Spring K-5 Tech Training


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This PD was centered on Planbook.com and Schoolwires updates.

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k-5 technology pd spring 2013


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lesson plans


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online planbook pc mac ipad smartphone etc why next year standards evaluations sharing great tutorials https planbook.com/tutorials.html


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set up classes click go to classes add class set up subjects math writing ect


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display settings click go to display set up sections tabs lessons


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templates go to templates add template these will allow you to have the same lesson template on the days of the week you select you then can just tweak or edit each day s lesson to fit the actual lesson.


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detailed lessons sub plans i made a tab in my lessons called detailed plans then i made a template for repeat type lessons morning routine and this works well as sub plans.


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standards in lesson click standards add standard select subject scroll and click apply there are common core and state standards to choose from.


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coming soon remove class from single day month view for all classes month view for event anchor a lesson equal size class boxes add day counter ipad/android tablets these are the features that are in the works and will be added soon there are some great and useful additions coming planbook com is open to communication and reponds back quickly do not be afraid to ask/vote for features.


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school web site


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edit page actions edit page this is very similar to how it was before it is just layed out differently.


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tutorials how do i this is the go to place for quick tutorial videos on how to do everything you need on your class site must be logged in.


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transfer ipad pics video to pc


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transfer pics/video from ipad to pc you can transfer pics/video using the ipad charger plug charging cable into ipad and the computer usb port let the drivers load go to my computer to find ipad do not sync with itunes



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