Color Simile Poems


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color simile poems by mrs goegeline s rd 3 grade class fall 2010 all images from microsoft clipart gallery


p. 2

blue by aj blue is as cool as a blue mustang blue is cold like water flowing down the river blue is sweet like fruit punch sitting in my glass.


p. 3

blue is loud like a truck honking its horn blue is gushy like blue cheese dressing on my salad blue is fizzy like bubbles popping blue makes me as happy as a fish swimming in the ocean.


p. 4

lime green by camryn lime green is as pretty as green frogs lime green is bright like the land that covers the earth lime green is refreshing like a tree blowing in the wind.


p. 5

lime green is whispering like high grass blowing lime green is smooth like granny smith apples lime green is tasty like sour apple suckers lime green makes me as happy as a person having a big fun party.


p. 6

orange by dalton orange is as awesome as a fire burning in my fireplace orange is cool like a tiger just sitting there orange is smelly like tiger lilies at the zoo orange is loud like a roaring tiger at


p. 7

the zoo orange is bumpy like a basketball at the arcade orange is juicy like an orange in my hand orange makes me happy as a tiger leaping in the forest.


p. 8

green by faith green is as cute as a fluffy monster green is spiky like grass on the ground green is fresh like the leaves on top of a tree.


p. 9

green is crunchy like pickles in my mouth green is fluffy like a feather on a bird s wing green is sour like a green popsicle green makes me as excited as a rattle snake being tickled by the grass.


p. 10

gold by francisco gold is as shiny as a golden ring gold is amazing like a golden eagle diving to catch its prey aquila chrysaetos gold is sour like yellow skittles .


p. 11

gold is crunchy like onion rings at the fair gold is rough like rock tumbling down a hill gold is hard like chocolate coins gold makes me crazy like a jaguar trying to catch a gazelle.


p. 12

green by jordan green is as scary as a goblin green is cool like a leaf on the ground green is great like the smell of green beans at the dinner table.


p. 13

green is crunchy like a turtle walking over leaves on the ground green is rough like a little hill on a mountain green is wonderful like pickles fresh from the jar green makes me as full as a giant elephant in the zoo.


p. 14

purple by haillie purple is as yummy as ice cream waiting to be eaten purple is shiny like grapes i can eat purple is sweet like plums with their skin off.


p. 15

purple is buzzing like a dragonfly flying in the sky purple is smooth like the fabric i am wearing purple is sweet like the kool-aid i am drinking purple makes me as happy as a feather flying in the sky.



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