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3-50 kVA Industrial Inverter

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inverter dc input range ac output general specifications environmental ambient temperature -19 +18 relative humidity operating altitude audible noise 0 c ­ 40 c 50 c optional 0-95 non-condensing 0 to 2500 meters 8,200 ft 65-72 dba 1.5 meters typical addition of drip shield may increase the noise by 1-3 db a o o o sizes voltages regulation frequency load power factor harmonic distortion overload crest factor slew rate sync range conversion efficiency inverter dc-ac static switch normal source alternate source voltage transfer time transfer criteria from inverter to bypass 3-50kva 120,220 vac 1 phase 2wire +2 50 or 60 hz +0.1 0.8 to 1.0 harmonic power factor <5 thd 120 continuous 500 for one cycle 3:1 at full load <1 hz/second +0.5 hz 130vdc 83-88 260vdc 84-88 inverter output bypass supply bypass supply voltage must match the inverter output voltage zero make-before-break in both directions 1 inverter bridge failure 2 load overcurrent 3 low inverter voltage 4 manual pushbutton operation 1 inverter in sync 2 auto retransfer defeat switch off 120 1000 for 1 cycle cable entry bottom front via removable gland plate one plate per bay standard features meters ac inverter output voltmeter ac output ammeter inverter output frequency meter circuit breakers dc input bypass source input indicator alarms battery supplying load bypass source failure in sync pilot light fan failure low dc disconnect inverter failure static switch transfer alarm cabinet nema-1 ip-20 optional features meters dc input voltmeter dc input ammeter system output voltmeter bypass source input voltmeter bypass frequency meter circuit breakers inverter output nonautomatic ac output static switch indicators alarms not to exceed 12 high dc voltage low dc voltage high dc disconnect negative/positive to ground counts as 2 latching alarms lamp test pushbutton over temperature bypass source low voltage bypass source high voltage low ac output high ac output out of sync inverter fuse blown audible alarm mbs position indicator counts as 2 cabinet options top-mounted dripshield ip-31 fungus/moisture spray retransfer criteria from bypass to inverter manual bypass switch optional remote bypass switch available switch style transfer time transfer criteria 600vac rotary drum make-before-break switching zero the inverter must be in sync with the bypass alarms provide one spdt contact rated for 3 amps at 120vac consult factory for additional options specifications subject to change without notice


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