Invocation for International Peace Day


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Invocation for International Peace Day

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invocation for international peace day peace is dynamic aliveness peace is filled with vitality it engages it is skillful it is the source of all fruitful action peace sees with the eye of the heart and with the lucid intelligence of higher reason it offers itself as authentic committed relationship peace is a connoisseur of healing peace is both the root of being and the impetus of becoming unfolding awakening revealing and spreading peace comes to fulfill a promise that is seeded in our evolving story a story whispered in the long journey of our species that one day we would find our highest selves peace is the mother of all moral values and the foundation of forgiveness reconciliation and compassion peace is the heart of transformation it reaches into the energy of antagonism and hatred and offers itself as unconditional love peace is rooted in wisdom and the great law of respect i am a peacemaker i come to heal the broken heart of human wounding and to celebrate the exquisite diversity of all beings i am a peacemaker i come as the herald of a social and political order based on the most skillful means to resolve conflict i am a peacemaker i celebrate a multicultural lineage of peacemakers as long as the path of history itself i am a peacemaker i conceive endless ways to collaborate and to spread reciprocal benefit i am a peacemaker i create forms of beauty to feed the soul and stir the imagination to manifest the great day of planetary peace on earth i am a peacemaker i am a human being we are peacemakers we are the new humanity.



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