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published every even week during school terms posted to school families the wider community on the web and emailed by request copy and casual advertising for #08 published wed 12 june closes thu 06 june 2013 wednesday 29 may 2013 term 2 week 04 volume 153 number 07 quote the person who knows `how will always have a job the person who knows `why will always be his boss diane ravitch 1 for event info/status click on the item denotes further information elsewhere in the newsletter or web calendar calendar thu 23 may fri 24 may mon 27 may tue 28 may wed 29 may fri 31 may mon 3 jun wed 5 jun fri 7 jun http www.havelock.school.nz/index.php/calendar1 rideon cluster cross-country at canvastown community consultation health pe incl kos senior netball nelson keeping ourselves safe programme gets underway teacher only day queen s birthday holiday school photos taken packs already gone home 40hr famine teacher-only day friday 31 may teachers are working with colleagues from other cluster schools visiting a variety of classrooms in and around blenheim and workshopping with math advisers from the university of canterbury queen s birthday monday follows making this a four-day weekend mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 1


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johnston associates south chartered accountants masterminding brighter tomorrows annual financial accounting accounting services evaluation and implementation business advisory corporate advisory dean steele ca b.mgmt hons xero a nd the cloud training development and structure 021 249 1191 dsteele@jacal.co.nz debt structure and management due diligence management reporting/interim reporting new company setup strategic and business planning succession planning taxation tax compliance and advice trans-tasman accounting cash flows budgets projections 021 249 1195 bdouglas@jacal.co.nz ca b.com dip grad ben douglas brad mcneill 021 0206 7526 bmcneill@jacal.co.nz ca bca bsc mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 2


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havelock school triennial trustee elections the following has been received from the returning officers of the parent and staff representative trustee triennial elections as the number of nominations equalled the number of the vacancies in each election three parent and one staff the following are duly declared elected by nomination and take office from thursday 23 may 2013 [section 102 of the education act staff representative trustee vicki eden parent representative trustees lyndon brownlee jason clark james donald ian cameron returning officer mandy mcquarrie returning officer the term of these trustees runs from may 2013 through to may 2016 the term of the remaining two mid-term seats filled by louella perkin and vaughan warburton fall due in october 2014 however vaughan recently advised that with this election over he would be resigning due to work commitments and so the new board at its first meeting will discuss how this vacancy will be filled two options are available to the board in this regard the first being a by-election and the second by selection subject to less than 10 of voters seeking a byelection if you are interested in joining the board as a trustee then please make it known to any of the current board members and perhaps go to www.trustee-election.co.nz/trusteeelections/becoming-a-trustee for further information about the school s board and contact details go to www.havelock.school.nz/index.php/introducing/trustees at the may meeting of the board trustees both retiring trustees and those whose positions were included in the triennial election were recognised and thanked for their efforts and commitment during their terms in particular the contributions of gary brown who started as a trustee in 2004 and vaughan warburton from 2008 were acknowledged at some suitable occasion the school will be looking to publically express its thanks to them mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 3


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pelorus rat in term 1 the theme was te moana ­ the sea pelorus learning area was given a real assessment task we had to design and build a sea-themed restaurant before we could build the model we had to complete some paperwork we had to create our own menu advertising material and design a floor plan when we had finished the paperwork and built our model we displayed them in the school hall they were marked by mr duckworth the overall outcome was very well done huna and ella in fact the consensus from all those who have spent more than a few minutes having a look at the detail planning effort and execution were blown away by what they saw the photos hereunder cannot do justice to what was on display clearly more than bits of cardboard paper glue and colour was on display congratulations some serious yet fun challenges were well met at left ella donald s little shrimp and below fabian wilson s chumbucket over the page huna hough s flippin flounder mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 4


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nice job huna and all the pelorus people are you on facebook find us facebook or visit the school website and like us status updates are posted from time to time and it is an easy way to stay in the loop don t forget the web site has a plethora of information within and events are updated with information as it comes to hand make a shortcut on your desktop and have it all at your fingertips new school shirt the board of trustees has for some time been exploring modernising the look of the blue school shirt used for inter-school activities and functions these were subsequently ordered and arrived in time for use at the cluster x-country at canvastown it was great to see the new shirt on show following the board s wish to move rapidly to the new biz collection bizcool fabric the new blue school shirt was issued to students on surrender of one of the school s now former blue polo shirts plus $5 ­ one per student most took advantage of this offer prior to the x-country if this has not already happened please do so and take advantage of this once only offer any newly enrolled students from 20 may will simply purchase a new shirt outright for $35.50 which just covers costs including embroidery gst incl this $5 exchange for the new blue school shirt is being made possible so it does not place a burden on any family and allows all students to migrate quickly to the new look the new blue school shirts are not available for loan however students who do not currently own a polo shirt may arrange through the office to purchase a new blue school shirt with a $10 deposit and two further payments in term 3 and term 4 of $12.75 each mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 5


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bikes helmets and clothing despite being postponed and the promise of some dicey weather still the decision was taken which proved to be the right one hazel s crew from town were onsite at 07:30 and setting-up was underway with further checking of once sorted into the four groups the programme got quickly underway with fundamental skills like the correct wearing of a helmet and closed-toe shoes scooting and putting a leg over and back whilst maintaining a straight line signals stopping balancing etc etc turning in a confined space a slow race and then after lunch the obstacle course all proved to easily fill the day and then some despite the huge progress made by all the day proved mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 6


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to remind every cyclist that there is more to learn and when a road is in the mix it can easily and suddenly get a bit overwhelming given the brain s ability to develop the perception of speed only from about the age of 10 11 having a safe place to practice the fundamentals of cycling is crucial the astroturf on the school court was an ideal surface and a great safe place to hone the skill set required [feel free to make use of it on the weekends and after school hours the programme was necessarily compressed into a day and there seems to be merit in planning another home-grown one later in the term thanks for getting the bikes and helmets checked thanks to sport tasman and all the supporters who make these programmes possible a big thank you to hazel dave dave and stephen also gillian somerville who helped out for the day photos above toby is all concentration as he heads over one of the obstacles towa below left checks carefully where the edges are as he works his way along the raised boardwalk right below hannah reaches for a marker from mrs eden during one round of skills mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 7


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fonterra milk for schools is coming while there is no confirmed date as yet plans are well underway to get this programme operational at havelock school it seems likely that by the end of june milk in schools will again be the norm albeit 180mls of uht milk in a carton and straw straight out of the fridge instead of a ¼ pint of silver-top at variable temperatures this initiative will be available for students from year 1 6 only pelorus challenge trophy timed for friday 14 june at waitaria bay we intend sending two teams of students yrs 6-8 and at least one adult team each has three members who work to solve challenges as quickly and correctly as possible if you can help as a team member please let the office know asap we need you page 8 mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861


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recognised recently reading acknowledges recent achievement effort and commensurate reward 50 nights nikayla aston butterfield renae godsiff 75 nights ella donald riki drabsch finn drabsch fabian wilson 100 nights sara aston butterfield 125 nights christian perkin phoebe gausel acknowledging actions that reflect our havelock values pononga honesty alec johnson received a written note from the owner of an eft-pos card which alec found and handed in the police were able to track down a happy owner nice to hear and acknowledge iwi whanui community kea bradley was recognised as being a big dolphin recently as she organised an impromptu netball drill/practice for a whole bunch of youngsters during lunchtime the organisation was slick and clearly reflected both a skill set and interest pool keys blues awards the following keys remain in the possession of keyholders please return as the 2012/13 swimming season is long gone even if you have one of these keys at your place with a number not listed but with the big yellow key-float attached then please get it to school asap 7 bryant 9 60 day 11 douglas 13 walker 20 mccauley 21 wallace 28 brown 30 drabsch 35 mckay 38 rate 42 craig 48 williams 50 luscombe 51 52 53 pickering 54 baker pool operator for 2013/14 season needed we need a local who is willing to make time available daily to maintain the school/community pool next summer if this sounds like you please make contact with the office the required training can be organised for a smooth start this is voluntary work that enables the community to have use of the pool over the summer thank you for your consideration thanks folks recently we wrote about a most generous offer the havelock lions had received from john and alison turner who offered us firewood rings to be split and delivered to households who were in need we were advised of eight households who met the criteria for a load of free wood thanks havelock school newsletter for helping advertise that we were looking for recipients we are very grateful to the pelorus men s group who offered us their assistance in splitting and delivering the wood we were also grateful that after the rain last friday saturday dawned fine enough for the work to be done we even saw the sun at times mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 9


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the result was that five lions and six chaps from pelorus men s group had the job finished by mid-day and happily gathered at deb healy s place for a shared lunch wood delivered and stacked thanks also to dean steele who had earlier arranged a load of wood which was supplied to one of the households who were urgently in need of the wood morning tea at the site community law centre ­ easy access to legal advice save yourself the trip into blenheim to speak to a para-legal worker at community law marlborough you can speak to community law marlborough via skype from the offices of pelorus projects between eyes on nature and the havelock hall there is no charge for this service all you need to do is to ring pelorus projects 574 2555 to make an appointment and then turn up with your documents at the appointment time the interview is confidential the types of matters which the case workers can deal with are employment contract family consumer immigration problems however they do not deal with commercial or conveyance matters the next appointment times are 4 june and 18 june did you know looking after our teeth isn t only about brushing the more often we consume sweet food and drinks the more likely we are to get holes in our teeth limiting any `sweet foods and drinks to meal times and eating `snacks such as bread cheese raw vegetables nuts rice crackers and unsweetened popcorn is more `tooth friendly nelson marlborough community oral health service blenheim marlborough clinic 520 9922 reap courses reap s aim is to give the rural community support the opportunity to partake in activities in their area and to provide a tutor for the activities chosen by those interested these courses are being organised by havelock community education service with reap support guitar for beginners tutor janice thompsett start date monday 27 may for 6 weeks from 7pm ­ 8:30pm you will learn chord formation strumming and linking chords together mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 10


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fluently students will be able to play some tunes at the end of the course course cost $100 a few positions still available courses in the pipeline photoshop introduction to digital photography pasta making day skipper s course other requests first aid mosaics felting tufa pots a great number of tutors are available for a range of courses so if you are interested in any of the above or have an interest in any other courses which could be arranged please contact rita jacobson 574 2176 email ritacollet@clear.net.nz for further information mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 11


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havelock theatre s next show havelock theatre is planning its next show which will be on stage between 17 and 24 august there will be six performances there will be a meeting of people interested in being involved at havelock town hall on sunday 19 may at 3pm if you have been involved in havelock theatre company s shows before or you would like to gain some experience in a friendly and supportive company you would be welcome to attend havelock theatre is looking for people of all ages to join them for this show the show will be the format as for the successful radio gaga show last year once again jeff sewell will direct the first half which will be a mixture of acts involving skits and musical numbers ten acts are being planned it will be no surprise to those who saw radio gaga to learn that jeff has planned a number of surprises and twists throughout the performance jeff is maintaining the havelock theatre tradition of involving children and he is looking for at least six children aged ten and over to act in two of the sketches once again jennie johnson is the director of the second half of the show this will be a one-act play called curses foiled again jennie has proved her ability as a sensitive and successful director and her last two shows the whole nine yards and the psychiatrist that have been popular with audiences and cast alike she has the ability to help her actors and technical crew realise their best potential curses foiled again has been described as hilarious by jennie s team who helped her select the play one member commented that he kept laughing out loud throughout his reading of the fast-paced play it was written by evelyn hood a prolific writer who lives in scotland and writes one-act plays pantomimes musicals and family sagas mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 12


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experience a new culture make new friends and learn a new language at home host family opportunities in june/july each year students aged 14 ­ 19 years from over 20 countries will be arriving in new zealand to study at local schools for 2-10 months opportunities are available to act as a host family in a volunteer/unpaid capacity hosting can be on a temporary short or long term basis host families help provide each student with the chance to study and experience life in new zealand this is a great way to practice your language skills share your stories learn about another country and culture establish a lifelong link to a family in another country and contribute to international goodwill our students bring with them their own spending money health insurance and a wonderful attitude and desire to learn about their new host country your whole family and your relatives and friends will grow and learn as you all get to know your new `son or `daughter from another land if your family can offer a friendly supportive and caring home environment contact us today to learn more about this opportunity call student exchange australia new zealand on 0800 440 079 or visit our website http studentexchange.org.nz/host-a-student can you help perhaps the school is looking for a no 8 wire solution to help keep some of the resources easily accessible and organised it is in need of some old-fashioned wire coathangers if you have a secret stash of these and can spare a couple then please ask your child to pass on to mrs eden with the winter comes a bit more wet weather and lunchtimes where students are inside again if you have any of the following spare and are happy to donate to a worthy cause the school and students would be most grateful 100-500 piece puzzles board games ie chess/draughts ludo snakes and ladders etc pelorus cluster cross country although forecast as a sunny day after a few days of rain friday last turned cool very quickly with a southerly and cloud cover threatening rain despite the 12o and damp conditions the cross country course was top notch and had everything a good cross country course should have a good crowd of proud parents were suitably attired in gumboots and warm clothing in contrast many students seemed happy in their light running gear and had to be reminded to put on warm clothing especially after their race some ran their events in bare feet being that cold on contact with the ground would have to render them numb quite quickly no real harm done mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 13


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the seniors got the day off to a good start at 11:00 with the 12 boys leading the charge on their 3000m route the girls followed and slowly the age groups cycled through their events with each running a shorter but similar route nine and ten year-olds ran 2000m seven and eight year-olds 1000m and the five and six year-olds just the 600m see the courses goto www.havelock.school.nz/images/documents/x-country%20parent%20flyer%202013.pdf havelock could not repeat its previous top form of 2011 and linkwater took out the overall win this year but the following results were very notable achievements and the photos tell the rest of the story thanks canvastown and all the volunteers who made the event so successful despite the cool [photography tracey wearing 12 boys 12 girls 11 girls 9 boys 9 girls 8 girls 7 boys 5 girls open students open women open men 1st riki drabsch 3rd finn drabsh 1st mikayla aston-butterfield 2nd ella donald 3rd jacob lawton 3rd sara aston-butterfield 2nd aroha ward 3rd toby godsiff 2nd hannah roborgh 3rd molly-jo munro 3rd mikayla aston-butterfield 2nd mrs eden 3rd mr buutveld olivia demi skye finn obscured and riki in the finishing chute still pushing hard nicely run mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 14


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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 sara aroha alec andré kea harvey conor tane hannah skye and molly ready to run page 15 mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861



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