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All the key information for Pillans Point School.

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welcome welcome to our a-z directory here you can find all the important information about our school from what we need parents to do when their child is going to be absent through to our approach to sun smart and school uniforms if there is something that is not in our a-z that you would like to know about please contact the school office on 07 576 9407 or email office@pillanspoint.school.nzx welcome to pillans point school.


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a absences illness if your child is going to be away from school for any reason please ensure you make contact with the school office either by phone or email to notify them with reason your child will be away this ensures that our electronic attendance register is accurate for audit purpose after school care after school care is provided on site by hometime child care please feel free to contact marie nott marie@hometime.co.nz for any further information you may require assemblies school assemblies happen every week for the children once a term each of our teaching teams will have the opportunity to share their learning at assembly for the school and for parents parents are welcome to attend these celebration assemblies dates and times of each teams termly assembly will be in the school newsletters assemblies are on mondays from 1:30pm 2:10pm adventure time adventure time is a time in our school week that caters to the abilities and curiosities of our students as well as enriches the curriculum opportunities we can offer our children adventure time is an innovative programme that allows for further personalisation of learning across the curriculum opportunities for students to be engaged in adventure time occurs once a week across the whole school adventure time caters for all students and gives them the opportunity to develop further our school learner attributes cross competency skills it teaches the students how to be proactive in managing and taking responsibility for their learning learning opportunities in other areas such as learning a second language creating a mural for the school training for a sports or cultural event and pursuing personal passions and interests are encouraged during this time adventure time meets the needs of students and is based on their interests as such it is flexible in nature and scope and students can have input into its design the programme allows the school to make full use of the strengths and interests of teachers other staff and members of the wider community b board of trustees our bot are a group of parents who volunteer to govern the school elected every 3 years and assist the school staff and community to make this school a fun place for great learning opportunities for all pupils as parents you will play an enormous part in the success of your child s education your support of classroom learning and school activities will be paramount you are welcome to attend our twice termly bot meetings held on wednesday nights at 5.30pm at school we welcome and encourage feedback at anytime so please feel free to contact any of the bot members our current bot members are vanessa hamm michael attwood brian dillion blair myles jason benton craig wilson cherie horne staff rep matt simeon principal


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banking banking is available at school with westpac bank by completing the application form in the enrolment pack you can bank weekly with westpac once enrolled your child will receive a banking pack their money with a deposit slip inside their banking bag can be brought to school each wednesday morning for actioning c communication the school encourages open communication with all staff whether by phone or email most staff can be contacted via email using their first name and the first initial of their surname e.g matts@pillanspoint.school.nz alternatively please phone the school office from time to time the school will use an online text service to inform parents of things happening at school to ensure you receive these texts please make sure your mobile number is up to date with the school office before school we ask that children are not dropped at school before 8:30am no children are permitted into the classrooms before the 8:30am bell bell times 8:30am children are allowed into their classrooms 9:00am school starts 10:30am morning tea 10:50am middle teaching session 12:30pm lunch 1:30pm afternoon teaching session 3:00pm school ends concerns about school close liaison is important between home and school and any concerns should be reported by either party before they develop further procedure to follow when a parent has a concern re child s progress is as follows i see class teacher ii if not satisfied see team leader then the deputy principal iii see principal if still unsatisfied with results all initial contact should be with class teacher as the principal will refer the problem back if the procedure is not followed the school will endeavor to look into all concerns and report back to parents if parents feel overawed re contacting the school a buddy can be arranged by contacting any b.o.t member bikes and scooters we encourage children to bike or scooter to school bike racks and scooter racks are placed around the school for children to store their equipment while in class while pillans point school will do everything it can to ensure the safety of this equipment at school equipment is the sole responsibility of children and parents our school requests that only children in years 5&6 bike to school unless accompanied by an adult charter the school charter is available for parents should they wish to read it please contact matt simeon principal matts@pillanspoint.school.nz


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choir children have the opportunity to join the school choir throughout the school year if you would like to know more about choir please contact miss mac fionam@pillanspoint.school.nz composite classes we are occasionally asked why the school has composite classes and with a new teaching year looming i thought it would be a good time to address this for parents so they have a clear understanding of why we as a school have composite classes what is a composite class composite classes are classes in which children of different ages and stages are taught within the same classroom i.e a year 2-3 composite class will have a mix of year 2 and year 3 children this however does not mean there will be an even number of year 2 and 3 children within the room due to year level numbers how are composite classes taught most new zealand children are in a composite class for at least some of their schooling and these kinds of classes have become accepted as the norm in most schools in fact most children have their very first year of school in a composite new entrant year 1 class all classroom programmes are planned from the new zealand national curriculum and in any class there is always a range of ability and attainment with children working above at or below their age and curriculum level in many subject areas composite classes are based on recognizing differences and not seeing students as the same simply based on their age in today s school environment children are taught according to individual need not chronological age this is what we call personalized learning while many parents may not commonly refer to the term personalized learning they do understand and know that their child is in a particular reading group or maths group within their class this is personalized learning in action and is based on individual learning needs rather than the age of the child why do we have composite classes unlike many countries in the world new zealand children start school on their fifth birthday rather than at the start of the year then a second batch in the middle of the year composite classes are used because there are insufficient numbers of children to form separate age-related or even year level classes across a whole school unfortunately children are not born in batches of 15-30!


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donations our board of trustees requests each family with children at school to make a donation to school funds of $100 first child $170 for two children and $240 for 3 or more children this may be paid as a lump sum at the beginning of the year or in installments throughout the year although not compulsory this appeal is a very necessary input into funds and is used to purchase classroom resources the pta also asks for a donation of $50 per family of 2 or more pupils or $25 for a 1 pupil family this allows the pta to minimize the amount of fundraising activities needed d education outside the classroom at pillans point school we believe the environment around us can support our learning just as much as the four walls of the classroom to ensure we can make the most of our local environment we ask that parents sign the school eotc and health permission form our year 5 6 students participate in a school camp every second year where we expect our students to participate as a school we always plan to minimise as many risks with any trip we undertake outside of the school environment the safety of everyone concerned is always given high priority dental nurse clinic the clinic is usually opened for several weeks twice yearly and the dental nurse can be contacted at ph 576 6752 the public health nurse is in regular contact with the school and can be contacted by leaving a message on ph 577 3383 f first day at school all of our children start school on a monday this way our teachers can plan and prepare for a special first day of school for your children if your child has experienced time at school with you before the first day you will find that she/he will be likely to settle quickly at school on the first day therefore it is suggested that parents depart as soon as formalities are over then you can go home and relax your child will have a happy day we look forward to meeting you and your child and we trust that we will have a long and happy association with you first aid medical needs enviro school e where these may require attention at school relevant details should be given at time of enrolment an emergency contact phone number is also requested sick or injured children will only be sent home after a parent has been contacted unwell children should not be sent to school if you have a change in your telephone number address place of work etc could you please advise the office.


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g garden club ipads elearning i at pillans point school we value learning with 21st century learning tools we are lucky in our school to have a number of ipads and elearning tools these are very much seen as tools for learning not just toys should you wish to know more about how ipads are used in class to support teaching and learning please talk to your child s teacher h houses we have 4 school houses maunganui motiti matakana and mayor all children from when they start at our school are placed into a school house and stay in that house for the time they are in our school we aim to have all families and extended families in the same house so that when parents come to events they are supporting the same house for the entire family house tee shirts are available from the school office for your children we encourage children to wear these house tee shirts for all school house events internet safety please ensure you read and sign the school internet safety guidelines when enrolling your child


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interviews and reporting reporting to parents the beginning of year interview with teachers will be held around week 5 of term one these interviews are 10 minutes in length and will run from 2.00-8.00 pm parents will be able to use the online booking system to book their interview time to support these interviews we ask parents to provided as much information about your children as possible through the `about me form which is part of the beginning of the year information pack at this first interview we ask no children to accompany parents the following bullet points are a guide to what will be discussed at the interview · · · · · parents to be given a copy of the children s perceptions about school parents to be given reading writing and maths national standards pamphlets relating to the child s year level staff to share how well the child has settled into school including friends attitude etc teachers to share what they know about the child from the assessment data they have seen from the previous year or data that has been collected so far this year parents to share their aims and goals for their children for the year mid-year interviews mid-year interviews are held across a whole day 8:00am 8:00pm to enable longer interview times and to be able to complete a full class in one day the following bullet points are a guide to what will be discussed at the mid year interview · · · · · · children may attend parent choice not a child lead conference 15 minutes interview length online booking system will be used for parents to book their interviews due to the time increase we will move to all day interviews 8am-8pm the school will officially be open but we request parents to keep their children home for this day thank you school will provide a place for children to be while parents meet with teachers parents will take away with them the copy of their child s mid year progress report end of year written report your child will receive an end of year written report at the end of the school year.


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k kapahaka pillans point school have two kapahaka groups our junior group is the kiwi and tui team children and our senior group is our fantail and moa team children kapahaka starts in term two and continues for the rest of the school year on friday afternoons from 1:30pm-3:00pm lost property lost property is collected and kept in the garage at the end of room 6 children and parents are asked to check the lost property first before coming to the school office re lost clothing lost property will be put out on the court from time to time for children to walk past and see we also encourage parents to view and claim lost property themselves m money to school any payments should be enclosed in a named envelope and placed in the letter box in the school office please send all money to the office not the classroom teacher unless specifically asked parents are able to use online banking to make payments to school please contact the school office for account information l lunches we prefer pupils to have lunch at school parents may order bought lunches from the bureta foodmarket to be delivered to the school these will be distributed by teachers please no glass bottles at school music all children will have two terms of having a specialist support person for music in their room we are excited to have emily macklow as our music specialist with her great talents in the music field emily comes to us with a knowledge of music theory notation and composition she also plays the piano guitar recorder piano accordion harp and is an accomplished singer emily works alongside the classroom teacher in providing music experiences tailored to each class children are also able to pay for guitar lessons at school please contact jacob from musiqhub jacob.gordon@musiqhub.co.nz library we have a very well resourced and attractive school library where children are encouraged to borrow books books are on loan for a week and can be issued and returned when children go to the library with their class or during lunch times the responsibility for the care of books lies with the borrower and any replacement costs will be requested should books come back damaged or are lost.


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n newsletters newsletters come home every second wednesday we are aiming to decrease the number of paper copies of our school newsletter and use email to send out our newsletter to ensure that you receive our school newsletter please make sure the school office has your most up to date email address policies and procedures a copy of the schools policies and procedures are available upon request from the school principal pre school information the kiwi team leader and the teacher in charge of transition to school maintain regular contact with all pre-school organisations in the area and make visits to them pre-enrolment parents meetings parents of children soon to begin school are invited to attend meetings which are held twice a year at the school at these meetings the following topics are discussed · · · enrolment procedures ways of preparing children for school early curriculum content e.g reading maths p pta who are the pta our school pta is a sub-committee of the pillans point school bot as a school we like to see the pta working along side the school staff and the bot hence we all come under the umbrella of the school governing body the main objectives of the pta include encouraging and supporting communication between families teachers school leadership staff and the board of trustees providing opportunities for all families to be involved in the life of the school raising funds through school events and promotions to supplement identified needs within the school to support better teaching and learning opportunities for children for more information on the school pta please ask for a copy of the school pta brochure pre-enrolment visits pre-enrolment visits as a group early childhood centres are welcomed as well as these visits parents are invited to bring their child to school for individual visits during the month before she/he begins school the purpose of these visits is to familiarise both the child and the parent with classroom routines before the child starts school to enable the child to settle more quickly at school your child s class teacher will contact you to arrange visits however if you would like to arrange them earlier please phone the school.


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r religious instruction cool bananas caters for our christian values programme at pillans point school this is an option choice for parents children will have the opportunity to attend cool bananas two terms per year about cool bananas and their programmes our programmes exist to reinforce acceptable standards and values that build a positive culture at home and at school kids need a vision of what they could become and we help them to achieve this by offering them informed choices and proven principles to live by todays kids need guides positive role models not just information to make their lives successful we offer a half hour programme with a team of trained presenters 2 or more this is a free service that we offer our primary school community our programmes are interactive visual and fun with creative use of multimedia our programme is geared to a large group presentation style two or more classes or a whole syndicate in an assembly type situation and is differentiated to cater for the various ages each programme is fun exciting and challenging the content of each session fits into the schools values curriculum each session incorporates at least one of the eight values excellence innovation enquiry curiosity equity community participation and respect from the nz curriculum the values and standards we teach are from a christian perspective and it is recognised by c.e.c christian education commission of new zealand


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s swimming at school swimming at school occurs during the warmer months of the year please speak to your classroom teacher about their individual approaches to swimming at school and the requirements for togs and towel etc stationery a stock of all needs is held at the school office and retailed to pupils money for your child s needs will be requested in writing at the beginning of the year school sales take place daily from 9-9.30am senco sun smart as a sun smart school it is compulsory that all student wear a school hat in terms 1 and 4 we also ask that children apply their sunblock before coming to school we do have sun block available in classrooms for children to use during the day should they need too swimming pool key keys are available from the school office in late december the cost is $70 which includes a $20 bond which will be returned when you return the key u uniform the school is currently working through a consultation process around a compulsory school uniform at this stage we recommend children do not purchase anything until this process has been completed sport bop go for it programme go4it is a programme supported by the government initiative kiwisport it is a direct result of bay of plenty community consultation which identified the need for a fundamental skill development programme aimed at 5 12 year olds go4it is a comprehensive fundamental skills programme that focuses on key skill sets that develop lifelong skills required to participate in sport and recreation for life go4it consists of nine skill sets six that form the core skills and three additional components that complement these this programme has a long term focus that delivers age appropriate activities throughout the whole school.



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