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free there s life in the inner west issue 209 may 3rd 2013 consumerism with a conscience get involved in fair trade fortnight win dvd s offspring yummy mummy mother s day fashion and gift guide plus movie tix spring breakers the hunt is taking over the inner west distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill pedal to the metal the best ways to get around the inner west mother love it s time to celebrate local mums promotion finishes 14 th may hurry prices smashed in le ic hhar dt fre e 2 hour parking at the italian forum with any purchase 10 off the range medela baby accessories range your local store 6-8 norton street leichhardt open mon-fri 9am-7pm sat 9am-5pm sun 10am-4pm ph 9560 7008 auburn 9649 7900 belrose 9986 3331 blacktown 9622 1937 burwood 9745 6375 campsie 9789 9000 carlingford 9871 4522 caringbah 9525 0309 engadine 9520 8838 griffith 6964 7322 five dock 9713 4729 glebe 9660 6919 marrickville 9560 2488 mascot 9667 4183 merryland 9897 1011 neutral bay 9953 0609 revesby 9773 8510 riverstone 9627 1516 riverwood 9153 7347 toukley 4396 4137 cc18604_ciao


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact singo sniffs grungy gold chicken supplants chocolate vale alanna l so why did john singleton buy in the inner west as a majority shareholder in the macquarie network which give the inner west s two favourite blokes not ray hadley and alan jones plenty of airtime you would think his conservative views would be more in line with investments in pubs like the oaks rather than the vic on the park then again successful businessmen like singo are good at sniffing change in the air if you have been to the newly revamped vic on the park you ll have seen that while it still has old men in it it is no longer an old man s pub but a very gentrified and stylised place for well-heeled hipster types to hang out maybe singo realises it won t be long before grunge turns to gold l the cat and the fiddle hotel is being sold by the laundy family as it is an asset inconsistent with what their investment strategy dictates also on the market is the dry dock hotel it s not certain yet whether the singo backed riversdale group will put in an offer but the pubs do seem to be consistent with riversdale s investment strategy more pub murmurings include the purchase and revamp of the west end hotel in balmain which was bought by the same boys that bought into the riverview hotel they ll be bringing along their chef brad sloane l check out the new chicken shop soon to be opening in haberfield if rumours are true i m right you re wrong now the fat times are over it s time for this mollycoddled nation to gulp down a large port glass of harden the freak up then make the tough calls dear rr ­ i was wondering what your thoughts were on the absurd brouhaha that blew up when toby ralph one of the liberal s most innovative thinkers recently posted an article on the website of a right-wing think tank arguing the budget could be bought back into surplus by killing the poorest 20 per cent of the population despite mr ralph pointing out that his brilliant plan would allow homeless shelters in our better suburbs to be turned into agreeable gastropubs cafes and wine bars think of the inner city investment opportunities i found scant support for the ralph proposal among bien pensant inner westies i for one would much rather see the big issue seller who accosts me on king street humanely put down or even if that s all the budget permits brutally clubbed into oblivion than live in the kind of unjust society where the enormous capital gain i stand to make some day on my tastefully renovated four bedder is taxed at confiscatory rates alan annandale rr replies one of the undoubted delights of the inner west is that foul-smelling uncouth povo types have bar the odd windscreen cleaner here and public housing jezebel with 10 children to 15 different fathers there long ago been priced out of it this would be entirely to the good were it not for the fact it encourages a misguided soft-heartedness among those whose only knowledge of the untermenschen is derived from attending ken loach film festivals nonetheless i think you can rest assured that even the greenest and reddest of your right-on neighbours will embrace the underclass liquidation approach just as soon as they re faced with having their health insurance rebate means tested or their $75,000 paid parental leave payout snatched away n email your dilemma to we are c!ao advertising sonya madden leane senzamici newtown special tribute l our hearts go out to the family of alanna steel ­ a much-loved dog walker and minder in the leichhardt community ­ who sadly lost her battle with cancer last month alanna will be sorely missed and a proposal for a memorial tree or plaque to be erected in her honour at hawthorne canal reserve where she spent her days caring for local dogs is currently awaiting approval from leichhardt council food melissa leong winsor dobbin wine c!ao history at around noon on may 2nd 1945 an raf mosquito-class fighter plane disintegrated during a test flight over the inner west showering debris across petersham and leichhardt the two crewmembers david rochford and charles boydell right were killed when their parachutes failed to deploy due to lack of altitude this month marks the 68th anniversary of their death a further two civilians suffered minor injuries on the ground one witness stated that one of the crew members who was found in the playground of petersham primary school struck the ground with such force that he left an imprint in the bitumen a memorial for the soldiers was built at the school now petersham tafe college n words max kobras art director eleanor wales editorial nancy merlo publishing find perfect fit the experience the difference of being fitted by our qualified fitters we fit sizes a to m cup designer lingerie maternity lingerie and post mastectomy sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards max kobras megan snedden and nigel bowen ciao finally a feminist happy to do the housework things we love vintage posters while the ladies around here would much rather see a muscular stud wielding an iron we have to admit there is something eye-catching about bright technicolour vintage style posters like this one displayed on the front window of the newly opened laundromat on parramatta road petersham the lingerie specialists norton plaza 55 norton street leichhardt nsw · ph 9518 3355 ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication c!ao s voice · treating your mum this mother s day · coconut everything ­ oil milk water coconut is having its moment · a new clothes shop finally filling the space frankie me left in empire square haberfield · sunday brunch at the new greenhouse café five dock · having a coffee at the cosy little marionette annandale · chalking up your own makeshift `rainbow crossing distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0402 202 951 ­ sonya 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia ciao is locally owned and produced we know the inner west has some amazing talent the girls who grace our covers and fashion pages are all real and local and we re on the lokout for models for future issues if you ve got what it takes and want to put a spring in yout step and a song in our heart give us a call on 9518 3696 or in what s in out · forgetting to call your mum on mother s day · cutting down trees to make palm oil · the yoghurt bar chains opening all over the place especially newtown how many do we need · the continually changing psychotic weather ­ we can t keep up · the increase in parking officers monitoring the marrickville lga · threats of nuclear warfare out please recycle printed by spot press marrickville subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered email with your address cover expert bra fitter and owner of nocturnal designs leichhardt josephine with her daughter sarah and granddaughter lucy happy mother s day to all the mums out there photo by ben cregan c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west 2


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community life r oad test the best way to get from a to b there are so many vehicles you can use to get around in the inner west some more popular than others there are the obvious choices such as cars and bikes but also more unusual ones like rollerblades or motorised scooters excluding public transport here are some of the best and worst options rollerblades there seems to be an underground movement of night time rollerbladers in the inner west we ve spotted them travelling in packs around lilyfield rollerblades are great for getting around without polluting the environment but they aren t really appropriate for indoor use so you ll always have to carry an extra pair of shoes to put on once you ve reached your destination verdict rollerblading should remain strictly a hobby sad but true rant not enough spaces too expensive ­ why is it so hard to get childcare right being a parent is without a doubt the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world as a father there isn t anything i wouldn t do for my son which is why ­ like thousands of other local mums and dads ­ i can t understand why childcare is in the state it is every day when i m out talking to families in grayndler parents single mums working families and grandparents are sharing their horror stories when it comes to finding somewhere for their children to be cared for there are not enough places it s too expensive and the hours don t fit in with my work schedule are all comments i hear from frustrated people all too often and as a parent it s something i unfortunately understand all too well myself childcare is now in crisis since labor has been in power they have slashed the childcare rebate which means families are forking out even more for childcare ­ and that s before the carbon tax forced childcare facilities to increase their fee adding further pressure to already strained household budgets every parent knows raising a child is expensive you feel like you re always reaching in your pocket trying to find money to pay for something labor promised to build 260 new child care centers to ease the pressure on parents but gave up after only building 38 ­ what message does that send to families about their thoughts on early childhood education small cars there s space for a passenger or two they generally use less fuel than bigger cars and they are easy to park however there are all the same expenses involved with owning a big car ­ from environmental impact to registration and insurance verdict probably the most suitable and popular mode of transport for the inner west mobility scooters i m pretty sure these aren t meant for on-road driving they are more of a slow-paced vehicle to help people get around shopping centres however i ve seen a few speeding down residential streets in haberfield and it looks like a lot of fun verdict not if you re under 75 segways there s something positively nerdy about segways that i love plus they re a fun green way of travelling however they are illegal to ride on both footpaths and roads due to safety issues so not much use to us here in the inner west if you still want to try one out there s a `segway park in homebush where you can hire one and take a tour verdict the vehicle of the future a great way to get around but illegal bikes inner westies are big bike supporters and with good reason ­ you don t have to pay rego they are environmentally friendly handy in tight laneways help reduce traffic and keep you fit they are great to travel to and from work to avoid peak-hour hell however they aren t great in rainy weather or when you have a lot of carry and many local councils really haven t implemented the best infrastructure to accommodate bike riders verdict on yer bike big cars there are way too many 4wds around the inner west and i often wonder why since they barely fit down half the laneways throughout balmain and newtown sure they have their uses like off-road driving on weekends but you re less likely to find parking spaces of which there is already a limited amount in the inner west and many models are not good for the environment verdict only if you need to transport a small army to and from school every day prams a recent statement by leichhardt mayor darcy byrne reported a massive baby boom in the inner west and referred to the area as pram city unlike all the other vehicles they don t require energy money coordination and/or a licence and the inner west is bustling with them so most businesses accommodate them ­ it s ideal verdict if only i could still fit in one childcare plays an essential role in children s development which is why we can t afford to wait any longer as a parent you want to provide your children with every opportunity beginning with a good start in life childcare plays an essential role in children s development which is why we can t afford to wait any longer we need to get it right now families need a system that is not only affordable but ensures that people can work flexible hours whilst knowing that their children are receiving high quality childcare i know families have had enough of the excuses and the broken promises and i support a comprehensive inquiry into australia s childcare system so that we can find ways to introduce better and more affordable practices under liberal s plan the productivity commission will consider all the current impediments to a family friendly childcare system and look at how parents can better access existing services including long day care occasional care family day care and in-home care it will look at the ramifications of inadequate childcare places and whether the current support for parents is sufficient and properly targeted we need to get this right not just for our children but also for our families we need to start moving in the right direction now words dr cedric spencer liberal candidate for grayndler kicking it old school there s plenty happening to celebrate the 2013 heritage festival this year from exhibitions and walking tours to concerts and theatre productions running until friday 31st may don t miss your chance to step back in time leichhardt library has already kicked things off with a special exhibition for the federation of migrant workers and their families 40th anniversary ­ celebrating the community milestones achieved by filef and our italian community at large the exhibition showcases posters photos newspaper articles and other memorabilia from the group s events over the last 40 years you can check out the exhibition for free at the library until tuesday 28th may the filef theatre group will also be putting on a free presentation at the library on thursday 9th may from 6pm which will include excerpts from past plays live music and acting plus a sneak peak at scenes from an upcoming play about the plight of asylum seekers book by calling 9367 9266 for more information visit what s on compiled by max kobras email saturday 4th may info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are want to rant?email until sunday 12th may the welcome opening on the 30th of april at the chrissie cotter gallery frances feasey s new exhibit the welcome explores her personal experiences with rural new south wales areas that she believes most people consider inaccessible and hard to endure utilising two of feasey s favoured styles luminous realism and abstraction this exhibition combines light-focused environmental landscapes with emotionally evocative abstract works to demonstrate the beauty of our state those with a love for rural australia will enjoy this where pidcock st camperdown for more information visit thursday 16th may sunday 5th may soccer star in leichhardt leichhardt council is helping to bring international soccer superstar and world cup-winning italian captain fabio cannavaro to leichhardt to meet fans this saturday be at the corner of norton and marlborough streets at 12pm to see the man himself norton st will be temporarily closed from 10am to 2pm to allow the welcome ceremony where cannavaro will be named an honorary member of the community soccer fans should not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity more information visit 4 il capitano mother s day `pop up markets struggling to find that perfect present for mum with a fantastic range of gifts all in one place the pop-up market this weekend is a great option running from 10am until 2pm and located in the drummoyne medical centre car park with stallholders including juxtapose art mulapa face painting by natalie red roses and white petals florist jennie estwick vision the cup cake shop and canada bay council plus a drummoyne business chamber sausage sizzle face painting and prizes this one-day only family-friendly event should not be missed where 69 formosa st drummoyne win tix danny g felix at harold park hotel on thursday 16th may come to the harold park hotel in glebe for a mind-blowing urban fusion performance by the sydney-based danny g felix project led by eponymous frontman danny g felix a graduate of newtown high school of performing arts the outfit plays music that blends modern hip-hop with big band jazz and latin flair with their


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local gigs saturday 4th may local movies tool genre defining prog-rock/alternative metal band tool will be back in australia for the first time since their last visit headlining big day out in 2011 you are bound to either love or hate this band there is no middle ground but if they are your style and you can pay the hefty ticket price check them out allphones arena sydney olympic park $108.35 135.85 thursday 9th may free c d u le tiwinkoebts movie passes panic in a small town anna free the unsolved crimes don t expect anything too original from these guys they are a pop-rock outfit with throwbacks to bands of yesteryear ­ think missy higgins however anna has an impressive set of lungs on her the band provides good easy-listening backing tracks and the gig is free so why not union hotel newtown free the hunt there are a few scenes of wildlife hunting in this devastating drama the title refers to something far more sinister thomas vinterberg s earlier acclaimed film the celebration also dealt with sexual abuse and here he returns to the subject with a story that hits you with a sledgehammer this is one of the most powerful movies you will ever see lucas mads mikkelsen is a pre-school teacher who is cast adrift in a sea of small-town suspicion and hostility when one of his troubled pupils also the daughter of his best friend accuses him of inappropriate behaviour the cards are stacked against men in these circumstances and lucas is unable to prove his innocence mikkelsen a royal affair was widely praised at cannes for his portrayal of an ordinary man on the wrong end of an unjust accusation co-writer tobias lindholm s script is nimble and cutting it teases out nuances from lucas s sad situation with bone-chilling effect verdict not to be missed ma15 on now thanks to madmen entertainment we have 5 double inseason passes to give away details below gidget goes to hell spring breakers best of the rest the place beyond the pines dereck cianfrance s blue valentine ambitious family saga contains some dark and brooding moments many of which are absolutely mesmerising to sit through it also has some electrifying performances most notably by ryan gosling and bradley cooper as two deeply troubled fathers who both fail their sons our own rose byrne and ben mendelsohn give impressive cameos as well but by the end of its 140 gut-punching minutes you may well wish they had all been in another movie verdict flawed but almost great ma15 from may 9 reviews ­ re cat and fiddle hotel balmain $20 or $15 for concessions max kobras thanks to icon films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below sins xxxxof the fathers another family disaster the ham funeral don t miss this adaption of patrick white s legendary play that sparked outrage when it first premiered back in 1961 playing at the new theatre until saturday 25th may come along and be intrigued by this vintage piece of aussie theatre part vaudeville part lyric poem and part gothic drama the ham funeral is set in dingy inner-city boarding house where a naïve young poet is drawn into the strange world of his grotesque landlords ­ mr and mrs lusty whom live in the basement when mr lusty dies his widow alma prepares a fabulous funeral in his honour but as relatives gather like scavengers the young poet finds himself lured into a dangerous sexual game with comically tragic consequences loosely based on the true story that inspired william dobell s painting `the dead landlord and on white s own recollections of the seedy world of london boarding houses this strikingly original play remains as intriguing as it was fifty years ago visit for more info and tickets 32 will mrs lusty pork the boarder first studio album released last december and their leader referred to as one of the most exciting young jazz players to emerge in australia the danny g felix project is not to be missed for more information visit to win a double pass to the show email thursday 16th may saturday 18th may offspring having first aired in august 2010 this dramedy follows the adventures of the proudman family ­ specifically those of middle child nina played by gold logie winner asher keddie nina is an obstetrician who must simultaneously juggle the pressures of work her nutty family and seriously complicated love life through the use of short fantasy sequences offspring manages to be humorous and insightful during the exploration of some rather dark plot lines while some members of the proudman family are essentially caricatures here s looking at nina s older sister billie kat stewart this ultimately adds to the comedy and down-to-earth vibe of the show originally conceived as a 2-hour telemovie this quirky and original show is about to kick off its fourth season but before your tune in catch up on seasons 1 to 3 with the newly released dvd boxset m15 available now thanks to madman entertainment you can win offspring ­ the complete seasons one two and three dvd boxset details below to win a double pass to the show on thursday 9th may at 7.30pm email shelters annually the rspca needs public support more than ever so why not join in on the festivities ticket prices are $20 for adults and $10 for children/concessions when bought online for more information and tickets visit from weds 22nd may volunteer expo 2013 it s national volunteer week from the 13th to the 19th of may so if you are interested in joining six million australian volunteers come to the inner west volunteer expo at ashfield town hall from 1pm to 7pm aiming to raise awareness about volunteer opportunities this expo will feature information stalls demonstrations from community organisations and two guest speakers for more information visit round she goes don t miss the first round she goes women s fashion market in sydney this month taking place from 10am to 3pm at marrickville town hall 303 marrickville rd run by emma morris ­ a lover of op-shopping fan of designer bargains and finding vintage treasures ­ this awardwinning preloved fashion market will feature 60 stalls showcasing second-hand and vintage clothing accessories and even some groovy craft pieces entry is just $2 more info sun 19th may by any other name by any other name is an interesting new queer adaption of shakespeare s famous love story romeo juliet playing at the sidetrack theatre this month in this version of the tragedy romeo and juliet are the only straight couple on stage as the tables turn the majority into the minority the capulet s are a house of women and the montague s a house of men juliet is expected to marry the sexy successful lady paris but what will become of our young straight lovers in a world where gay is `normal and straight is `queer don t miss leichhardt local jasper garner gore in the lead role of romeo tickets $20 28 more info and bookings at where 142 addison rd marrickville million paws walk if you care for animals or just wish to enjoy a fun family-friendly sunday come to the million paws walk in homebush for a day of stalls entertainment and of course a walk with your four-legged friend with 30,000 animals entering new south wales win double movie passes oh romeo to be in the running to win a double in-season movie pass to spring breakers the hunt or the dvd set of offspring just email telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao you only at the movies may 9 trailer and website can enter them all but give us a preference and include your name and address community glamour at its best 5 © endemol ten now pushing 40 aging enfant terrible and writer of kids harmony korine has lost none of his ability to shock a stroke of genius casting will ensure his latest provocation hits its mark too he s teamed disney channel girls selena gomez and vanessa hudgens with everyone s favourite bad boy james franco ­ almost unrecognizable behind a mouthful of metal their lurid story here does any of it even actually happen is told in a non-linear way and filmed as if we re in a fluorescently lit dream-like trance the result is immensely seductive ­ every hypnotic frame anna free four pretty college girls head to florida for a schoolies-like bacchanalia to fund the trip they rob a fast food shop sunday 12th may later they re busted for possession and bailed out by a gun-toting rapper and wanksta drug-lord with the entirely matthew fagan matthew may not look like the serenading appropriate name of alien franco then the really good type but just let his fingers do the talking this start from the trailer and posters some may think times man knows his way around a guitar and hethey re off to an innocent enough teen comedy of bikinis likes to play flamenco music that is all you bongs and bad jokes instead they will be taken to hell need to know about him so this is a show for verdict sleaze plus arty self-awareness ­ just perfect all fans of spanish guitar i can t wait to see it again r18 from may 9 win dvds!


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feature paying fair do you know the individual that hand stitched your favourite peplum dress often a sweeping label disguises that person s name made in china it may read with new trends hitting the shelves each season it s easy to lose sight of where our most cherished goods come from especially since we don t see their origin at all the fair trade movement changes that by giving us a closer connection to even the chocolate we crave a movement that began in early 1940s america fair trade emphasises transparent and respectful exchanges that benefit craftsmen and farmers in third world countries the goal to reduce poverty through trade according to fairtrade australia in 2009 cadbury dairy milk chocolate blocks set the bar high for big businesses by becoming officially certified fairtrade grossing 101 million dollars a year it made chocolate the highestselling fairtrade product in australia followed by coffee tea cotton and sports balls official fairtrade certification requires companies such as cadbury to follow strict criteria that focus on economic development social responsibility and environmental stewardship stipulations include no child or forced labour good working conditions and fair payment the standards are designed to address the imbalance of power in trading relationships unstable markets and the injustices of conventional trade explains craig chester fairtrade australia operations manager today more than six million people ­ farmers producers workers and their families ­ from 66 countries benefit from the unique independent fairtrade system so do-gooders new to the fair trade circle curious where to shop leichhardt ­ an accredited fair trade community ­ provides a sustainable shopping guide on its council website from large shops like aldi and coles to smaller stores like the tali gallery which sells aboriginal artworks the guide directs shoppers to 25 local businesses that sell fair trade products here s the catch while many businesses consider 6 the recent collapse of a clothing factory that killed 400 workers in bangladesh has given fair trade a tragic impetus ciao investigates how to consume ethically themselves fair trade many of them don t hold the official fairtrade australia certification it s not necessarily something that should deter you though it can simply mean the store practices most fair trade principles but not all of them in annandale me too please a boutique and café emphasises ethical products with mainstream appeal and vibrant artistic flair over a cup of fair trade tea the owners ben and lisa joseph will gladly give you a quick tutorial about what makes their products ethical they ll also detail the intricacies of patchwork blankets made from saris in india and tablecloths handloom woven in mexico there s not licensing or labelling for everything so people wonder how do i know lisa said a lot of it is based on trust which complicates things but i do see that there is a large movement for bigger companies having a more ethical stance boutiques like me too please deal directly with producers and let them set their own prices for the items they make the joseph s pride and joy is a collection of intricate metal wall hangings produced by a community of 40 artists in haiti the elaborate sculptures which depict angels and scenes of whimsy are made from recycled oil drums and serve as the major income for the town we strongly feel that you can have commercially desirable products that are ethically produced it doesn t all have to be about mass consumption where it is all produced in a factory and is nameless ben says farther west the trading circle in summer hill not only sells fair trade goods but also prides itself on being completely not-for-profit in 1995 the good shepherd sisters an organisation that helps reduce economic inequality for marginalised women set up the chain of trading circle stores around australia to help women trade their way out of poverty in addition to sydney stores are also located in melbourne toowoomba perth brisbane and operate by appointment in auckland longtime store manager linda rodriguez enjoys the shopping with a conscience aspect of the trading circle which has brought more meaning to her life in addition to benefitting the women traders i ve been in retail for many years and it just doesn t inspire a lot of humanitarian feelings i m very aware of social issues and i just thought `i want to be able to benefit my fellow man and the environment rodriguez says of her motivation for getting involved at the trading circle you ll find carry baskets made from telephone books in the philippines peruvian alpaca scarves and sri lankan cushions rodriguez says 80 per cent of the women involved in the project generate their only income through the products they make and sell at the trading circle also the company takes a holistic approach by providing vocational training and even childcare to women working at some of their 27 production centres around the world from south america to africa to southeast asia fair trade represents the power of choice so next purchase when confronted with two similar items consider whose pockets your money will land in what makes fair trade fair is that everyone benefits producers earn a living wage and learn vocational skills that sustain them retailers feel great about their business and consumers get quality handcrafted products while also improving someone s life it s such a big world that you don t hear the stories of individual people rodriquez says the world needs some help i think and it s good we can do something positive words megan snedden get involved if you re feeling inspired and ready to get onboard australia s biggest celebration of all things fair trade is coming up from may 4th to 19th the fair trade fortnight ­ in conjunction with world fair trade day may 11th ­ encourages members of the fair trade community to promote and celebrate the movement through organised activity this can be as simple as organising a fairtrade certified tea party or shouting a friend a fair trade coffee visit the fair trade australia and new zealand facebook page for updates may 4th the fair trade futures conference will showcase short films and host a series of live webinar presentations from personalities like world fair trade organisation president rudi dalvai it will take place online for free register at http futures in celebration of fair trade fortnight leichhardt council will present a special pop-up fair trade market on saturday 18th may from 9am to 2pm selling all sorts of fabulous fairtrade-certified products from your own community here at home you can make a difference to the lives of farmers and manufacturers across the world by coming along and supporting the market at gladstone park balmain located across from balmain s regular weekly market for more information visit


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fair trade fortnight 2013 get loud and proud this fair trade fortnight 4 19 may and show off your swap to fair trade and fairtrade certifiedtm products one such producer group is the red de apoyo soldiario group which works in 5 locations throughout peru and across 8 different incomegenerating projects including food growing weaving and jewellery making just to name a few currently 180 people and their families rely on these projects which not only provide income but also aim to provide education services and support prevention of violence the chiangrai good shepherd youth centre is another place where minority groups can take refuge and offers young women from northern thailand a chance to break the cycle of poverty and learn skills that will help make them a living whether it be through university education or learning a trade in the centre girls are tutored in english and thai as well as cooking fruit cultivation and agriculture computer skills and dressmaking and craft production when you buy a product from the centre you support the education and economic development of these women the trading circle is an initiative of the good shepherd sisters as a constructive and selfsustaining response to global poverty visit our store for our wide range of beautiful fair trade gifts home-wares toys cards coffee chocolate bags scarves jewellery and accessories the trading circle 27 lackey st summer hill tel 9798 0373 the trading circle the trading circle imports unique handcrafted products directly from the producer groups and sells them via their own stores in sydney melbourne brisbane toowoomba perth and auckland plus with the help of community partners and volunteers at local markets fairs and conferences across australia as well as nationally online at the trading circle the trading circle is a not-for-profit fair trade organisation importing and retailing 100 fair trade products since 1995 working directly with 40 different producer groups mostly microenterprises and community cooperatives in 10 developing countries across asia south america and africa these producer groups exist only to create a reliable source of work and income for women in dire circumstance thereby helping them work and trade their way out of poverty with dignity one purchase at a time often these women are victims of poverty violence trafficking and abandonment all producer groups are paid directly and receive fair and just wages no middle parties involved fair trade pop up market leichhardt council is pleased to present an exciting fair trade pop up market at gladstone park in balmain on saturday 18th may to celebrate fair trade fortnight 2013 there will be lots happening on the day with an array of fair trade stalls and products for sale as well as music entertainment and face painting for the kids making it a great family day out stallholders will include ethica accessories my ecofriend tali gallery bercat african pacific funky bubs elephant emporium carpets for communities the trading circle global handmade me too please and nuturing threads with more still to be confirmed fair trade aims to tackle poverty and create better futures for developing country farmers producers their families and communities leichhardt council are proud and active members of the fair trade community ­ accredited since may 2010 by the fair trade association of australia and new zealand ftaanz fair trade fortnight is australia s biggest annual celebration of all things fair trade and celebrates the life-changing difference our fair trade choices make for millions farmers producers their families and communities in developing countries this period acknowledges the important role played by fair trade and encourages everyone in the community to consider making ethical choices when they shop for more information on fair trade including local providers of fair trade products click on http · the hand-knitted 100 alpaca wool poncho 199 comes in various colours including black purple navy and red and is made by the trading circle s producer groups in peru · the cushion 39.50 made in the regina centre in nongkhai thailand is part of a new range designed and created in collaboration with trading circle s thai producer groups and some volunteer italian designers called `dignity designs it comes in many colour combinations from bright turquoise with brilliant yellows and tans to red green and vibrant tangerine just to name a few woman working in the chiangrai centre ethically sourced homewares and giftwares bring this copy of ciao for a 10 discount storewide offer ends 31st may for more information visit leichhardt council s website 8 2-4 nelson street annandale just off parramatta road 9519 2398


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free trade coffee from sacred grounds aboriginal giftware from tali gallery sacred grounds sacred grounds was established to provide in a small way the opportunity to effect change without compromising the quality of our lifestyle we have managed to blend our love of coffee with our desire for a more equitable world as a result all sacred grounds products are ethical socially responsible and where possible have a limited impact on the environment we also only use the highest quality 100 per cent arabica beans that are fully certified organic and fairtrade as global citizens we all want to make a difference sacred grounds provides the opportunity for individuals to consume with a conscience for more information visit www sacred grounds 2/87 sydenham rd marrickville tel 9550 2222 tali gallery tali gallery s fair trade offerings include but extend beyond australian aboriginal creations tali gallery also carries contemporary jewellery gifts and homewares that are the result of crosscultural projects from indigenous communities around the globe with pricing to match online the best way we can support the developing world and our own aboriginal people and their very special culture is to select gifts that provide fair income through craft creation and royalty payments this is truly meaningful gift giving with beautiful handcrafting and a fair and ethical exchange for everyone involved everyone wins it s a simple way we can all make a difference for more information visit tali gallery 667 darling st rozelle tel 9555 6555 alfalfa house fair trade fortnight at the co-op sometimes passes without us even knowing why because every day here at alfalfa house we are dedicated to bringing in the highest quality ethically grown and produced products from australia and around the world fair trade fortnight is an excellent reminder of the struggles of people around the world who are trying to merge their traditional cultures with modern practices while we or course support a fair wage for those who are working and selling products we would like to acknowledge that some of these people are only struggling due to the introduction of capitalism to indigenous cultures that have survived for 1000 s of years on their own shop co-op and work for a better world alfalfa house 113 enmore rd newtown tel 9519 3374 helping women trade out of poverty the trading circle is a national not-for-profit fair trade organisation working directly with 40 producer groups in 10 developing countries helping women trade their way out of poverty with dignity the trading circle stores offer a unique range of handcrafted fair trade products including homewares toys gifts fashion accessories coffee and chocolate quality coffee with a conscience at sacred grounds we do not see fairtrade or organic as a marketing position but as an obvious choice towards a more equitable and sustainable future melbourne 114 maling road canterbury vic 3126 t 03 9836 5106 sydney 27 lackey street summer hill 2130 t 02 9798 0373 brisbane 100 latrobe terrace paddington qld 4064 t 07 3217 5302 auckland 125 kitchener road milford north shore city t 09 486 2518 perth open by appointment t 08 9381 3955 toowoomba open by appointment t 07 4696 9700 an initiative of the sisters of the good shepherd community glamour at its best 9


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a recent trip to tasmania turned up all kinds of fantastic and strange produce including fantastic tomatillos ­ a member of the nightshade family which looks like a green tomato growing within a papery husk kitchen ingredients 6 garlic cloves with melissa leong a staple of mexican cuisine its intensely savoury almost bitter flavour works especially well when you char them and if you can t get a hold of them green tomatoes can be substituted this mess can be used as a dip a salsa or instead of a chimmichurri wine with winsor bewitching blend briar ridge 2012 trio for those days when you want a wine that is cool clean and refreshing try this a blend of sauvignon blanc semillon and chardonnay from the hunter valley and orange regions unwooded and weighing in at a modest 12 alcohol this is not a wine that encourages contemplation it is simply a very enjoyable drink that demands very little of the drinker it s a light earlier drinking style in which all the elements have gelled brilliantly $18 green tomato and olive dip 700g tomatillos husked or green tomatoes 2 jalapeno peppers a good slug of olive oil 1 cup green olives de-seeded 1 handful of coriander the juice of one lime 1 teaspoon raw sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste tassie temptation stoney rise 2012 pinot noir joe holyman is one of the great characters of the wine industry ­ and his wines are always also full of character if you want to know what all the fuss is about when it comes to tasmanian pinot noir open a bottle of this it is a cracking new release from holyman s stoney rise vineyard overlooking the tamar valley and offers a beautifully balanced melange of bright cherry delicatessen and earthy notes along with well-integrated french oak lovely stuff $29 method 1 turn your grill on high spread tomatillos or green tomatoes garlic cloves and jalapeno on baking sheet and coat evenly with oil roast for 15 minutes or until everything is browned and blistered 2 remove from oven and place in a food processor or blender with olives coriander lime and sugar pulse 5-7 times add water if necessary to thin out the mixture and pulse to combine 3 serve with grilled meats or as a dip charred green tomatoes xx x crisp and fresh david hook 2012 pinot grigio david hook is one of the unsung heroes of the hunter valley his wines are always well made and reasonably priced ­ and this is an absolute cracker in the fresh crisp unoaked northern italian pinot grigio style floral aromatics lead on to a fruity refreshing palate think rock melon and mandarines that is extremely food friendly with a refreshing acid finish i d chill this and pair it with a spicy prawn dish $18 at the markets vegetables broccoli are in great supply at $3 4/kg other good buys are mushrooms for $6 9/kg corn for 60c-80c/cob and celery at $2 3/bunch trim s fresh shop 21 leichhardt marketplace ph 9572 6886 fruit now is the time for apples there are 10 varieties available including red delicious golden delicious granny smith pink lady gala kanzi green star jazz fuji and bonza mandarins are in peak season at $2 4/kg super sweet navel oranges are getting started and grapes are fantastic eating at the moment ­ especially the red seedless variety which are crunchy and sweet at $4 6/kg she ll be apples avocado chocolate mousse ingredients 1 avocado 2 tblsp raw cacao 2 tblsp of honey maple syrup or agave jared ingersoll foodie philosophy in newcastle recently there was the 19th australian symposium of gastronomy which is an excellent thing in itself however this year on the day that the symposium weekend concluded it was the launch of the culinary think tank ­ another fantastic foodie event that i was lucky enough to be a part of the symposium was rich with knowledge academic contributions and retrospective discussion about food eating and drinking but within the culinary think tank there were more active grass roots perspectives presented one of the very important guests that i was fortunate to spend time with was josh evans researcher at the nordic food lab ­ a not-for-profit free information organisation that was set up by rene redzepi from noma restaurant there were also chefs barmen coffee roasters and scientists mainly molecular biologists whose research involves working with members of the food industry on different projects in short there was pretty much everything a working foodie could ever dream of i came away with way more questions than i went in with which is bloody excellent but i did learn a few things too · chewy foods taste less salty · microbiologists know to stay well clear of `mouse cage smells · textured and crinkled brown paper bags somehow make food `taste crunchy · capitalistic and industrialised food systems started with the first white people they were just doing their job and following orders · removing salt from your diet can kill you · cricket sauce tastes like soy sauce is delicious and smells remarkable · you should most definitely eat coal at bacchus restaurant if you re ever in the newcastle area · toasted rye ponzu and prawns from subo restaurant will make you sigh with absolute content over the next couple of issues i will embellish on some of this as there is simply too much to talk about in one column stay tuned people but in the meantime eat well jared ingersoll method blend an avocado with 2 tablespoons of raw cacao along with 2 tablespoons of your choice of sweetener honey maple syrup or agave etc in a mixer until smooth using this base you can then experiment with additional flavours such as orange zest or vanilla and top with fresh fruit to make a difference but don t know how to go about it fair trade is one of the most effective ways to make a difference you are not giving aid but rather supporting trade and paying a fair wage so that the producers can build sustainable and strong communities how can people be more sustainable when it comes to their grocery choices talking to people i have come to realise how disconnected society has become from our food and how it is produced when i talk about chocolate for instance most people are unaware of how much child slavery there is in the chocolate industry which has come about because of the huge global demand for chocolate and the ensuing pressure that it be cheap this goes all the way down the line so that the growers cannot afford to pay wages in cote d ivoire which produces most of the world s cacao there are so many children that have been kidnapped from neighbouring mali one of the poorest countries in the world to sustain the cacao industry we are also having the same happening right here in australia with the milk industry consumer demand for cheap milk aided and abetted by the supermarkets is pushing down the price of milk to possibly unsustainable levels so find out more about food production and think about the products you are buying where and how they are produced if you could invite anyone over for dinner at your place whom would you invite the ceos of nestle lindt hershey cadbury and mars along with enslaved children from cote d ivoire and their families from mali why i would like these ceos to personally hear what their companies are doing to communities in the producing countries the dinner could either be very awkward or world changing tony lives sustainably at home with tony ryan tony ryan runs a sustainable life stall at marrickville markets every sunday here he chats to ciao about food and fair trade can you tell us a bit about your market stall we started our business because we wanted to make a difference and give consumers a fair trade and sustainable choice for their weekly shopping we are a social enterprise that is community based and we help local community groups as well as fair trade communities in producing countries we try to keep our prices as low as possible to ensure that everyone can afford to buy fair trade and make a personal difference we stock fair trade and organic tea coffee chocolate quinoa mascobado sugar rice raw cacao and cacao butter we also stock other fair trade and sustainable goods such as jute bags from bangladesh biodegradable plates and 100 per cent post consumer paper products and our personal favourite at the moment elephant poo wrapping paper journals and kid s craft kits from sri lanka why is buying fair trade food so important to you because every time you buy a fair trade product you are making a real difference to producer communities the fair trade system contains a premium that is paid back to the communities so that they can invest in what is important to them such as health education or basic infrastructure people often become overwhelmed with wanting 10


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since 2007 braza churrascaria has been providing sydney with the best in brazilian bbq with our impressive selection of both local and international wines a superb cocktail list as well as our sumptuous barbequed meats we look forward to helping you enjoy mothers day the way it should be celebrated s ng i ok bo l ia t en s es leichhardt 02 9572 7921 13 norton st newport 02 9999 6038 313 barrenjoey rd darling quarter 02 9268 3733 1-25 harbour st s of glas mum for ree f ine w mum s receive a f ree glass of wine celebra ting mother s day a t braza by ordering our t raditional churrasco


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mother s day the verdict in the lion s den lions den restaurant leichhardt bowling club 88-92 piper st leichhardt tel 9569 1936 sonia with chips and salad 10 are another popular choice it s this kind of value for money that has made leichhardt bowling club so successful over the years leichhardt bowling club itself will be celebrating its 90th year anniversary this september ­ a historic event and landmark the club is very proud of it s no mean feat to remain an active community club for so long in fact they are the only local club left in the leichhardt area over the years the club has become a popular venue for birthdays corporate and group events and offers barefoot bowls functions we have outdoor and indoor hire facilities available and have become a popular place for young children s birthday parties as there s enough space for a jumping castle to be erected on the huge outdoor area says daniel from the club s management look out for more information about the club s upcoming 90th birthday celebrations on their website it s set to be a huge event for all ages and everyone is invited to keep up to date with what s happening at the bowlo or for more information visit words nancy merlo leichhardt bowling club is an old time favourite with a relaxing atmosphere i never feel out of place at the bowlo the food and drinks are well-priced too nancy it s got a real local vibe you can tell the people that come here have been coming here for years and love the place it s a little off the beaten track too so it s nice and quiet not sure where to take your mum this mother s day look no further than leichhardt bowling club it s one of our longest standing local watering holes where you can dig in to a hearty lunch and follow it up with an afternoon on the green mother s day is a time when mum should be treated to a delicious meal that she doesn t have to cook herself so this mother s day sunday 12th may the lions den restaurant inside leichhardt bowling club is offering a $12 home-style cooked roast all day long plus a free glass of wine for mum with her meal purchase now under new management lions den restaurant has something for everyone with weekly specials and cheap eats ­ including a popular snack menu featuring tasty burgers and light snacks for under $15 ­ that will satisfy any grumbling tum if seafood is your craving pop in on sunday for the seafood raffle that starts at 5pm tickets on sale from 3pm or for the meat lovers out there don t miss wednesday steak night where you can get a 250g grain fed rump with chips and salad for just $10 saturday chicken schnitzels what s on at the bowlo · the club offers both men s and women s bowling membership fees for bowlers are very reasonable so if you are thinking of taking up a great sport why not consider lawn bowls no matter what your age bowling can be for you ­ and leichhardt bowlo offers free lessons · a line dancing group has recently started up at the club led by julie talbot pop in every tuesday morning from 10.30am for beginners classes your first lesson is free but bookings are essential call 9560 0584 to reserve your spot · members badge draws are held on thursday and friday nights starting at $1000 and jackpotting at $2000 at 8pm membership is only $5 and might be an investment you wish you made years ago little darling diner mother s day special · breakfast from 7am champagne from 10am · lunch $60 per person 3 course meal including a glass of chandon 12pm-3pm · high tea $37 per person including a glass of chandon 2pm-4pm bookings are essential gift vouchers are available 485a darling street balmain · phone 9810 5255 · e hours tues-wed 7am-4pm · thurs-sat 7am-10pm · sun 7am-4pm 12


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mamma mia mother s day gifts candlelicious soy candles in vintage cut glass reusable jars large $69 small $39 scents include sugar cookie white tea ginger japanese honeysuckle and french pear papinelle knickers from $12.95 liberty lavender-filled silk eye masks $49.00 fabric wrapped soaps large $12.00 small $6.95 scents include pear cinnamon rose cedarwood and wisteria mia on norton show mum you love her looking for something special we have a huge range of clothing jewellery scarves bags and candles as an extra treat with every purchase over $20 receive a complimentary lip gloss our beautiful gift wrapping is all part of the service so come in and let us help you make your mum s day extra special mia on norton 124 norton street leichhardt corner norton marion streets ph 02 9550 0789 open 7 days meshea lifestyle welcome to meshea lifestyle leichhardt a boutique to nourish the senses and delight the soul tucked around the corner on short street leichhardt just off bustling norton street browse our little store and be delighted with the beautiful sights smells and textures of our gorgeous range of women s fashion jewellery and accessories along with our french-inspired gifts homewares and vintage furniture for over ten years our loyal and local customers have popped in regularly to soak up the atmosphere escape the hustle and bustle of everyday existence and drink in the sensory delights that our little store has to offer not to mention our friendly service free gift wrapping and knowledgeable staff finding it hard to choose the perfect gift for that special person why not purchase a meshea lifestyle gift voucher and buy them an in-store experience meshea 42 short street leichhardt tel 9518 3281 open 7 days ps like us on facebook don t skimp on your lingerie i th l d t th n ti in the lead up to the national breast lb cancer foundation s mother s day classic fun run we speak to one leichhardt business owner and mother who is making a difference to the lives of local women josephine maniscalco is the owner of specialist lingerie store nocturnal designs which opened in norton plaza just last year and which is already a finalist in the inner west local business awards dedicated to fitting women with the right size bra josephine aims to accommodate anyone and everyone who walks through her door whether they re after small cup full cup up to `m maternity bras bridal lingerie sports bras or post-mastectomy bras after 10 years in the industry josephine understands the psychology of lingerie and its ability to make you feel empowered this becomes especially important for f women who have had lumpectomies or mastectomies w and need a little help feeling feminine and confident a again while annual events such as the mother s day a classic fun run continue to raise money for research into c breast cancer josephine and her team focus on helping b women experiencing the effects of cancer now w trained by amoena ­ the same company that designs t breast forms ­ josephine is qualified to fit women who b have undergone surgery for breast cancer in order to find h the right solution for them the idea behind the shop was to establish a place where i could help women find the right bra for their shape in an environment that is not too sterile or clinical says josephine as a result nocturnal has become an intimate and comfortable space women can go to for advice where the most up to date breast forms are available from amoena which have `comfort plus built in to draw heat away from the body as well as trulife which have the bodicool lightweight feature there are so many women who don t realise the advantages of being fitted by a specialist ­ not only are we trained but we have firsthand experience of the problems associated with wearing ill-fitting bras like backache neck pain and headaches i ve also had first hand experience with women whose surgeons have told them that their bras contributed to their breast cancer which led to a bilateral mastectomy says josephine if nocturnal designs can make a difference in just one woman s life and eliminate this contributing factor then josephine says she s done her part stocking sleepwear and lingerie from brands like cleo panache chantal thomas mimi holliday and freya just to name a few nocturnal is the place to go for stunning products and specialised service when was the last time you were fitted for more information search for the nocturnal designs page on facebook or visit sarah josephine and sandra from nocturnal community glamour at its best 13


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promotion fashion photographer natalie roser stylist chris tselepi assistant giselle model monique wells kids jarrah keanu miliah hair make-up sue flynn head teacher students from petersham tafe sources mirror fashion shop 1/39-45 norton st leichhardt tel 0488 089 515 mia on norton 124 norton st leichhardt tel 9550 0789 meshea lifestyle 40-42 short st leichhardt tel 9518 3281 australian designer label musee new winter 2013 dress $195 muticoloured necklace $35 all from mirror fashion boutique european fashion earrings $39 murano glass rings $29 murano glass single coloured ring in blue $10 crystal cross bracelet available in all colours $20 murano glass charm bracelet available in all colours $10 all from the merchant of venice mum wears vigorella ponte black pants $99.95 wool waist tab teal coat $219 sleeveless top with back tuck french roast $139 from st xavier necklace $99 clutch $99 all from meshea lifestyle mum wears ladakh jacket $109.95 pink stitch top $59 ladakh leggings $39.95 adorne necklace $49 all from mia on norton 14 australian designer label musee velvet dress $229 red coral and sterling silver charm bracelets $60 each purple freshwater pearl and sterling silver charm bracelets $60 each all from mirror fashion boutique pomegranate ring $10 bling magnet bangle $20 european fashion earrings $39 all from the merchant of venice piazza grande knee-high leather boots $249 from magazzini italia.


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blue hoodie $30 acid lemon tee $18 grey track pants $25 all from the kidstore white blue silver dunlop runners $39.95 from ungars shoes pink spotty pj s $39.95 skulls pj s $39.95 hopscotch pj s $34.95 police chief pj s $34.95 all from holy sheet marketplace sources liana shop 34 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9564 3806 the kidstore shop 51 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9518 3855 ungars shoes shop 71 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9550 0842 miche boutique shop 68 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9550 9288 sussan shop 41 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9568 5626 holy sheet shop 45 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9560 1884 boom tee $18 jeans $30 from the kidstore caroline morgan pink jacket $79 sunnygirl paisley dress $59 lavender denim shoes $49 all from miche boutique forecast fanetta slim leg pants $59.95 luvalot grey top $49 red black scarf $29 miracle red trenchcoat $69 all from liana eos red ankle boots $169.95 from ungars shoes acid lemon cardigan $25 striped tee $18 jade corduroy pants $30 all from the kidstore mum wears a-line metallic top $89.95 dandelion knit edge-to-edge jacket $69.95 rosewine knit leggings $59.95 pistachio necklace $29.95 all from sussan community glamour at its best 15



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