee to examine the dead body italian short stories a night at the cemetery a silly bet puts mary and adam in a frightening situation they must spend a night in the town cemetery will they have to face real zombies murder in wakefield road in a dark night some friends are walking along wakefield road suddenly one of them disappears his friends look for him but what they find out is a creepy truth.


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melted forks and crimes the young detective becky is on holiday at the excelsior hotel in honolulu she d like to relax but something unusual happens all the forks of the hotel have disappeared she must investigate the strange lab two young boys have to face a challenge they must stay as long as possible in the old crumbling school but a strange laboratory attracts their attention they ll discover that curiosity can hurt polish short stories the jewel a beautiful woman reports the theft of precious jewel strange events from prior years at her residence give the detective a lot to think mr black and the carjacking gang everything was black when somebody shook me and woke me up my vision was blurred but i could see mr black alive john kelly and the racketeers you didn t understand us let s say we protect you and you pay us know what i mean we ll be back tomorrow a thousand euros should be enough will john manage to outwit the gangsters the unrequited love can love turn to hate how far can a person go to plan revenge on the rival and now let s begin


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murderous tattoo salon


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it was a nice and warm summer day sophie a beautiful and kind 15-year-old girl decided to go to a tattoo salon because she wanted to have a new tattoo made on her tummy she lived in a happy family and had a very good relationship with her 20-year-old brother john so she went to the tattoo salon but when she entered it she saw a scary man he had drawings all over his body and he had only one leg and there was something even worse around his neck he had a big snake and his hands were covered with blood welcome sweetie said the man when he saw sophie i will just go and wash my hands and then we can start sophie noticed a smile on his face but she was so scared that she wanted to escape she headed for the door but it was locked she became hectic and ran to the next window but it was also closed she looked around in panic but she didn t have a chance she sighed and was so absorbed in thought she didn`t notice that the man had come back all of a sudden he was standing behind her and cleared his throat sophie`s heart began to beat fast but she didn`t turn around the man put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around towards him he looked her straight in the eyes but she kept looking onto the floor the man said look in my eyes sweetie the girl obeyed without notice the man took a knife out of his pocket he brandished his weapon near sophie s throat sophie scared backed up and bumped into the wall she couldn t escape it was the end she began to cry begging the man to spare her he got near sophie but his hand was shaking he hesitated a moment when suddenly his phone rang.


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yes,boss what the hell are you doing you know what will happen if you don t obey me ok boss he pointed his knife at sophie s neck when the man looked at sophie she reminded him of his wife prisoner of his boss no he couldn t kill her he walked a few centimeters towards her and whispered to her giving her the key in her hand run run run away the girl complied and ran away now he knew that the boss would not forgive him wherever he was the boss would find him he sat down waiting for his chief the tremendous feeling of fear overcame him he was scared of what might be happened the boss lived opposite in ten minutes walk from his house and soon he would be there he dropped by every time after the man had received visits the man was lost in his thoughts that young girl reminded him of his wife he had met his wife when she was seventeen a cheerful young girl with large grey eyes set somewhat close together and small appealing ears he proposed to her promising a happy life in those days he did shady dealings with the boss he was sure to become rich one day nothing more wrong he was shot during the bank robbery and lost his leg then he lost the rest of his property and became indebted by the boss now he was his slave what about the boss he had been changing into a certain kind of sociopath with strange habits of victimizing others well he didn t keep his promise his beautiful wife had been changing into the elderly tired woman with sad eyes what s more she was the boss hostage now and the man didn t have money to ransom her he didn t earn much money making tattoos and taming snakes he could tame snakes but he was too cowardly to kill the boss the man sighed .he was in a vicious circle.


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suddenly his face stiffened he heard the door squeaking a thick figure of a man appeared in the room it was the boss don t be an ape harry the boss said you are making me feel thick i understand boss harry laughed nervously i know what you mean he tried to be calm but felt a terrible fear in his heart without saying a word the boss knocked him down falling down harry hit his head at the outstanding edge of the chair unwittingly he swung high his left arm in a move he used for taming snakes the great snake on the shelf hissed in a blink of an eye it jumped on the boss enlaced his neck and choked him in a deadly embrace meanwhile sophie was sitting down at the desk opposite a police inspector and telling him her story weeping tears and holding firmly her brother john s hand after sophie told the fact to the detective the group decided to go the tattoo saloon immediately there they found harry shocked he was repeating the same word clare clare clare the detective tyler helped harry to stand up calm down who is clare he was staring into space she s my wife clare he he he was pointing at the corpse of the boss he kidnapped her where is she asked the detective she is in the lair of the boss in the mountains but while the snake was chocking him he told me she s dying we must go there at once said tyler do you know where it is yes i know the place but not the way to go in they arrived at the bottom of the mountain and started to look for the lair they were going to surrender when john found a tree which had a keyboard on its trunk we need a code sophie said harry looked at them


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disheartened i don t know it detective tyler thought for a while i have an idea try these numbers 3 12-1-18 5 at first nothing happened but after few seconds a door in the mountain opened how did you do it all of them asked they were astonished these numbers are the letters that form the name of the woman the boss loved he answered they went inside a moan broke the silence clare the group ran towards the moan in a small room they found a lady bleeding she was tied on a chair clare oh dear harry was nearly crying tyler called an ambulance on a table the detective found a carillon he opened it and a sweet music started inside the carillon there was a ring and a diary after he read it tyler said my suspicious are confirmed now i understand everything thanks to clare s diary the boss kidnapped her because he fell in love with her he gave her this ring but she refused it then sophie asked but why did harry have to kill me how do i come into it asked sohie because there is something you don´t know your brother john is a secret agent he discovered his shady dealings so the boss threatened him that he would kill one of his family if i didn t stop his investigation he didn t believe it so the boss asked harry to kill you if harry didn t do it the boss would kill clare tyler answered her the others in the room were very surprised detective tyler you are simply fantastic john said with a smile on his face.


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murderous tattoo salon was written by silvie venhudová michaela kulhavá simona hoínová czech republic jil koegel and mira sündermann germany gaonha-ly tho marie-amélie pierquin estelle liu and amélie samson france michal dbkowski and wojtek krgielewski poland luca corticelli rita savi and matteo spezzani italy


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lost son hurt his sister


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it was a dark and cloudy evening sarah was at home alone because her parents ­ her always perfect parents ­ had gone to the theater she was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom the door was closed sarah was staring at the girl in the mirror she thought she knew her but now everything had changed she was sick and tired of all the barbies at school who called her little emo i hate you all she shouted all then she looked into the mirror again and saw her face one eye hidden behind her hair and her tears slowly washing her mascara away suddenly she could hear something somebody´s breath the front door was locked sarah worked up all her courage and opened the bathroom door slowly and as quietly as she could she could see a shadow of the body standing in the kitchen and holding something sarah was really scared she closed the bathroom door and tried to call her father dad dad do you hear me silence nobody answered after that she called the police nypd officer brown how can i help you i think there s a robber in our house are you kidding no no no i m not kidding okay where do you live 14 silver square i ll be right there while sarah was waiting for the police she heard that the robber went upstairs so she opened the bathroom door again and wanted to flee from the house she climbed slowly on the basin and tried to be as quiet as possible when she was on the basin she wanted to open the windows to flee the house while she was catching the window handle she knocked the bottle of shampoo with her feet the robber tried to open it but the doorknob was blocked then she


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smashed the door open and discovered sarah she was screaming and shouting mum help me but there was nobody she was desperate she started to run very quickly she fell stood up but the robber caught her knocked her down and cut her tongue then he tied her to a chair and put her in the cellar the scared girl lost consciousness when sarah came to herself she felt a terrible pain in her tongue she tasted blood in her mouth blood was also trickling along her chin the worst thing was she couldn t move sarah tried to scream but she could express only some strange sounds tears pricked her eyes oh my god she heard suddenly her mother screaming sarah felt relieved hearing her mother s voice she was sure the parents would help her however sounds upstairs were increasing and became like those of fighting sarah heard furniture falling down then two shots were fired sarah understood her parents were in danger she moaned tears of rage rolled out of her eyes again then there was silence in the house time passed .sarah was so scared and tired that she couldn t think about the dangerous situation any more she was dosing when suddenly somebody s steps awakened her the cellar door opened and sarah saw a stunned policeman in the doorway he ran quickly up to the girl and helped her out of the rope then he carried her upstairs the frightened girl saw a doctor feeling pulse by her mother she looked on the left and saw her father lying on the stretcher his head bandaged sarah felt as if she were about to lose consciousness again but the doctor s words reanimate her your mother is alive we ll take you all to the hospital don t worry your parents aren t in danger and i have other good news for you the policeman have found the piece of your tongue on the floor at the hospital they ll try to



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