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2nd Quarter , 2004 - 27 pg.

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the chile specialist the official newsletter of the chile specialist association 2nd quarter 2004 no 57 the chile specialist association is an affiliate of the american philatelic society editor · charles p blickle · 511 moss ave · clearwater fl 33759-3432 · publisher · carlos vergara · editor emeritus · leland crane · what is going on by pete blickle here it is mid-summer and i dont feel like i know what is going on i have not attended a stamp show in several months but i know many of you have i have heard that the españa2004 show in valencia was good and that a number of chilean exhibits did well see member news for listing of recent awards the annual aps show will be in sacramento california in mid-august however this date coincides with the pga golf tournament being held this year close to my sons home in wisconsin this year i opt for golf the sociedad filatelica de chile is holding a thematic exhibition in santiago in october the sociedad has sent out applications for entering exhibits if you wish to enter an exhibit but have not received an application please contact the sociedad sociedad filatelica de chile almirante simpson 75 casillia 13245 santiago chile phone 56-2-222-8036 fax 56-2-665-0819 email i do have an offer to anyone who would like an unused color postcard of the alfa chile airline curtiss c-46 commando aircraft write either snail or e-mail and i will send you one from my supply of many contents what is going on by pete blickle member news cover of the quarter by pete blickle remembering the poet by carlos vergara 1901-02 napoleon issue by ross a towle chiles rarest stamp sold at auction by carlos vergara more early circular date postmarks by william d farber valparaiso lineal markings by alvaro pacheco waterlow sons vs abnc in chile by ross a towle u.s naval postmarks used in chile by pete blickle multa musing by pete blickle page pages page pages pages page pages pages pages pages page 1 2-3 4 5-7 8-11 11 12-13 14-17 18-20 21-26 27 the chile specialist no 57 page 1 of 27


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member news membership list updates please make the following additions/corrections to the chile specialist membership list that was sent last time with issue 56 william bill farber new email address heinz junge new email address francis x frank delzer important mailing address correction correct address should be p.o box 249 hager hill ky 41222 welcome to new member e.e palmer frpsl 277 lynden road po box #220 lynden on lor 1t0 canada ph 519 647-3927 email chilean collecting interests first issues other collecting interests france postal history of second empire leeward islands british somaliland us-canada cross border mail to 1851 we are pleased that the announcement of the chile specialist association being given affiliate status by the aps has resulted in several inquiries about membership look for more collectors to be joining our ranks soon new resource available postal rates of chile 1766-1959 by ross a towle this hardbound 240-page volume includes over 100 pages of full color illustrations and is a must have for all serious students and exhibitors of chilean postal history it is available for $67.50 postpaid within the u.s or $75.00 postpaid outside of the u.s copies can be ordered from carlos vergara or directly on-line at the chile specialist no 56 page 2 of 27


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member news continued congratulations to all our members who won awards for their exhibits at españa2004 including in alphabetical order patricio aguirre large vermeil marcas postales auxiliares de obliteracion 1853-1920 silver pacific steam navigation 1842-1853 heinz junge vermeil el servicio consular de chile chile la serie centenario de la independencia la guerra del pacifico 1879-1884 chile la primera emision de londres 1853 tierra del fuego the 1891 popper issue provisionales aereos chilenos 1928-1934 thomas kannegiesser silver jorg maier large vermeil gold brian moorhouse gold eduardo paulsen vermeil ross towle gold postal cards and envelopes of chile 1872-1929 large vermeil postal rates of chile 1766 1959 carlos vergara large silver cierros oficiales de chile 1884-1944 chile the air mail history john west large vermeil congrats also to alvaro pacheco for successful exhibiting and being awarded the following 1 centavo correo 5 cent surcharge prephilatelic valparaiso gold plymouth mi 4/24-25 vermeil rocky mountain stamp show 5/14-16 gold phila-show boxborough ma 4/30-5/2 platinum best 1-frame of show nojex secaucus nj 5/29-31 vermeil ropex rochester ny 6/18-20 silver westpex burlingame ca 5/7-9 vermeil indypex indianapolis in 6/9-11 and to ross towle for the following awards parcel post cards of chile gold envelopes of chile errors freaks and oddities single frame silver postal rates of chile 1766 1959 gold rocky mountain stamp show rocky mountain stamp show napex editor s note it is very difficult to keep track of all members exhibiting and awards won so please send in any announcements or awards received so that they can be included in future issues of the chile specialist the chile specialist no 57 page 3 of 27


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cover of the quarter by pete blickle this quarters cover is something i found rummaging through one of the several boxes of unsorted items i have been remiss in sorting and putting in a volume where they can be easily found the material flow is generally into a stack or box then to an appropriate vario sheet then to another stack or into a volume as you can see there are several places items can disappear for a bit while not a cover in the true sense it is a franked post office notice of a letter that has traveled on the valparaiso-santiago expreso railroad post office and said letter will be exchanged for the notice this notice reminds me of the notices of registered/insured mail that often appear in my mailbox requiring a signature for delivery i would be interested in knowing about any other of these cards or other types of chile post office business cards that anyone might have the chile specialist no 57 page 4 of 27


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remembering the poet by carlos vergara july 12 of 2004 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of ricardo eliecer neftali reyes basoalto better known to the world as pablo neruda born july 12 1904 in parral chile pablo neruda became chiles foremost poet acclaimed the world over he received the nobel prize for literature in 1971 chilean presidential correspondence has been of interest to me for quite some time finding covers from the salvador allende presidency 1970-1973 has proven to be a difficult task due in no small part to the fiery demise of his presidency and its troubled aftermath imagine my surprise at finding the illustrated cover mailed from el tabo on may 6 th of 1973 with a santiago reception cancel dated may 7th the cover is addressed to salvador allende at the moneda presidential palace the telltale green felt tip ink was a clue which was clarified by the neruda isla negra scrawl on the reverse side of the envelope the chile specialist no 57 page 5 of 27


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remembering the poet continued as if that werent enough the contents were intact a note card featuring nerudas logo also used on the recently issued 100th anniversary stamp dated may 5th 1973 was enclosed the note card had the following message mi querido salvador y presidente fui el primero en saberlo soy jurado de los premios lenin y quise ser de los ultimos en felicitarte es un gran honor y un acto de justicia y reconocimiento de tu personalidad internacionalmente esclarecida un gran abrazo fraternal pablo neruda a basic translation would be my dear salvador and president i was the first to know i am a juror of the lenin awards and wanted to be amongst the last in congratulating you it is a great honor and an act of justice and recognition of your personality seen evermore clearly internationally a great fraternal hug pablo neruda the chile specialist no 57 page 6 of 27


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remembering the poet continued four months after this card was sent on september 11th 1973 president allende lost his life in the moneda presidential palace followed on the 23rd by nerudas succumbing to cancer needless to say this cover and its contents though relatively modern are among the rarest jewels of my presidential collection neruda as portrayed on a 1 escudo chilean communist party membership dues stamp salvador allende as portrayed on the $35 peso stamp issued in 1990 1459 catalogo2000 the chile specialist no 57 page 7 of 27


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1901-02 napoleon issue by ross a towle the 1901-02 so-called napoleon issue is distinguished by the unique image of christopher columbus which gives the issue its nickname since this was an american bank note co issue why did they not use the image they had been using for chile this article will answer that question and will provide information on the continuing warfare between waterlow sons and american bank note co all of the new information in this article is based upon the unfortunately partial correspondence file kept by the american bank note co that i obtained in 2003 on 13 may 1901 decree 1366 by the ministerio del hacienda authorized a new series of especies for postal and telegraph purposes they were to be engraved on steel and be ready on 15 oct 1901 quantities and values were not specified a call for proposals for postage stamps telegraph stamps postal cards and stamped envelopes with explicit values and quantities was published in the diario oficial with a due date of 24 may 1901 to the ministerio del hacienda action on this issue began earlier jorge astaburuaga the american bank note co representative in santiago sent a coded cable message on may 9th reading avoiding asks arcade millions bystanders equal becauses or yours and ancestor cabbages armament by armless centemetre gloominess also stamp with phot one and two color becauses price cabbage armory shillings conteste detalladamente decoded this reads minister of treasury asks 44 millions postage stamps equal waterlows or yours and 6 millions stamped envelopes 15 by 9 centimetres wire your lowest price for also stamp with phot one and two colors the coded reply on the 14th gives a price of £1500 for 44 million stamps in one color and £2400 for two colors the price for 6 million stamped envelopes would be £800 the ministerio del hacieda in num 307 of 17 may 1901 to the ministerio del interior clarifies and expands upon the call for proposals a model of the stamps is provided see fig 1 the abnc correspondence archive contains two photographs of the model the photographs have handstamps and signatures from subsecretaries of the ministerio del hacienda haworth attributes the design to hermino ernesto arias the 1 centavo stamp will be green the 2 centavos stamp will be red and the 5 centavos stamp will be blue in conformance with the upu rules the other values would be bicolor on the 18th astaburuaga asks for the price of the stamps per 100,000 in one and two colors a reply is sent that day giving £3 ½ for one color and £5 ½ for two colors but that 44 million would need to be ordered astaburuaga on the 20th cables that the proposals will definitely be opened on the 24th 35 million stamps are to be one color 4 millions are to be two colors and asks for the price figure 1 the chile specialist no 57 page 8 of 27


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1901-02 napoleon issue continued the reply asks for the quantity and size for each value on the 21st astaburuaga responds with a list of the values and quantities the vice president of chile announced the results on june 1 st in decree 1578 three proposals were submitted the waterlow sons through their representative carlos rogers bid was £5200 the eduardo cadot bid was ch$145,000 ch$1=17 pence sterling and the american bank note co through their representative jorge astaburuaga bid £4035.14.3 the abnc bid was the only one to explicitly agree to the higher values being bicolor all three bids agreed to use the model provided the abnc was declared the winner the decree further states that shipment of stamps would begin in september the sample books of stamps provided by the abnc would be deposited with the ministerio del hacienda on the 3rd astaburuaga cables new york that he successfully secured the contract and that the models would be sent by steamer on the 5th on the 4th astaburuaga writes two letters to new york one letter on the letterhead of the ministerio del hacienda is a covering letter for the letter from the ministerio del hacienda specifying the colors of the bicolor stamps the second letter is a long letter detailing the work astaburuaga performed to win the contract the following is an extract from abncs english translation of the letter you can never understand the immense work which it has cost me to obtain this order i had to overcome the influence of the ex-minister sotomayor in league with señor carlos rogers agent of waterlow sons and have had to exercise every means to keep the order which as he said he had contracted for a term of three years­ a matter which sotomayer has affirmed as you will see by the explanation which i send herewith but the authorization only took place by word of mouth between him and rogers i have had to resist the influence of the senator of the republic señor ramon ricardo rozaz who has worked as administrative agent of the house of don eduardo cadot and he has made good use of all the influence of his office and of his friendship with the vice-president señor zañartu in order to succeed in have preference given señor cadot the vice-president señor zañartu has remained very impartial and very just and has paid no attention to the influences which might work against an act of equity and advantage to the republic the letter from the ministerio del hacienda is quoted in haworth so i will not include it in this article he did allow the abnc to make artistic improvements upon the model in the final product this packet of documents was received in new york on july 3rd the abnc cabled astaburuaga on august 17 that specimens for the stamped envelopes and postal cards had not been received on the 28th a person in astaburuagas office sent a copy of the 1873 de la rue 10 centavos envelope on white laid paper as a model for the 5 centavos envelope with the instructions of the sub-secretary of finance that the quality should be the same and the color a deeper blue after performing a burst test the circular embossing in the middle the envelope was returned with the the chile specialist no 57 page 9 of 27


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1901-02 napoleon issue continued shipment of envelopes with abnc keeping a photograph of the envelope see figure 2 he also sent a 1 centavo and 2 centavos postal cards to be used as models but with the stamp to look like the postage stamps figure 2 a month later 26 sept 1901 astaburuaga asks about the possibility of making the envelopes 10mm shorter in length and 30mm longer in width new york replies in the affirmative but the price would be 25 more on october 3rd new york asks what was the decision on the 30th lyon astaburuaga cables that the minister finally decided and would not accept the increase in price no wonder the stamped envelopes were issued after the stamps the abnc correspondence files in my possession do not include information about the shipment dates of the stamps and stationery the correspondence file has an extract of a 3 june 1902 letter from astaburuaga stating that the 2 centavos postal cards are in error since they were supposed to have the heading for upu postal cards he believes he can get chile to pay for them when replacements with the upu heading are received he also states that the competitors are hard at work stating the stamps are inferior an undated letter received in new york on 20 august 1902 by astaburuaga goes into further detail about the activities of the competitors carlos rogers agent for waterlow sons had been busy rogers was able to convince the person in charge of the custody of especies to write a note to the ministerio del hacienda that the napoleon issue the chile specialist no 57 page 10 of 27


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1901-02 napoleon issue continued stamps were inferior this resulted in the order of 23 june 1902 for additional stamps to be cancelled the 2c upu cards have always seemed strange to me a 2 centavos card paid the upu printed matter rate ordinary postal card rate to argentina and domestic ordinary postal card rate why did chile keep ordering 2 centavos upu cards i have yet to see a 2 centavos upu card sent under the upu printed matter rate infrequently i find 2c upu cards to argentina i also wondered why the 2c upu cards after the domestic 1c and 2c cards now i know the samples provided were the domestic 1c and 2c cards and it was not until the middle of 1902 before the mistake was discovered the fight over the 1902-04 famous people nonissue led to shortages of stamps and envelopes which required emergency orders of napoleon stamps and envelopes for information about the dates of issue quantities shipped etc of the stamps i refer you to pages 55-57 in wilfrid b haworth chile an outline of the postal issues 1766-1919 while carlos rogers and waterlow sons may have won the battle in 1902 they will lose the war as abnc will have the contracts through 1915 chiles rarest stamp sold at auction by carlos vergara scott #83a chile2000 #84c was offered in auction by the sociedad filatelica de chile at a very well attended auction june 29 2004 this famed stamp has been in the collection of well-known chilean collector rene lazo since 1989 it previously resided with other collectors including errazuriz galvez and blank with a minimum bid of 25 million pesos the stamp was quickly hammered down at 26 million after several bids with seller premiums the total purchase price surpassed 45,000 dollars congratulations are in order for mr lazo the sociedad and the stamps new owner spaniard buys chilean stamp for $26 million read the headlines in santiagos la tercera newspapers printed and on-line editions on july 2nd chiles rarest stamp the only known copy of the 1ct 1910 centenario with inverted center the chile specialist no 57 page 11 of 27


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more early circular date postmarks by william d farber © 2004 in the july 2000 issue of our now-defunct english counterpart chile news vol iv no 71 pp 614-621 under the title the first circular datestamps of chile and the datestamps that followed jorg maier discussed earliest circular postmarks used in nine chilean towns and cities at or shortly after the time the first stamps were introduced throughout chile beginning in july 1853 maiers article is very important because it updated both ramón a lavals 1897 seminal work sellos de fecha y estafetas on the same subject which appeared in the anales de la sociedad filatélica de chile no 3 at p 17 and harry s porters two articles in the london philatelist both of which were entitled cancellations and postmarks used with the imperforate issues of chile that appeared originally in july 1925 vol 34 at pp 178-189 with an update in february 1948 at pp 25-28 maiers article should also be viewed as an essential adjunct to the postal history of chile by hugo brinkgreve and prof john c west proud-bailey co ltd 2002 which illustrates and presents information on the earliest known or reported circular date postmarks of all towns and cities in chile however as discussed by the authors p 128 where a precise earliest date is given this always refers to lavals work and is an observed date since maier has now updated laval the earliest reported dates in the postal history of chile at least in respect to the nine most important towns and cities in chile at the time including copiapó caldera serena coquimbo san felipe valparaiso santiago talca and concepción must now reflect maiers study to be current and accurate what was said by brinkgreve and west about laval ­ that he had considerable difficulty in finding any records of the dates of introduction of date stamps and had to rely on dates seen on cover p 3 ­ remains as true today as it did for laval in 1897 in the continuing absence of original source material documenting when postmarks were first introduced information about earliest dates still depends primarily on new sightings of previously unreported or overlooked postmarks on stamps pieces and covers recently i was pleased to acquire a few more philatelic auction catalogues of past or prominent chilean collections auction catalogues containing chilean material are very helpful in a variety of ways not only in preparing pages and write-ups but also in determining provenance and authenticity unfortunately some of the scarcer catalogues do not often appear on the market while i waited and searched 10 years to acquire galvezs book overbidding as well no doubt i needed 20 years to find and acquire the auction catalogue of his collection greatly deferred gratification has been the watchword in pursuing these items i am sure though that my experiences are not unique most fellow chile collectors of whatever interest probably have similar tales of woe at any rate review of two recently obtained auction catalogues has provided further information about early and earliest known postmark dates for several of the towns and cities reported by maier this information is presented using maiers numbering of cities and towns for easy reference the chile specialist no 57 page 12 of 27


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more early circular date postmarks continued 3 copiapó type 1 ­ other early dates copiapo ­ 28 abril 55 on cover with 5 centavos brown lithograph [72 corinphila september 1985 lot 1252 copiapo ­ 19 dbre 55 on cover with desmadryl 10 centavos strip of 4 [72 corinphila september 1985 lot 1233 4 caldera type 1 ­ another early date p caldera ­ 20 drbe 55 on cover with gillet 5 centavos burnt sienna strip of 4 [72 corinphila september 1985 lot 1217 5 serena type 1 ­ another early date serena ­ 30 mayo 1855 on cover with gillet 5 centavos burnt sienna and desmadryl 10 centavos [72 corinphila september 1985 lot 1215 6 coquimbo type 1 ­ new earliest date oct 1854 coquimbo ­ [no day obre 54 on cover with desmadryl 5 centavos strip of 4 [48 corinphila february 1962 victor von martin collection lot 3439 prior earliest reported date was november 1854 also with day omitted from postmark 7 san felipe type 1 ­ second earliest date june 27 1954 san felipe ­ 27 junio 54 on cover with gillet 5 centavos burnt sienna [72 corinphila september 1985 lot 1208 8 talca type 1 ­ second earliest date 18 june or july 1855 talca ­ 18 ju 55 on cover with gillet 5 centavos burnt sienna strip of 3 although postmark on cover improved as stated in description [72 corinphila september 1985 lot 1216 the chile specialist no 57 page 13 of 27


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valparaiso lineal markings by alvaro pacheco im a native of valparaiso and although i spent only a few years in this city i visit regularly and i love to walk in condell pedro montt and colon streets i go up barrio ohiggins and santa elena plaza sotomayor reminds me of the parade of may 21 and in plaza aduana i always take the ascensor up to the old naval academy to contemplate el puerto today that magnificent building is a naval museum plaza victoria is synonymous of el bogarin where a chirimoya juice is a must i read once again after some fifty years valparaiso the book by joaquin edwards bello which put me right where i wanted to be in the 1800s then i remembered hija de la fortuna by isabel allende and i read it again bringing me a little bit closer to where i wanted to be 1843 to 1853 in my studio i am surrounded by photos and paintings of valparaiso some as old as 1836 i have tried to read the letters in my collection of covers of valparaiso and i say try because it is very difficult to understand the style of communicating in the early 19th century people wrote with gorgeous penmanship but its difficult to understand the meaning of what they say due to the infinite ways of complementing the person they address so i have turned to the envelopes themselves and here i have found the enterprise that has kept me constantly busy for close to two years it was then that i purchased a collection of pre-philatelic material which when added to what i inherited from my father and what i have purchased myself put me into the enviable position of having close to one hundred pre-philatelic covers of valparaiso i have studied them using the fantastic work by rego west as a base and what i found is interesting and challenging i have used the same numeration used by the sociedad filatelica de chile each time i open the book i rejoice at what i see i have requested permission to use the numeration of the catalog and have introduced the appropriate modifications i also have followed the principle that every franca is in itself unique although that not appears to be the case of the 1834-1853 valparaiso which as you can see are all 27x5mm and very similar the article of dr eduardo madsen in chile filatelico #266 page 117 established directly according to my observations that the cabotaje was used exclusively with the 43x5mm and ultramar with both the 43x5mm and the 45x5mm i will not go into colors red pardo and ochre to me and i have talked to others in reference to this subject are all originally red in different stages of oxidation and nothing else i do have serious doubts as to the fees in the cabotaje and ultramar covers according to dr madsen his assertions are in contradiction to what rego west state on page 120 also it is very interesting what you read on page 6 in the postal rate of chile as author ross a towle mentions the subject is something that needs more study i would like to add that above all what is needed is the commitment of other collectors with covers to try to clarify this very interesting subject for the measurements i have enlarged my covers and my ruler 100 and that way it is easier to correct those 0.5mm differences caused mostly by thick ink missing one of the two perpendicular lines on top of the letter v or just plain pressure on the lineal marking i discarded all the computer measurements because it cannot take any of the above elements into consideration despite its precision what follows is the listing where i have corrected the periods of use of some of the lineal markings based on the dates of covers in my possession and have been rearranged accordingly two pages of illustrations follow the listing the chile specialist no 57 page 14 of 27


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valparaiso lineal markings continued i hope that this new classification will be even more expanded as other chilean collectors write to me or to the sociedad filatelica de chile with their own dated covers so we can keep enriching this fascinating area of collecting colonial period 1766 1810 1766-1799 mpf 48-1 mpf 48-1a mpf 48-1b mpf 48-1c mpf 48-1ch mpf 48-1d 1799-1830 mpf 48-2 mpf 48-2a mpf 48-2b mpf 48-3 mpf 48-3a mpf 48-3b mpf 48-3c mpf 48-4 mpf 48-4a mpf 48-4b balparaiso 54x7 balparaiso 54x7 balparaiso 54x7 balparaiso 54x7 balparaiso 54x7 balparaiso 57x7 all valparaiso last o only 5 mm aligned with top last o only 6 mm aligned with bottom l r and bar on last a slope backwards bar on first a is sloping all valparaiso ualparaiso was used into the republic period 1810-1830 ulpraiso 44x7 all bars in a are horizontal ualparaiso 44x7 all bars in as are sloping ualparaiso 44x7 only 3rd a bar is sloping ualparaiso 44x6 ualparaiso 44x6 ualparaiso 44x6 mpf 48-3b+franca ualparaiso 43x6 ualparaiso 43x6 ualparaiso 43x6 all bars in as are horizontal all bars in as are sloping 1st 3rd as bars are sloping franca 35x6 all bars in as are horizontal all bars in as are sloping 1st 3rd as bars are sloping republic period 1810 1853 1831-1833 mpf 48-5 1834-1853 mpf 48-6 mpf 48-6a mpf 48-6b 1836-1853 mpf 48-7 mpf 48-7a mpf 48-7b 1837-1853 mpf 48-8 mpf 48-8a mpf 48-8b mpf 48-8c mpf 48-9 mpf 48-9a mpf 48-10 mpf 48-10a valparaizo valparaiso valparaiso mpf 48-6+franca valparaiso valparaiso mpf 48-7+franca 50x7 with z 57x7 short v 57x7 valparaiso in black with short v franca 27x5 58x7 short v 58x7 regular v size franca 27x5 valparaiso 43x5 mpf 48-8+franca franca 27x5 mpf 48-8+cabotaje cabotaje 33x5.5 with only this size valp mpf 48-8+ultramar ultramar 36x5 valparaiso 45x5 mpf 48-9+ultramar ultramar 36x5 valparaiso 56x7 short v mpf 48-10+franca franca 27x5 the chile specialist no 57 page 15 of 27



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