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offical publication of the michigan state council knights of columbus columbian michigan volume 63 no 4 april 2013 pope francis born in buenos aires argentina on december 17 1936 jorge mario bergoglio became pope francis on march 13 2013 when he was named the 266th pope of the roman catholic church bergoglio the first pope from the americas reportedly took his papal title after st francis of assisi of italy prior to his election as pope bergoglio served as archbishop of buenos aires from 1998 to 2013 succeeding antonio quarracino as cardinal of the roman catholic church of argentina from 2001 to 2013 and as president of the bishops conference of argentina from 2005 to 2011 early life and education jorge mario bergoglio was born in buenos aires argentina on december 17 1936 to italian immigrants as a teenager bergoglio underwent surgery to remove a lung due to serious infection following his high school graduation he enrolled at the university of buenos aires where he received a master s degree in chemistry before beginning training at the jesuit seminary of villa devoto in march 1958 he entered the society of jesus bergoglio went on to attend the philosophical and theological faculty of san miguel where he earned a degree in philosophy and later received a doctorate in theology in freiburg germany entering priesthood ordained as a priest in december 1969 bergoglio began serving as jesuit provincial of argentina in 1973 he later returned to his alma mater the philosophical and theological faculty of san miguel where he served as rector 1980-86 as well as a professor of theology in june 1992 bergoglio was named titular bishop of auca and auxiliary of buenos aires and in february 1998 he became archbishop of buenos aires succeeding antonio quarracino three years later in february 2001 he was elevated to cardinal by pope john paul ii named the cardinal-priest of saint robert bellarmine in 2005 he was named president of the bishops conference of argentina serving in that position until 2011 after pope john paul ii s death in april 2005 bergoglio reportedly received the second-most votes in the 2005 papal election pope benedict xvi joseph ratzinger won election as pope john paul s successor early into his priesthood bergoglio earned a reputation as a doctrinal conservative he strongly opposed the legalization of same-sex marriage in argentina calling it a destructive attack on god s plan a same-sex marriage bill was approved by argentinian lawmakers in july 2010 making argentina the first country in latin america to legalize such legislation he also publicly disputed efforts to promote free contraception and artificial insemination led by argentinian president cristina fernandez becoming pope on march 13 2013 at the age of 76 jorge bergoglio was named the 266th pope of the roman catholic church becoming the first citizen from the americas the first non-european and first jesuit priest to be named pope and adopting the name pope francis he reportedly took the title after st francis of assisi of italy a catholic preacher during the 12th and 13th centuries prior to the 2013 papal election pope francis had served as both archbishop and cardinal for more than 12 years continued on page 3


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offical publication of the michigan state council knights of columbus columbian michigan all ne in service to in service to o volume 63 no 3 april 2013 from the state deputy michael j malinowski i am late in writing this article as we wait for the words habemus papam what a great surprise the conclave gave to us as they selected cardinal bergoglio to become our next pope we as knights of columbus have to be tremendously excited as we learn about the life style of pope francis his commitment to service his commitment to those in poverty and his commitment to those in need it is what the knights of columbus are all about his deep compassion and care for the poor has to energize us as we go about our lives they say pope francis is a pope of firsts the first jesuit to become pope the first pope of the new world the first pope from latin america and the first pope to be named francis the first principle of our order is charity when we collect cans of food for our food banks we feed the hungry when we distribute coats for kids we clothe the naked when we collect money for the mentally impaired we help those who need help when we give monies to holy cross children services boysville we help those in need i could go on and on about the many things the knights do for charity the more we learn about francis our pope the more we should try to follow his example now following his lead we should ask those catholic men who are not members to join us and help take of those in need at the beginning of january our state warden mr richard mccloy jr was notified by his employer that his job description had changed because of this change by his employer his ability to perform the job of state warden came into jeopardy i regrettably accepted his resignation as state warden i have appointed mr dean combs to fulfill the unexpired term of state warden rick and his wife beth were a great addition to the state board and will be missed by myself and the rest of the state officers i wish to thank dean and his wife linda for accepting this office american catholics praise and respect pope benedict xvi a new knights of columbus-marist poll finds that vast majorities say he changed the church the world and their lives for the better just a week after his retirement took effect a new knights of columbus-marist poll finds that american catholics give high marks to pope benedict xvi more than three quarters of catholics 77 percent and more than 8 in 10 practicing catholics 82 percent have a very positive or positive impression of pope benedict xvi s years as pope american catholics have very positive views on pope benedict s impact on their lives the direction of the church and the moral direction of the world nearly 7 in 10 catholics 68 percent and more than three quarters of practicing catholics 77 percent say pope benedict had a very positive or positive impact on their life only 13 of catholics and 12 of practicing catholics saw a negative impact additionally 70 percent of catholics and 75 percent of practicing catholics believe he had a very positive or positive impact on the direction of the catholic church only about two in 10 said his impact was negative or very negative 21 and 19 percent respectively about two thirds of catholics 65 percent and about 7 in 10 practicing catholics 69 percent said he had a very positive or positive impact on the moral direction of the world fewer than a quarter 23 and 22 percent respectively disagreed and saw his impact as negative or very negative continued on page 7


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3 a p r il 201 3 michigan columbian from the state chaplain rev scott a thibodeau michigan state council knights of columbus publisher my dear brother knights and ladies vivat jesus as i sit to write the church is currently experiencing sede vacante or the chair is vacant referring to the chair of st peter hopefully by the time you read these words the chair will be filled and we will have a new holy father leading us closer to god either way whether we have a new pope or are still waiting pray for the church and the new holy father whoever he may be our prayers for the leader of the universal church are most important to show our love and support for the body of christ in the world this election of our new holy father is an important decision for the church and for us personally as knights i thank everyone for your kindness at my membership tribute dinner it was a glorious evening and great fun being honored in this way was very humbling not long after the tribute dinner i was the class honoree for the fourth degree exemplification for district 1 being honored so much in such a short period of time was interesting humbling and tremendous all at the same time so thank you for kind support and know of my prayers for everyone in our order we have just come through the great season lent and now enter the season of our redemption easter what a blessed gift we have received in that the son of god has conquered sin and death so that we might live with him and know of god s mercy and forgiveness the easter season is a wonderful time for us to get out and act in christian charity by visiting the infirm homebound or lonely perhaps in all of our councils we might take an inventory to see which of our brothers could use a visit or need to hear a kind word then actively send out other brothers to make visits it is wonderful to perform an act of charity and to help others know they are still thought of and considered part of our blessed order this is why jesus came that we may have life and have it to the full so live the resurrection and practice the great gifts of our order by doing the work of the knights living in fraternity by bringing the gift of yourself to others in need wishing you a blessed easter season state officers michael j malinowski state deputy rev scott a thibodeau state chaplain robert w fox state secretary kenneth b unterbrink state treasurer antonio g vittorini state advocate state warden thomas a marcetti sr immediate past state deputy thomas m wegener psd supreme director michigan state council office 2184 beech daly dearborn hgts mi 48127 office phone 313-274-3223 fax 313-274-0704 email mikofc@sbcglobal.net lawrence t grabowski executive secretary editorial gary m kolbicz editor g.kolbicz@mikofc.org michigan columbian publication schedule copy deadline month pope francis addressing a crowd of tens of thousands in st peter s square in the vatican city in rome italy after his election win pope francis stated as you know the duty of the conclave was to appoint a bishop of rome it seems to me that my brother cardinals have chosen one who is from faraway here i am i would like to thank you for your embrace in addition to his native spanish bergoglio speaks italian and german news with a catholic perspective headlinebistro.com the orders news website is now catholicpulse.com catholic pulse brings news from around the world together with commentary from the best catholic minds analyzing today s most important issues it s a site where you don t just get the news you get the catholic perspective as well march 1st april 2013 june 1st july 2013 september 1st october 2013 december 1st january 2013 please send all copy material to gary m kolbicz 39373 durand drive sterling heights mi 48310 phone 586-939-3886 home fax 586-939-3886 email ­ g.kolbicz@mikofc.org moving notify your local council send your new address and mailing labet to knights of columbus membership records po box 1670 new haven ct 06507-0901 prospects to members


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michigan columbian a p r il 201 3 4 the seat of peter thomas m wegener psd supreme director my brother knights and ladies as i write this article the church is going through an extraordinary time the seat of peter is vacant with the retirement of pope benedict xvi and a conclave is being called to select a new pope much will have been said about our new holy father when you are able to read this edition of the michigan columbian so i thought it would be appropriate to look back at the pontificate of pope benedict xvi and how the pope emeritus impacted the knights of columbus the holy father wrote three encyclicals all three insightful into the human condition and instructive regarding church teachings two of the three have specific meaning for the knights of columbus the first deus caritas est god is love and the last caritas in veritate charity in truth were both extensively written about by the supreme knight and referenced with regard to the knights of columbus deus caritas est especially was looked upon as a reaffirmation of the order s first principle of charity and the supreme knight s letter during the 2006 annual supreme convention ties it together well i would like to present a portion of that letter entitled knights of charity and for the purposes of this article i have updated the charitable information in the letter to 2012 numbers and disaster relief sites these changes are highlighted in underlined italics recently we announced the results of our latest fraternal survey of charitable activities during 2012 knights of columbus worldwide donated more than $158 million to charity and logged over 70 million hours of volunteer service both records for our order any organization would be justifiably proud to announce such accomplishments and i am grateful to all my brother knights for their dedication year in and year out significantly we are building upon many initiatives to help those in need regardless of nationality religion or race through our cooperation with special olympics the wheelchair foundation the points of light foundation veterans affairs hospitals and our increased efforts for disaster relief following sept 11 2001 and most recently the hurricanes in the gulf states tornadoes in the heartland and hurricane sandy on the east coast through these projects and in thousands of others on the local level during the last decade we have provided more than $1.2 billion in cash donations and more than 574 million hours of service surely the knights of columbus has remained faithful to father michael j mcgivney s vision and our principle of charity for these reasons we received with special joy our holy father s first encyclical deus caritas est dedicated to the church s mission of charity i firmly believe that it is providence and not mere coincidence that the pope s first encyclical and our first principle are dedicated to the virtue of charity as i said earlier this summer to our state deputies our holy father sees clearly what needs to be done and we knights must be 100 percent in alignment with his pastoral mission pope benedict xvi wrote in deus caritas est that the church possesses a threefold responsibility proclaiming the word of god celebrating the sacraments and exercising the ministry of charity especially important is the pope s message that these three duties are inseparable certainly this is the case for members of the knights of columbus.this is the real meaning of the more than 574 million hours of service over the past decade we have provided for charity it is the personal commitment of hundreds of thousands of brother knights they have not only written checks totaling more than $1 billion but have also given of themselves these brother knights have made the pope s words their own i must give to others not only something that is my own but my very self i must be personally present in my gift deus caritas est reminds us that charity workers need a `formation of the heart they need to be led to that encounter with god in christ which awakens their love and opens their spirits to others we must always remember that our mission is inseparable from the mission of renewal that was set for our church by the second vatican council which pope paul vi said presented to the world the church of the good samaritan may our commitment to the order s principles of charity unity and fraternity grow stronger each day so that each of us may daily live more fully the lesson of deus caritas est true charity continued on page 8


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5 a p r il 201 3 michigan columbian from the state secretary robert w fox my brother knights and families it seems as though spring has finally arrived at least my snow piles are down to three foot and fading fast i love that lake effect with spring also comes our blitz membership weekend on april 20th and 22nd our state deputy has been attending the steering meetings throughout the state and the information we have been receiving is that the blitz does work when done correctly i hope that all councils will give the blitz a try it works why join the knights of columbus i m sure that men don t join just to bolster our membership numbers they join because of our programs programs that help the church community family our youth and most importantly our clergy without membership all of these will suffer many of the council officers saw the video comparing decreasing membership growth to those needing assistance it s a fact that if we do not have the necessary support and funds the aid we give as a state council and as individual councils will decrease as knights of columbus we are given the opportunity to assist our fellow man whether it is a youth soccer event helping build a habitat home giving blood or taking the eucharist to the homebound there is something for all please this april weekend take time to do the membership drive give catholic men a chance to become part of fr mcgivney s dream as state secretary i receive all checks and i do have a few housekeeping items all checks must have two signatures on then this is from supreme by-laws second it is important that the memo line be filled in i need to know where you want the funds to go also some councils will send one large check to be split please let me know how it is to be done if a council sends funds directly to hccs and not through the state secretary we cannot credit you with quota or over quota so please direct all checks with the exception of the mi drive and the raffle to the state secretary i wish all a safe and enjoyable spring break and hope to see many of you at beautiful mackinaw island for the annual convention from the state membership director william g leveque sr my brother knights what an exciting time to be a knight our new pope taking the name of francis is very exciting i think the first principal of our order is going to be tested in the upcoming years i believe charity is going to be one of the watch words for his term as pope like other popes he is going to rely on the strong right arm of the church knights of columbus to help we need to start preparing for the challenges to come we need to support our new leader with the power of prayer and i am sure in the future more charity with the demands that are going to be on our councils and our churches it is important that we maintain our membership and utilize their gifts even more we also should be looking at growing our councils to help with all the new programs that will come out we need to energize our existing members as well as replacing those who go before us now is the time to act supreme has placed full page ads on our behalf both locally and nationally the ads will prepare people for our april blitz our april blitz is if not already scheduled is the weekend of april 20 21 councils should report to dd how many prospect cards and how many form 100s collected we also need to take full advantage of the new members brought into the church on easter we also have many young men preparing to graduate from high school that are 18 years old as you can see many opportunities to avail men to the blessings of membership are now remember also that supreme is still paying $9.00 for every member brought in the rest of this fraternal year the next time we hold our next first degrees we should honor our new pope with dedicating the degrees in his holy honor a note on following up the church phase of the blitz if you need help or are not sure what to say when calling prospects ask you dd for help make sure you have first degree date ready we are finding most prospects when called are ready to join make sure you don t wait too long for having a degree as the longer you wait we lose possible members we are preparing for convention and will be putting together our charts for membership awards the last day to have your council information updated is may 13 this is only for recognition at the convention you will still have time to achieve continued on page 6


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michigan columbian a p r il 201 3 6 k of c ladies corner hello ladies ­ we have a new pope easter has arrived and the convention on mackinac island is not far away with many events sandwiched between it is a great time to rejoice and plan for the upcoming drives raffles and parties the pope has declared that we cannot forget the poor that is what our husbands have vowed to do as knights ­ help the widows and orphans the ladies of this great state never disappoint as the assistance continues in every way possible to help in this great cause we wish to thank beth mccloy for her dedication to her husband and to the order unfortunately rick s work has limited his ability to serve as the state warden and he has resigned thank you to dean and linda combs for agreeing to fulfill the term until june 30 2013 the diaper and formula drive information has been dispersed to the district deputies and is posted on the website this drive scheduled for may 11 and 12 mother s day week end will help the young mothers who believe in life and have agreed to give birth to their babies at one center we visited the ladies remarked if they were running low on a particular item ­ there was serendipity working with a knock at the door and a knight and his council donating the needed item it has occurred more than once we and our husbands are working hard to make things happen for the poor and the needy the grand hotel on mackinac island is the place to be for the state convention on may 23 24 and 25 the state advocate s wife sue vittorini is very busy preparing for the raffle she and the ladies of the board are asking for contributions baskets ticket sellers and donations for the raffle which in the past years raised well over $60,000.00 for holy cross children s services weingartz from lawn to snow corporation matched the funds from this past year s raffle and the total was well over $32,000.00 the weingartz have again graciously agreed to match the funds from this year s raffle we heartily thank them all the donation and help information is on the website for your convenience this year the ladies have created a coupon that will be available to each of you who donates $40.00 for raffle tickets the coupon will entitle you to 5 free raffle tickets the coupon will be available in the delegate s bag we look forward to seeing you on the island love and gratitude maureen sandy ellie sue and linda from the state program director david bergeman as we enter the final quarter of the fraternal year i hope and pray that the efforts from the last three quarters can continue with a bang and not a whimper our goal as state and diocesan program directors is the attainment of supreme star and michigan achievement for each and every council in the state supreme star requires the attainment of the columbian award form sp-7 by conducting and reporting at least four major programs in each of the service program categories church community council family culture of life and youth michigan achievement has specific requirements in each of the six program categories councils that have participated in meritorious activities deserve to be recognized for their efforts pat yourself on the back and submit an application for a service program award in the form of a book details can be found in the state leadership guide to your diocesan program director by april 15 family of the year application book should be submitted to the state family activities director michael metiva by april 15 same guidelines as service program awards in discussing the current condition of each and every council within the state with your district deputy a few common issues have been identified first a number of councils are doing program activities but are not reporting them on the required forms in order for the state leadership to understand the situation and target assistance to councils in need we have to get an accurate picture of a council s condition second the lifeblood of a council is its members if we don t recruit and have active programs for the members to get involved in then we have less help for our first maxim charity tailor programs to the church family membership and community needs survey members to find out why they joined and in which service area they wish to assist depending on the same people to do the work over and over again leads to burnout and loss of interest by members that are not asked to help rotating help and mentoring new members in activities can help to keep members interested and active in closing more then ever i am amazed at the good we have done and continue to do as a fraternal family organization with the common goal of our christian ideals take a moment continued on page 7 from the state membership director william g leveque sr your goals as the fraternal year ends the last day of june please check with your district deputy to see what you may be lacking why ask living our faith through charity while protecting families our belief in god and the joy of sharing him with others some of my personal experiences of truly feeling close to god have come from being around my knights family being around fellow catholics and living our faith growing in to a deeper relationship with god i can t think of a better reason thanks for all you do bill leveque state membership director.


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7 a p r il 201 3 michigan columbian american catholics praise and respect pope benedict xvi pope benedict s use of twitter was also very popular among catholics two-thirds of catholics and practicing catholics 67 and 66 percent respectively said they liked the idea of the pope using twitter to communicate only a quarter of each group disagreed 25 percent for catholics and practicing catholics overall nearly 7 in 10 catholics 69 percent and three quarters of practicing catholics 75 percent have a very favorable or favorable view of pope benedict xvi by contrast only 16 percent of catholics and 14 percent of practicing catholics have an unfavorable view the data indicates clearly that american catholics have a deep respect for pope benedict xvi and a great appreciation for his pontificate said supreme knight carl anderson that so many felt he had a positive impact on their lives their church and their world speaks volumes to the good that he was able to do as pope the findings come just days after the cardinals ­ gathered in rome to elect the new pope ­ sent pope benedict their gratitude for his petrine ministry and example of generous pastoral care for the good of the church and of the world the national survey of 2,000 american adults including 515 catholics was conducted from march 2 through 5 the margin of error for catholics is 4.3 percentage points from the state program director david bergeman to reflect on how you are impacting your council dear lord teach me to be generous teach me to serve as you deserve to give and not to count the cost to fight and not to heed the wounds to toil and not to seek for rest to labor and not to ask for reward save that of knowing that i do your will st ignatius loyola council 2300 knight david adamson and wife barbara teamed up friday march 22nd to assist in the iron river knights of columbus council 2300 38th annual tootsie roll drive for the west iron county mentally impaired next copy deadline june 1 2013 just ask him to join us michigan columbian publication schedul copy deadline month march 1st april 2013 june 1st july 2013 september 1st october 2013 december 1st january 2013 please send all copy material to gary m kolbicz 39373 durand drive sterling heights mi 48310 res fax 586-939-3886 e-mail ­ g.kolbicz@mikofc.org a reminder to all councils just a reminder to all councils all council delegates alternates and special guests will need to be a third degree member in good standing to be allowed admittance into any meeting at the state convention for further information see our charter constitutional laws page 8 section 12 the friday awards presentation meeting is an open meeting to all delegates and their wives shining armor award


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michigan columbian a p r il 201 3 8 the seat of peter thomas m wegener psd supreme director true charity in 2009 the pope emeritus issued his third and final encyclical which was issued during a time of great worldwide financial upheaval enitled `true charity here are a few remarks about this encyclical and the knights of columbus pope benedict xvi s recent encyclical caritas in veritate charity in truth should serve as a reminder of the importance of the first principle of our order in his introduction to the encyclical the pope writes charity is at the heart of the church s social doctrine he then makes clear that our charity must be true charity without truth he says charity degenerates into sentimentality on the other hand practicing charity in truth helps people to understand that adhering to the values of christianity is not merely useful but essential for building a good society and for true integral development we might look at this in light of the lord s prayer pope benedict quotes the first two words of that prayer our father at the end of his encyclical if we take those two words seriously we must realize the truth that all of us are members of one family from this perspective it is easier for us to see how the law and prophets are summarized in christ s two great commandments that we love god totally and love our neighbors as ourselves see mt 22:37-40 thus we are able to speak of caritas in veritate when we understand that we are all members of the same human family and accept these two commandments we can no longer ask cain s question am i my brother s keeper gen 4:9 instead we must realize that our freedom cannot take the form of simply amassing as much wealth as we can instead the actions we take should reflect the reality of our familial connection to our neighbor and we should take stock of how everything we do affects others in fact to be a christian is to be a man or woman for others this is the beautiful message of the encyclical sadly not everyone will focus on this message some will try to view the encyclical as a political document as support for their policy preferences or political philosophy but to do that would miss the point as the document itself states the church does not have technical solutions to offer and does not claim `to interfere in any way in the politics of states she does however have a mission of truth to accomplish the question is not whether this encyclical validates our viewpoint but rather how it can help us to grow in our faith as children of god and members of the human family all human beings including the unborn are part of that family the pope made this perfectly clear in his encyclical openness to life is at the center of true development when a society moves towards the denial or suppression of life it ends up no longer finding the necessary motivation and energy to strive for man s true good if personal and social sensitivity towards the acceptance of a new life is lost then other forms of acceptance that are valuable for society also wither away 28 emphasis in original additionally the holy father points out that religious liberty is a key component to development he wrote the christian religion and other religions can offer their contribution to development only if god has a place in the public realm specifically in regard to its cultural social economic and particularly its political dimensions 56 emphasis in original let us honor their legacy and the pope s call by renewing our commitment to true charity let me finish this article with this thought it will be years before the true impact of pope benedict xvi s papacy has been registered but certainly his writings have been an influence and a reflection on our order s 130 year commitment to our first principle of charity it is a confirmation of fr mcgivney s vision of our order and its priority towards our fellow man district deputies district wardens former district deputies former district wardens eastern division golf outing eastern division place bay city country club date saturday august 24 2013 time 1:30pm shotgun start format 4-man scramble utilizing the callaway scoring system must be a member in good standing to participate real facts 2nd street is the most common street name in the united states first street is the 6th most common six year olds laugh an average of 300 times a day adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day the term rookies comes from a civil war term reckie which was short for recruit.


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9 a p r il 201 3 michigan columbian from st louis center fr enzo addari as we prepare to celebrate the easter of our risen lord we know that palm sunday is close at hand and that spring can t be too far behind the snow will melt eventually and i pray that all of you will have a warm weekend to work with during the m.i drive coming up on march 22-24 2013 whether it s warm or cold outside the weather never deters the knights in michigan from being faithful to the first principle of the order charity charity is what drove fr michael j mcgivney to begin his great order and charity is what drove our servants of charity founder st louis guanella to begin caring for his good children the small ones who were abandoned and defenseless and who had no one else to care for them i cannot begin any discussion without thanking the knights of columbus for all you do for our children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities i/dd the funds that you raise and send to st louis center every year are important for our very existence whether from that single donor from individual councils or from the state council itself ­ you have kept st louis center alive and we are grateful to you all in particular we thank state deputy michael malinowski and 1st lady maureen along with the remaining state officers and their wives for taking the time to attend two important guanellian celebrations at the end of february we honored the 100th anniversary of the visit of st louis guanella to the u.s on feb 24th and the 45th anniversary of the ordination of fr fortunato turati and fr joseph rinaldo on feb 27th both of these events were significant as fr guanella came to the u.s in 1912-13 to establish his institutes here for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities reminding us that the fatherhood of god requires everyone to become big brothers and big sisters to their fellow man and that s how you are perceived by our residents as their big brothers sisters who have come into the world to take care of them the second celebration honored two great priests who have been members and supporters of the knights of columbus for many years fr fortunato turati has now moved on to a new assignment in lake zurich ill where he will be working with our sisters to care for the women of mt st joseph who have i/dd while fr joseph rinaldo remains here as our provincial treasurer our legacy campaign continues to achieve positive results as we are now in the process of master planning much needed renovations to our facilities to better accommodate older adults with i/dd and to create a future housing development for families with disabled children who might want to live together called the village at st louis center this year s renovation project will take place at fr guanella hall to create a senior residential center and we would invite any interested members to assist us in this endeavor either financially or through in-kind services finally as we continue to develop future programming we hope to continue providing our special population with life services and to add a new wrinkle of providing pre-natal counseling to families seeking alternatives to abortion that may be bringing special needs children into the world may the love of our lord jesus christ fill all of your hearts this easter season 10 things to know about pope francis pope francis born jorge mario bergoglio is the first south american pope in history but that isn t the only noteworthy thing about his biography the 76-year-old has lived an interesting life which includes surviving the political turmoil of argentina in the 1970 s the former archbishop of buenos aires who was made a cardinal in 2001 byjohn paul ii made the decision to join the clergy at age 21 what would he have studied if he didn t choose the way of the cloth find out below he only has one lung no one knows exactly why he had one lung removed when he was a teenager but it probably was a precautionary move following an infection without the aid of modern antibiotics doctors could have removed the lung to stop further infection his familial background is italian while much has been said about his argentinian roots because he was born and raised there his ancestry is steeped in italy his father moved from torino to argentina before pope francis was born he rode the bus instead of taking a chauffeured limousine to work he took the bus or subway he made his own meals he cooked his own food in his simple apartment rather than have a chef and stay in the archbishop s palace he s a jesuit he s a member of the society of jesus which is often seen as a liberal order though he himself leans towards the conservative he s a scientist on top of his philosophy degree from the catholic university of buenos aires he also has a master s degree in chemistry from the university of buenos aires he was a teacher before becoming the archbishop he taught literature psychology philosophy and theology he was almost the pope eight years ago during the third ballot of the 2005 conclave he reportedly received 40 votes cardinal joseph continued on page 10


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michigan columbian a p r il 201 3 10 10 things to know about pope francis ratzinger managed to garner two-thirds of the votes at the same time which led him to become pope benedict he s a dance lover he has a soft spot for the tango he comes from a big family he has four brothers and sisters a message to recruiters time and again i have stressed that we have nothing less than a moral obligation to offer membership in the knights of columbus to every eligible catholic man to accomplish this i am asking dedicated brother knights like you to be ambassadors to reach out to catholic men and their families and invite them to become part of our order the servant of god father michael j mcgivney founded our order more than 120 years ago and yet we have only just begun to realize our true potential new members are essential to our succarl a anderson cess the order s tomorrow depends on our recruitsupreme knight ment today we must be creative in our recruitment efforts and i am pleased to promote an exciting web site feature that we hope will facilitate membership recruitment please visit the why join feature and see how it can help in your recruitment efforts this multimedia presentation offers powerful testimonials from knights like you about their experiences in the order please encourage prospective members and their families to visit the why join feature at their convenience and in the comfort of their own homes in so doing they can see why being a knight of columbus truly is an experience of a lifetime thank you in advance for your efforts to bring new members into our ranks working together i am confident that the knights of columbus will continue to thrive as the preeminent lay catholic organization in the world 2013 michigan state council raffle unofficial winning ticket numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 154918 016212 054136 363771 501137 446376 305138 114037 362010 119390 539944 121347 946212 497872 480701 080637 505556 425330 929718 142246 107651 514860 483060 506725 100465 098422 474177 133491 089059 169592 539018 301383 415084 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 217175 027739 187852 305232 469548 299693 508387 948118 340003 355547 301253 094002 537928 212072 321339 164522 213219 069968 139836 526571 105274 327306 929744 330047 430977 949920 353307 245049 037263 148139 366133 148850 recruiting new members news with a catholic perspective headlinebistro.com the orders news website is now catholicpulse.com catholic pulse brings news from around the world together with commentary from the best catholic minds analyzing today s most important issues it s a site where you don t just get the news you get the catholic perspective as well our state treasurer kenneth unterbrink believes in recruiting new members within our families he urges fathers and grandfathers to do so this philosophy is practiced in his own family his grandson david poljan recently went through all three degrees at the major degree hosted by st martha s council #10006 on february 24 david s father and recruiter richard who is also the financial secretary of east lansing council #7816 was also on hand for this proud moment next copy deadline june 1 2013


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michigan columbian a p r il 201 3 11 habemus papam supreme knight carl anderson and the 1.8 million members of the knights of columbus extend cordial best wishes and prayers to our newly elected pope the election of pope francis the first pope from the american hemisphere highlights the fact that america is the continent of baptized christians and a place of central importance to the faith today pope francis is well known also for his emphasis on charity the first principle of the knights of columbus both in our efforts for evangelization and in our charitable work we will strive with him to bring the light of christ to the people of our continent during his historic pontificate up diocesan/state free throw the up diocesan/state free throw was held on sun march 10 in neguanee we had two state winners connor richard baccus from lake linden won the 12 year old boy s category with 23 out of 25 baskets darien nichols from manistique won the 14 year old boy s category after 2 tiebreakers with the boys downstate many thanks to dd dave guenther and the members of neguanee council for again running an efficient free throw contest vip award star council award shining armor award darien nichols connor baccus


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12 a p r il 201 3 michigan columbian michigan knights of columbus announce state free throw championship winners mt pleasant mi march 26 2013 the michigan knights of columbus held their statewide basketball free throw championships for participating boys and girls on sunday march 10 2013 in two locations simultaneously mt pleasant mi and negaunee mi over 200 parents and family members arrived in the gym at sacred heart parish in mt pleasant on march 10th where each male and female winner from the district level came to compete against their peers at the state level over 70 contestants were on hand to compete in mt pleasant alone the contest was coordinated by state program director david bergman and state youth activities director chris kolomjec and many other state diocesan and local representatives from throughout michigan were on hand to assist each participant was given 25 attempts to sink a basket and the winner of each age group was determined by the most baskets made in their group a tie-breaker took place at the end of the day between garret gamble of hudson and connor baccus of lake linden in the 12 year old age group after each boy sunk 23 baskets they both made 5 attempts three more times before a winner was declared between the upper and lower peninsulas while the results were being reported via cell phone technology state deputy michael milanowski of dearborn heights mi congratulated the winners and said that youth programs are vital for our church and to the knights of columbus in our state we can teach our kids the importance of our shared values and have a good time with them in the process hopefully some of these young men will become knights some day michigan k of c free throw championship winners name girls division sara bromley abigail funk precious santos nicole hardman taylor mikkelson leslie asman age 9 10 11 12 13 14 hometown manistee mi hillman mi indian river mi ashley mi whitehall mi luzerne mi diocese gaylord gaylord gaylord saginaw grand rapids gaylord council #853 #8041 #7385 #13449 #12985 #7329 boys division ben bridenstine 9 joseph kimmerer 10 brenden zeien 11 garrett gamble 12 lower peninsula champion connor baccus 12 state champion rielly troyer 13 darien nichols 14 kalamazoo mi hale mi mt pleasant mi hudson mi lake linden mi schoolcraft mi manistique mi kalamazoo gaylord saginaw lansing marquette kalamazoo marquette #15439 #7623 #1297 #3221 #2713 #6980 #2026 gaylord diocese ultra sound machine councils from two districts in the gaylord diocese raised $19,000 for the ultra sound machine training and staffing through various fundraisers at each council supreme matched our contributions the following councils contributed along with 3 private donors 7623 hale/whittemore 8948 holy family 2709 tawas 5083 oscoda 2022 west branch 7329 mio 8390 st helen 6548 prudenville and 6593 roscommon frank warner and james szafran were the district deputies at the time pictured left to right knights of columbus state deputy michael malinowski district deputy frank warner w.b director eric rogers past district deputy jim szafran bishop hebda and fr don geyman.


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michigan columbian a p r il 201 3 13 the mackinac island raffle the raffle was started in 1998 by state deputy martin poleni s wife diane as a live auction with all proceeds going to holy cross children s services in 2000 state deputy kenneth grembowski s wife carol ann changed the auction to the raffle we have today the subsequent state deputies wives have worked hard to help the raffle continue to grow donations can be made by a person or several people by a business or organization council or several councils an assembly lota ladies auxiliary or a district they can have a theme or can be a single item donation forms must be filled out for every donation and can be found on the knights of columbus web site www.mikofc.org ladies corner the forms are necessary to make sure the item is listed correctly and we know who to thank for the next two years the raffle will be run by sue vittorini the wife of the state advocate she can be reached at s.vittorini@mikofc.org according to the raffle license donations must be assigned a value please assign an amount to your gift donations must be brought to the grand hotel s art gallery for the 2013 convention if you have your raffle item ready by november 30 please bring it to the winter meeting and the state officers will see to it that it is hand-delivered to the convention you can give the gift to any state officer before april 1st and they will deliver it for you you will be seeing sign-up sheets at different knights functions that you attend these sign-up sheets include helping with the raffle by setting up the gifts selling tickets and packing up the gifts while at the convention it takes many people to make the raffle a success please sign up you will meet new friends and enjoy being a part of this very worthwhile effort in the past we have had a business volunteer who has matched the funds that were raised first the detroit free press and for the last two years the funds were matched by weingartz lawn to snow all contributions are welcome raffle items needed please donate to the 2013 raffle to benefit holy cross children s services volunteers will be needed to help with tickets setup and pack up please contact the state advocate s wife by phone or email sue vittorini 46763 poma court macomb mi 48044 cell phone 586-718-1532 home phone 586-247-9174 fax 586-566-4665 email s.vittorini@mikofc.org district 47 free throw finals coats for our homeless vets in november 2012 michigan district #1 learned that there were over jerry moore amvets receiving one of many loads of donations from master cliff 1,000 wasmund district #1 homeless vets in the detroit metropolitan area focusing on our veterans and our country the district partnered with the amvets and their coats for homeless vets program and worked together to ensure that each and every one of the homeless men and women had a warm coat to get them through the winter seeing this as a short term district project the assemblies were contacted and asked to solicit for gently used men s and women s coats several assemblies became creative and not only solicited from their assembly by notices were placed in church bulletins by the end of the program at the end of january a total of 1679 coats were collected sorted and distributed to not only the homeless shelters in the detroit area but also lansing grand rapids bay city saginaw and kalamazoo areas of this total 711 coats 42 were collected by michigan district #1 pictured are the winners with event chairperson bill duley jr and gaylord diocesan program director horst lehrer cadillac council 1224 hosted the district 47 free throw finals


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14 a p r il 201 3 michigan columbian show your support leave a legacy calendar fundraiser continues to produce winners below is a list of recent awardees terence d farrar bernard g gerke beverly harker ray joseph lynch mary ellen mccloy francis donald mckenna michael robert pitlanish joseph jolly sobczak december william hufnagel brenda higgins mario meridith pena thomas eleanor szankin carol sobell robert bielinski jerome schultz richard starck james marilyn pawlosky carmel clark brian shumaker sue goodwin daniel vogel erik mayernik harold grice martin powers joshua johnston jane gene evans ellen bartz brian heintz larry maki eugene o mara dennis dzwigalski daniel thelen daniel vezzetti margaret paul durkee melvin mysliwiec daniel brooks stephen vitale lillian hanson wayne lapointe mark scott $500 winner sister joanne fedewa $5,000 grand prize jerome pohl january richard margaret tanghe kevin wisely alick fay feldpausch charles colligan patricia wood beatrice flannery john bogdziewicz edward brother francis boylan jerome pohl mike malinowski mary taylor jill charters donald croff timothy herdegen randy margaret farmer john pegouskie daniel jankowski robert mary zuker stephen goodman fr edwin fisher council #4354 mary rose damato david buick walter papciak john rogers raymond depcinski francis spitzley paul saigh james przybyla george lee dennis brown hilary forbes leonard geraldine lefevre george jackson gerald hachenski $500 winner stella wolfe february gerald jaloszynski wayne sterenberg gabriel karen campbell joseph roznowski gerald janet hochendoner james dummer edwin kuberski john klimkiewicz sr lillian hanson ed burt marirose mouinski p judd pope john paul i council #6865 sally warnement denise bergeron mark cindy braun rodney mcmahon francis darlene kotcher kenneth bezemek frederick bruso richard hoffman wayne friedman gary wayne carl fachting ronald florkowski louis irrer paul pam gelinas maria palazzolo $500 winner bruce pline march george esther jaksa william beningo john haddix mary garlicki raymond gehlmann ann parker raymond geiger james gatti norma reimel albert broome phillip wesley leo wagatha jerome booms bill meyer theresa fox sister heidi king ssj elizabeth goodwin marjory arning albert joseph gary graham russell rigelhof gary bendall james mason michael palchesko gary lieber cheryl summers gary merritt michael schafer valerie eric johnson eugene netkowski john king $500 winner michael huhn


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michigan columbian a p r il 201 3 15 heartfelt thanks for the k of c councils members that hosted events in support of hccs k of c councils #3615 #13475 mardi gras a big hit on january 9th k of c councils monsignor john p eppenbrock and sacred heart grs isle hosted their annual mardi gras event with proceeds benefiting hccs state deputy mike maureen malinowski state secretary bob and sandy fox along with hccs vice president larry tami arreguin attended the function larry shared his sincere gratitude for the work organizing the event and provided a brief overview of hccs services mike reflected on a recent trip to hccs and how appreciative the kids were of the work of the knights of columbus k of c #4102 pancake breakfast fundraiser benefited st vincent s several of the holy cross children s services students from matthew hall in saginaw visited the st stephens knights of columbus in bay city the students along with br francis assisted john turek and his family with their pancake breakfast held on january 13 2013.



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