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published every even week during school terms posted to school families the wider community on the web and emailed by request copy and casual advertising for #07 published wed 29 may closes thu 23 may 2013 wednesday 15 may 2013 term 2 week 02 volume 153 number 06 quote a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on winston churchill calendar thu 9 may fri 10 may mon 13 may tue 14 may thu 16 may fri 17 may mon 20 may fri 24 may thu 30 may fri 31 may mon 3 jun wed 5 jun http www.havelock.school.nz/index.php/calendar1 1 for event info/status click on the item denotes further information elsewhere in the newsletter or web calendar y7/8 at marlborough technology centre rideon bike helmet check bot meeting #4 ronald mcdonald visits kaituna kids trustee nominations close at noon rideon activity day on campus adventure playground meeting cluster cross-country at canvastown voting closes teacher only day queen s birthday holiday school photos taken mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 1


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haere mai naumai last week we welcomed hannah roborgh to the school she joins the kaituna kids from motueka welcome also to mum and dad rachel and ben starting with us also last week was aleeze tombs in a fixed term teacher-aide position aleeze is of course well known to many students who came through the pelorus community preschool the work being undertaken is integral to providing that special intensity and focus required in working to meet a goal at either the individual level or within the context of a small group within a class quiet and patient insistence is the order of each day when working alongside those needing that little extra for a time so that progress and achievement can be put on track welcome havelock school triennial trustee elections nominations are invited to fill three of the five parent representative trustee positions by thursday 16 may at noon the three triennial seats currently filled by jason clark gary brown and james donald will become vacant the remaining two mid-term seats filled by louella perkin and vaughan warburton fall due in october 2014 should you be interested in supporting the school as a trustee and want further information please make contact with a trustee or visit the nz schools trustees website http www.trustee-election.co.nz to find out more timeline nominations close election day voting closes board takes office 16 may 30 may 6 june voting papers sent by votes counted 21 may 5 june nomination forms and a notice calling for nominations have been posted to eligible voters additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school nominations must be received by noon on 16 may 2013 and may be accompanied by a signed candidate s statement the voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours a list of candidates names will be available for inspection at the school voting closes at noon on 30 may 2013 mandy mcquarrie returning officer mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 2


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johnston associates south chartered accountants masterminding brighter tomorrows annual financial accounting accounting services evaluation and implementation business advisory corporate advisory dean steele ca b.mgmt hons xero and the cloud training development and structure 021 249 1191 dsteele@jacal.co.nz debt structure and management due diligence management reporting/interim reporting new company setup strategic and business planning succession planning taxation tax compliance and advice trans-tasman accounting cash flows budgets projections 021 249 1195 bdouglas@jacal.co.nz ca b.com dip grad ben douglas brad mcneill 021 0206 7526 bmcneill@jacal.co.nz ca bca bsc mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 3


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recognised recently reading acknowledges recent achievement effort and commensurate reward 50 nights kea bradley taylor clark ashelyn horton-smith george robbins ella king demi o donnell aroha ward tane ward conor clark skye gatjens elliot swanston andré mueggenberg-swanston anika mcphee harvey brownlee jessie gatjens 75 nights molly-jo munro alex steele sakura urakawa-murdoch olivia johnson towa urakwa-murdoch tayla munro sara aston-butterfield huna hough elisha godsiff damon sykes-mccauley 100 nights phoebe gausel christian perkin book donation thank you dave dave from the treasure chest shop has donated a compact history of aotearoa it is very easy to read and draws you in with many photos eg havelock with a metalled main road new zealand portrait of a nation by graham stewart available from the library in due course mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 4


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term two theme the title in te reo mori of term two s theme means wellbeing some would even include mauri ora which is an allembracing concept centred about one s life force collectively it encompasses the five gifts identified across all cultures as being fundamentally important to one s wellbeing the school s choice policy 5.30 on the documents page of the school s website gives a fuller background to these gifts linked from the same page also is a table outlining how these needs competencies and values are woven throughout the early childhood curriculum that of the compulsory sector and also then translating into tertiary indeed our school s mission is mauri ora na akoranga learning for life for pupils however it all translates into health and safety stuff be it bikes the road fire wise first aid healthy eating exercising/sleeping or keeping ourselves safe it all looks like a pretty good term all up watch this space havelock theatre s next show havelock theatre is planning its next show which will be on stage between 17 and 24 august there will be six performances there will be a meeting of people interested in being involved at havelock town hall on sunday 19 may at 3pm if you have been involved in havelock theatre company s shows before or you would like to gain some experience in a friendly and supportive company you would be welcome to attend havelock theatre is looking for people of all ages to join them for this show the show will be the format as for the successful radio gaga show last year once again jeff sewell will direct the first half which will be a mixture of acts involving skits and musical numbers ten acts are being planned it will be no surprise to those who saw radio gaga to learn that jeff has planned a number of surprises and twists throughout the performance jeff is maintaining the havelock theatre tradition of involving children and he is looking for at least six children aged ten and over to act in two of the sketches mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 5


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once again jennie johnson is the director of the second half of the show this will be a oneact play called curses foiled again jennie has proved her ability as a sensitive and successful director and her last two shows the whole nine yards and the psychiatrist that have been popular with audiences and cast alike she has the ability to help her actors and technical crew realise their best potential curses foiled again has been described as hilarious by her team who helped her select the play one member commented that he kept laughing out loud throughout his reading of the fast-paced play it was written by evelyn hood a prolific writer who lives in scotland who writes one-act plays pantomimes musicals and family sagas school house tenancy three bedrooms the school house is currently undergoing some maintenance but will soon be available for rent as it is not currently required for a teacher or employee of the school should you be interested in renting this house please forward a letter of interest with references to the principal are you on facebook visit the school website and like us status updates are posted from time to time pool keys the 2012/13 swimming season is long gone and your community key should be back at school in return for the $20 key bond so things are accounted for and ready for use again towards the end of this year if you have one of these keys at your place with the big yellow key-float attached then please get it to school asap pool operator for 2013/14 season needed we need a local who is willing to make time available daily to maintain the school/community pool next summer if this sounds like you please make contact with the office the required training can be organised for a smooth start this is voluntary work that enables the community to have use of the pool over the summer thank you for your consideration mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 6


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this cyclist skills programme has been designed to teach and encourage children to cycle safely in any environment offering them the opportunity to develop fundamental skills required for everyday cycling and foundation for skills info other physical activities fundamental cyclist skills are pedalling through marlborough schools at a fast rate and they are booked in at havelock school for the whole day on friday 17 may if pupils are using their own bikes/helmets they should have been checked by now otherwise they will have to use the limited loan equipment there are twelve registered instructors delivering the programmes into schools supported by funding from sport tasman kiwisport and bikewalk marlborough the instructors follow the bikenz learn to ride programme delivering at havelock the cluster programme five instructors teaching up to seventy-five children with a condensed version of the learn to ride programme ending with a fun challenge circuit feel free to come and watch the action adventure playground a very comprehensive report from blenheim s the recreation company was presented at the march board meeting and it would be fair to say that the decision to give this area of the school s assets a make-over is very timely if you would like to be involved with this special project group then please make contact with the office the scoping and overall design is the next step and as you are aware the substantial funding required is already underway come and join jason clark rod mccloy and other interested folk for a full presentation on tuesday may 20 at 17:30 at the school mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 7


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st john youth at the recent st john cadets competition camp at tea pot valley on 13 april alec johnson received a 1st and was placed 2nd overall and is now going to the south island regionals in christchurch district in september christian perkin also gained a 1st in the junior team leader event the team itself came 3rd in the three person team which included taylor clark congratulations alec christian and taylor the st john cadets were also prominent on anzac day marching in the parade singing with the public and laying a wreath and poppies at the cenotaph at left alec and ashelyn horton-smith just after laying the st john wreath at right conor and taylor clark after the formalities were over save yourself the trip into blenheim to speak to a para-legal worker at community law marlborough you can speak to community law marlborough via skype from the offices of pelorus projects between eyes on nature and the havelock hall there is no charge for this service community law centre ­ easy access to legal advice all you need to do is to ring pelorus projects 574 2555 to make an appointment and then turn up with your documents at the appointment time the interview is confidential the types of matters which the case workers can deal with are employment contract family consumer immigration problems however they do not deal with commercial or conveyance matters the next appointment times are 21 may 4 june and 18 june did you know tooth decay is a preventable disease decay or `holes in our teeth are caused by acid attacking our teeth after we eat or drink sugar plaque is the furry film that builds up on our teeth everyday and the bacteria in plaque reacts with the sugar in our drinks and food and turns it into acid encouraging your children to drink milk and water is a great start to reducing those `acid attacks nelson marlborough community oral health service blenheim marlborough clinic 520 9922 mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 8


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news from springlands health and havelock medical centre in june our delightful dr thien is returning to his homeland and we wish him well in light of this we have taken the opportunity to review our service who delivers it and what we can do to improve it initially dr theun s departure will be covered by his countryman dr fons captijn with our long term plan to adjust the weekly roster to include a female doctor dr loren young bringing dr young into the roster at havelock will allow us to extend our services in the areas of women s and child health dr young has experienced living in the sounds having recently moved from fence bay to renwick she understands the challenges rural life brings the importance of access to a good health service and the support needed by families living in remote locations when will these changes take place for the month of june dr captijn will take over two days a week in havelock before he leaves in july from july we will bring dr young on board for one day a week dr mcallister and dr rod bird will continue to be regulars at havelock while we settle the new roster in place for mondays tuesdays and thursdays as always we continue with our goal to provide an effective efficient and reliable service to the people of havelock the sounds and wider pelorus area pelorus area health trust newsletter april 2013 garage sale many thanks to everyone who volunteered and donated goods for our garage sale over the mussel festival weekend this was a great success combined with the shop over $650 was achieved for the weekend trustee project leader hazel booth has purchased a number of medical aids with top up of funds from paht new wheelchair shower stools commodes walker toilet support walking stick and pick up support we were thrilled with community response to request for medical aids and would like to thank everyone who donated equipment to paht for use by our pelorus communities from the blue door in blenheim we received four pairs of crutches two of which we have donated to the medical centre for use by patients along with three walkers and a walking stick donations of wheelchairs shower stool commode pick up stick bed support moonboot and leg support space chamber rubber ring supports and breast cancer support bag from the community means we can cover a variety of needs on request the medical equipment will be kept at the mussel barn next to our shop and can be accessed by request mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 9


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to our administrator lina sharynmarie@xtra.co.nz or 574 2117 linag@pelorusareahealthtrust.co.nz or sharyn we have a book with policies and procedures in the shop which community members must sign with equipment borrowed timeframe and contact details there is no charge for medical aids but a koha/donation on return is appreciated for up-keep of equipment wheelchairs walkers and support rings so far have been in constant use excess clothing and household goods from the garage sale have been donated to the pathways group for fundraising for vanuatu workers funding the cost of expenses for containers to take items back to the island st john donation trustee lesley butland presented the havelock st john cadets with a $500 cheque to go towards costs of camps and training fees paht will be making this an annual sponsorship as we support the cadets and work done by st john as an investment into our future health personal lesley also presented to the havelock st john ambulance crew medical reference books and a dvd for training purposes these sponsorships are made from proceeds from our treasure chest shop paht is disappointed that our nomination for our trustee pam tomlinson was unsuccessful for the mpho as a community representative as pam s experience and connections nationwide with health issues and rural women nz representation would have been beneficial for all rural communities pam also did a submission for support of hospital services at wairau hospital paht collected nine sheets of the save our services petition which were forwarded to the marlborough express office due to the protest from marlborough people this has resulted in the nmdhb announcing that surgical services will not be cut at wairau the nmdhb are still looking at ways to cut the deficit so there will be continued proposals put forward that we all need to keep on the radar screen trustee irma van der linden lodged a submission against the proposed changes of new zealand post s rural delivery service paht believes that the proposed reduction of rural delivery services will have a major mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 10


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impact on the health and well-being of people in the pelorus area and make living in pelorus area just more difficult heart health check and care plus criteria these are provided by the pho for the community s information and benefit heart healthcare check criteria male mori pacific is or indian 35 ­ 64 years male european 45 64 years female mori pacific is or indian 45 ­ 64 years female european 55 ­ 64 years this appointment consists of a blood-test for fast lipids and glucose first and then ½ an hour with the nurse this is a free appointment if the reading is in the higher bracket a referral to the gp is made by the nurse this is also a free appointment care plus criteria 1 you have two or more chronic conditions 2 you have a terminal illness 3 you have had two acute hospital admissions for a medical or mental health problem in the last 12 months this doesn t include surgery 4 you have visited your doctor the after-hours clinic or the emergency department 6 or more times in the last 12 months 5 your condition is being monitored for eligibility for elective surgery if you qualify you get four appointments a year at a cheaper rate enrolment is a free appointment and then three at $17 at three-monthly intervals times when the prescriptions are due also the flu vaccines are in contact the medical centre for further info the healthy heart check and flu check are provided free at present to those who qualify but there is concern that these may be discontinued in future so please utilise these services as they say use them or lose them recently the waitaria bay community had over forty people who accessed the healthy heart and flu injection services exemplary finally a big hello to everyone from one of our volunteers bev foote who is doing the big oe and has sent a post card from london saying great place and people weather at 4-6 degrees off to wales next sharyn smith chairperson paht local solutions for local problems judo judo will not be running in term 2 as shayne and tanya are away it will recommence in the 2nd week of term 3 mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 11


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reap courses reap s aim is to give the rural community support the opportunity to partake in activities in their area and to provide a tutor for the activities chosen by those interested these courses are being organised by havelock community education service with reap support guitar for beginners tutor janice thompsett start date monday 27 may for 6 weeks from 7pm ­ 8:30pm you will learn chord formation strumming and linking chords together fluently students will be able to play some tunes at the end of the course course cost $100 a few positions still available courses in the pipeline photoshop introduction to digital photography pasta making day skipper s course other requests first aid mosaics felting tufa pots a great number of tutors are available for a range of courses so if you are interested in any of the above or have an interest in any other courses which could be arranged please contact rita jacobson 574 2176 email ritacollet@clear.net.nz for further information notes from saturday 18 may is national museums day and the havelock museum society will be able celebrate this in a way it did not expect thanks to the generosity of canterbury community trust and lotteries the society now has sufficient money to push ahead with the improvements to the way the exhibits are displayed members are expecting the work to commence over winter you will probably know that we have been asking visitors for comments on the present displays there have been some suggestions for improvement that have been continuously repeated they are removing the cages more local stories more descriptions about the items on display more information about ernest rutherford and being able to view the items more clearly sally papps of isel house the historic house in stoke nelson is an exhibit designer contracted to incorporate these and other improvements into her design and will begin preliminary work before the end of may the idea of improvements to our displays has been discussed with sally for six years now no wonder we are excited that it is finally coming to pass work on the covered way between the two buildings was finally completed last week although we have now decided to leave the area clear for sally s work in the meantime again we are very grateful to the pelorus trust the mussel festival and pub charity for their generosity in enabling us to complete this work mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 12


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the museum committee also pays tribute to our secretary/treasurer and life member rita jacobson who has single-mindedly focused on the vision to provide the best possible home for our treasured exhibits and to provide the best possible experience for our visitors so why don t you help us celebrate national museum day by visiting the new covered way and taking a final look at our iconic cages the murder in the pelorus valley part 5 a museum member pauleen wilkinson nee wells has sent us this story which we are serialising in these notes pauleen is transcribing the murder in the pelorus valley from the nelson examiner 17th may 1863 her great great grandfather thomas wells was on the jury and his wife jane and one of their sons david were called as witnesses along with other prominent members of the village at the time it is the story of william grant who lived near havelock and was found dead on his property in this part the magisterial investigation continues with the statement of sydney brooks when i first saw the body i did not think that he had been murdered but i thought that he had fallen on a stump close by and so killed himself and that the flesh had been eaten away or that it had been petrified there was a spade sticking in the ground as if it had lately been used and another lying some distant off i imagined that he had fallen back on the stump i then left i had brought a boat with me which i had tied up i heard a cooee and called out that grant was lying on the bank dead the men of whom there were two answered to the name of wells they being brothers they were on the same side of the water a little lower down and i went to them and having told them that grant was dead we went to look at him we did not examine the body any further i left in the canoe that they had brought with them and we went to havelock the next morning i went in company with william corkill alias manks and several others to re-visit the body on reaching the spot we examined the place and found about a yard or two from the body an american axe stained with blood we only noticed one cut on reexamining the body but it looked as if it had been done with the axe the wound was in the neck severing part of the ear we then covered up the body more securely i did not know the axe but the other parties with me recognised it as one belonging to grant axe produced i identify this as the axe we then left the place i saw the body a third time on wednesday i went with dr kilgour who examined the body the evidence of the foregoing witness having been read over to the prisoner by the interpreter he was cross-examined by prisoner through the interpreter and said i do not know who killed grant i saw the body lying dead on the sunday i did not see any foot tracks on that day i only mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 13


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noticed the body on the sunday the two parties who saw the body next after me were david and william wells they were coming down from where they lived in order to get some onions from grant s i suppose i was somewhere about one-hundred yards from the brothers wells when i first saw them they were on shore when i called to them in part six the magistrate puts questions to the witness brooks anzac day thank you for the many positive comments from both the local and wider community in relation to the involvement of the school with anzac day those pupils that were able to attend did themselves and the school proud riki drabsch and nikayla astonbutterfield laid the wreath on behalf of the school singing the australian national anthem is now commonplace around nz at anzac services and is reciprocated in australia keeping the anzac tradition and relationship alive learning god save the queen while not difficult was an entirely unknown melody senior field trip pelorus the last day of term 1 saw the seniors head into marlborough s museum at brayshaw park sergeant orchard and nurse avery had servicemen from all land sea and air services quickly kitted out and lined up ready for instruction what followed was a tailor-made sortie into the beginnings of world war 1 and the many conflicts that kiwis have been involved in since the combination of artefacts in the form of real helmets munitions uniforms sounds slides and links with marlborough families made this one of the best lessons about nz and some of its history around when the characters are real and have some of the descendants sitting amongst the troops it brings the history very much into the present following this experience the troops had a quick bite of lunch in the freezing wind before taking off for part two of the field trip a visit to the recycling centre and landfill mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 14


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we were met by alec mcneil from the mdc who manages this and he took us on a brief tour of the centre a short time later following a short ride up the taylor pass road we were shown the landfill and how it has been constructed and more importantly why it is engineered this the troops being organised ready for parade and a quick march way burning off the into the museum theatre gas produced collecting the leachate watching researchers pick through the rubbish and seeing liquid waste from wine production being dumped into a big hole which is to last sixty years was an eye-opener waste management is a huge enterprise and needs careful attention and doesn t come cheap thanks to georgie brian and gillian who helped provide the wheels much appreciated for more info http www.marlborough.govt.nz/services/resource-recovery-and-recycling.aspx this is timed for friday 14 june at waitaria bay if possible havelock would love to send two teams of students yrs 6-8 and at least one adult team each has three members who work as a team to solve challenges as quickly and correctly as possible if you can help as a team member please let the office know we need you pupils at si tournament elisha godsiff and ella donald were part of the marlborough rep squad that played in the si primary school basketball tournament held at rangiora from 26 30 april these pre-season games three from ten wins overall provided some valuable experience best of luck for the games yet to follow mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 15 pelorus challenge trophy



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