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St Teresas Primary Homework Policy

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st teresa s rc primary school statement of policy homework


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st teresa s rc primary school homework policy at st teresa s we believe the purpose of homework is to develop an effective partnership between the school and parents to ensure consistency of approach throughout the school to ensure progression towards independence and individual responsibility to ensure the needs of the individual are taken into account ensure that parents have a clear understanding about expectations of themselves and the pupils extend and support the child s learning through reinforcement and revision provide opportunities for the parents pupils and school to work in partnership provide opportunities for parents and pupils to enjoy learning experiences together to consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding particularly in literacy and numeracy to exploit all resources for learning including those found at home to extend school learning to encourage pupils to develop the confidence and self-discipline required for individual study to prepare children for the demands of secondary school content of the homework given the main focus of homework will be literacy and numeracy as children move through the school this will continue to be the main focus with the addition of other subjects such as science and the humanities homework will at times consist of formal exercises to be completed by the child but will also include activities to be completed jointly by the parent and pupil e.g reading research teachers will establish a regular pattern for homework that parents will be informed about by written communication at the start of the school year we begin in our upper foundation stage with the expectation that reading books are sent home to be shared between family member and


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child letters and sounds sheets/work are also sent home on a nearly weekly basis in key stage 1 homework continues with reading practice this continues to be essential all the way through the child s primary education regular spelling practice sheets/lists are also sent as homework weekly numeracy tasks begin with simple number activities that eventually develop into formal tasks this will be supplemented by tables 2x 5x 10x number bond practice and mathematical games in key stage 2 all children will complete a weekly numeracy and literacy based activity spelling practice sheets are a regular feature of homework preparing the children for their weekly spelling test teachers should also make parents aware of the current times table learning focus in addition to regular weekly activities children may be given additional tasks that are differentiated according to age and ability these may include research work reading in preparation for lessons preparation for an oral presentation and traditional written assignments occasionally children may be asked to finish work at home but this will not form the core part of homework to show that will value work completed at home work should be sent home in folders or books what we expect of our families children need a quiet area in which to work they need access to pens pencils a ruler and a rubber as children move throughout the school dictionaries are also essential for research some children may need support to read the homework task all children benefit form positive praise and encouragement parents are requested to check and sign homework parents to sign a homework contract and to be made aware of homework policy praise and rewards all homework should be marked promptly and feedback given to pupils this may take a variety of forms according to the work set such as:


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class discussion about the work individual written feedback individual verbal feedback merit awards stickers if homework is not completed if homework is not completed the following sanctions are put into place one week of homework not returned a merit point is removed playtimes can be missed at a teacher s discretion either to complete homework or as a sanction after three weeks of missed homework a formal letter is sent home with a tear of slip for parents to acknowledge lack of completed homework appendix one homework contract for parents appendix two formal letter of notification fiona lindsay and staff april 2008 approved by governors autumn 2009


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st teresa s rc primary school harris street ­ darlington ­ co durham ­ dl1 4nl telephone 01325 380754 e-mail admin@stteresasrc.darlington.sch.uk head teacher miss c boyce dear parents homework contract at st teresa s we value the support and encouragement from home that is given to learning we believe that homework develops an effective partnership between home and school and extends and supports a child s learning through reinforcement and revision your child s class teacher will inform you of the regular homework pattern for their class generally though homework will consist of regular reading practice literacy and numeracy practice and spellings to learn this contract is a partnership agreement the school st teresa s will ensure that homework is clearly understood by your child and closely relates to ongoing classroom work is at an appropriate level of ability for your child reflects a variety of activities although generally concentrating on basic skills is marked promptly with some feedback given parents/carers as a parent/carer i will endeavour to ensure that all homework is done while my child is alert in a calm atmosphere with as few distractions as possible discuss the work and work alongside my child when needed check that the quality and presentation is of an acceptable standard before signing the work equip my child with suitable stationery such as a pen pencil rubber and ruler provide a dictionary when appropriate show interest and praise good effort.


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page 2 may 30 2012 st teresa s considers homework to be important and unfortunately when the contract is not adhered to it may be necessary to put in place sanctions if a pupil should fail to do work set without having a reasonable excuse or produce work of an unacceptable standard the following steps will be taken the removal of merit points pupil may be kept in at break/lunchtime letters sent from the head teacher informing parents that homework is not being completed and asking them to support the school by seeing that work is done regularly older pupils who are encouraged to organise themselves in preparation for secondary school may be asked to miss an extra curricular activity or club st teresa s sees our role as supporting your child s learning whether at home or school and we hope to have your full cooperation as parents name of child class signature of head teacher signature of parent/carer date please sign the above agreement and return to school promptly.


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st teresa s rc primary school page 1 may 29 2012 harris street ­ darlington ­ co durham ­ dl1 4nl telephone 01325 380754 e-mail admin@stteresasrc.darlington.sch.uk head teacher miss c boyce notification of uncompleted homework dear parent it has been brought to my attention that your child despite frequent requests has failed to return homework to school on several occasions in the school/parental homework contract we clearly state that we value the involvement of parents in their child s education and are disappointed that the contract has been broken we ask you to in future support your child in completing their homework and in ensuring that it is returned to school if there are genuine problems arising from the completion of homework then please make an appointment to speak to either myself or your child s class teacher as set out in the contract measures are put in place when homework is not completed without good reason and a note may be made on pupil records which will go your child to his/her next school we look forward to your cooperation in this matter yours sincerely miss c boyce head teacher homework contract i acknowledge receipt of the letter re st teresa s homework contract signature date child s name class



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