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·free subscription· ·june 2013· virtual edition times change cultures change some change bibles families change god s word is forever settled contending for american freedom · contending for fundamental christianity the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the lord make his paths straight mark 1:3


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the voice in the wilderness printed missionary ronnie and terry williamson evangelist/editor steve and rebekah lilly staff missionaries the virtual voice serves as an online monthly connection with ministry partners providing up-to-date ministry headlines relevant news information and available resource reminders to receive a monthly link in your inbox please subscribe to the weekly voice at membersnp thevoiceinthewilderness.org in this edition the voice in the wilderness is a nonprofit independent incorporation founded by rev dr j royce thomason d.p.d ph.d evangelist and medical missionary the organization is dedicated to the spreading of the whole gospel to the world especially in foreign lands the program consists of building mission stations supporting american missionaries and native pastors by partnering with the local church in various areas of ministry and preaching christ to the lost we are supported by the gifts of those who care contributions to the voice in the wilderness for projects or to support the ministry of a missionary will be used as indicated by the donor following approved policies and procedures gifts are tax deductible and should be made out to the voice in the wilderness § a fundamental publication published quarterly in behalf of the work of the lord and preservation of the liberties of our united states § printed material from other sources does not necessarily imply an endorsement from this ministry § there is no subscription charge all interested people of good will may have a copy sent regularly to their address simply by requesting it address all correspondence to the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 page 3 my personal message page 4 twenty twelve ways page 6 news bits what will you do the voice in the wilderness is standing firm on the word of god support this ministry with a special offering prayers see prayer request page at www.thevoiceinthewilderness.org for personal correspondence contributions address changes new subscriptions www.thevoiceinthewilderness.org e-mail for address changes only visionpartners@thevoiceinthewilderness.org sign-up for the weekly voice e-mail and blog membersnp@thevoiceinthewilderness.org dr ronnie l williamson dr j royce thomason memorial voice in the wilderness p.o box 7037 asheville nc 28802 voice 828 649-1043 write to us 2·the voice in the wilderness june 2013 virtual edition


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dear friends are you living in the past past failures or even past successes regardless the past can make you bitter or better one preacher put it this way the past can be a rudder that guides you or an anchor that hinders you that is where god s grace forgiveness and one s faith in his provision make the difference in today and tomorrow satan sin and self will try to rob us of god s promises and blessing for each day i personally can testify of our sweet saviour s daily sufficiency praise the lord we can and should be better not bitter james 1:2 says my brethren count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations knowing this that the trying of your faith worketh patience james is giving us practical rubber-meets-the-road faith trials and testing are certain in life but through it all we are bettered by the refinement the voice in the wilderness has been a faithful friend with encouragement and exhortation along life s way over the years readers have written us sharing some intimate needs prayer requests sensitive moments and victories of faith may i say to you that there are many brothers and sisters dealing with some heart wrenching events often we think we are the only one facing such troubles when in reality such is common to many young middle age and old alike can become bitter and rebellious in heart we try at the voice in the wilderness to share sermons and articles that address issues brethren are dealing with today believe me it is not always popular to present the authoritative voice of scripture however truth is not up for vote times change cultures change some change bibles even your family may change but god s word is forever settled sadly some think they can accept christ and forsake his word not so please pray for us that we will continue to stand unapologetically on the inspired infallible holy bible the trusted and tried authorized king james bible we deeply appreciate your friendship and partnership in gospel ministry for christ and souls e s s new ronnie l williamson isa 40:31 happy trails be the 1st to read the voice in the wilderness download the app and select automatic updates to receive the latest edition on your android device more on @thevoice_nc or visit www.thevoiceinthewilderness.org ·3


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t wenty welve ways a series of lessons on the ten commandments presented by crossvue school of missions some people attempt to obey god because of fear while others obey to leverage blessing apparently they know nothing of love quite frankly far too many view god s law not as the revelation of his holiness and man s need of salvation but enslavement to some archaic set of tyrannical rules the lost sinner is not saved to sin some more but should indeed be in love to their soul s saviour god s law demonstrates his love for our well-being thou shalt not kill your life is precious to god thou shalt not steal your possessions are important to god laws are designed to give order romans 13:10 says love worketh no ill to his neighbour therefore love is the fulfilling of the law a multitude of similar verses give today s law-hating professing believers extreme difficulty i suppose when they are robbed the thief is given grace because law is outdated law love and living life go hand in hand there is no love in stealing that which is not yours this liberal license liberated crowd has stolen the definition of words the institutions of god and the soul of nations fornication is partnership sodomy is a civil right and love drunkenness is genetic and laziness is welfare and food stamps a thousand times no men may pervert and protest the truth but they will give account to the truth today there are bible killers those revising rewriting and redefining bible with their gender neutral and worse then there are the bible thieves who steal bible teaching to wrest scripture to their perversion whether in fear hatred or denial 4·the voice in the wilderness june 2013 virtual edition


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those who run from god steal from god is it not interesting that the lord jesus was crucified between two thieves scripture deals with theft in various relationships of life a few examples are 1 2 3 4 exodus 22:5-6 ­ restitution to a neighbor leviticus 19:11,13 ­ dealing falsely and defraud deuteronomy 23:19-20 ­ usury and your brother deuteronomy 24:15 ­ employer and employee relationship 5 proverbs 11:1 ­ cheating others 6 malachi 3:8 ­ robbing god 7 ii thessalonians 3:6-12 ­ don t work don t eat punishment for thievery ranges from restitution to the death penalty the christian must guard against theft in this complex world time in the work place and business relationships are areas of concern taxes bills debt and credit cards are slippery pit falls in this cyber world we must all be vigilant against various forms of high tech theft present all things honest integrity should always characterize the believer t more on hall of faith series request your set of 12 cards with an offering to this ministry wenty welve ways hall of faith i exodus not thou shalt have no other gods thou shalt make unto thee any graven image before me ­ 20:3 exodus 20:4 no reprod uction withou t written permission no reprod uction withou t written permission ­ ­ halll o ha l off hall ffaith h aith halll off al o f faith aith tof publishe d by the collector ser voic ies www.the e in the wild erne voiceint hewilde ss ashevill rness.or e nc g ­ faith ii ­ ­ t publishe d by the collector ser voic ies www.the e in the wild erne voiceint hewilde ss ashevill rness.or e nc g great for personal study access more twenty twelve ways family devotions lessons at www.thevoiceinthewilderness.org sunday school homeschoolers @thevoice_nc or visit www.thevoiceinthewilderness.org ·5


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news bits from here and there more government bigger government has america by majority vote consented to more government and bigger government there are a number of republican governors continuing to say no to obamacare costs are mounting to set up insurance exchanges after having dealt with medicare medicaid and veterans benefits over the past 17 years i can say without question that federal government benefits are complicated with endless paperwork and requirements the waste of time and money is apparent the voice in the wilderness out of necessity uses weekly the u.s postal service another big government entity it is almost impossible to get a consensus on the rules and regulations for various mailings annually the usps wastes hundreds if not thousands of dollars for this ministry it would appear they work very hard to be inefficient and wasteful this is just another example of the warnings our founders gave us concerning big government the mountain of pages documenting obamacare regulations has grown from its original 2,700 pages to now over 20,000 pages rising in a stack measuring 7-feet 3-inches high like the russians and french and cubans americans will pay an awful price when free market medicine disappears one report says some $400 million has been spent thus far on obamacare needed information to be gathered qualifying those eligible for subsides some amounting to over $10,000 to $12,000 per year has not been done yet what kind of money and personnel will it yet take to be ready january 2014 for obamacare islamic extremists ehud barak said hezbollah has more than 60,000 rockets and missiles the middle east today is far less stable because the forces leading much of it are islamist we can redefine the arab spring as an `islamic winter as we see radicals leading it to social and national extremes israelnationalnews com arab crime more than 1,000 cattle sheep and goats were stolen from jewish farmers in judea and samaria over a 2-month period alone the arabs are using these thefts to damage the development of jewish agriculture in judea and samaria israelnationalnews.com 6·the voice in the wilderness june 2013 virtual edition


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quickfacts on common core education coming to you common core education is a top-down legislation being adopted by states which compels educators to teach a box set or flip-chart standardized list of facts created by the federal government necessary for each grade level to learn promoters tout that this new system of education will raise test scores and increase the number of college graduates many have noted however that the academic bar is not being raised but significantly lowered through these standards end-of-the-year tests/sat/act are being rewritten to follow the common core standards student information will be compiled in a national database and individuals will be pointed toward certain vocations or college programs based on their testing results forty-five states have previously adopted common core yet now many are stepping back to re-examine the legislation due to extravagant implementation costs however those states who choose to not use common core standards relinquish race to the top federal dollars sadly this biggovernment education supported by so-called conservatives like mike huckabee,in essence cuts the throats of private educators including homeschoolers and christian schools when all students will be forced to learn a certain set of facts to pass government mandated testing it also pressures christian curricula writers to revise rewrite or endeavor to explain how their curriculum aligns with common core bju press has a web page dedicated to explaining how they have correlated their curriculum with common core and have compiled charts to show where their material correlates with the new government standards math-u-see saxon math and alpha omega have web pages on the topic as well and have tailored their curriculum to the common core standards the pioneer institute has found that it will cost nearly $16 billion for states to align their systems to the new standards over the next seven years heritage foundation north carolina is rushing to roll out a new educational standard that has not been field tested in any of our 115 school districts it is like the [food and drug administration rolling out a new drug with no testing and no idea of the side effects and then telling the public to trust us dan forest nc lt gov heritage foundation god bless america crusade charlotte nc september 11-13 2013 bojangles coliseum www.godblessamericacrusade.com more on @thevoice_nc or visit www.thevoiceinthewilderness.org ·7


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pamphlets these resources are not for sale but are this ministry s gift to you when you send an undesignated gift to the voice in the wilderness inc a miracle in india the story of baba and his testimony of faith pamphlet how to be a prayer partner a simple yet challenging outline of how to connect and pray effectively for your missionaries pamphlet the voice in the wilderness ministry details suffer the little children dynamic examples and techniques to equip the adult in biblical teaching and leading a child to christ pamphlet his voice shakes the wilderness a detailed account by sophie muller of her lifetime of missionary work in the jungles of south america book beyond civilization further details of sophie s ministry including her jungle methods used by indian lay leaders in the jungle book the book of revelation a layman s verse by verse study of revelation written by the voice in the wilderness founder dr j royce thomason q a revelation study book companion guide to the book of revelation heritage lapel pin a uniquely designed lapel pin picturing the christian flag us flag star of david alpha omega bible eagle beautifully displayed on a full-color description card kjb anniversary lapel pin featuring the bible with salvation colored ribbons and dates for kjb 400th anniversary hall of faith collector s card series handy 2¾x4¼ size tidbits quotes testimonies and bible memory on back set options ten commandments king james bible translators unreached people groups heroes of the faith mission task assignment devotional book onenine mission task assignments including bible lesson mission prayer point and four engaging activities to further prepare the young person to be a missionary everyday joy prayer journal 90 day journal teaching the young person how to talk with jesus everyday and training them to develop a life centered around jesus marriage the home a biblical study on god s plan for marriage and raising a christian family while supplies last resources for you books ne w additional ne w new



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