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the chile specialist the official newsletter of the chile specialist association 1st quarter 2008 no 69 the chile specialist association is an affiliate of the american philatelic society editor · charles p blickle · 511 moss ave · clearwater fl 33759-3432 · publisher · carlos vergara · editor emeritus · leland crane · what is going on by pete blickle at the sarasota national stamp exhibition sarapex in february i had the pleasure of meeting two specialist members roy lingen from canada was enjoying the warm weather while looking for material for his internet stamp business i also met our newest member dr roger schnell a noted longtime aero philatelist who has become interested in the 1928-1934 overprinted airmails it is always a pleasure to meet specialist members at stamp shows remember we are always happy to receive articles or submissions from you our membership if you have anything of interest you know you do special finds questions stamps or covers to share­ on any aspect of chilean philately­ please send them in thanks contents what is going on by pete blickle page 1 member news miscellany page 2-3 historic auction result page 4 cover postal stationery of the quarter by rodrigo bravo pasler pages 5-6 a very unusual canceller by pete blickle pages 7-8 1881 ­ 1886 roulette issue curiosities by don davies page 9 tp14 ­ a scarce formular card by ross towle page 10 where was dumb cancel no 30 used by jorg maier pages 11-12 discovering a cache of the rare tp53 by jorg maier page 13 punta arenas revisited by jorg maier page 14-15 the 1894 ar in black essay by carlos vergara pages 16-21


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member news miscellany welcome to new member jose ceppi 1994 stonington ct rochester hills mi 48306 collects chile ph 248 656-1092 email address corrections for members carlos vergara ­ new zip code only 60189 claude collard ­ new address puerto williams 6674 las condes santiago chile alejandro lupu ­ new address 2167 hill place sw rochester mn ­ new phone 507 206-4744 please keep us informed if your address or any contact information changes in the march 24 2008 linn s stamp news steve pendleton has written an article about the islas de juan fernandez overprint series of four stamps in 1910 nos 80-83 the article is well illustrated and presents a history of the usage of the stamps steve is the author of robinson crusoe s islands-a philatelic survey of chile s juan fernandez archipelago and has previously written articles about chilean antarctica tierra del fuego and easter island in various stamp journals if anyone is not able to find the article let pete know and he will send you a copy member dr eduardo madsens latest book manual de historia aeropostal de chile 19162006 is hot off the press and is a must-buy for airmail collectors and historians in both spanish and english this new books is an expansion of his 2001 book 80 años de historia aeropostal en chile 1919-1999 and its 698 pages and includes the following chapters 1 mail dispatched on first inaugural special and occasional flights 1916-2006 2 special and instruction hand stamps on letters and post cards forwarded on scheduled flights 1930-2006 3 post cards at reduced airmail surtax during christmas and new year seasons 1932-1941 4 mail by airships graf zeppelin hindenburg 1930-1937 5 crashed aircrafts mail 1928-1965 6 1928 and 1931airmail stamps 1st day of issue 7 domestic and international flight schedules 1927-1948 8 santiago to europe airmail dispatches 1928-1941 9 magallanes to europe airmail dispatches 1929-1949 10 lc postal rates and airmail surtaxes 1927-2003 the book can be obtained from dr eduardo madsen albrecht-duerer-str 15 65195 wiesbaden germany the price is 72-euros by surface mail or 82-euros by airmail including postage and handling you may email him for specifics this is a wonderful addition to any chilean postal history library the chile specialist no 69 p 2 of 21


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member news miscellany continued congratulations ross and brian members ross towle and brian moorhouse recently completed their required fip apprentice judging at israel 2008 in tel aviv and are now full-fledged fip judges ross­ postal stationery brian ­ postal history congratulations request for cooperation fellow collectors i am writing to ask anyone who collects or has marcas lineales straight-line cancels with names of cities the so-called prephilatelic period to help with a project i am collaborating on with jorg maier a top authority in this area for the sociedad filatélica de chile fantastic studies of these marks exist in the articles written by authorities in this area like ramón laval and joaquín gálvez see chile filatelico #192 however there is not a single illustration of a cover with a lineal marking only magnificent reproductions of the marks known to them we are trying to collect and create a record of the lineal markings of chile on covers so we are asking for collectors to send us scans or color copies that they might have along with any illustrations please also enclose a note with accurate measurements of the size of the lineal marking you will be recognized as the provider of this record by the sociedad filatelica and it will become a permanent record in the library please send scans and measurement info via email to or mail color copies and measurement info via mail to alvaro pacheco 8760 azalea court apt 102 tamarac fl 33321-2024 thank you for your cooperation on behalf of myself and the sociedad filatélica de chile alvaro pacheco sescal/americas 08 stamp exhibition sescal/americas 08 stamp exhibition will be held in los angeles october 10-12 2008 organized and managed by the federated philatelic clubs of southern california and the fiaf/americas 08 committee the show will be held under the auspices of fiaf with fip recognition approximately 450 frames of philatelic exhibits will be on display at the radisson at los angeles airport hotel 6225 west century blvd los angeles california 90045 the exhibition will honor the 40th anniversary of fiaf and host the annual assembly of federación interamericana de filatelia there will be space for participating societies to meet and greet and also a hospitality room this will be the biggest showcase for latin america that the us has had in decades maybe ever additional information including exhibiting details we will plan on having a meeting of the chile specialist association at sescal and are looking forward to spending time with the california membership as well as members attending from chile and beyond the chile specialist no 69 p 3 of 21


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historic auction result the robert a siegel auction galleries inc presented their outstanding islander collection sale of the rarest and most outstanding stamps of south america on june 5-6 2008 the highlight of the chile section was lot #119 a cover with a block of 14 5ct lithographs discovered in paris shortly after world war ii this amazing cover was acquired by john f rider went on to helen novy eventually landing in islanders hands in 1967 in this its first public offering since its discovery this cover sold for an amazing high of 632,500.00 yes you read that right six hundred thirty two thousand five hundred us dollars this amount which includes the 15 buyers premium is by far the highest price ever paid for a chilean philatelic item thanks to siegel for producing the fabulous catalog for the sale the chile catalog is a wonderful reference piece of wonderful material congratulations go out to the buyer islander and siegel on this historic sale the chile specialist no 69 p 4 of 21


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cover postal stationery of the quarter by rodrigo bravo pasler sfch the small 15ct double overprint a unique example in november 1929 particularly in the chilean town of valdivia a very curious philatelic event occurred a postal stationery envelope was issued with 15cts overprinted in a small size 2mm high these overprints were on the 20cts pse featuring pedro de valdivia which were prepared in november 1928 ep25 only eight examples have been reported and the number prepared is unknown in addition to the obvious small overprint the eight known examples have the commonality of having the same sender as well as matching violet ink type writing and dispatch cancels walter reccius1 was an attorney in valdivia and it is not known whether or not this issue might have been a private order prepared for reccius this is plausible and it is understandable that they were accepted by the post office in valdivia as they were used for such a brief period and now something notable and surprising an example of ep25 appears with an amazing characteristic not noted in the catalogo especializado de chile 20062 a double overprint of the small 15cts this cover dispatched november 8 1929 with a reception cancel the next day shares the already mentioned commonalities with the other known examples another factor of merit is the added 15cts stamp 134 perfectly fitting with the period nicely tied with a despacho cancel making this the only known example with additional franking postal stationery envelope ep25 with added 15cts #174 for a 30cts franking from valdivia november 8th 1929 to talcahuano double strike of the small 15cts overprint 1 2 see the web page http catálogo especializado de chile 2006 sellos postales y aéreos sociedad filatélica de chile 2006 the chile specialist no 69 p 5 of 21


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cover postal stationery of the quarter continued examining and comparing the double overprint with a known example shows identical length as well as separation between letters and height the style of the type is the same this is obviously due to fast or careless application by the person applying the overprint in summary this is a legitimate example of ep25 having the notable characteristic of having a double overprint and thus far the only example id like to thank martin urrutia and ross towle for their cooperation editor s note shortly after mr bravo sent in this article another example of this rarity appeared on ebay the double strike is not as well defined but clear nonetheless starting at a very low minimum the lot received heated bidding and sold quite well i am not aware of where the cover landed unique is seldom a permanent adjective for a philatelic item uncanny to not only see one but two congratulations rodrigo -cv the chile specialist no 69 p 6 of 21


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a very unusual canceller by pete blickle andes copper mining company acma was one of the three major copper mining companies in chile owned by anaconda it was located in potrerillos about 130 kilometers east of chañaral potrerillos was truly a company town acmc provided housing and stores for the employees who worked in the mine concentrator and smelter as well as those who worked at the port town of barquito just south of chañaral in the late 1920s transportation was mainly by rail with primitive roads air service arrived in 1930 figure 1 below is a letter from the commissary pulperia to the companys general auditor in new york city franking pays for the upaep surface rate of 25-ctv for 20-gm or fraction 7.20pesos airmail surcharge at 3.60-pesos for each 10-gm or fraction and 1.10-pesos for the domestic airmail surcharge of 60-ctv for the 1st 10-gm and 25-ctv for each additional 5-gm the letter has a correo aereo ovalle back stamp dated 4-aug-32 there are no markings denoting registration nor does the franking cover a registration fee what is of particular interest is the date line on the cancel the european and south american custom for writing dates is day month and year in the united states the custom is month day year figure 1 one side note after working outside the united states for a period over several weeks i would find myself using the day month method using only numerals in reviewing notes at a later date i would often wonder which method i had used the chile specialist no 69 p 7 of 21


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a very unusual canceller continued as a company town acmc may have very well operated the potrerillos post office for the chilean government at first i thought that a newly arrived ex-pat accountant from the states had inadvertently reversed the month and day slugs then i found two more stamps with the r canceller figure 2 figure 3 both figure 2 and figure 3 have the month day configuration the latter used in 1938 this pretty much rules out the young ex-pat after a short but extensive lesson in cancellers from ross towle this canceller meets the requirements for one with month day year and time cylinders the canceller was probably made in the united states to specifications given by an acmc employee in new york unfamiliar with the day month order used by the chilean post office there are examples of reversed and upside down dates from hand set cancellers this begs the question are there any other cancellers with this fixed date configuration or is this one unique the chile specialist no 69 p 8 of 21


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1881 ­ 1886 roulette issue curiosities by don davies my collection of the 1881-1886 rouletted issues includes two curious items see illustration above the 5c imperf pair and perforated single are not fortuitous off-sets but have been deliberately printed in reverse both have brownish gum which appears to be contemporary with the issue of the stamp the single is perf 12 with a gauge very similar to the earlier 1867 series perhaps specialist members will be able to throw some light on these curious stamps and suggest their purpose and/or status by an incredible twist of fate as i was preparing this piece the latest journal of the great britain philatelic society arrived vol.46 no.2 march/april 2008 and to my amazement it included an article by douglas muir on the sheet of the gb 1912 1d downey head issue held in the british library which was also printed in reverse the article suggested the printing process to be that an impression was taken onto a rubber sheet then printed this would have had the effect of creating an offset or reverse print in other words offset letterpress the gb offsets were evidently an unauthorized production by harrison printers as an experiment to see if the stamp impressions could be improved if the medium of the impression was changed i.e by offset printing could it be that my stamps are also the result of an experimental printing by the chilean authorities the chile specialist no 69 p 9 of 21


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tp14 ­ a scarce formular card by ross a towle tp14 catálogo especializado de filatelia chilena is a very distinctive formular card the mustache and printers imprint are unique to this card only this card uses this mustache and only this card has imp albion in majuscule letters the card is watermarked with vertical lines spaced 32 mm apart given the unique mustache and printers imprint i suspect this was the last position in the form when the typesetter at cox taylor imprenta albion got to the last card he had run out of the other mustaches and lower case letters and used what was available i first saw an example of this card in the smithsonian in a small collection of chile formular cards mounted on lined school paper the card was unused with a 2c first perforated issue stamp in 1994 i saw another unused example without a stamp in an accumulation of formular cards unfortunately that example disappeared as the collector was unable to find it again i was recently able to acquire an example obviously i was happy to acquire it since i did not have an example it came with the added bonus of being used on 11 may 1872 formular cards used in 1872 are very difficult to find the chile specialist no 69 p 10 of 21


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where was dumb cancel no 30 used by jorg maier in chile filatelico no 100 l.a holley made some of the earliest attempts of classifying the dumb cancellations of chile a complex subject when possible in addition to illustrations he noted the town of usage listed as number 30 the cancel is made up of three concentric circles measuring 19mm holley did not note measurements according to holley the cancel was used in valparaiso in 1869 in the postmarks of valparaiso rego/west illustrate this cancel in section b p.15 as part of a selection of fancy cork cancels similar to those created by the abnco for several other countries they do not say as to why this is considered a cork cancel dumb cancel no 30 chile filatelico no 100 i have recently acquired two covers one from 1886 the other from 1892 regarding use in 1869 as noted by holley this i can confirm having several examples of chiles first issues second santiago printing with this cancel as well as several examples of the 1883 5 cts blue with this same cancel the twenty year plus span of these uses makes cork a doubtful construction material cork would have deteriorated quickly with use cover from 1892 the chile specialist no 69 p 11 of 21


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where was dumb cancel no 30 used continued the routing of these two covers is well documented by cancels and this leads to an interesting discovery at first glance the 1892 cover is correctly franked with a 5 cts revenue issue on the reverse we have a talca 10 jun 92 cancel as a transit mark along with a valparaiso 11 jun 92 date stamp as a receiving mark this leads to three possibilities cancelled by an unknown post office or in talca or in valparaiso cover from 1886 examining the 1886 cover we find additional evidence on the reverse there is a rancagua 5 may 1886 receiving mark on the front the dumb cancel and curious talca 5 may 1886 date stamp never before seen but it is known that talca had cancel device problems in 1885/1886 both strikes on the front are in blue ink an important fact is that the cover did not pass through valparaiso thus this dumb cancel was not applied in the valparaiso post office the fact that both marks are in blue lead us to deduce that the dumb cancel is from talca as it implies simultaneous canceling with the ink color at hand why use a dumb cancel it is my opinion that as the talca post office received correspondence from the surrounding areas that was not canceled at point of origin this dumb cancel was applied applying a talca cancel over previously un canceled stamps or indicia would miss represent the fact that the item had not been dispatched from talca the chile specialist no 69 p 12 of 21


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discovering a cache of the rare tp53 by jorg maier last year while going through a lot of chilean postal stationery i was astonished to find five examples of the rare 3ct red surcharged 6 postal cards tp53 while all were late usages they were all correctly franked with added stamps for the current rates the cards were used as follows 25 jan 1918 -2 additional cents in stamps 31 mar 1919 -2 additional cents in stamps censored 7 may 1920 -2 additional cents in stamps 7 may 1920 -2 additional cents in stamps 11 jul 1921 -6 additional cents in stamps according to towles postal rates of chile the new 12ct was effective as of april 1 1920 apparently circular 1602 with the new rate was not published until may 19 1920 thus postmasters were unfamiliar with the new rate the postal cards are all written and sent by the same individual who in 1918 resided in est quilquilco on the fundo de rosario and later in nacimientos fundo choroico the card used in 1918 features an ambulancia 62 cancel and is addressed to holland the other four are cancelled in nacimiento and addressed to germany the contents of the letters is of a personal nature with no philatelic significance the illustrated card features a displaced overprint to boot the chile specialist no 69 p 13 of 21


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punta arenas revisited by jorg maier in the chile specialist no #50 i gave an overview of the cancellations of punta arenas i am now able to make some corrections as well as share further insights view of the port circa 1910 i previously noted that in 1869 punta arenas was stated by decree to be a puerto menor minor port the postal agency may have opened in 1868 or 1869 1869 would coincide with the dispatch date of the estafeta canceling device to punta arenas 10 november 1869 this estafeta cancel is illustrated in brinkgreve/wests the postal history of chile page 358 in my earlier article i was only able to show a type example of the first datestamp i have since acquired the following cover the chile specialist no 69 p 14 of 21


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punta arenas revisited continued this free-frank cover dated 10 may 1875 was mailed to valparaiso arriving 19 may 1875 the double circle date stamp 25/15 mm is laval type 17 used with a punta arenas franca mark both strikes are in blue brinkgreve/west mention a date stamp issued 19 july 1871 in my opinion this date stamp not listed by laval doesnt exist this might be an error due to incorrect interpretation of the date of issue of the second date stamp 19 july 1881 laval type 25 i further need to correct the order of date stamps between 1905 and 1908 the chile specialist no 50 p 9 i can now show another double circle date stamp used after the then-illustrated postcard dated 1 dec 1905 period for that cancel 23 nov 1905 to 10 feb 1906 unfranked post card 14 nov 1906 to modling austria 24 dec 1906 double ring date stamp 22/14 mm narrow distance between punta and chile period of use 1906/1907 19 nov 1906 to 26 jan 1907 the lack of franking was fined with 6cts double the necessary 3cts postage it is unusual that the national multada mark is used rather than an international t the austrian postal authorities had no trouble understanding the situation adding two 10 heller postage due stamps as a closing comment i have yet to see an example from 1869 to 1910 where date stamp types from various time periods were used together on the same item of postal history the chile specialist no 69 p 15 of 21



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