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official publication of the michigan state council knights of columbus lumbian ichigan co m volume 63 no 2 october 2012 from the state deputy michael j malinowski yesterday-today-tomorrow or past-present-future past every month i receive newsletters or bulletins from councils all around the state both electronically and by regular mail i enjoy reading all of them because it gives me an idea of the activities and programs that the local councils are doing for their church and community every year at the state convention we select the top activities in each of the six main categories church community council family youth culture of life and family of the year this year many of our state winners were recognized by the supreme council youth award st louis guanella council #3092 in chelsea won the international first place award the council grand knight and his wife were flown to the supreme convention in anaheim california and received the award from supreme knight carl anderson for the council s project which was titled children s peace project culture of life award bishop richter council #7761 in rockford won the international second place award for their project which was was titled the art peace project family service award bishop sheen council #7487 in jenison won the international third place award for their project which was titled stabile family assistance all of these awards show the tremendous amount of worthwhile activities that are being conducted around the state i am very proud of all the councils in michigan and all they do for charity present michigan continues to support the ultrasound machine project as of the end of september we were in second place with the number of machines installed at 19 and an additional 4 in the process this puts us in second place only behind texas councils or districts must raise half of the monies needed for these machines which cost a minimum of $12,500 the supreme council will then match this amount the matching funds which come from supreme are generated by the insurance agency i wish to thank all of our supreme council general insurance agents and the field agents who work for them for the outstanding job they do protecting our families future many councils and members throughout all the dioceses of michigan are concerned about the clustering merging or closing of their parishes and how this will affect their councils as of now the parishes that are closing are small and do not have a council directly attached to them with a merger or cluster some of the parishes will remain open as worship sites with a merge there will be only one church building the knights of columbus councils must stand strong now more than ever our bishops and priests need us now as the strong right arm of the church we need to be the solid rock that father can count on we need to be there in our cities towns and communities rallying our fellow catholics to help the church stay strong we need to recruit new members to help our parishes and priests we need our current members to stay active and those that are not need to take an active part in the first half of my article you read about some of the outstanding activities our councils are doing we need to help and support our parishes and communities the year of faith the year of faith proclaimed by pope benedict xvi starts on october 11th of this year bishop david ricken of green bay wisconsin offers us 10 ways catholics can live the year of faith 1 participate in mass 2 go to confession 3 learn about the lives of the saints continued on page


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2 o ct o ber 201 2 michigan columbian from the state chaplain rev scott a thibodeau michigan state council knights of columbus publisher worthy state officers and my brother knights all vivat jesus allow me to extend my thanks to all of you my brother knights and ladies for a very wonderful installation day it was a beautiful day filled with great joy and excitement bishop reiss delivered a tremendous homily of faith setting us off on a path of hope and faith most importantly it was a fitting start for this fraternal year i could not be more proud of the wonderful effort and congratulations extended to the state deputy all the state officers the diocesan chaplains and to me personally you are a truly wonderful people to serve and i am honored to be your state chaplain again thank you and god bless you all this month will be one of great importance in the church universal october 11 2012 brings a day of new beginnings as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the second vatican council additionally on october 11th we will open the year of faith as declared by our holy father benedict xvi we will hear a great deal about this year of faith and have ample time to reflect upon our personal faithfulness to jesus christ and his church throughout the year our knights will have opportunities to gather in prayer in the archdiocese and each diocese of michigan as directed by our diocesan and council chaplains i encourage you to participate in as many of these prayer events as possible we need to gather and be faithful to implore god to protect us and guide our order our state and our country many important decisions will be made throughout this coming year of faith and asking for the lord s guidance is extremely important on october 11 1962 exactly nine years before another great day a great renewal of faith began and 50 years later we are being called to allow another movement of great faith to ensue so let us rejoice in this be faithful and dedicate this year to growing in personal faith for the benefit of our order and the universal church october is also a month typically dedicated to our lady in particular to the praying of the rosary perhaps we could also make an effort to pray the rosary daily with our families so as to inspire faith among ourselves good things begin in our families and extend from there in an effort then to grow in personal faith with our families i highly recommend the praying of the rosary daily for the benefit of all allow this great year of faith to motivate you to change and grow in your love for god through our prayer many spiritual benefits will come to us allowing us to evangelize the world around us for the greater glory of god finally a word of welcome to our new archdiocesan chaplain fr j.j mech and word of welcome back to our new gaylord diocesan chaplain fr don geyman thank you fathers for your willingness to serve all of our other diocesan chaplains have remained from previous years and i am personally grateful to all of them for their ministry and assistance please take a moment to drop any or all of them a note of thanks for their vocation dedication and willingness to serve us the knights of columbus in the great state of michigan council 8043 blood drive our last drive on september 8 brought in 42 people which resulted in34 much needed pints thanks to all who donated ­ blood chili or both our next drive is scheduled for november 10 state officers michael j malinowski state deputy rev scott a thibodeau state chaplain robert w fox state secretary kenneth b unterbrink state treasurer antonio g vittorini state advocate state warden thomas a marcetti sr immediate past state deputy thomas m wegener psd supreme director michigan state council office 2184 beech daly dearborn hgts mi 48127 office phone 313-274-3223 fax 313-274-0704 email mikofc@sbcglobal.net lawrence t grabowski executive secretary editorial gary m kolbicz editor g.kolbicz@mikofc.org michigan columbian publication schedule copy deadline month march 1st april 2012 june 1st july 2012 september 1st october 2012 december 1st january 2013 please send all copy material to gary m kolbicz 39373 durand drive sterling heights mi 48310 phone 586-939-3886 home fax 586-939-3886 email ­ g.kolbicz@mikofc.org moving notify your local council send your new address and mailing labet to knights of columbus membership records po box 1670 new haven ct 06507-0901 educate shining armor award


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o ct o ber 201 2 michigan columbian o ct o ber 201 2 3 a new fraternal year thomas m wegener psd supreme director my brothers and ladies `your voice your vote `rock the vote `decision 2012 `campaign 2012 whatever the news sources calls them the campaigns are ongoing and this november americans will go to the polls to vote for local state federal candidates and of course for president and this may very well be one of those once-in-a-generation choices as americans we have the right of the ballot our vote will be made based on the information that we use to determine which person will be the best for each of the positions that are available but as catholic americans we have a different lens that we see through catholic social teaching s seven themes help to focus that lens as serious catholic voters we are pro-life and family we are in tune with the fight over religious liberty we respect dignity of the human person and we understand the practical aspects in the stewardship of our resources a full treatment of these seven themes can be found here http usccb.org beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe/catholic-socialteaching/seven-themes-of-catholic-social-teaching.cfm with election day just a few weeks away we must exercise our rights by being truly informed voters only having all the facts about each candidate and issue can we make an informed decision the several news sources that we have are a good start but we must not use only one source there seems to be dozens of news channels on cable television radio and the internet i would urge each of us to check out catholic news sources including headline bistro on the internet supported by the knights of columbus http www.headlinebistro.com/en/index.html for a catholic view from multiple sources of national and world news the order has also passed a resolution at the 130th supreme convention in anaheim titled `faithful citizenship it urges members of the order to rededicate ourselves to advocacy on behalf of the poor the marginalized and the voiceless and especially on behalf of the dignity of human life the sanctity of marriage and family life and the right of all to practice their faith privately and publicly according to the dictates of their conscience and to be fully involved in the voting process by getting out the vote and getting the voters out to the polls the full resolution from the convention can be read at this web link http www.kofc.org/un/en/conv/2012 resolutions/citizenship.html finally as we prepare for the year of faith and the new evangelization the knights of columbus catholic information service http www.kofc.org/un/en/cis/index.html has online resources for all of us to become more informed about our catholic faith catholics are an important voting population and informed catholic voters are a powerful force that can shape elections and shape public policy for the common good the resources listed above are a good start but we need to be ready for november 6th and to do that we need that good start now from the state membership director dan waligora state deputy s initiative every council active before september 30 2012 my fellow brother knights we have just completed the 1st quarter of the fraternal year membership recruitment over the summer months has been slow and similar to previous years but momentum is beginning to increase every week september 30th was the last day for your council to qualify and earn the $5 $4 $3 membership rebate incentives for any initiated new members approximately 120 councils statewide took advantage of this incentive program any earned rebates will be paid out in the 2nd half of the fraternal year to those councils that actively participated with the autumn at hand and advent is approaching on the horizon the 2nd quarter is when councils really bolster their membership and recruitment efforts every time you recruit a man to join the order remember that you may be helping him to become a better catholic a more charitable man a better family man and better able to provide for his family after his death as knights we owe every eligible man in our parish that same opportunity and now is the perfect chance to give it to him 2q october 14-28 statewide membership recruitment drive the next statewide membership and recruitment drive will kick off on sunday october 14th and conclude on sundayoctober 28th another two week period that will give every council more opportunity to conduct their pulpit announcements and adequately schedule their recruitment drives before and after all masses two keys to successful recruitment are advance planning and then execution be ready when the statewide drive arrives organization and communication within your council will be the key to making it a success everyone should be on the same page as to what your council hopes to accomplish within your parish have a specific part of the parish assigned to each council member making sure that qualifying individuals who enter your recruitment area will be approached for their contact information rememberrecruiting will take place later continued on page 6


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4 o ct o ber 201 2 michigan columbian from the state advocate as state advocate i am the chief legal officer of the michigan state council and represent the state council in all legal matters and opinions in regards to the by-laws rules and regulations of the state council it is imperative that we uphold the charter constitution laws of the knights of columbus and that each officer is responsible for understanding and following these documents you have probably heard the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure please make sure all council issues are addressed and escalated appropriately all issues should be addressed first within your local council and with your council advocate and then escaladed appropriately through the district deputy state advocate and state deputy as required worthy grand knights you need to make sure that your council is following the charter constitution laws of the knights of columbus as well as following the proper escalation of council matters so they can be addressed appropriately worthy council advocate it is your responsibility to ensure that your council is following the charter constitutional laws please do read them often and become very familiar with the laws of our order in addition district deputies grand knights and financial secretaries can find helpful information by going to the supreme website kofc.org ­ in the top right corner click on officers ­ click on log in ­ click on officers desk reference it will take you to the office of the supreme advocate ­ then go to the tab you need here are some of the topics that you will find welcome who we are principles of fraternalism nonpartisan national voter registration program fraternal programs membership issues council and assembly issues fourth degree issues name and emblem for example if you click on name and emblem you will find the following subtopics 1 requests for use of name and emblem 2 section 162.11 and board statement 3 use of name and emblem 4 use of name and emblem on goods and services 5 use of name and emblem to promote fundraising activities 6 use of name emblem and membership to promote independent associations and political candidates 7 prohibition of use of membership for promotion of competing financial products and services 8 prohibition of advertisements for competing financial products and services further topics are tax issues financial issues social communications political issues and home corporations i know that these topics will help you let s have a great fraternal year from the state program director david bergeman there is a chill in the air the end of summer signals a number of kofc events mi-1 s for 1st quarter are due soccer challenge and planning for the columbus day mi drive the knights of columbus was founded on the premise of helping our widows and orphans consider extending a helping hand to those who have lost a brother knight we continue to hear that there is an essential need to replenish our food banks on the gleaners food bank website http www.gcfb.org weingartz is matching donations in the mow down hunger campaign donations must be made before october 17 if you make a personal donation please notify your grand knight or council program director so that your donation can be included on the councils mi20 report more information is available on their website according to the american red cross every two seconds someone in the us needs blood arrange a blood drive in your community or make a donation by contacting the american red cross michigan blood or the up regional blood center most of our vacationers are back home from summer vacations and are ready to attend council events be sure to plan events that involve new members you joined for a reason they did also get involved in activities like supporting church vocations pro-life events family community council and/or youth activities now is the time to get coats so that we can keep our kids warm this winter with the coats for kids program coats can be purchased from supreme or solicit area businesses for discounted or donated new coats we have a lot of new casey the bears that are looking for a good home consider donating casey to local police fire emt hospital or school a friendly soft and cuddly bear can put a smile on a child s face and can go a long way to provide comfort remember that our goal is for every council to obtain star council and michigan achievement your district deputy diocesan and state directors are here to support you if you need ideas or details on program activities please contact us your success is our success.


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michigan columbian o ct o ber 201 2 5 k of c ladies corner hello ladies here are a few glimpses into the past few weeks of traveling around this great state solo performance from a st louis resident on a recorder playing `america the beautiful in dearborn beaming smile from a beautiful little girl in a party dress at mass in kalamazoo heartfelt eulogy for past state deputy gerke in rochester hills polish muslims know how to party and perform at boyne highlands family home to celebrate a dream coming true for their father ­ being installed as state deputy at the madonna chapel in livonia the broad smile of a newly installed monsignor at sacred heart major seminary gift of polish pottery in north branch traveling to marquette for the slovenian mass at baraga days witnessing double rainbows in munising all of these events were a few of the many wonderful events we have attended as a part of your state board it was our privilege and pleasure to be invited to participate with you the christmas season is nearing and preparations are being made for the winter meeting the children at holy cross children s services could never imagine and most have never seen a christmas like the knights and their wives prepare 40th anniversary roe v wade decision michigan knights attending 39th annual march on washington departs council 788 in lansing 5:00 p.m january 24 2013 departs st mary church in chelsea 6:30 p.m january 24 2013 arrive basilica washington d.c 7:00 a.m mass jan 25 13 meet march staging area 11:30 a.m jan 25 2013 after march depart for hampton inn old towne alexandria va cost for hampton inn $99 per room plus tax for up to 4 people reservations call hampton inn directly at 1-703-329-1400 place on your credit card rooms under michigan knights of columbus cost of bus $100.00 per person make check for bus payable to michigan state knights of columbus mail to paul and sue thorn 768 lockmoore ct rochester hills mi 48307 phone inquiries 248-852-1758 deadline for reservations december 15 2012 the councils and ladies organizations are busy wrapping new sweatshirts and hoodies emblazoned with team logos in boxes and labeling the sizes on the box the lucky girl or guy will unwrap the unexpected gift and try on the new sweatshirt and show all the others at hccs how special they feel in their sweatshirt ­ purchased especially for them others will use the shampoo shower gel and enjoy the new hairbrush and the lotion the ladies have donated in baskets especially for them the donated gift cards will help the children learn how to budget the little cash they have seen in their lives the cards will be from wal-mart meijer target and kmart ­ just like brother francis requested these stores were chosen because they are located state-wide allowing councils from all over the state to be involved brightly colored sheets for single beds will be given to the graduates from the program for their new digs through tears of happiness we will see grateful smiles and know that christmas is truly the season of giving love and gratitude maureen sandy ellie sue and beth yesterday-today-tomorrow or past-present-future 4 read the bible daily 5 read the documents of vatican ii 6 study the catechism 7 volunteer in the parish 8 help those in need 9 invite a friend to mass 10 incorporate the beatitudes into your daily life we as members of the knights do many of these already with just a little effort all of these can be accomplished prospects to members for greater glory the true story of cristiada unveils a time when mexican christians in the pursuit of religious freedom had to choose between their faith and their lives.


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6 o ct o ber 201 2 michigan columbian from the state membership director dan waligora you only need to get a prospect s contact information if they want to talk more that s great make sure your recruitment members are prepared for any and every question that might be asked ensure your members are knowledgeable about the order as a result of preparing and practicing in the weeks leading up to the statewide drive it is important to have recruiting materials ordered and ready all materials can be ordered from the supreme council supply department obtaining the support of your pastor is another vital ingredientit s no secret that the pastor is usually the council s best recruiter looking ahead every diocese will be hosting a 1-2-3 major degree that will be in honor of their bishop please review the statewide degree schedule posted on the state council website for more information and specific details if your council needs assistance with membership recruitment please reach out to your district deputy/regional director and the diocesan membership director for their assistance supreme has many tools in its arsenal to help in recruitment including many talented supreme council insurance agents that are willing to help with council recruitment drives you just have to ask for help also carefully review your leadership guide as it has more detailed information on how to conduct a pulpit announcement schedule an informational open house and execute a membership recruitment drive within your parish membership is not the sole responsibility of the grand knight or the financial secretary or the membership director increasing membership within in your council should be every member s responsibility new council development holy spirit council 15548 i m proud to announce and welcome newly formed council established from within the grand rapids diocese this new council is named holy spirit council 15548 which chartered with 52 members of which 32 are new members into the order i want to express my sincere congratulations to district deputy-martin brown diocesan membership director-peter faraci and the new council development-doug kokot for establishing this new council my brother knights i look forward to getting your input feedback and comments or any suggestions that you may have feel free to contact me at 734 476-8177 or e-mail me at dwaligora@mikofc.org best of luck wishes to every council in the 2nd quarter let s be diligent and work hard recruiting more members into the michigan order while having much fun along the way vivat jesus the power of one has your council recruited one member per council per month annual state right to life dinner april 11 2013 the annual state right to life dinner will be held on thursday april 11 2013 at the burton manor in livonia a short bio on the keynote speaker is below more information will be available shortly david bereit pro-life speaker and national director of 40 days for life david became an outspoken pro-life advocate after planned parenthood announced plans to build an abortion clinic in his texas town in 1998 he helped to start and build a local grassroots coalition that rallied 60 churches and thousands of people together and dramatically reduced abortions in the region planned parenthood recognized the effectiveness of david s efforts when it labeled his town the most anti-choice place in the nation david led the first-ever 40 days for life campaign in college station texas david moved to the washington d.c area in 2005 where he served as executive director of american life league and national director of stop planned parenthood until being asked to lead the national 40 days for life campaign his pro-life work has been featured in the media hundreds of times including coverage on fox news hbo abc nbc and cbs television stations numerous radio programs and in over 100 newspapers across the country including usa today the washington post and the los angeles times david and his wife margaret have two children claire and patrick paul sue thorn state pro life chair couple p.thorn@mikofc.org shining armor award vip award star council award


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michigan columbian o ct o ber 201 2 7 michigan knights celebrate installation of officers at madonna university chapel state treasurer ­ kenneth b unterbrink of chelsea ­ diocese of lansing state advocate ­ antonio g vittorini of macomb ­ archdiocese of detroit state warden ­ richard mccloy jr of lansing ­ diocese of lansing the state k of c family of michigan l to r ­ tom and arlene marcetti ipsd tony and sue vittorini state advocate robert sandy fox state secretary mike malinowski state deputy bishop reiss maureen malinowski rev scott thibodeau state chaplain ken ellie unterbrink state treasurer and rick beth mccloy jr state warden the michigan knights of columbus celebrated their installation of state officers and directors at the chapel of madonna university in livonia mi on saturday august 18 2012 in special ceremonies presided over by the most rev francis r reiss auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese of detroit with over 500 people in attendance from throughout the state of michigan the ceremonies began with an opening procession of state officers and district deputies as part of the mass and the installation ceremony was integrated into the mass before the blessing of the eucharist rev scott a thibodeau of our lady queen of martyrs in beverly hills was sworn in as state chaplain by bishop reiss to begin the installation ceremonies and fr thibodeau s swearing in was followed by the swearing in of the michigan state officers state deputy michael j malinowski of dearborn heights ­ archdiocese of detroit state secretary ­ robert w fox of jenison ­ diocese of grand rapids pictured l-r-most rev bishop reiss with state chaplains rev robert f creagan of portage kalamazoo rev john mech of troy detroit rev william j turner of chelsea lansing bishop reiss rev scott thibodeau of beverly hills state chaplain and rev james bessert of saginaw saginaw following the swearing-in of the state officers district deputies and state regional and diocesan directors were sworn in at the conclusion of the mass at madonna chapel a celebration dinner was held for over 600 people at burton manor in livonia the dinner provided an opportunity for the knights of columbus from all over michigan to celebrate their new state council officers and also provided an opportunity for several guest speakers to praise newly installed state deputy michael malinowski who has set the tone for increased prayer and spirituality for the order in michigan during his next two years as state deputy operation patriotism master dennis l henderson presents keys for five 5 brand new amigo people movers to steph young acting medical center director of the aleda e lutz v.a medical facility as vice supreme master george a dann looks on the amigo is an extremely high quality unit and is the only one made in the u.s.a the units will be used by our veteran patients receiving medical assistance while on site this was the third donation as part of the ongoing vavs operation patriotism program administered by the 4,450 fourth degree sir knights their ladies of michigan district ii through the generous donations of all 21 assemblies and the ladies group the district presents an annual gift to one of the va facilities in michigan in the past two years the district refurbished an historic patriot fountain for the battle creek va and totally remodeled a hospice care room for the ann arbor va facility.


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8 o ct o ber 201 2 michigan columbian state council activities david a riley knight of the month 4 the knight of the month award enables a council to reward individual members for outstanding jobs done for the council these jobs may involve program activities recruiting activities or some special activity the individual performed the form is state form mi-2 located on the state website mikofc.org report participation at least once per quarter and submit form mi-2 to the state council director david riley ­ d.riley@mikofc.org casey teddy bear program casey the bear is a program that has been around over 20 years and has made the stress for a child having a medical emergency or having been in an accident or fire trauma a little easier when a doctor or nurse fire fighter or police officer hands to a child the little stuffed bear it makes them feel a little bit better the stuffed casey shows them someone cares many of our councils all around the state have been utilizing the teddy bear program this way and more a new idea is to give a box of casey to the people who received the ultra sound machine from our knights so they can give a bear to the client receiving an ultrasound as their first gift for their unborn child here is a list of some other ways to utilize casey 1 bring to brother knight in hospital 2 use as a fund raiser sell for $20.00 proceeds to a charity 3 gifts for baptism 4 give to right to life organizations for the unborn child 5 give to first degree candidate to exercise the first principle of the order 6 charity give the bear to someone in need as a symbol that we care you can place order using the state mi-05 form from the state website and e-mail to me at d.riley@mikofc.org christ the king council 9979 daylight savings time ends daylight savings time will end at 2am on sunday november 4 2012 set your clocks back 1 hour shining armor award this past summer christ the king council 9979 in acme received a request from a parishioner who was looking to raise funds to enter the community of st john as a postulant the parishioner joe balog came to the knights with a membership form and a commitment to act as the council s refund support vocations program rsvp chairman the council readily welcomed balog into their ranks and donated $750 toward his goal.


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michigan columbian o ct o ber 201 2 9 the goal of the children s peace project was to foster unity in christ among middle east and western christians to do this the members of st louis guanella council 3092 in chelsea michigan sponsored a variety of projects including hosting five students and a teacher from pales tine sponsoring the education of a student at a holy land christian school supporting christians in the holy land through ongoing gift sales and conducting a mass and reception for his beatitude fouad twal latin patriarch of jerusalem father william turner council chaplain had a vision of hosting high school students from the holy land through the holy land ecumenical foundation and the knights of columbus made his vision a reality council families served as host families for the students whose trips were financed through fund-raisers conducted by the council patriarch twal visited after the students had returned home in recognition of the contributions of the council in fostering unity and solidarity round tables parish round tables are not only a way for a council to serve a parish but also a great way to recruit new members the orderwide average of new members recruited per active round table is three during the 2011-2012 fraternal year councils established 3,376 round tables jurisdictions reaching their goals for 2011-2012 are delaware 10 round tables past state deputy david r brown sr district of columbia 15 round tables past state deputy peter a gabauer utah 22 round tables past state deputy ray l lopez idaho 25 round tables past state deputy john r ganguzza manitoba 25 round tables state deputy merlyn a onyschuk south carolina 46 round tables past state deputy thomas m monahon virginia 60 round tables past state deputy ronald p gorman mindanao 70 round tables mindanao deputy balbino c fauni colorado 83 round tables state deputy roger g muller florida 97 round tables state deputy christopher e kernan wisconsin 197 round tables past state deputy daniel e hull michigan 204 round tables past state deputy thomas a marcetti sr iowa 230 round tables past state deputy michael p laake california 266 round tables past state deputy charles h clark texas 308 round tables past state deputy anton a herreth vip club the vip very important proposers club has grown tremendously since its establishment the vip program invites every knight to join its prestigious ranks of outstanding recruiters membership is open to any knight who recruits at least two new members and reports them to the supreme council office club members advance through the ranks as they recruit new knights membership in the vip club as of june 30 2012 stood at 134,668 knights who have recruited 897,577 new knights to date 60 members have reached the 200-member level 14 have reached the 300-member level and six have reached the 400-member level we now have five brother knights at or above the 500-member level jurisdictions with the most vip club members are new jersey ­ 4690 illinois ­ 4832 quebec ­ 4861 mindanao ­ 5097 florida ­ 5204 michigan ­ 5881 new york ­ 6344 california ­ 6751 texas ­ 8588 luzon ­ 11012


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michigan columbian o ct o ber 201 2 10


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11 o ct o ber 201 2 michigan columbian warning signs to know by heart because heart attacks cause one in five deaths knowing the signs symptoms and what to do if you suspect you or someone else is having a heart attack can be a lifesaver according to the centers for disease control and prevention deaths from heart attacks would be reduced if people received medical assistance more quickly always call 911 if you suspect someone may be having a heart attack driving yourself to the nearest emergency center or having someone drive you could delay lifesaving treatment there are two types of risk factors for heart attacks inherited or genetic risk factors that you are born with and cannot be changed but can be improved and acquired factors that are caused by activities that we choose to include in our lives the primary risk factors include · knights of liberty knights of charity · · · · · · · · · age men who are 45 or older and women who are 55 or older are more likely to have a heart attack than are younger men and women tobacco use diabetes high blood pressure high blood cholesterol or triglyceride levels family history of heart attack lack of physical activity obesity stress illegal drug use raffle items needed please donate to the 2013 raffle to benefit holy cross children s services volunteers will be needed to help with tickets setup and pack up please contact the state advocate s wife by phone or email sue vittorini 46763 poma court macomb mi 48044 cell phone 586-718-1532 home phone 586-247-9174 fax 586-566-4665 email s.vittorini@mikofc.org snining armor award as supreme knight carl a anderson took to the podium at the 130th supreme convention in anaheim calif to deliver his annual report the good works and deep faith of the more than 1.8 million knights of columbus were on display underscoring first the recent challenges to religious liberty in the united states and highlighting the role that the knights of columbus have taken whenever religious freedoms have been threatened the supreme knight called on his fellow knights to take to heart the theme of this year s convention and to echo the words of america s founding fathers matching their dedication and their resolve to proclaim liberty throughout all the land the history of the catholics in the united states is a history of working for religious freedom anderson said and the work of the knights of columbus on behalf of religious freedom is a key part of that history knights defense of religious liberty is a natural outgrowth of their charitable activities their work for religious freedom has always been motivated by and inseparable from our commitment to charity anderson said that commitment was particularly evident this year as the knights of columbus once again shattered records donating more than $158 million to charity and 70 million hours of their time to charitable work according to independent sector which calculates the value of volunteer time each year those 70 million hours are valued at $1.5 billion the order s healing haiti s children food for families and coats for kids programs continued to grow and reach more people in need and jurisdictions order wide continued to innovate and create programs to address their communities needs also growing in the past year was the knights of columbus insurance program adding $5 billion of continued on page `12


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michigan columbian o ct o ber 201 2 12 state right to life dinner the annual state right to life dinner will be held on thursday april 11 2013 at the burton manor in livonia a short bio on the keynote speaker is below more information will be available shortly david bereit pro-life speaker and national director of 40 days for life david became an outspoken pro-life advocate after planned parenthood announced plans to build an abortion clinic in his texas town in 1998 he helped to start and build a local grassroots coalition that rallied 60 churches and thousands of people together and dramatically reduced abortions in the region planned parenthood recognized the effectiveness of david s efforts when it labeled his town the most anti -choice place in the nation david led the first-ever 40 days for life campaign in college station texas david moved to the washington d.c area in 2005 where he served as executive director of american life league and national director of stop planned parenthood until being asked to lead the national 40 days for life campaign his pro-life work has been featured in the media hundreds of times including coverage on fox news hbo abc nbc and cbs television stations numerous radio programs and in over 100 newspapers across the country including usa today the washington post and the los angeles times david and his wife margaret have two children claire and patrick paul sue thorn state pro life chair couple p.thorn@mikofc.org knights of liberty knights of charity insurance in force this brings the total to $86 billion and yields a 6.9 percent increase in total assets speaking on the recent u.s department of health and human services health insurance mandate which would require catholic employers like the knights of columbus to pay for or be complicit with contraception sterilization and abortifacients supreme knight anderson noted catholic voters have the power to transform our politics is it not time he asked for catholic voters to say `no no to every candidate of every political party who supports such intrinsic evil but saying no is not the only way catholics can transform politics anderson said speaking on the recent u.s department of health and human services health insurance mandate which would require catholic employers like the knights of columbus to pay for or be complicit with contraception sterilization and abortifacients supreme knight anderson noted catholic voters have the power to transform our politics is it not time he asked for catholic voters to say `no no to every candidate of every political party who supports such intrinsic evil but saying no is not the only way catholics can transform politics anderson said toward the end of his remarks he discussed the latest initiative of the knights of columbus a nationwide campaign for civility in america which includes an online petition drive that will give the american people a voice in speaking up for a respectful public discourse thousands of people have already signed the petition atwww.civilityinamerica.org reflecting on the order s founder venerable michael mcgivney and the first men who became knights of columbus the supreme knight closed with an inspirational message for the future father mcgivney knew their faith and he knew their aspirations he knew what they were capable of i also believe our saintly founder sees into the hearts of his brother knights today and there he finds those same qualities one hundred years from now he will not be surprised by what his brother knights continue to accomplish warning signs know the signs of a heart attack and how to respond · pain or discomfort in the jaw neck or back · feeling weak lightheaded or faint · chest pain or discomfort · pain or discomfort in the arms shoulders or between the shoulder blades · shortness of breath for women the symptoms can also include · indigestion or nausea · profound or sudden weakness and fatigue


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13 o ct o ber 201 2 michigan columbian freedom is our lives a new major motion picture for greater glory tells the but about four years ago barroso began dreaming far bigger epic untold story of the cristero war and a nation s quest for religious liberty by david naglieri he saw the need to reclaim a period of history that is lost to so many of his countrymen a time when the infamous calles law which was imposed by mexican president plutarco calles in 1926 enforced draconian restrictions on the catholic church to tell this story adequately barroso sought to break from the small films he had produced in the past and graduate to a larger production with an a-list cast i didn t want this to look like a very small mexican movie he said i wanted this to be like braveheart,like gladiator going around the world and reaching audiences by all appearances barroso has achieved his goal for greater glory is reportedly the biggest budgeted film in mexican history but it wasn t the film s financial largesse estimated at $25 million that allowed it to attract talent like garcia peter o toole and eva longoria dean wright an academy award-nominated visual effects producer for iconic films such as titanic the lord of the rings and the chronicles of narniaseries signed on early to make his directorial debut after being impressed with the script and he wasn t the only person who found the story compelling it just exploded wright recalled describing the fevered response to casting calls people were hammering us `we want you to see this person we want that person when it came time to cast the key character of general gorostieta though there was one name that stood out cuban-born actor garcia for gorostieta there s only a handful of actors that i think could really play the role the right way said wright as gorostieta garcia captures the ambition and rugged charisma of a retired military leader who leaves behind his wife and family to lead the cristero army gorostieta helps transform a disorganized band of outlaws into a force that gains victory after victory despite being outnumbered by federal forces and although initially skeptical of religion he is driven by his belief in religious liberty the first stimulus for me as an actor to be a part of this movie was the notion of the quest for absolute freedom said garcia coming from a country where religious freedom was also curtailed and abolished i was very sensitive to that reality and those struggles reclaiming history for the filmmakers bringing the dark era of the cristiada years to life was largely motivated by the silence that surrounds it as the story unfolds the audience witnesses the various ways in which committed catholics responded to their plight some such as blessed josé anacleto gonzález flores who is sometimes referred to as the mexican gandhi favored civil disobedience others like father josé reyes vega and victoriano ramírez known as el catorce resorted to armed resistance beginning a grassroots rebellion of mexican catholics from which the continued on page 19 gen enrique gorostieta velarde andy garcia leads the cristeros into battle in the new film for greater glory which opens june 1 and tells the true story of the cristero war in mexico in the 1920s actor andy garcia sits astride a black horse amid acres of scrub brush beneath a blue sky in durango mexico he is playing enrique gorostieta velarde a seasoned mexican general before a pivotal battle the general is in the process of inspecting his troops an army on horseback dressed in sombreros and with bandoliers of ammunition strapped across their chests today we send a message to calles and to the world he says freedom is not a word just for writers politicians or fancy documents it is our wives it is our children it is our homes it is our faith it is our lives we must defend it or die trying it s not only our duty it s our right remember men may fire the bullets but god decides where they land viva cristo rey the battle they are about to face will be one of many during the cristero war a conflict that lasted from 1926 to 1929 this often forgotten era of mexican history is captured in a new film comprised of an ensemble of talented and awardwinning actors for greater glory the true story of cristiada unveils a time when mexican christians in the pursuit of religious freedom had to choose between their faith and their lives `reaching audiences for greater glory is the brainchild of mexican producer pablo josé barroso a successful businessman who began producing a string of small-budget faith-based films following a powerful rediscovery of his faith aimed at furthering blessed john paul ii s call for a new evangelization barroso s company dos corazones films released guadalupe a dramatic re-telling of the story of st juan diego among other projects.


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