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about customs, religion and government in Indonesia

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onesian times ind issue 308 emily phu the borobudur temple is a place when the buddhist community 2013 june 10 visits for many celebrations and to pray monks visit this temple daily the borobudur temple is located in magelang java the borobudur temple is very important to the monks and the buddhist community it s the known for many things learn more about buddhism and the borobudur temple on page 5 independence day is nearly here join us at with family friends and celebrate independence day find out more information on page 4 catch up on indonesia s traditions and their festivals learn about religions in indonesia and the government traditional indonesia traditional festivals and their exotic backgrounds page 4-5 government find out about who the president is and the history of the government page 2 religions in indonesia the current percentage of all the religions and about them page 6-7


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introduction indonesian times will update you with information about indonesia s government religion traditions and customs get ready for festivals learn about the background of your friends or even bring back some traditions in your house all brought together in one newspaper by emily phu and the help of some books and websites for more information visit these websites or read these great books about indonesia books i used nations of the world indonesia-edward harton culture in indonesia­ melanie guile our neighbours indonesia­ michael and jane pelusey focus on asia indonesia­ victoria macleay websites i used


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government indonesia is a republic it was declared a republic on august 17 1975 and became and independent country president susilo bambang yudhoyono pictured on the left is indonesia s president susilo was elected on 2004.


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traditional indonesia food on each main island and sometimes even rural areas people have their own traditional food depending on the religion most of their food contains chilli because they like spicy music music is important to them most of them originated from java the dances that goes with them tells a story artwork indonesians makes beautiful painting and sculptures it s based on their religion and belief if they are hindu they would sculpt a god or demon holidays and festivals there are many religious holidays in indonesia throughout the year islamic and buddhist festivals are fixed according to the lunar calendar so they move back between 10 and 12 days each year all start at sundown the evening before the date given most of the festival is mostly from the islam independence day come along with family and friends and join us at jakarta java to celebrate independence day at our festival on the 17th of august meet you there religion page 4


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important holidays and festivals new year s day january 1st chinese new year february 1st-3rd festival of sacrifice february 12th islamic new year march 5th hindu new year april 2nd birth of prophet may 14th buddha s birthday may 16th independence day august 17th national sports day september 9 ascension of the prophet september 24th first day of ramadan october 27th feast of the fast breaking november 26th christmas day december 25th page 5


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religions in indonesia indonesia has may different religions but islam is the most popular religion of all with a whopping 87 the rest of the 13 are the rest of the religions including buddhist catholic hindu protestant and some other religion most of their festivals are based on islam because of the majority of islam there are many different religions in indonesia so they get to celebrate many festivals and they have many beliefs other festivals are to celebrates together as a whole country like independence day these festivals are important to them in many ways they might do it for a family gathering other might do it for their religion page 4


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about the religions islamislamic people are generally muslims indonesia is the largest muslim majority country in the world female muslims wear a scarf around their head which is called a `hijab for traditional celebrations they wear a dress called a `abaya hinduhinduism is the oldest religion in the world many hindu s live in bali most hindu houses have a small temple where the family must pray they may also pray at school and work hindu s believe in many gods and demons a famous story from the hindu is a story about `ramayana buddhismbuddhism is the second oldest religion in indonesia arriving in the 6th century there aren t many buddhist people in indonesia although most buddhist lives in java in java there is the world s largest temple in the world the borobudur temple it was built by monks in the 8th century page 5


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conclusion indonesia has many exotic things that makes indonesia indonesia from traditional food to the greatest of religions indonesia has many religions but islam is the most popular although all the religions are as special as each other with their amazing backgrounds and beliefs.



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