Stop Pretending Start Imagining


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What Children Can Do for World Peace

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what children can do for world peace stop pretending start imagining i believe the greatest thing children can do for world peace is to speak their truth this is what i imagine the children of the world might truthfully say as children let us tell you we know the difference between pretend and imagine so can adults please stop pretending they care about peace when every year they flood the world with more and more weapons to kill maim and poison other human beings can they stop pretending that god is always on their side when they invade other nations occupy other people s lands blow up innocent people torture their opponents and when they kill women and children can they stop pretending that we will only feel safe when our teachers bring guns into our classrooms and that all we dream about is going off to college armed with our own machine guns can they stop pretending they are mature when most of our politicians spend their time insulting each other and preventing each other from solving the big problems that only get worse because they never learned how to cooperate we choose to stop pretending we choose to imagine we imagine a world where people really believe that every religion calls upon us to live in peace practice kindness and cultivate compassion we imagine a world where to qualify for political office you will have to demonstrate cooperative abilities prove that you can dialogue with others and mediate conflict we imagine a world where every government has a department of peace and security which uses every advanced practice in peacemaking nonviolent communication and building trust with other nations to settle differences and bring about peace on earth we imagine a world where our leaders our teachers and our parents speak the truth of the child within them and where we the children can grow up to be the wise guardians of our beautiful planet and all of its beautiful people.



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