Designing Your Own PowerPoint using the 2010 Lab


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designing our own clipart using powerpoint on the 2010 lab step #1 open powerpoint and choose a blank slide step #2 click on the first slide the one with the writing and delete it step #3 choose a topic to design ie dog cat tree etc and go to the shapes icon and choose a shape to start with.


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step #4 double click on the shape and change it s color step #5 add detail using other shapes or the scribble drawing tool step #6 if you want a shape to go behind another use the arrange tool i sent the star behind the ball


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step #7 add another blank slide if you are starting a new design or choose duplicate selected slides if you want to keep the same image and change it s color or shape a little remember you can also duplicate an object on a slide i wanted my tree to have the top sections the same so i used the command c buttons to copy and the command v to paste step #8 when you are finished you need to save the powerpoint as an image go up to file and click on save as picture


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step #9 save the file to the desktop and label it clipart step #10 go to the desktop and find the file named clipart and change each of the slides in the file to their own unique appropriate name step #11 drop each file into my dropbox at password hcspizza



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