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4th Quarter , 2003 - 22 pg.

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the chile specialist the official newsletter of the chile specialist association 4th quarter 2003 no 55 editor · charles p blickle · 511 moss ave · clearwater fl 33759-3432 · publisher · carlos vergara · editor emeritus · leland crane · what is going on by pete blickle in the last issue i overlooked españa 2004 may 21-30 2004 in valencia spain as a great stamp show to look forward to several of our members will be exhibiting and attending and i hope that many of you will consider attending as well i owe an apology to burt huizing who sent an article about one of ross towles ramblings which i have misplaced when i reached for it to put into this issue it had apparently found a new home this has been an infrequent happening and as has happened before the article will hopefully appear when least expected we trust everyone had a joyous holiday season and best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2004 contents what is going on by pete blickle page 1 member mail bag page 2-3 cover of the quarter by carlos vergara page 4-5 the odd overprints by pete blickle pages 6 disinfected mail by ross towle pages 7-9 the boxed tren marks by jorg maier pages 10-12 the 1888 and 1903 stamped envelope issues by ross towle pages 13-15 show news page 15 official government cachets and handstamps of the first issues of chile by william d farber pages 16-17 an 1885 ar form by ross towle pages 18-19 tidbits from the archives by ross towle pages 20-21 flea market finds by t.s hale pages 22 the chile specialist no 55 page 1 of 22


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member mail bag from john bushell member from west sussex u.k may i add some further details to the article ramblings from ross on page 18 of issue of second semester 2002 no 51 please find below photocopies of a cover in my collection the envelope was sent from san bernardo to valparaiso prat posted on august 14 1947 the postmark on the back of the cover is a valparaiso recep alta mar dated august 16 1947 there is an identical postmark on page 143 number nm6 1927-1955 in the postmarks of valparaiso by rego and west ed it is hard to imagine the letter arriving by sea since the last time i passed through san bernardo it was just south of santiago on the road to rancagua the chile specialist no 55 page 2 of 22


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member mail bag continued member t.s hale sends us another example of the recep alta mar cancel used on an incoming envelope from liverpool the british stamps are cancelled with a valparaiso recep alta mar cancel dated july 2 l945 the letter has a santiago arrival postmark with the same date the elusive examined for flag officer-in-charge liverpool censorship label makes this cover quite a find the chile specialist no 55 page 3 of 22


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cover of the quarter by carlos vergara one would think that a stamp issued in 1957 by the millions would not be a difficult item to find used but that is definitely not the case for the 15 peso prieto parcel post postal tax stamp this stamp 560 chile2000 issued on april 8th l957 was designed as a compulsory surtax to be used only on forms for international parcels coming into or going out of chile it was intended to be used for a ten year period and was decreed by article 6 of law#11,794 march 4 1955 an interesting side note to this issue was presented in linns stamp news jan 26 2004 in the scott catalog listing this issue is #qra1 and is the only stamp from any country in this parcel post postal tax category correct use on an international parcel form the chile specialist no 55 page 4 of 22


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cover of the quarter continued front side of the parcel form interesting use of the parcel post postal tax stamp on a cover from calama to angol in 1960 the chile specialist no 55 page 5 of 22


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the odd overprints by pete blickle i have accumulated a number of chilean stamps with overprints that are not commonly found and several of these are a mystery to me the first is the 4 overprint on no 650 the small 2centesimos propaganda turistica issue of 1961-62 i do not believe that this is a rarity i just do not know what it represents another of these is the two-line i division/reservistas found on no 99 the 1-centavo value of the 1911 american bank note serie presidentes y personajes celebres this overprint occurs both horizontally and vertically in red and in black there is a handstamp in purple on the reverse of the stamp a two-ring circle with a star in the center and i divisionestado mayor does anyone know for what purpose these overprints were intended any information will be appreciated the chile specialist no 55 page 6 of 22


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disinfected mail by ross a towle there were two periods where mail was disinfected within chile first was during the cholera epidemic of 1887 second was during the bubonic plague of 1904 this article will summarize what has been written about these two periods in addition this article will present information about decrees for disinfecting mail in late 1886 cholera finally reached chile the cholera pandemic had been going on for a few years by mid-1887 over 24,000 chileans had died even though cholera had been shown to be a water-transmitted disease old habits were hard to replace mail was disinfected by heat ­ accomplishing nothing volumes 1372 and 1436 of the ministerio del interior in the archivo nacional in santiago contain transcriptions of outgoing letters/decrees/etc of the minister of the interior for part of 1886 and 1887 in decree 123 of jan 15 1887 v 1372 page 274 the minister nominated martin zuñiga as fumigator as proposed by the adminstracion pral aconcagua his pay was to be $40 per month to be paid by the san felipe fria fiscal on april 1st by decree 255 v 1436 page 26 his appointment was terminated because cholera had disappeared from aconcagua and was paid $53.19 for the period of january 14 ­ february 23 1887 decree 33 of january 21 1887 v 1372 p 282 refers to decrees 3475 dec 14 1886 and 3882 dec 28 1886 about fumigating mail within the administration of los andes i did not have enough time on my last visit to the archivo nacional to find those two decrees decree 88 of february 8 1887 authorized the expenditure of $259.70 to purchase mailfumigating apparatus from alejandro guzman castro for use within the santiago post office other decrees are in the archives but will have to wait for a future trip i hope the above description of decrees puts to bed the incorrect statements that the disinfection of mail was done without official decrees the chile specialist no 55 page 7 of 22


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disinfected mail cont the best-known marking of mail disinfection is the butterfly cachet of santiago the text reads desinfectada por calor disinfected by heat it was used from mid-february to april 1887 i would be interested in hearing about examples before february 24th and any from april the cache almost always appears on the reverse of the envelope or the postal card below is a rare example with the cachet on the front the cachet is always black valparaiso appears to have used a violet desinfectada straight-line marking below is an example from march 1887 a march 1887 cover from talca to angol is known with desinfectada in a chamferred box pratique winter 2000 page 112 the chile specialist no 55 page 8 of 22


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disinfected mail cont in 1904 bubonic plague appeared in antofagasta i have not been able to find out much about this episode i do not know if the plague fleas came directly from india or from peru where the plague had already struck i have not researched the archives for decrees for this period initially a blue desinfectado marking was applied may 14 16 and 25 have been reported below is an example from may 16 1904 later the same desinfectado marking was applied with pale purple ink two examples june 24 and july 1 have been reported i would be interested in learning about additional examples of this elusive mark both blue and pale violet publishers addendum pete blickles collection includes the following desinfectadas santiago to new york may 1 1887 ­ butterfly antofagasta to valparaiso may 10 1904 ­ straight-line desinfectado carlos vergaras collection includes the following desinfectadas santiago to valparaiso april 9 1887 ­ butterfly santiago to valparaiso april 12 1887 ­ butterfly the chile specialist no 55 page 9 of 22


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the boxed tren marks by jorg maier in the chile specialist no 54 mr emmerich vamos discussed the oval postmarks and their connection to the santiago-valparaiso railway with mr vamos knowledge i continue with the discussion of tren marks another curious mystery regarding the transport of correspondence by railway items which show these marks are very uncommon these marks were at first discussed by mr vamos in his book the traveling post offices of chile 1983 p 6 7 there are three existing marks 1er tren ­ first train lettering sanserif 2o tren ­ second train lettering with serifs 3er tren ­ third train lettering sanserif this is a listing of the covers that i know of figures 1 2 3 are on following page 1er tren 2o tren 1.1 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 serena 15.1.01 ­ coquimbo 15.1.01 coquimbo 20.5.74 serena re-mailed to guayacan serena 15.10.00 valparaiso serena 18/1/01 via coquimbo and arica 22.1.01 tacna 23.1.01 tpo serena coquimbo 26.1.01 via coquimbo 26.1.01 valparaiso 30.1.01 the strike of the tren mark is lightly inked but heavily embossed coquimbo 25.5 74 serena re-mailed to guayacan vicuna serena germany poor date black fig 1 red black black fig 2 black 3er tren 3.1 3.2 red fig 3 black i saw the cover 2.1 in santiago this year i received the information about covers 2.2 and 3.2 from mike rego many years ago the other covers belong to the author s collection the meaning of the marks is obvious the correspondence was dispatched on three trains of the serena-coquimbo railway route furthermore there seems to be no doubt that these marks belonged to the serena post office covers 1.1 2.2 2.3 and 3.2 arrived first at serena and covers 2.1 and 3.1 were re-mailed from serena via coquimbo to guayacan the evidence that there were 3 trains between serena and coquimbo does not contradict the fact that only one traveling post office is recorded for the route cover 2.4 illustrates that the traveling post office was linked specifically with the second train these tren marks are only known used for two short periods in the 1870s when the marks are found in red and at the end of the 19th century when the marks are in black what might have happened in the twenty-five years between these two periods finally because of the rarity of these marks i am assuming that only the top cover of each sorted bundle was marked the chile specialist no 55 page 10 of 22


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the boxed tren marks continued figure 1 figure 2 the chile specialist no 55 page 11 of 22


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the boxed tren marks continued figure 3 publisher s addendum trens in the collection of pete blicke 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd tren tren tren tren from serena to hamburg from coquimbo to serena from serena to valparaiso from serena to coquimbo june 1 1896 june 26 1900 october 15 1900 may 7 1990 trens in the collection of emmerich vamos 1st tren 1st tren 3rd tren from serena to zittau germany from serena to coquimbo from serena to coquimbo september 30 1895 april 1901 march 28 1892 the chile specialist no 55 page 12 of 22


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the 1888 and 1903 stamped envelope issues by ross a towle the 1888 and 1903 stamped envelope issues have intrigued me for a long time the envelopes are quite common mint and used albinos and other freaks of production are available a number of different working dies have been identified for each issue ambulancia and correo urbano markings can be found on them however i have yet to see any essay or proof material from these issues this is surprising after the 1989 american bank note co archive sale these two issues have been attributed to american bank note co what is the reason for the lack of archival material for these issues good question but no answer a possible answer came about with a recent sale of part of the american bank note co files for chile covering the period 1895-1903 it was a big surprise to find the american bank note co had subcontracted the production of stamped envelopes to geo f nesbitt co also of new york geo f nesbitt co did have experience producing stamped envelopes as they were the contractor to the united states post office for stamped envelopes from 1853 to 1870 a number of innovations in manufacturing envelopes were developed at the company the company also printed books and other job printing the first relevant letter in the correspondence is from abnc to nesbitt dated march 14 1896 asking nesbitt to produce 3,000,000 chilean stamped envelopes within 4 months another order was placed by abnc to nesbitt co on april 22 1898 for 1,000,000 envelopes one box of 25,000 envelopes was lost by the panama rail road while transiting panama even though the correspondence does not cover the 1888-1894 period it is clear that the last two printings of the 1888 issue were made by nesbitt co under contract to the american bank note co the term contract is perhaps too strong a gentlemans agreement better describes the situation the 1888 and 1903 stamped envelope issues continued the chile specialist no 55 page 13 of 22


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decree 1578 of june 1 1901 brought about the 1902 napoleon columbus issue of stamps it also included 6,000,000 stamped envelopes american bank note co was awarded the contract for the issue of postage stamps telegraph stamps postal cards and stamped envelopes on august 28 1901 abncs representative in chile jorge asta-buruaga sent a 10c stamped envelope from the 1873 de la rue issue to be used as a model the subsecretary of finance indicated on the model that the color of the indicia should be a deeper blue than the model on december 26 1901 nesbitt co asked for the model to see if the color is running o.k the correspondence file does not indicate how many envelopes were produced nor when the order was completed on july 10 1903 the direccion del tesoro placed an order for 1,700,000 stamped envelopes to which jorge asta-buruaga attached an example of the napoleon issue and indicated from previous order this was received in new york on september 23 1903 slightly more than one month later november 27 1903 geo f nesbitt co was notifying the abnc that the latest shipment of 8 boxes completed the order of 68 boxes 1,700,000 of stamped envelopes for those of you who care each box of 25,000 envelopes weighed 75 pounds these letters convinced me that geo f nesbitt co were the actual manufacturers of the 1888 and 1903 issues of stamped envelopes as a subcontractor to the american bank note co perhaps this is a hint about the essays/proofs they were held by nesbitt and not abnc what could have happened to them the article the story of the house of nesbitt by l g quackenbush appeared in the july 1913 and august 1913 issues of the philatelic gazette george f nesbitt had died in 1869 and edward p martin became president of the firm when he died in 1912 the the chile specialist no 55 page 14 of 22


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the 1888 and 1903 stamped envelope issues continued company sold much of the machinery and moved out homer martin the son of edward continued the company name the article describes homer martin saving some of the records of the corporation various steel dies were still in existence as homer was using one of the early us stamped envelope dies as a paper weight in addition to correspondence the records included many essays and models the article focuses upon the us envelopes as the periodical was the house organ for j m bartels who was a famous dealer in us stamped envelopes did homer martin save any of the chilean archival material correspondence with abnc clarence w brazer the dean of u.s proofs and essays indicates a positive answer to first question in his june 19 1937 column in stamps page 443 brazer notes the recently turned up collection formed by e p martin contains proofs of envelopes and wrappers probably made by the nesbitt co for canada mexico salvador guatemala argentine brazil peru and chili the hunt is on show news at chicagopex 2003 nov 21-23 ross towles chile postal cards and envelopes 1872-1929 won not only a gold but also the reserve grand for a foreign exhibit the richard w canman award an aps research medal and the united postal stationery society marcus white medal congratulations ross newsflash from ameristamp expo in norfolk jan 30-feb 1 ross towle was awarded a gold and alvaro pacheco two golds in the single frame category exciting news flash the american philatelic society at their board meeting held at ameristamp expo has approved the chile specialist association as an official affiliate of the american philatelic society congratulations to all of us the chile specialist no 55 page 15 of 22



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