Attendance & Gradebook Handbook -June 2013


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olsp handbook for sucourse attendance gradebook tools olsp 1


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sections attendance tool entering attendance reports exporting attendance records leaving comments gradebook tool entering grades releasing an individual exam grade leaving comments the log exporting all grades to excel releasing end-of-course grades entering re-take grades attendance procedures gradebook procedures olsp index pages 3-22 · 4-16 · 17-18 · 19-21 22-62 · 23-25 · 26-29 · 30-32 · 33-38 · 39-43 · 44-62 · 63-64 · 65-69 2


p. 3

sucourse attendance tool date created:summer 2011-2012 last update june 19 2013 olsp 3


p. 4

step 1 go to attendance tool olsp 4


p. 5

step 2 click on the icon to start entering the attendance olsp 5


p. 6

· please note that unticked show summary box makes the attendance tool work more quickly if it is ticked it will take longer to process data so tick it only when you need to see the attendance record details olsp 6


p. 7

reports student reports attendee statistics olsp 7


p. 8

student summary allows you to view the previous and current course details of selected student olsp 8


p. 9

attendee statistics this tool can be used to view absent mr absent hours seperately before filling in sass forms when requested please add them up to get the total absent hours olsp 9


p. 10

attendee summary you will see everythingall comments all entries all attendance calculations about an attendee on this page olsp 10


p. 11

you can also get the page as an excel file by export to excel linksee pp 17&18 for details you can update all entries for an attendee on a single page by all entries link see pp 13-16 olsp 11


p. 12

step 3 start entering the attendance records olsp 12


p. 13

step 4 how to check previous attendance records olsp 13


p. 14

step 5 how to check a particular student s attendance records olsp 14


p. 15

step 6 how to make changes to past records olsp 15



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