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p. 1

q are some people born cleverer than others 1 yes i think if you have clever parents you will be clever too 2 yes it helps if your parents are clever but you still need to work hard 3 no you can be clever if you work hard and practise it doesn t matter if your parents are clever or not.


p. 2

q really clever people are just born that way 1 yes clever people are born that way and they will always be clever 2.some people are born cleverer than others but they have to work hard to stay clever 3 no everyone can be clever if you work hard and keep practising.


p. 3

q i am clever enough to go to university 1 yes people in my family have gone and i m smart so i could go too 2 i won t go i m not clever 3 i could go but i ll need to work very hard and practise all i learn.


p. 4

q i enjoy my work 1 when it is easy because i know i can get it all right 2 when it s not too easy because it makes me think and work quite hard 3 when it s really challenging sometimes i make mistakes but i know i am learning.


p. 5

q i don t enjoy my work when 1 it s easy i can do it without too much effort and it s not very challenging 2 i can do it with some effort but it s not too challenging 3 it s hard and i think i might get it wrong.


p. 6

q when i find work too hard 1 i just know it s too hard for me 2 i think i might be able to do it if i get some help and try 3 i know i will be able to do it i just need to work really hard and keep going.


p. 7

q how do you feel about sport 1 i m not very good and never will be 2 i m good at it i m a sporty sort of person 3 i can be good at it i need to practise and work hard to get better at it.


p. 8

q how do you feel about art 1.i m not very good at it and i never will be 2 i m good at it i m an artistic sort of person 3 when i work hard practise and don t give up i can better at it and enjoy doing it.


p. 9

q how do you feel about music 1 i m not musical and that s just the way i am 2 i am musical i have a talent 3 i can be musical i just need to keep practising.


p. 10

q how smart do you think you are 1 i m not that smart that s just the way i am 2 i m smart my family are smart too 3 i can be smart i work hard and practise.


p. 11

how smart are you not at all very smart


p. 12

how much effort do you put into your work none not much a little as much as is possible all the time.


p. 13

if you always scored 10 on the last page how smart could you be?



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