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may ­ aug 2013 vol 1 no 2 god s battle axe ministries online magazine inspiring you to a higher level features about inspiration prayer corner wordless praise and worship corner obesity in children see children s corner the conception idea of marriage see marriage corner women `s corner youth corner leadership corner odette s corner


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choice nwachuku ph.d executive director/editor in chief welcome to inspiration magazine a quarterly online publication of god s battle axe ministries inspiration has within the riches of its pages a wealth of information in different sections called corners that is set to minister to your body soul and spirit it has the marriage leadership praise and worship youth children and women s corners each corner focuses on the subject matter except odette s corner which is not focused on a particular subject although the goal of inspiration is to minister to your body soul and spirit we want to emphasize that of these three the ministration to the spirit man is more important because when the spirit man is ministered to from god s word it enables the soul and body to function right and thus prosper in inspiration various interesting and useful information will be featured as the lord leads us to write it is important to note that whatever subject matter featured in inspiration is not given to replace criticize or condemn any medical financial or any other advice received from your professional personnel the purpose of inspiration is to provide a different avenue of perspectives to the information already received or will be received from a professional in that subject matter in order to inspire you to try another method of approach to that situation if applicable we encourage you to follow us quarterly on inspiration and broaden your perspective on different issues as we bring them to you within the comforts of your home office or even in the field we are just a click away online we pray that as you read this magazine every part of your life will be impacted and you will never remain the same again in jesus name amen inspiration is part of the media outreach ministries of god s battle axe ministries a 501c 3 corporation visit us on for information about our other ministries prophetess choice nwachuku is an anointed teacher of the word of god she holds a masters and doctor of philosophy degrees in microbiology and biology from howard university washington d.c she is an author an entrepreneur an ordained and licensed minister and the steward of god s battle axe ministries she is married to george nwachuku the president and c.e.o of chuks insurance inc.


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team inspiration choice nwachuku ph.d george nwachuku m.b.a odette alvarez b.s belinda abrianna brown-darko kevin emah m.hsc m.b.a oluchi nwanajuobi pharm.d scholastica wilson chmc anita erhabor kathleen chinenye ibeh b.a executive director/editor in chief director/coordinator marriage corner general coordinator editor/coordinator children s corner coordinator praise and worship corner coordinator prayer corner coordinator leadership corner coordinator women s corner coordinator youth corner


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ge ia r ar ner m r co george nwachuku m.b.a definition marriage in itself is a derivative of love to love a consequence of the will and not of the emotion so marriage is then an agreement between two willing parties ­ male and female ­ to form one unit to this end the emotive force is therefore secondary to that of the will marriage is defined as a union of a man and his wife in the united states of america a redefinition is being pushed by the opponents of proposition 8 of the state of california before the supreme court of the united states if successful it will redefine marriage as that union between two humans irrespective of gender such redefinition ignores design and purpose concept/idea of marriage it is imperative to note that marriage was not conceived first by man so it is not a production of man god is the one who conceived marriage and it was conceived before man was ever created god is the cause of all existence and we are the effects to that end god caused marriage to be to effect marriage god created humans male and female genesis 1:26-28 that is why it says in the bible that a man shall leave his parents and be joined to his wife-woman genesis 2:24 marriage takes its force from god s thoughts and not man s from which structure as i see it the division of sexes came into being structure is always a consequence of design because humans are differentiated in physicality marriage becomes possible god said let us make man in our own image imago dei image of god and god made them in his image male and female there is a reason to which they were made male and female if god who is the creator of mankind wanted it to be different he would have made them male and male or female and female that they humans were made male and female denotes that there is a purpose which this should and does fulfill and one of this purposes in respect to marriage is procreation a continuity of life to ensure continuity in the human race is a commandment of god genesis 1:28 says be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth in other for this to be fulfilled humanity had to be made male and female and it is important to note that till this day the only way to still replenish the earth is through a male and female gametes no matter the method used we must see the connection of male and female for the conception idea of marriage god conceived of marriage which aids continuity of life then created them humans in line to fulfill the purpose of marriage therefore god created man who is of physicality though have a soul to be given a wife woman so that he may demonstrate that which exist within him spiritually this exemplifies that which god our father and the husbandman is or does to the church the body of christ it exemplifies it because god demonstrates that which exist in him to us his people it is a love relationship in which god loves his bride the church it is important to note that the bible refers to the lord jesus relationship with the church as a marriage matthew 9:15 matthew 25 revelations 18:23 he calls the church his bride not his groom why because he is the groom therefore there cannot be groom groom or wife wife otherwise it is no longer a marriage what am i trying to pass across here that the definition of marriage came way before humans came to be and it was imbedded in a structural purpose which if changed now does not make marriage marriage anymore analysis a conception of anything by humans cannot precede his or her existence because conception is found in the human quest to know it is said that we can know inwardly aquinas as well as outwardly aristotle inwardly in respect to knowing a priori and outwardly in respect to knowing experientially the scientific knowing things a priori is found in the fact that god the creator breathed into man and he became a living soul genesis 1 but knowing scientifically is by the means of man s five senses,


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whereby an idea can be spun out brand new or for improvement experientially now it is evident that man has spun out an idea a new one that argues that marriage should be between the same gender a redefinition of marriage as the union of two humans irrespective of gender but the foundation of gender is sexuality and the foundation of sexuality is marriage since marriage is of god and is spiritual how can man redefine it the reasoning of man is of the mind but the mind is subordinated to the spirit the borders limits of man s reasoning is delineated drawn by god himself unto truth though man is free to refuse truth also man is fine-tuned unto life whereby all reasoning is geared unto life a reasoning that is outside of life is convoluted and is outside of the required confines of reason the conception of an idea is made pronounced in the mind because the soul of man consists of that property intellect but the actual source of that idea most of the time is the spirit the spirit of man gets signals from the spiritual realm which is of good god or of evil of the devil this signal is read in the soul which springs up an idea or concept though one can credit what is in experience as that which led to the idea aristotle the true source of that idea all things being equal is the spirit it is then evident that the conception of marriage is made known to man by god by the illumination of man s spirit by the holy ghost the spirit of truth contrarily the alternate conception of marriage is also found in the spirit when illuminated by the spirit of error the progression of the spirit is made known in one s thoughts for as we think in our hearts so we are proverbs 23 so he who has the spirit of god will think good thoughts while he that has the spirit of error will think thoughts contrary to truth which is god s way of things besides god there is no other truth the bible says that jesus is the way truth and life john 14:6 this formulation is expressed in the second letter of john and is fully analyzed in romans 1:20-27 in view of 2 john the foundation of reason is not of the flesh but of the soul spiritual so the conception of marriage cannot be redefined by the flesh without agreement with the soul and spirit the spiritual for one s predisposition spiritual signals informs one s disposition soul s predilections feelings and one s disposition arms one s position bodily choices and actions the implication is when one chooses his own way as taking a position of error it causes him to deny god s way of doing things now having done so he chooses his own gods for a replacement this allows god to free him to his own man s desires regrettably in god giving them up those men and women conceive an idea which is not natural men choosing to `know men and women choosing to `know women against god s view and definition of marriage romans 1:20-27 another point we must note in marriage is that when god brought the woman eve to adam adam exclaimed this is the bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh genesis 2:23 how did adam know this since he was put to sleep and unaware adam knew a priori-inwardly informed by his spirit which is the candle of god proverbs 20:27 the bible states unequivocally that a man should leave his parents and be joined to his wife female that they may be one flesh god decreed marriage remember that adam did not request for a wife no god gave him one therefore one of the purposes of existence of the female gender is to become a wife for the man to be a help meet for him genesis 2:18 the arguments on redefining marriage before the supreme court this is a case between the proponents of proposition 8 that defines marriage between man and a woman through a referendum and the opponents of proposition 8 however some government officials are reluctant to defend the law of the state of california in this regard though proposition 8 was supported by the voters this led to the case being brought to the supreme court this argument as to upholding this law is led by attorney charles j cooper on behalf of those who petitioned on the other side the opponents of this law led by attorney theodore b olson argued that the supreme court must act to redefine marriage the argument of cooper is that marriage is an old institution that is central to social life it must not be tampered with as to changing what constitutes marriage because the consequences are grave he argued that marriage is gendered between man and woman and that such marital norm imposed fidelity obligation also that the state interest of regulating responsible procreation is found in traditional marriage olson on the other hand,


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argues that marriage is not a society s right but an individual and personal one which he found in the equal protection clause included in the right to privacy association liberty and the pursuit of happiness to that end procreation is not a condition for marriage and not a part of marriage olson sees the marriage between heterosexuals as identical to that of homosexuals it seems that cooper is not allowed to argue mentioning god so he relied on that which works and is reasonable while his opponent having eliminated god s view relied on man s reasoning history of discriminatory practices and need for experimentation at the core of the word `marriage is the uniting of those who are structural opposites male and female this is disputed by the opponents of proposition 8 on the ground of civil liberties ­ individual rights inalienable or state given these rights if not given by the state takes it away from the powers of instituted authorities and put it in that of the creator who endowed each person with the power of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness since it is generally known that god is the giver of those rights it also means that he gave the right to marry having defined marriage now if this right to marry irrespective of gender is given to persons at birth as some people argue who gave that right if it is god why is it reasonable to think that he who fundamentally established differentiation sexes for the purpose of marriage according to structure design would like to blur the division he had set in place it is also pertinent to note that if this right to marry irrespective of gender is beyond human law then there is a need to consult the maker god if he has changed his mind about what he defined marriage as but we know that god is forever constant in his principles and that which is created bear witness that he is we bear witness in our hearts that that which no greater can be found do exist aquinas for the name god bears witness in our intellect and if we believe in god then god s designation or definition of marriage should prevail in my opinion the case before the supreme court is not a case of human freedom or right it is a case of morality it is not just a case of legality but of spirituality the push to a reliance on unsustainable human reason to guide a society is destructive but a reliance on the legality instituted by god himself witnessed by structure differentiation as inscribed in the word of god bible and made manifest in nature as evidenced by the holy spirit is safe and assured it is important to note then that a human is not just a composition of atoms but also of the spirit man has a soul at death man shall go and give account of his choices and action before god who gave life summary in summary god who conceptualized marriage before time in time entered marriage with humans his creation he then depicted how it was to be by giving adam a woman as wife since marriage preceded man he has no power to redefine it it is outside his scope of reasoning or philosophical speculations assertions and/or stipulations it is pertinent to note that we not only live in a physical world but the spiritual world all that is physical was created by the god who is spirit to that end any redefinition that does not include god lacks truth thus leading away from god unto destruction beware so that history does not repeat itself now as was done in sodom and gomorrah genesis 19:1-24 because of us redefinition marriage sexual intimacy is only found according to design between man and his wife in marriage according to scriptures conclusion in conclusion the issue at stake is not of worldly legalities as seen in the body of laws of a people coded and put in place by man the issue at stake is that of a higher ground the legality that comes from above the law that is not coded by man but by the creator of all things who has preeminence in every sphere of influence every earthly man s law seeks a higher ground the moral ground which superimposes on all laws he that created them made them male and female designed to fit joinable as one unit in all ramifications of life marriage cannot actually exist unless it exists between two parties that are male and female because of design marriage is gendered this is the will of the designer made known in his own given law the bible god bless george nwachuku who has an apostolic calling is an author the president and c.e.o of chuks insurance inc he holds a masters in business administration m.b.a and is currently a doctoral candidate for biblical studies from one of the major universities in the usa he is married to dr choice nwachuku.


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when i was little girl and that was not too long ago we used to run jump ropes ride our bicycles and climb anything that was climbable amongst other things we were always on the move and if your brothers were anything like mine oh boy there was always something new and exciting to do you probably have heard the song i am singing in the rain we did not sing in the rain ­ we played in the rain we played so much my uncle would say we look as tired as he did after a day s work and rightly so because indeed playing is a child s work it was no different at school as a matter of fact there were two days out of the week where we would go back to school after an hour and a half break and play for two 2 straight hours and this was different from our playtime at school what were the results healthy bodies in this edition i would like us to look at obesity in children first of all what is obesity the medical dictionary explains it as the condition of being obese increased body weight caused by excessive accumulation of fat is obesity hereditary some people will argue that obesity is hereditary i will not really address the issue of hereditary i would like to say that hereditary or not there is always a solution with the help of god and a change in our eating habits and a lot of exercise i strongly believe we can live healthier lives if we put our minds to it please note that my intention is not to condemn anybody rather to encourage parents who are going through the challenge of being obese so that they can help themselves before they can in turn help their children with being obesity i think this is especially important because as the parents begin to deal with their obesity only then can they begin to effectively help their children besides there is always a tendency to remain in the state we find ourselves in because our attitudes sometimes is that well mom was heavy her mother was heavy her mother s mother was heavy consequently we resign ourselves to being that way too but let me encourage you the buck as they say can stop with you a healthier you will produce a healthier child/children children s corner obesity in children belinda abrianna brown-darko what is the difference between overweight and being obese being · being overweight means you have an excess amount of body weight compared to set standards this excess weight may come from muscle bone fat and/or body water · being obese means you have an excess amount of body fat everyone needs a certain amount of body fat for stored energy heat insulation and other functions our food/diet we cannot talk about obesity without mentioning the types of food and how much of it we and our children consume going back to when i was kid not only were we exercising we were also eating right and we did not even know anything about counting calories and the truth of the matter is even if the calories were high we burnt them very fast there were no chemicals in the soil the animals were not fed all the chemicals they are being fed with now nothing was bleached or processed cereals and drinks etcetera did not have tons and tons of sugar in them and yes although we used a lot of oil in our cooking we did not eat fatty foods all the time everything was in moderation with us my mom always used to say do not consume everything today there is always tomorrow and it wasn t because our parents could not afford to give us as much as we wanted especially the candies and the goodies but they were trying to curb our appetites some parents give their children anything they ask for i watched oprah s show a while ago and what i saw broke my heart the show was about obesity in children if you saw the amount of food those little darlings were consuming a day you would be sad it was unbelievable the mothers claimed that it was an act of love to give the children anything they wanted to eat and whenever they wanted to eat them please mothers if that is the way you think i am pleading with you to change your mindset i am not saying you do not love your children all i am saying is that giving a child everything he/she wants is not always necessarily


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right exercise going back to when i was a child we watched television for maybe an hour or so on weekdays and a little bit more on weekends we did not have all the video games and all the other game systems that kids of today have now in today s society some children watch tv for as long as they want some even have televisions in their rooms as well as the hand held games surfing of the internet and the numerous computer games that they play in the past the term couch potatoes only applied to adults today some children could be referred to as couch potatoes the sad thing about it is that in some homes seating on the couch is all the exercise the children get that is a terrible thing what should we as parents/a society do eat lots of fruits and vegetables from organic consumer report here are some vegetables to slim us down asparagus has high vitamin content that stimulates the kidneys cabbage acts as roughage to the diet cleaning the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines carrots are an excellent source of vitamin a and carotene which speeds body metabolism celery is rich in calcium and other trace minerals that enrich the blood it is low in calories and can be eaten in unlimited amounts cucumbers decongest fat cells and provide needed water to eliminate toxins garlic provides essential oils to the body lettuce is high in vitamin and water content some diseases that comes from being obese move move move parents i am sure you know children will not probably do what you say they will however do what you do because i said so may not necessarily do it when you move ­ they will move exercise please cut down on fast foods watch the portions you serve your children eat a balanced diet daily be diligent ­ read the labels of the food and drinks you are consuming give your children healthy snacks avoid giving them a lot of sugar even some of the drinks they consume are filled with a lot of sugar encourage your children to drink water i can almost hear my family and friends saying look who is talking if the weather does not permit you to take your children out there are so many things you could do indoors have the children run in place jump rope climb stairs dance ­ just do something diabetics type 2 heart disease stroke certain types of cancer arthritis chronic kidney disease please note that this is not meant to degrade anyone who is obese i understand that some families have more challenges in this area than others children and adults as well if you find yourselves in this situation i want you to know that god loves you no matter what you look like i need you to look in the mirror every single day and say john jane whatever your name is god loves me parents pray yes pray that your metabolism will normalize be persistent never give up no matter how long it will take to get back in shape i want you to know that with god all things are possible mark 9:23 parents teachers and the community as a whole please help to keep the next generation our future leaders healthy may god help us achieve this in jesus name amen do not eat too late a person who is overweight or obese is most likely to not feel good about him/herself and the last thing they need is to be teased for those of you who are not overweight or obese please be a friend to someone who is either obese or overweight help them to make healthy choices help them to move remember a friend in need is a friend indeed belinda abrianna brown-darko is called to the children s ministry and is a graduate of penn foster she holds a diploma in child day care management and currently works as a co-teacher at a prestigious daycare center in laurel maryland.


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prayer corner dr oluchi nwanajuobi p rayer is two-way communication with god and for this issue we will focus on the types of prayer why do i have to know the types of prayer you may ask it is imperative for us to know because it helps us during our time of prayer to effectively and efficiently approach the father and hence receive answers as we are all aware prayer is one of the most powerful arsenals that god has given to the church and knowing how to use this powerful arsenal will help us fulfill all that the lord has called us to do although there may be some other types of prayers we will only discuss seven major types and they include prayer of thanksgiving prayer of praise and worship prayer of confession prayer of petition or supplication prayer of faith prayer of intercession and prayer of agreement 1 prayer of thanksgiving the prayer of thanksgiving is a kingdom key that ushers us into the presence of the lord so that we can freely commune with our father thanksgiving declares the goodness and faithfulness of god before we start asking the lord for anything we have to first thank him for who he is and all that he has done and will do we are to enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise be thankful unto him and bless his name psalms 100:4 and psalms 95:2 tell us to come before his presence with thanksgiving we need to practice thanksgiving at all times and in all situations and circumstances according to 1 thessalonians 5:18 there are so many things that we can thank god for we can thank him for our salvation families divine health jobs etc even an earthly parent would want to do more for a child who shows more gratitude compared to an ungrateful child we should therefore make thanksgiving a lifestyle colossians 4:2 2 prayer of praise and worship when jesus taught his disciples how to pray he began first adoring the father and ended with the same matthew 6:913 after thanksgiving we can now enter his courts with praise psalms 100 4 praise and worship focuses our attention more on god and less on us we praise and worship god for who he is that is his character love faithfulness power majesty goodness etc we can praise and worship the lord with singing dancing with our hands lifted up and with the word of god psalms 150:16 2 samuel 22 50 psalms 9:11 21:13 during our times of praise and worship we can find scriptures like those mentioned above to praise and worship god 2 chronicles 20 talked about king jehoshaphat who when threatened to war by many nations appointed singers unto the lord and set them to go ahead of the army verse 21 in the natural it seemed like a foolish move but the bible declares that the lord dwells in the praises of his people psalms 22:3 king jehoshaphat and the israelites won this battle and defeated their enemies therefore praise is one of our weapons of warfare psalms 149 6-9 as we praise and worship the lord more we will see him work mightily in our lives in jesus name amen 3 prayer of confession confession is defined by webster dictionary as a disclosure of one s sins in the sacrament of reconciliation or a written or oral acknowledgment of guilt by a party accused of an offense the bible in psalms 66:18 says if i regard iniquity in my heart the lord will not hear me and 1 john 1 9 declare if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness these verses tell us that if we sin god desires that we do not try to cover up our sins but come with humility and confess before him jesus came to wash our sins away and get us back in right relationship with the father thus the blood of jesus is so powerful that it can cleanse us from all sin and make us whiter than snow 1 john 1:7 psalms 51:7 hebrew 9:14 the holy spirit living within each believer convicts us of sin according to john 16 8-11 and when he is come he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment of sin because they believe not on me of righteousness because i go to my father and ye see me no more of judgment because the prince of this world is judged as we come into prayer we need to be sensitive to the holy spirit and repent of anything he shows us that may hinder our prayers to the father confession is not complete without forgiveness forgiveness means to pardon or give up resentment as we confess our sins to god we must also accept his forgiveness and move on with our lives it is also important to note that the lord can lead us to confess and


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repent of sins on behalf of our nations daniel 9 3-19 2 chronicles 7 14 4 prayer of petition or supplication a petition is an earnest or formal request to one in authority for oneself or on behalf of another person the prayer of petition seems to be the most used of all the types of prayer when petitioning the lord we are asking for a specific request the bible tells us in matthew 7 7 ask and it shall be given you seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you thus the lord admonishes us to ask him what we desire mark 11 24 john 14:14 philippians 4 6 but we must petition the lord according to his will john 15 7 1 john 3 22 5 14-15 we are also to ask with faith and without doubting matthew 21 21-22 mark 11:22-24 hebrews 11:1-6 james 1:6-8 and ask in the name of jesus john 14 13 16 23-24 philippians 2 9-10 two examples in scripture are hannah who petitioned the lord for a child 1 samuel 1 10-18 and jabez asked the lord for blessings 1 chronicles 4 9-10 they both received what they petitioned god for glory to god 5 prayer of faith faith is a spiritual principle that must be exercised in other to receive our petitions from the lord now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen hebrews 11 1 faith believes that god is and will do what he said he would do the prayer of faith is knowing god s will and praying his will but without faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh to god must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him hebrews 11:6 the prayer of faith is rooted in confidence in god s word because he has revealed his will in his word the bible tells us that in this world we will face tribulations but jesus has overcome them all john 16 33 thus we by faith can walk in the victory that jesus has won for us on the cross how do we develop faith faith comes by hearing the word of god romans 10:17 when we study and meditate on the word of god we get the word in our spirit man and can declare the word during prayer and because we remain in the presence of god by constantly studying his word and praying when we declare the word the word has power to fulfill what we have declared 6 prayer of intercession to intercede means to plead or mediate on behalf of another person ezekiel 22:30 the lord seeks a man or woman who he can use to stand in the gap concerning people and nations jesus is our intercessor and mediator hebrews 7 25 roman 8:34 he intercedes for us before the father and we are called to intercede for others the holy spirit prays for us and through us the will of the lord some may say i really don t know how and what to intercede for we don t have to worry about that because the holy spirit is our helper and he will lead us to pray and intercede according to the will of god likewise the spirit also helpeth our infirmities for we know not what we should pray for as we ought but the spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered and he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the spirit because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of god roman 8 26-27 therefore we depend on the holy spirit in the place of intercession he may lead us to pray in the spirit ephesians 6:18 or in our known tongue we need to be sensitive both to the prompting of the holy spirit and also discern how long he wants us to pray there are so many areas that we can intercede for such as the church our pastors and ministers our communities and nations the unbelievers the sick etc in 1 timothy 2:1 -3 paul admonishes us to pray on behalf of all men for kings and those in authority abraham interceded for the nation of sodom and gomorrah genesis 18 22-33 paul travailed for others galatians 4 19 and was an example of a man who gave himself to pray for others ephesians 1:15-16 philippians 1 3-7 prayer is a love response to the burdens and needs of others the prayer of intercession must be given sacrificially to others without wanting anything back it takes love and sacrifice to pray for people who are not aware that we are doing it 7 prayer of agreement the prayer of agreement means praying with two or more people regarding a particular area in unity and purpose in deuteronomy 32 30 one shall chase a thousand and two put ten thousand to flight we hear the phrase that there is power in number and this phrase is true even in the area of prayer again i say unto you that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask it shall be done for them of my father which is in heaven for where two or three are gathered together in my name there am i in the midst of them matthew 18 19-20 it is therefore imperative that when we desire for someone else to agree with us in prayer we must ensure that that person is working in agreement if this is not the case we may delay the answers to our prayer can two walk together except they be agreed amos 3 3 the lesson here is that we must pray together in unity and love dr oluchi nwanajuobi is a pharmacist by profession she holds a pharm.d degree from howard university in washington d.c and works in a hospital in baltimore she currently resides in bowie md.


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