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The premier magazine of the Independent Sacramental Movement. Convergent Streams brings together clergy of various Independent Sacramental Churches to present relevant articles on faith, spirituality and the movement as a whole.

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volume 1 number 3 third quarter 2013 lessons in courage women in the bible am i my brother s keeper the priesthood johann joseph ignaz von döllinger visio divina married monastics where is your church and part two on the barriers and opportunities to unity more articles calendars puzzles and recipes all inside this edition!


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inside this issue from the editor page 4 crazy jim page 5 a dominican s dithyramb page 6 lessons in courage women in the bible page 11 am i my brother s keeper page 12 the priesthood page 13 johann joseph ignaz von döllinger page 14 father mychal judge ofm page 15 katholic kitchens page 16 visio divina page 19 married monastics page 20 where is your church page 21 opportunities and barriers to unity among catholics page 24 birth control and marriage two sides of the same war page 30 ism calendar july 2013 page 34 ism calendar august 2013 page 35 ism calendar september 2013 page 36 saints word search page 37 catholic crossword page 38 convergent streams vol 1 no 3 this publication is an outreach ministry serving the entire independent sacramental movement operated by the old catholic apostolic church of north america s publishing office the office of communications and media relations copyright 2013 all rights reserved executive editor the right rev gregory godsey managing editor the very rev david s jennings editor-at-large the right rev a edmund n cass contributing editors the very rev prior michael beckett mrs brenda eckels burrows the very rev philip gerboc guest writers the rev father glenn glorioso the right rev meredydd jane harper the rev father michael maciel the right rev william quinlan the right rev lynn elizabeth walker opportunities and barriers to unity among catholics if you would like to submit an article or if you have a comment or complaint you may send them to in microsoft © word format or adobe © pdf format you may also mail submissions query letters or comments to bishop gregory godsey 118 frances drive north augusta sc 29841 usa all submissions will be considered but no guarantee or promise is made that said submission will be published the editorial staff of convergent streams reserves the right to publish refuse to publish or hold for publishing at a later date any submission without explanation if you require materials returned please enclose sase rev mrs dollie wilkinson rev fr brian wolf advertising space can be purchased for ads that are considered relevant to members of the old catholic church or independent sacramental movement please contact bishop godsey at for more information 3


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christians have those moments when we seemingly stop growing in the heat of our daily lives it is the right rev gregory w godsey easy to forget to water our souls with routine prayer and spiritual direction spending time with jesus in prayer is like cold water our devotion has died yet the on a parched land take time to spark of the divine is still burning visit jesus in the holy eucharist ummer is finally upon within us it is just dim like a us and the trees have to spend time in adoration of returned to their beautiful pilot light on a heater all we him in these moments we find green color and the flowers have need is the gas of the holy spirit ourselves refreshed and ready to flow through us to ignite our bloomed with their rainbow of to great the world saint john hearts and lives it is then that colors vianney is quoted as saying we become fully engulfed in the prayer is to our soul what rain is a couple of years ago i planted flames of devotion and faith it is to the soil fertilize the soil ever then that we like the grapevine a couple of grape vines in the so richly it will remain barren take off and grow wild and large unless fed by frequent rains back yard the first year in the from the editor s and much like the garden in my backyard we too need pruning and weeding from time to time having a spiritual director who can help prune and weed your spiritual life is a necessity not one of us is an island yet within the ism we find ourselves acting like we are we must be willing to reach out to each other and help each other grow in christ otherwise we have missed the whole point of doing what we do it is so easy for us a clergy to forget to take care of ourselves we are so focused on making sure those around us are cared for that we forget that we are on this journey too take time to reflect on these points and hopefully put some of them into practice as always my door is always open should you ever need to chat i will leave you with this quote also from saint john vianney o my dear parishioners let us endeavor to get to heaven there we shall see god how happy we shall feel if the parish is converted we shall go there in procession with the parish priest at the head we must get to heaven what a pity it would be if some of you were to find yourselves on the other side ground they did very little but they were green last year they looked dead i figured i had killed them just like i had all the other plants i have planted over the years i was pleasantly surprised to find that this year not only had they grown but they had quadrupled in size the vines are now reaching down the fence in the back of the yard and are showing no signs of stopping i think we as christians are sometime like those grapevines i think we go through those periods in our lives where we think maybe our faith maybe this process of awakening cannot be forced to happen one can only pray and continue to study scripture and the early church fathers until that moment occurs part of that process of prayer and study needs to include not only readings from holy scripture but also readings from the early church fathers as we move into the hot season of the year i look for the grape vine s growth to slow down as they conserve their energy and water for maintaining their current form we too as 4


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the monsignor s message the very rev friar philip gerboc crazy jim l ast christmas i had sat down with a few residents of porchlight a residential home for mentally ill and formerly homeless clients we planned out the meal which i demanded i cook the liturgy and the entire celebration you see my folks don t get a christmas present nor do they have the luxury of a christmas tree they see everyone else festive decorations and celebrations when they walk the streets no one looks them in the eye people turn the other way and sometimes they throw change at them to appease their own guilt it was christmas eve which is especially special to franciscans like me i had put up on every floor a sign-up sheet for those wishing to attend so that i could get an idea as to how many i would need to cook for by 8:00 pm no one had signed up i was to work until 10:00 pm i summoned the five clients who had helped me plan the celebration to inform them that we would have to cancel the event i was very very depressed and let down while we sat and planned how people could make another service crazy jim came in and asked if he could have a minute of my time i asked the others to leave and jim said no you see i referred to jim as crazy jim because the residents branded him with that name jim was a schizophrenic with only 2 fingers on each hand he looked forward to the days i worked so i could light his cigarettes jim asked very humbly is the midnight mass for real or is this a really bad joke i looked around the room to the people who had helped me plan the celebration and we were all taken aback i said well ahh jim we were going to have mass jim began crying uncontrollably and because of his physical disabilities couldn t wipe away the tears jim asked me point blank am i welcome i wasn t able to sign the sign-up sheet i looked at all the others and we all burst into tears jim went on to say he was never invited to anything or anywhere since his family had dropped him off at the facility almost 20 years ago as a side note jim s family dropped him off and asked that the facility never contact them concerning jim again crying like a baby i said yes jim you re welcome at christ s table he laughed while still crying and asked well just who is going to do this service i told him that it would be me he looked at me very confused and said who are you without a new york minute i responded i m a franciscan jim nodded and we all wiped our eyes noses mary the woman who had helped me plan the meal helped me do the cooking watched the pope s midnight mass where he honored the franciscans and st francis in particular i turned to mary and said there goes my sermon when it came time for a sermon i asked everyone to tell each other about their best christmas jim boldly stood up with a flannel checkered shirt and a tie that was wild yet tied 5 for him by a fellow resident jim reached into his shirt pocket and his tattered daily prayer fell onto the floor he said for the past 20 years i ve been sober tonight is my anniversary aa meetings have asked me to leave because of my mental illness at times i m no longer welcome at catholic churches because of the times i smell tonight is my best christmas because i m not `crazy jim i m jim from that night on i would never allow anyone to use the word crazy when referring to my friend jim i know that we are preparing for pentecost and our easter season has passed yet i tell this not to honor jim but the lord that jim believed in when jim died i was called i did his funeral service and it was he and i i purchased jim s gravestone thanks to the risen savior and the most holy spirit jim is one again whole and i am a better franciscan for knowing him by the way in god s kingdom he s not crazy jim but god s favorite jim while the liturgical calendar may be confusing i know this if there is an alpha then there is an omega for they can t exist without the each other life is so very fragile christ and the most holy spirit are praised not only by us those blessed to be clergy but by those who stink beg and wander that should be our path to walk beside those who are marginalized and even those who despise us saint benedict is quoted as saying embrace all people as if they were christ saint francis once admonished the brothers who were complaining about the incessant beggars treat all people as if you were the only gospel they will ever experience the homeless i work with always bow their heads refuse to make eye contact you see they ve been homeless and cast out for so long they no continued on page 30


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a dominican s dithyramb the very rev prior michael beckett jesus to union with him which is contemplation as we shall see later one method of meditation that seems to fit in with the dominican tradition is nearly as old as the church it is called lectio divina or in english divine or sacred reading meditation and contemplative prayer u nion with god is the goal of the spiritual life this union with god will in turn enrich and perfect our active life preaching teaching giving alms writing witnessing etc thereby making it more effective and enabling it to bear more fruit that is why contemplative prayer and meditation is essential in the life of a dominican our active life is really a sharing of the fruits of our study meditating and contemplative life the active life or outward life flows from the fullness of the study and prayer life or inward life you can be sure that without study or union with god your active life will not grow and flourish to the fullness of the capability god intended st catherine of siena reminds us if you are what you should be you will set the whole world on fire meditation and contemplation help us to accomplish this goal this goes back to the fathers of the desert in the 300 s and it was a method used by our father st dominic in fact st dominic always carried with him the gospel of st matthew and the epistles of st paul this is noted as the eighth of his nine ways of the dramatic event think about prayer we are told that he would what that would be like to be sit down to read sitting there he there and see jesus perform would open up some book before that miracle you would be him usually the scriptures or amazed and awed and filled with fathers of the church he would wonder and joy your thoughts begin with the sign of the cross imagination and emotions and then start reading he would would be fully engaged that pause from time to time to experience of mediation will draw reflect on the words before him your heart closer to jesus the often expressing his response to what he was reading with a conversation with god using physical gestures and reactions of his heart this is a most effective way to meditate for dominicans both religious and lay choose a quiet place in your home where you can go to every day get into a comfortable physical position one in which aching knees or a sore back will not interfere with your prayer then quiet yourself both exteriorly and interiorly or in other words we should serene our souls then we pick up the catechism of the roman catholic scriptures let us say and turn to church explains meditation some passage that appeals to us this way meditation engages and begin to read when we are first meditation uses the thought imagination emotion struck with some words we linger mind and imagination to stir the and desire this mobilization of over them reflect prayerfully heart to christ for example faculties is necessary in order on them letting our hearts be you re pondering scripture and to deepen our convictions of moved to acts of love flowing use your imagination to put faith prompt the conversion of into resolutions to live more yourself in the scene you think our heart and strengthen our fully the truths we have been about it analyze it reflect on will to follow christ christian reflecting upon then when we it and use your emotions to get prayer tries above all to meditate have exhausted the meaning of fully involved let s say you re on the mysteries of christ this that particular passage we move meditating on john 11:1 where form of prayerful reflection is on to the next and continue the jesus raises lazarus from the of great value but christian process for as long as we can or dead you might imagine that prayer should go further to the want to you re one of the crowd watching knowledge of the love of the lord 6


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as a starter the eighth chapter of st paul s letter to the romans is recommended another great passage is the thirteenth chapter of st paul s first letter to the corinthians the hymn to love the entire letter to the ephesians is marvelous for it is filled with so many beautiful thoughts that we can reflect upon and be moved to love god more another book of the new testament that we should appreciate more is the first letter of st peter it is marvelous and provides so much material for prayerful reflection psalm 104 is one of the richest of all the psalms for not only prayerful but joyful reflection there are other books besides the bible that can be most helpful such as thomas a kempis the imitation of christ but at first it is best to stick to the scriptures there is enough material for meditation in them to last a lifetime they also have the benefit of being the word of god through them god speaks to us we have gone into this at some length because of the importance of meditation in our spiritual lives you are urged to try to get in some meditation or lectio divina sometime during the day this may involve taking a close look at your priorities and asking for example how much time are you spending in watching television which is a great consumer of time for so many people or how much time do we spend in reading books or it would be something like this when we were meditating on the scene of jesus raising lazarus we were taking in the whole scene and thinking about it and reacting to it well think about that same person in the crowd who after witnessing this scene has his heart drawn to jesus and he walks up close to him and just gazes at him face one thing is certain you are to face he s not thinking about going to have bad days when lazarus or anyone else right now nothing seems to go right you he just walks right up to jesus sit there and look at the passage and gazes and jesus gazes and nothing comes your mind is back that s contemplation it s blank or you are off in a maze a step closer it s more intimate of distractions you might even the catechism of the catholic fall asleep but do not worry church explains it this way about it you want to love god contemplation is a gaze of and you are trying god loves faith fixed on jesus this focus you for the effort as poor as it on jesus is a renunciation of may seem this reminds us of a self his gaze purifies our heart story about st teresa of avila the light of the countenance of who was such a down to earth jesus illumines the eyes of our person she kept falling asleep in heart and teaches us to see meditation and this worried her everything in the light of his truth she felt she was failing in a most and his compassion for all men important spiritual exercise but contemplation also turns its gaze she resolved it when the thought magazines that are basically fluff on the mysteries of the life of came to her god loves me just we might ask ourselves could christ thus it learns the interior as much when i am asleep as some of that time be spent in an knowledge of our lord the more when i am awake and she never activity that will have everlasting to love him and follow him worried again despite the bad benefits for our immortal souls days you may have which may make us more pleasing to god st thomas aquinas notes the discourage you do not give up and which will bring us closer to importance of contemplative the effort eventually you will jesus prayer and the transforming find that its rewards are well effect it has on our active life worth any effort you put out our second form of prayer is continued on page 8 contemplation contemplation 7 a good way to practice contemplative prayer is to first quiet yourself and make your soul serene then perhaps gaze at the crucifix fix your eyes and heart on jesus and behold his wounds and sufferings become wrapped up in his sacrifice and the intense love he has for you gaze lovingly at him on the cross it s just you and him and nobody else when you gaze at jesus with love and humility you can be sure he will gaze at you and transform your soul differs from meditation in that contemplation is not an activity of the mind reflecting on ideas in contemplative prayer the mind is beholding a mystery and simply gazes at jesus remember when you were a child and you would go outside on a warm summer s night and gaze up at the stars you would behold the vast array and the beauty of the stars you weren t thinking or analyzing it but simply wrapped up in it all that s what contemplative prayer is like except instead of gazing at the stars you gaze at jesus in this form of prayer our focus is on jesus rather than the scene in scripture it moves us closer to him.


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the work of the active life is twofold one proceeds from the fullness of contemplation such as teaching and preaching and this work is more excellent than simple contemplation for even as it is better to enlighten than merely to shine so is it better to give to others the fruits of one s contemplation than merely to contemplate the other work of the active life consists entirely in outward occupation for instance almsgiving receiving guests and the like which are less excellent jesus with love and humility you can be sure he will gaze at you and transform your soul it is also important to note that there are two forms of contemplative prayer acquired and infused acquired contemplation is what we ve been speaking about here it originates from our efforts infused contemplation is a higher form and is given to the soul by god usually after years of meditative and acquired and to know ourselves it is necessary that this natural but imperfect light be joined to the supernatural perfect light which is infused into our souls with grace letters 301 consistency and commitment to contemplative prayer are vital to its progress set aside some time each day to enter into this essential aspect of dominican life if you are interested in learning more about the order of preachers oc you may contact fr michael beckett opoc at monsignor michael beckett is the prior of the order of preachers oc and the vicar general of the diocese of saint patrick in the old catholic apostolic church of north america he and his husband scott brown live in belle west virginia family during common prayer by philipp schumacher 1920 that the works of contemplation except in cases of necessity accordingly the highest place in religious orders is held by those which are directed to teaching and preaching which moreover are nearest to the episcopal perfection summa theologiae iia iie,q.188,art.6 a good way to practice contemplative prayer is to first quiet yourself and make your soul serene then perhaps gaze at the crucifix fix your eyes and heart on jesus and behold his wounds and sufferings become wrapped up in his sacrifice and the intense love he has for you gaze lovingly at him on the cross it s just you and him and nobody else when you gaze at contemplative prayer and many purifications of the soul we can only experience infused contemplation if god wills that for us it is purely a gift but we can as we mentioned dispose our soul to receiving this gift by consistently engaging in meditative prayer and acquired contemplative prayer and of course living an obedient life and humble life according to the scriptures and the church st catherine of siena speaks of infused contemplative prayer this way we have in us a natural light which the creator has given us to distinguish good from evil it is proper then that we should use this natural light but to know god well 8 e who does not meditate acts as one who never looks into the mirror and so does not bother to put himself in order since he can be dirty without knowing it the person who meditates and turns his thoughts to god who is the mirror of the soul seeks to know his defects and tries to correct them moderates himself in his impulses and puts his conscience in order st.padre pio of pietrelcina h


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living the walk editorial staff two methodist ministers to bring families together at the table of the lord for prayer singing and celebration ­ even if it is through thick iron bars and tight wire mesh editor we are launching this new feature that will highlight the work of those who are living the walk everyday this section will feature pictures and stories from clergy in the independent sacramental movement as they work daily to live the gospel message rejoicing they break open the word of god and hear the prophet proclaim the lord god s spirit is upon me because the lord has anointed me he has sent me to bring good news to the poor to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim with all the talk about release for immigration reform and border captives and security focusing our attention liberation on the larger picture of the for prisoners complex relationship between is 61:1 the united states and mexico they share it is important to remember a message that behind each statistic is a of hope that real person a young man with nothing can a name a mother s sad face separate or a child who dreams of being us from the united at table with her family love of god for so many children that dream not locked is shattered when their families doors or are torn apart by deportation closed minds and all that remains is the hope not even a that somehow someday god will border fence make a miracle and they can be and as they together again gather hope is renewed each sunday with special and a miracle permission from us border does happen where two or officials bishop dermot rodgers three are gathered in my name and fr don greene of the there i am in the midst of them communion of independent mt 18:20 catholic churches gather with each sunday at the border church a little child s dream becomes real and she is united at the table with her family jesus too is there in their midst bringing them together in the breaking of the bread iglesia fronteriza border church bishop dermot rodgers is the presiding bishop of the communion of independent catholic churches cicc located in san diego california they can be found on the web at http all photographs provided by maria teresa fernandez we thank mrs fernandez for the use of her photos and for documenting this wonderful event continued on page 27 10


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guest writer the rev deacon dollie wilkinson greeting reached my ears the baby in my womb leaped for joy mary the most-recognized woman in the bible after eve had a life that continues to inspire us today as revered as she is today roman catholics are likely to place at least her image on a literal pedestal it is sometimes difficult for us to remember that she was a mere mortal what sets mary apart is her unflinching obedience to god s word mary was about 13 barely more than a child when she consented to play the role god had for her she would be the vessel through which the son of god would enter the world it s hard to know if the young girl understood the peril in which she was placing herself i those days upcoming nuptials might be publicly announced as much as a year ahead of the actual wedding any woman found pregnant out of wedlock wouldn t face just scorn and humiliation she could be stoned to death imagine mary s growing fear as the reality of her circumstances sunk in how would any young girl feel about appearing as if they had done something immoral yet knowing that god had decided to unfold his plan in this way she must have felt many emotions fear doubt humility unworthiness she must have wondered if her mother and joseph her betrothed would believe her story mary shoes us how miracles can happen when we have a heart for god even though it was difficult for her to understand god s plan she trusted him and believed all things were possible through him this unyielding faith would be a source of strength throughout jesus life it must have been nervewracking when the 12-year-old jesus disappeared after passover continued on page 22 lessons in courage women in the bible t he war on faith bemoaned by today s social conservatives may exist mostly in their fevered imaginations but that doesn t mean contemporary life presents people of faith with no challenges some find longheld beliefs wilting before new scientific discoveries others feel betrayed when preachers of g9d s word succumb to temptation and become embroiled in scandal david the virgin s name was mary the angel went to her and said greetings you who are highly favored the lord is with you mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be but the angel said to her do not be afraid mary you have found favor with god you will be with child and give birth to a son and you are to give him the name jesus he will be great and will be called the son of the most high the lord god will give him the throne of his father david and he will reign over the house of jacob forever his kingdom will never end women especially may chafe under a steady stream of teachings that are at best misguided and condescending and at worst unbiblical and misogynistic women priests how will this be mary asked don t be ridiculous everybody knows that jesus chose only men the angel since i am a virgin to serve as apostles besides the angel answered the holy women should be silent in spirit will come upon you and church the power of the most high will solomon the wisest individual overshadow you in the bible observed that the angel told mary that nothing is new under the sun her relative elizabeth was six disappointment and frustration were not strangers in the lives of months pregnant despite being told that she could not conceive those we now revere as biblical mary went to visit elizabeth and heroines their actions in times discovered all was as the angel of greatest triumph and darkest despair reach across millennia to had said speak to us today elizabeth was filled with the holy spirit in a loud voice she mary exclaimed blessed are you among women and blessed is in the sixth month god sent the child you will bear but why the angel gabriel to nazareth am i so favored that the mother a town in galilee to a virgin of my lord should come to me pledged to be married to a man as soon as the sound of your named joseph a descendant of 11


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guest writer the rev father bryan wolf lives are merely schools for our souls or is there perhaps another possibility that maybe it is we who are the guardian angels of others after murdering of his brother god asks cain where is your brother abel frightened and caught off guard as to what he had done cain replies to god i do not know am i my brother s keeper genesis 4:9 god was setting forth an eternal important lesson we are indeed our brother s keeper it is our responsibility and obligation to be that hand that shoulder that ear that voice to offer to those that are searching or in need of help whether they be friend or stranger it must be our hands that help lift the heavy burden it must be our shoulder that is placed hard against the grindstone it must be our ear that hears the subtle cry of those hurting or oppressed it must be our voice that shouts out against injustice and deceit it must be us through our prayers our actions and our involvement it must be us that brings forth the compassion of christ for are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation hebrew 1:14 so then as clerics as christians it is we who are charged to be the ministering spirits to be the angels as it were to do god s work so that others may know and witness the love and compassion of jesus christ so they can rejoice with us for by our good deeds our caring actions and our voices of encouragement and truth we will lift up god by their fruits you will recognize them a good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit however a good tree can never bear bad fruit as a bad tree cannot bear good fruit matthew 7:16-18 let us be the trees that bear good fruit let the fruit we bear feed and nourish those who are am i my brother s keeper i am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place i have prepared exodus 23:20 s ince childhood there are many of us who believe in the romanticized vision that god has sent down to us on earth a guardian angel an angel all our own assigned by god to watch over us protect us and guide us an angel who circled above our beds as we slept and followed us to school the angel that joined us in the playground and was beside us when the `training wheels were removed from our bicycles some will even agree our angel may have been in the back seat when we took our driver license road test therein is a curious thought at what age does our guardian angel leave us do they leave us as children we were certain they were there as certain as santa claus came at christmas indeed weren t guardian angels responsible for snow days nonetheless we ve grow older in a fast paced world of harsh realities we now hardly ever pause to wonder where our guardian angel went maybe these guardian angels are a special blessing for children and now that we re older they have been delegated to other charges then again our analytical adult minds may question have we really ever seen an angel anyway christ tells us that angels in heaven always see the face of my father in heaven matthew 18:10 but have we seen angels i think perhaps we have maybe more frequently then we can believe or care to admit in scripture we are taught do not neglect to show friendship to strangers for thereby some have attended to angels hebrews 13:2 perhaps then some of those people we come in contact with on a daily basis may indeed be angels are we being tested to see if we care is our concern compassion and charity are genuine an interesting concept to consider that we are being tested many believe that our 12


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hungry and thirst for the good news of jesus christ let us be that hand that is extended to the elderly and lonely let it be our strength that is offered to the frightened and the meek let it be our smile that is seen by the lost and searching let it be guest writer the rev father michael maciel t the priesthood take it personally it is the christ in us that is holy not the human personality how often are we tempted to think that we are the authors of the good that shows up in our lives it s one thing to take responsibility for the things we do it s quite another to take the credit to the degree we as priests take responsibility for our sacred office to that same degree do here is no more important station in life than that of a priest ordained by god the priesthood stands apart from ordinary humanity and it is in that godly solitude that we perform our sacred office what is that office what exactly are we called to do when we enter into the priesthood what does the life of a priest look like not through the eyes of the world but through god s eyes how does god see us and what does god expect from us these are vital questions the object of a priest s meditations and the subject of his prayers the reality of the priesthood lies in one thing and one thing our embrace that is felt by the only our relationship with god heartbroken and the scorned this relationship is exclusive no let it be our demand for justice one shares it with us we enjoy that champions both the wrongly the brotherhood of our fellow accused and the victim let it be priests but this is outside of the our silent presence that speaks relationship we each have with in volumes so loud to those who our creator it is true that we pray out to god for help let us have that relationship through respond you are not alone i am our lord jesus christ but it here with you together we shall is our lord s will that we also endure and overcome i will help develop an intimate relationship you like a guardian angel with the father the grace of god comes through jesus but father bryan wolf is a priest we must never forget that it in the old catholic apostolic comes to us herein lies our church of north america he and sacred office we are god s his husband live in new representative on earth jersey gazet van antwerpen 2 september 1906 first native parish priest we make ourselves available for the grace of god to flow through us with power and authority there s no getting around this when we stand in the holy does this mean that we have place which is to say when we to be perfect absolutely not if perfection were the prerequisite stand in the knowing of our divine relationship with god as a no one would make it to the priesthood to be human is to be priest we stand alone we can imperfect yet we have the seeds think of jesus standing in the background but even he will not of perfection within us it is interfere with our relationship precisely those seeds that make it possible for us to be priests at with the almighty in fact it is all christ in us but to recognize continued on page 26 the christ in us we must not 13


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old catholic founders the right rev gregory w godsey johann joseph ignaz von döllinger he spent the rest of his life about this time he brought upon himself the criticism of heine who was then editor of a munich paper the unsparing satirist described the professor s face as the gloomiest in the whole procession of ecclesiastics which took place on good friday w hen i first started writing this column i was not entirely sure if anyone would even read it three editions later we are still plugging away this edition s old catholic founder is someone a little different when you say old catholic founder people immediately think of guy in pointy hats sitting around discussing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin however that is not always the case the unique thing about johann joseph ignaz von dollinger is that he was never a member of the old catholic church yet many of his writings and much of his theological statements formed the very foundation of what the old catholic church is today dollinger was born into a highly intellectual family in bamberg bavaria his father and grandfather had both been physicians and professors of medical science as a young boy he was educated at the gymnasium at würzburg and then began to study natural philosophy at the university of würzburg where his father now held a professorship in 1817 he began the study of mental philosophy and philology and in 1818 turned to the study of theology which he believed to lie beneath every other science some have asserted that dollinger in his youth considered himself to be an ultramontane one who believes that the pope has complete and total religious and temporal power above that he was particularly fond of of the government or any other ecclesiastical history and set religious figure this may not about studying it independently have been entirely true as the as the subject was not widely jesuits in the university attacked covered in the universities in his teaching of ecclesiastical germany at that time history as inaccurate adam in 1820 he became acquainted möhler a conservative theologian declared his support with victor aimé huber a social for döllinger s which helped to stop the attacks against him the two became fast friends after that döllinger also entered into relations with the well-known french liberal catholic lamennais whose views on the reconciliation of the roman catholic church with the principles of modern society liberalism and the french revolution had aroused much suspicion in ultramontane mainly jesuit-dominated circles in 1832 lammenais and his friends lacordaire and montalembert visited germany obtaining considerable sympathy in their attempts to bring about a modification of the roman catholic attitude to modern problems and politicoliberal principles johann joseph ignaz von dollinger in 1860 reformer whose work largely influenced his life on april 5 1822 he was ordained a roman catholic priest for the diocese of bamberg after studying in the diocese and in 1823 he became professor of ecclesiastical history and canon law in the lyceum at aschaffenburg he then took his doctoral degree and in 1826 became professor of theology at the university of munich where 14 the dark side as with all human beings dollinger had his dark side as well we cannot look at where we have been through rose colored glasses this will do nothing to help prevent those bad moments in our history from being repeated in 1838 dollinger published a continued on page 17


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guest writer the rev father glenn glorioso religious name of michael later changing the spelling to mychal from 1961 to 1986 father mychal judge served at st anthony shrine in boston st joseph parish in east rutherford nj sacred heart parish in rochelle park nj and st joseph parish in west milford nj for three years he served as assistant to the president at siena college in loudonville ny in 1986 he was assigned to the monastery of st francis of assisi church on west 31st street new york where he lived and worked until his death in 2001 around 1971 judge became an alcoholic although he never showed obvious signs in 1978 with the support of alcoholics anonymous he became sober and continued to share his personal story of alcoholism to help others facing addiction in 1992 father judge was appointed chaplain of the fire department of new york as chaplain he offered encouragement and prayers at fires rescues and hospitals and counseled firemen and their families often working 16 hour days his whole ministry was about love mychal loved the fire department and they loved him f father mychal judge ofm father judge gave himself to the service of others throughout his entire vocation be it the homeless the men and women of the public safety departments of new york city or his fellow brethren in the church his calling to be a friar began around the age of 6 when as a child shining shoes to help support his family after his father s passing he would see the friars at st francis of assisi church in new york city and he said i realized that i didn t care for material things i knew ather mychal judge ofm born robert emmet judge may 11 1933 ­ died september 11 2001 roman catholic priest of the franciscan order of friars minor chaplain of the fire department of new york city and the first certified fatality of the september 11 2001 attacks it has been asked the significance of father judge s works with regards to catholicism and to the fire service as well father judge was a man of great presence his spirituality is very well documented by all those he came in contact with he was very well liked respected and admired not only by his fellow friars clergy and lay people but by the men and women of the new york city fire and police departments and the parishioners of his church in new york judge was also well known for ministering to the homeless the hungry recovering alcoholics people father mychal with spouses tom with aids the sick injured and grieving immigrants gays and moulton and bendan fay while it is openly known that lesbians and those alienated by father judge was gay he never the church and society acted on this side of his life then that i wanted to be a friar he chose to remain faithful to even before his death many his vows and sequestered his considered father mychal judge in 1948 at the age of 15 earthly passions for the greater to be a living saint for his judge began the formation glory it is not to say that he extraordinary works of charity never felt the desire only that he process to enter the franciscan and his deep spirituality while community he trained at three chose to not act upon them praying he would sometimes seminaries in new york new become so lost in god as if jersey and new hampshire lost in a trance that he d be some believe this is the main before receiving his ba degree shocked to find several hours reason that the roman catholic from st bonaventure university had passed he achieved an church did not recommend him he completed his training and extraordinary degree of union for sainthood as there really was ordained a priest at holy with the divine said judge s should have been no reason to name college in washington withhold that from him dc in 1961 upon entering the continued on page 29 order of friars minor he took the 15



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