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the chile specialist the official newsletter of the chile specialist association 1st quarter 2005 no 60 the chile specialist association is an affiliate of the american philatelic society editor · charles p blickle · 511 moss ave · clearwater fl 33759-3432 · publisher · carlos vergara · editor emeritus · leland crane · what is going on by pete blickle a word about ebay since the advent of ebay as a major source of philatelic material there has been an undercurrent in the philatelic press denigrating this market the main arguments center on the authenticity of the items offered for sale i have been a buyer since the early inception of ebay and i agree that this is a concern the fact that ebay has strong policing policies for evil doers helps to protect buyers the vast majority of the sellers i have found to be honest knowledgeable is another matter misidentified first issues colones abound particularly no 1 and the 10c blues another tricky area involves the multas m1-m18 the 1894 valparaiso provisionals m30 and m37-m41 the fournier forgeries with the square o in valparaiso all the pre-1910 overprints are suspect as well as the airmails 187 and 194 the 6 peso and 3 peso overprint values in my opinion the greatest area of fakes is the officials with emphasis on the oficial y ancla ma12-ma19 group the printing of these stamps was small and the usage even smaller as listed in catalogo especializado chile 2000 the printing and usage were as follows 1c-ma 12-1,200/192 3c ma 13-200/21 5c-ma 14-600/280 10c-ma 15500/195 15c-ma 16-200 26 20c-ma 17-200/118 50c-ma 18-100/60 1p-ma 19-50/9 i at one time possessed about 100 of these stamps and only one was good ebay is not going to go away anytime soon in fact many dealers now use it as another avenue to sell material as always your best protection is knowledge both dealing on ebay and with dealers contents what is going on by pete blickle member news cover of the quarter by carlos vergara are these real by pete blickle rarity offered at auction by carlos vergara r beith bsaa book review by ross a towle graf zeppelin rates 1935 by prof john c west parcel cards of 1920-1931 by ross a towle abnco postal card orders 1882-1893 by ross a towle expoaustral 2005 page page pages pages page pages pages page pages page 1 2 3-4 5-8 8 9-10 11-13 14-21 22-25 25


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member news in memory i was saddened to learn of the death of chile specialist member lawson p entwistle on december 23 2004 a collector of chile no.19-50 and pacific war usages lawson was also affiliated with the canal zone study group he was a fellow alumnus from the university of arizona school of mines welcome to new members guy dutau 9 rue maurice alet 31400 toulouse france member list update please make a note of t.s hale`s new address t.s hale 5901 crocker st los angeles ca 90003-1313 richard eldridge 6806 glenmont st falls church va 22042 show news i attended the ameristamp expo 2005 in atlanta and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the show both in the number and diversity of the dealers and the attendance this was the result of atlanta vying for an aps stampshow in 2009 or 2010 it was an enjoyable show i viewed alvaro pacheco s single frame championship exhibit chile 1900 surcharge 5 and his single frame open competition pre-philatelic postmarks of valparaiso which was awarded a gold medal and chris trainor s chile the first imperforates 1853-1867 which won a vermeil medal in the same single-frame competition congratulations to both for their awardwinning exhibits one-frame exhibiting has perked my interest a bit at least enough to attend the seminar judging one frame exhibits presented by janet klug president of the aps peter mccann past president of the aps and phil stager an august group the one thing of note is that there will no longer be platinum awards given in one-frame competition this is due to cost concerns for some of the smaller shows and to achieve consistency in awards gold awards will be awarded to exhibits with 85 to 100 points which is also consistent with the award levels in the other classes of exhibits editor`s note please send in any announcements or awards received so that they can be included in future issues of the chile specialist postal rates of chile 1766-1959 by ross a towle this hardbound 240-page volume includes over 100 pages of full color illustrations and is a must have for all serious students and exhibitors of chilean postal history it is available for $67.50 postpaid within the u.s or $75.00 the chile specialist no 60 page 2 of 25


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postpaid outside of the u.s copies can be ordered from carlos vergara or directly on-line at `cover of the quarter by carlos vergara this issue`s cover of the quarter blends several of my favorite qualities in a cover an easy to decipher postal rate franca or free frank and an official sender in this case don domingo santa maria president of chile from 1881 to 1886 santa maria assumed the presidency the 18th of september of 1881 after running unopposed he inherited the tasks of cleaning up the guerra del pacifico and as victor restoring peaceful relations with peru and bolivia his presidency is also remembered for the complete pacification of araucania the indigenous peoples of the south the araucanos who had revolted in 1881 president santa maria is most recognizable to chile collectors for being pictured on the 2 peso presidente issue continued the chile specialist no 60 page 3 of 25


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cover of the quarter continued sent from santiago to constitucion the back of the cover is sealed with a solid red sawtooth seal tied by a presidencia de la republica handstamp modern day engraving by miguel angel guajardo at the casa de moneda de chile the chile specialist no 60 page 4 of 25


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are these real by pete blickle like most pack rats i clip and save articles concerning chilean philately i have also been known to purchase lots of articles clippings and whatever as it pertains to this subject a problem with this hoarding is filing and retrieval i spend an inordinate amount of time stacking and shuffling rather than filing one result of the shuffling is the occasional surprise in finding something long forgotten this item clipped from linn`s stamp news monday september 29,1975 caught my eye chile society issues warning the philatelic society of chile reports that 2 commemorative sheets reportedly issued by the chilean authorities paying homage to u.s president john f kennedy and espana 75 are being circulated the sheets are inscribed philatelic and numismatic institute of maipu or philatelic and numismatic thematic exposition of maipu respectively the philatelic society of chile advises collectors that these sheets were privately printed and that permission of the chilean authorities was not obtained for either sheet the sheets were not printed at the chilean government printing establishment the society claims these two poorly printed items are probably the forerunners of others with which the same private individuals may again try to deceive the unsuspecting philatelist states the information from the chilean philatelic society figure 1 i have two of these little jewels as shown in fig 1 and fig 2 they do not appear in catalogo especializado chile 2000 and so i would agree that they are not official however the printing seems pretty good to me the chile specialist no 60 page 5 of 25


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are they real continued figure 2 this brings to mind two other items in my souvenir sheet book the 50th aniversario del leonismo inter-nacional 1917-1967 bk15 fig 3 in the colors issued and exposicion filatelica nacional 1976 fo21 figure 3 the chile specialist no 60 page 6 of 25


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are they real continued figure 4 fig 4 and fig 5 show the 50th aniversario over printed with royal wedding h.r.h the prince of wales y lady diana spencer in different spacing configurations the chile specialist no 60 page 7 of 25


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figure 5 are they real continued fig 6 is fo21 with the same overprint i believe the bk15 overprints originate in united states and are offered on ebay in various overprint colors at a premium neither of these overprints are listed in catalogo especializado chile 2000 figure 6 what do we have here fakes forgeries or cinderellas rarity offered at auction a seldom seem chilean rarity was offered at the sociedad filatelica de chile`s april 26th auction a copy of the presidentes chile correos 15ct prieto with watermark 164 catalogo2000 was offered as lot #98 with a minimum of 4.5 million pesos approx $7,800 usd the lot went unsold but specialists were thrilled to see an example of this rarity come to light less than 10 examples are known all known copies are shifted down and to the left as in the photo we should all check our stocks printed on very thin paper more watermarked examples must be out there waiting to be discovered the chile specialist no 60 page 8 of 25


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book review of british south american airways 1946­1949 a sourcebook for aerophilatelists by richard beith by ross a towle in the fall of 2004 richard beith published his 56 page book on the british south american airways until now the most accessible book on bsaa but definitely not philatelic was star dust falling by jay raynor which included the history of the bsaa while telling the story of the crash in 1947 and discovery in 1990 of the star dust en route to santiago from buenos aires the planes in the fleet had names which began with star flying with bsaa was an adventure if not hazardous of the 36 passenger planes operated by bsaa at least 10 of them crashed ninety-six people lost their lives 74 passengers and 22 employees does not sound like many until you realize that the planes rarely carried more than 12 passengers given that the initial chief executive was air vice marshall donald bennett chief of bomber command`s pathfinder force during wwii and many of the crews were former bomber crews the losses might not have seemed that large to them i had high hopes for this book i had expected to find it as detailed and useful as his book on lati unfortunately this book is not beith had one strike against him as the bsaa ignored publicity ­ philatelic and otherwise beith is still able to present a history of bsaa and the previous attempts to set up a british route to south america chapter 5 on route development follows the headings of ministry reports which i find very hard to follow the route development i had to search several sections to find the information relevant to the routes to chile and this does not count the chile section valuable data is sometimes in one section but not repeated in other related sections for service to santiago two routes were used uk-lisbon-dakar-rio de janeiro-buenos aires-santiago and uk-azores-bermuda-kingston-lima-santiago there were some variations to these routes during the years but they follow the basic patterns while beith gives some general dates of changes it is hard to say the exact route any specific cover traveled in his book on lati he published a chart of all the flights in this book beith does not instead he publishes numerous timetables figure 1 21 june 1948 santiago to munich germany book review of british south american airways continued the chile specialist no 60 page 9 of 25


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the book also includes information on the different bsaa airmail labels the postage rate information is limited to uk to south america south america to europe and from the falklands in addition to various black and white illustrations there are 3 pages of covers in color and 1 page of timetables in color most bsaa covers from chile are very ordinary looking there is no bsaa airmail label maybe there is a typewritten via bsaa the franking typically is $7.50 to europe i have only one example of the bsaa airmail label [arg-b-10 with 6mm hair figure 1 on a 21 june 1948 cover to germany us zone as i documented in my postal rates of chile 1766-1959 airmail to destinations besides europe could be sent via bsaa which would connect with other airlines for the remainder of the trip illustrated in figure 2 is an unassuming 20 sept 1947 the 0 is barely readable cover from santiago to tel aviv palestine the only airmail service for this destination used bsaa for the initial part of the journey september 20 1947 is a saturday according to the 19 august 1947 timetable page 46 flights left santiago on thursday morning for buenos aires the june 1947 timetable page 44 shows flights left santiago on sunday morning for lima this cover probably traveled via lima to london and was transferred to boac for the remainder of the journey the sender paid 10 centavos too much the rate is $2.50 for the upu surface rate and $8.20 for the airmail supplement for a total of $10.70 the cover is overpaid by 10 centavos which seems to be a frequent occurrence during this period figure 2 20 sept 1947 santiago to tel aviv palestine the subtitle of the book a sourcebook for aerophilatelists is an appropriate one there are many nuggets of information in the book this is not the definitive philatelic book on bsaa but will be used as a source book until somebody writes the definitive work my copy of the book was purchased from vera trinder in london for £15 plus postage graf zeppelin rates from chile to germany in 1935 by prof john c west the chile specialist no 60 page 10 of 25


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although not mentioned in commercial zeppelin flights to south america by john duggan and jim graue nor in the chapter on zeppelin rates 5.2.4 page 88 in ross towle`s postal rates of chile it is well known that the rate of $7.00 pesos per 5 gm which was higher than the airmail supplement for lufthansa or air france suddenly became the same at $6.50 pesos there are 2 covers of this franking shown in ross book [page 188 and 189 i have several and i have inspected several other collections including john brown`s which is quite extensive this article addresses the question of when and why the rate was reduced to be equal to the other airlines the year 1935 is an exceptionally complicated one with a lot of changes there were 16 graf zeppelin flights each way on the last flight the 16th the airship stayed in brazil and accomplished three shuttle flights between recife and bathurst acting for the dlh flying boat service whilst their catapult ships the westfalen and schwabenland were being serviced and refitted these shuttle or pendulum flights pendel fahrten all occurred in november between the 15th flight to and from south america finishing at recife on 2 dec and the 16th return zeppelin flight to friedrischshafen which left recife on 6 dec the first change was on march 22 1935 when deutsche lufthansa and graf zeppelin joined forces and founded the deutsche zeppelin-reederei with the famous airship designer hugo eckener as its chairman the importance was that dlh had the controlling number of shares and therefore the government had charge of the airship service which had previously been private one important decision was that mail would not be taken to friedrischshafen but dropped at larache on the north atlantic coast of spanish morocco near the gibraltar straights from there lufthansa with land planes would take the mail fast up to berlin via barcelona and stuttgart this program started with the first zeppelin flight of 1935 in april the introduction of night services on the south atlantic route on march 30 1935 sped up the regular berlin-rio de janeiro dlh-condor schedule by three days with an additional half-day to reach buenos aires this made this service more competitive than the airship on may 16 air france and dlh agreed to cooperate with each other and run a synchronized timetable each with alternative flights and giving bi-weekly service the success and reliability of the dlh flying boat catapult service was such that on july 1 the government made dlh the exclusive carrier of the regular mail from then on the airship service did not carry postcards letters and registered letters this affected all the flights in 1935 until the 14th flight in october on august 25 the 100th scheduled flying-boat crossing of the south atlantic was celebrated this was a fine achievement but not one to change the chile air rate supplement as far as chile was concerned the most significant event was probably when condor extended its route to the pacific with a buenos aires-santiago flight with a stop at mendoza on october 5 this was intended to serve the dlh seaplane service as well as graf zeppelin and ran from santiago right through to recife mail could now be delivered from berlin to santiago and vice-versa in four days the inauguration of this service took place in santiago on oct 7 and 8 when the condor plane departed the importance attached to this event can be realized from an account in the national newspaper el mercurio of the extraordinary high power attendance at the inauguration ceremony the chile specialist no 60 page 11 of 25


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graf zeppelin rates from chile to germany in 1935 continued the following is my free translation of the article sent to me over 7 years ago by ross who has probably forgotten and the importance of which i overlooked on october 7 shortly before 11a.m a junkers tri-motor ju 52 named aconcagua landed at cerrillos airport santiago from rio de janeiro buenos aires and mendoza in readiness for the inauguration of the direct flight postal service santiago ­ berlin with the combined cooperation of condor graf zeppelin and dhl it was flown by the ace-pilot captain paul rohlandt and the passengers included the manager of condor syndicat in brazil sr hans wilkens the consul general of chile in buenos aires sr socrates aguirre and the chile consul in rio de janeiro sr laranas bolton who had been invited to the reception and inauguration ceremony the ceremony was a luncheon at the club aereo casino at cerrillos airport hosted by the german ambassador to chile baron von schoen the reception party included the brazilian ambassador to chile sr arturo dos guimaraes de araujo jorge the president of the chile linea aerea nacional lan the ace pilot arturo merino benitez the director of the national newspaper el mercurio don clemente diaz leon the director general of post and telegraph don silverio brañas the head of the santiago post office don miguel a parra the chilean air force commodore don manuel franke the chief of the international postal service don guillermo jiminez m the director of the cerrillos airport capt juan solminihac and several members of the condor syndicat after the lunch the inauguration speech was made by the head of condor sr hand wilkens who expressed thanks to the help given by the governments of chile argentina brazil and uruguay several other speakers followed arturo merino benitez referred to this bold venture which would mean so much to chile and wished the new service every success the final speech by the chile consul in buenos aires sr socrates aguirre expressed the importance of this new link and thanked a number of colleagues for their cooperation including sr larenas bolton at the end of the formal ceremony aconcagua pilot capt paul rohlandt gave an invitation for a short flight this was accepted with alacrity by diaz leon silverio brañas hans wilkens miguel a parra garcia herquiñigo santiago postmaster frithjof w schmidt condor traffic controller hugo ercilla editor of the aviation diary guillermo jiminez and otto lehmann after a spectacular take-off the plane headed east rising rapidly to 3000 metres giving the passengers marvelous views of the snow-covered andes after circling over the mountain range they flew west to the valley of the maipo and then descended showing the impressive performance of the aircraft back at cerrillos this 45-minute performance was much appreciated by the passengers who congratulated the pilot the inaugural flight left cerrillos airport santiago on october 8 and the graf zeppelin left recife on the 11th carrying commadore manuel franke air commandant basaure and captain raul gonzalez as passengers all the way to friedrichshafen they then continued by dlh to berlin for this auspicious occasion a special all-through flight was organized condor to recife zeppelin to larache spanish morocco with parachute dropping of the mail which was then carried by lufthansa to berlin via barcelona and stuttgart it rescinded the monopoly of dlh granted on july 1 the chile specialist no 60 page 12 of 25


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graf zeppelin rates from chile to germany in 1935 continued this was the 14th zeppelin flight it carried a special hand stamp showing a map of the route from santiago to germany surrounded by primer vuelo chile europa­ santiagobuenos airesmontevideo rio de janeiro the cover shown has a $1.20 postage stamp for the surface rate and three inter-national air stamps totaling $6.50 pesos following this the 14th crossing of the graf zeppelin cancellation concepcion 7 oct with on flight because of wor ries reverse santiago 9 oct 35 this was the inauguration of direct service from santiago by condor about the age and wear of the catapults onboard the two ships dlh ordered the use of the graf zeppelin the 15 th flight carried mail which was dropped by parachute at larache and forwarded by plane the cover illustrated also has the $1.20 surface stamp and $13.00 air supplement for 5­10 grams the r in the rectangle which looks similar to registration is the company`s own reception date stamp for the nov 5 on the 16th flight to brazil the zeppelin stopped at recife and then did 3 weekly return trips recife-natal-recife and a week later the return all the way to friedrichshafen this completed the 16th flight the final one in 1935 in 1936 the first 6 flights didn`t carry cards and letters but for some reason the remainder of the year did carry mail in 1937 no trips carried mail and the flights were stopped after the hindenburg disaster occurred in new jersey on may 6 ending the zeppelin story my conclusion is that after dlh was given the sole rights for mail to south america on july 1 1925 any mail after that would be for dlh and at the dlh rate even if carried by the airship the first occasion after this date is the prestigious inauguration of the condor service to santiago which left santiago on november 8 this then is the first cover to have the reduced fare which would be the same for the pendulum flights 15th crossing of the graf zeppelin cancellation santiago 30 oct 1935 not recognizable as zeppelin mail unless one knows the history carried by condor to recife in 2 days for the nov 1 departure mail dropped by parachute at larache for dhl the chile specialist no 60 page 13 of 25


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parcel cards of 1920-1931 by ross a towle the 1920-1930 period of parcel cards is most interesting and challenging the parcel card accompanied the parcel but was not attached to the parcel the recipient signed the card upon delivery the card was kept at the post office in case questions about non-delivery were raised the frequently found holes in the cards are due to the filing system used by local post offices the cards would periodically be sent to be destroyed this contributes to the difficulty of finding examples and making conclusions about the date of issue fortunately some of the cards were saved from destruction the confusing listings in higgins gage catalog contribute to the challenge of correct identification this article will expand upon the current catalog listings and pose some new questions on april 1 1920 the postal rate for domestic parcels became $1.50 for parcels up to 3kg and $3.00 for parcels between 3kg and 10kg parcel cards in these 2 denominations were produced figures 1 and 2 the date on the reverse side was 192 figure 3 these cards come in various shades and various papers and there are various different types based on right vertical line relationship between correos de chile and encomiendas and differences in the indicia the indicia continued the use of a vignette of columbus higgins gage numbers are n12 and n13 figure 1 n12 front the chile specialist no 60 page 14 of 25


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parcel cards of 1920-1931 continued figure 2 n13 front figure 3 reverse of n12 and n13 showing date of 192 in 1927 a proposal was made to change the domestic parcel rate to $1.50 for the first kilogram and $1.00 for each additional kilogram or fraction a series of cards between $1.50 and $10.50 were produced the indicia was changed to lastra but the rate change did not happen the values between $1.50 and $9.50 are clear on a solid color background fig 6 the $10.50 value is colored on a clear background fig 7 a different rate was introduced in october 1928 the rate was changed to $1.50 for each of the first 5 kg and then $2 for each subsequent kilogram thus $1.50 and $3.00 parcel cards were still useful the lastra cards were put in storage the chile specialist no 60 page 15 of 25



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