Annual Ministry Report 2010 for Great Commission Ministries


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Gospel-Centered, Broadly Connected. The Annual Ministry Report for Great Commission Ministries gives a financial summary for the year.

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annual ministry report 2010 gospel centered broadly connected a missions agency for the new and networked world of campus churches church planting and city-focused ministries


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the great commission and jesus came and said to them all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit teaching them to observe all that i have commanded you and behold i am with you always to the end of the age matthew 28:18-20 esv texas a&m a&m christian fellowship college station tx sarah brown has been on staff with gcm since 2002 she works in campus ministry at texas a&m helping women develop as leaders through life-on-life mentoring and discipleship 1


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letter from the president it s a perennial fact that the world is changing even while god remains faithfully the same experts tell us that our cell phones and computers connecting people and information have created the biggest cultural shift in 500 years in some ways we see this inter-connection affecting the world of evangelical christian mission as well and gcm is at the center of it today s younger potential missionaries are affected by the shift they are both more connected and more rooted their experience and exposure is broad-based making them less likely to be tied to one particular protestant denomination and comfortable working across lines we find them coming from non-denominational churches and forming ad hoc groups that like tags more than categories because they effortlessly fit in more than one type at once and they are locally focused and relationally oriented concerned about the particular stories of the people and neighborhoods around them who need jesus christ the details how does a next-generation missionary engage their local context with resources from an internet-big world they need a partner and gcm is perfectly positioned to be there our history roots us in the unique combination of campus thomas mauriello executive director 2


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ministry church planting where else could you learn to be on the youthful edge of christian mission we have more than twenty years of experience establishing the systems needed to support adventurous energetic missionaries our future is even brighter new church planting networks are exploding campus ministry is more vibrant than ever and now that we have opened up our resources for broader partnership we find that we fit right in we keep hearing the same thing you ll help me raise the ministry funds provide health insurances and professional services care for donors all to focus me on gospel ministry yes our heartbeat is evangelism discipleship and church planting for the next generation and our ministry partnerships make it happen i think you ll be pleased to see our financial numbers by god s amazing grace we have seen marked increases in donor generosity even through the last three years of national financial recession god is doing something here through a shifting digital world jesus great commission to make disciples remains a fixed and extraordinarily important mission gcm is gospelcentered broadly-connected and ready new life church ann arbor mi university of michigan jon and andrea roe have been staff missionaries with gcm since 2009 jon leads worship for new life church and disciples trains and teaches musicians andrea shares her organizational and leadership skills to gospel-centered events for students 3


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financials the highest standard of christian financial integrity we re honored that over 19,700 active donors trust gcm and we intend to keep that trust our 2010 financial records were audited by capin crouse llp a national leader in non-profit accounting their report is always available upon request our internal audit review committee meets twice per year to approve audit reports and ensure that the highest standards are continually met since 1992 we ve maintained a membership with the evangelical council for financial accountability with commitments to transparency careful oversight and honoring charitable expectations our missionaries are paid salaries set by our board based on their ministry experience and effectiveness nearly 90 percent of every dollar given to gcm goes directly to a designated ministry account 88 cents of each dollar from individual private donors and more from certain churches and ministry partners the other 10 percent is used for essential services to keep our missionaries well-supported in the field we are proud of our efficiency and effectiveness in this important area since 1992 david meldrum-green cpa director of organizational affairs and treasurer 4


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our missionaries are well supported gcm relies on the generous gifts of others to financially support our ministries and each year we are astounded by the faithfulness and generosity of our ministry partners because god has called spirit-gifted people as his means of evangelism discipleship and church planting we measure much of our success for our mission in how well our missionaries are provided for we saw an increase of 7 percent giving in 2010 compared to 2009 the projections for 2011 are even better giving to missionaries in millions of dollars $16 $15 $14 $12.5 million $13 $12 $12 million $11 $10 2004 projected $15.5 million $13.1 million $12.6 million $14.0 million $12.5 million $12.8 million 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 5


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jon and jenny schreiner have been staff missionaries with gcm since 2006 they serve grand view university reaching out to students and engaging in discipleship together they bring the gospel to the campus and to the city of des moines iowa campus fellowship des moines ia il rifugio 21 turin italy grand view university walnut creek community church 6


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gcm missionary placement other ministry 4 international 12 gcm missionary growth 400 300 200 264 287 312 350 247 missional churches 20 100 0 college ministry 64 projected 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 anthony and nikki testa have been staff missionaries with gcm since 2003 anthony and nikki have a passion to win people to jesus train them as leaders and plant churches through them in turin italy and throughout the world stephen sakanashi has been a staff missionary with gcm since 2008 stephen is part of mars hill church in seattle washington working in their college ministry his mission is to reach japanese nationals studying at the university of washington so they may meet jesus and be equipped to go back to japan and reach the japanese people mars hill church seattle wa 7 university of washington


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financials through the financial downturn god s provision sustains no ministry report for the last few years can afford to ignore the challenging financial times we ve faced both globally and in the united states most estimates locate the recession beginning in december 2007 yet its continued effects were the single biggest factor impacting both personal business and non-profit financials for the 2010 reporting year the charitable giving figures in the u.s have been particularly grim and the decline was sharper than experts predicted the largest non-profit surveys show 63 percent of charities with no increase or a significant drop as 2010 figures rolled in ministries and churches across the country felt the negative repercussions remarkably gcm s donors told an entirely different story we are both honored and humbled to report that gcm s donations toward missionary funds grew by 7 percent in 2010 during the last six months of 2010 we grew by over 9 percent statistics from the evangelical council for financial accountability ecfa place us strongly in the top 20 percent of evangelical charities for percentage growth in donor giving this means that despite the turmoil the country has faced gcm has emerged in an especially stable and healthy position still pouring resources into discipleship evangelism and church planting in the midst of so much need early numbers from 2011 leave us cautiously optimistic towards a future of increased growth as we expand our network of ministry partnerships and invest in the structures that serve and equip our missionaries worldwide your giving has made a tremendous difference thank you for being part of god s gracious blessing 8


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revenues contributions conferences programs investments other revenues total revenues expenses ministries programs u.s missionaries ministries int l missionaries ministries conferences programs total ministries programs expenses supporting services management general total expenses excess deficit of revenue over expenses 2009 13,816,023 280,676 291,374 5,812 14,393,885 2010 14,651,124 261,799 188,983 1,876 15,103,782 change 6 -7 -35 -68 5 10,256,488 2,323,466 273,588 12,853,542 10,609,625 2,462,004 246,783 13,318,412 3 6 -10 4 kairos los angeles ca 1,588,013 14,441,555 47,670 1,671,939 14,990,351 113,431 5 4 don chesworth has been a staff missionary with gcm since 2009 he is a pastor at kairos church in los angeles where he guides kairos in carrying out its vision disciples leaders fosters community and empowers his east hollywood neighbors 9


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leadership our council of reference dr paul cedar mission america coalition n our board of directors greg guevara chairman partner bose mckinney evans westfield in n dr howard hendricks dallas theological seminary n james kaufman cpa partner ernst young philadelphia pa n dr robert e logan coachnet global n dan benson coo american senior communities indianapolis in n mr h andrew read evangelical development ministry inc n david bovenmyer pastor stonebrook community church ames ia n greg van nada managing director gcm churches east lansing mi n mr jerry sharpless campus crusade for christ n joe dunn managing director great commission europe orlando fl n james winslow cfp vice president united bank trust ann arbor mi n community health evangelism costa rica noel heikkinen pastor riverview church east lansing mi n jr woodward pastor church planter kairos church los angeles ca n ted and gracie quiocho have been staff missionaries with gcm since 2008 ted s ministry focuses on holistic community development which empowers communities to overcome poverty disease and hopelessness by mobilizing the potential and resources god has given them 10


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gcm has missionaries all over the world poland germany netherlands england united states taiwan thailand mexico guatemala el salvador costa rica ethiopia kenya spain italy ukraine south africa 11


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in ministry partnership joe and rachel walser joe has been a staff missionary with gcm since 2008 as the lead planter of lifebridge church he offers vision and leadership preaches the word and works to recruit train and equip new leaders he is developing strategic ministries including ministry to families the homeless and young adults lifebridge is located in st petersburg florida and is part of the acts 29 network learn how to partner with us great commission ministries founding group of campusfocused churches charged gcm with a mission in evangelism discipleship and church planting with a focus on the next generation with these core values it s hard not to run into like-minded friends and 2010 was another year defined by new relationships with both networked and independent churches and ministries we love partnering with campus churches church plants and missional works across the globe because we can be part of what helps make them successful our missionary mobilization capabilities including fundraising expertise strong missionary employment benefits financial accountability and our value on the theology of the local church have made us the perfect choice for gospel initiatives which simply won t reach their communities on a church-tithe model want to know more we re currently engaging with new churches and networks that share our vision contact us to begin the conversation on how we may partner to make your god-sized dreams a reality 12 lifebridge church st petersburg fl


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how to give our missionaries depend on your generous financial support thank you!


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chad frank has been a staff missionary with gcm since 2000 he is working to see the gospel become alive for university students in ohio most recently chad has planted a campus-focused church in the heart of kent state university h2o church kent oh great commission ministries 4037 metric drive suite 500 winter park florida 32792-6817 toll free 877.614.4600 local 407.671.9700 fax 407.671.9776 email web kent state university



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