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2nd Quarter , 2003 - 20 pg.

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the chile specialist the official newsletter of the chile specialist association 2nd quarter 2003 no 53 editor · charles p blickle · 511 moss ave · clearwater fl 33759-3432 · publisher · carlos vergara · editor emeritus · leland crane · what is going on by pete blickle this issue of the chile specialist is primarily devoted to sesquichile 2003 held in santiago this june 27-july 5 those who participated in and attended the show have supplied the bulk of the material for this issue old business regarding my query in vol 51 as to who carried the mail from santiago to ba to connect to the lati flights to europe between the time lufthansa s last flight from santiago on wednesday august 22 1939 and air france s subsequently ceasing operations with the fall of france in 1939 both ross towle and dr eduardo madsen supplied the following information condor a brazilian subsidiary of lufthansa did not cease its flights from santiago after august 1939 lati had both mail and passenger service from rio de janeiro brazil commencing 22 december 1939 and later from buenos aires this weekly and sometimes biweekly service continued until december 7 1941 when lati ceased operation condor became a brazilian airline contents what is going on by pete blickle new members cover of the quarter by t.s hale sesquichile 2003 the awards sesquichile 2003 by ross towle sesquichile 2003 by paget bill lenarz sesquichile 2003 by james hunt sesquichile photo gallery by carlos vergara two postcards and the 1912 upu rate changes by wm lenarz special offer for chile specialist members closing thoughts on sesquichile by carlos vergara a final thank you page page pages page pages pages pages pages pages pages page page 1 2 3-4 5 6-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18 19 20


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new members we hope you will join us in welcoming the following new members to the chile specialist association kenneth goss address 4667 boone drive fremont ca 94538 u.s.a email chilean collecting interests 5 centavos colon heads other collection interests belgian congo to 1945 japan bert huizing address het rocht 9 9481 hj vries the netherlands email chilean collecting interests numbered abulancias postal history 1920-1945 postal fees other collection interests argentina brazil dr eduardo madsen address a duerer str.15 65195 wiesbaden germany email chilean collecting interests aeropostal history henry munk nielsen address ny carlsberg vej 12, dk-1760 copenhagen v denmark email chilean collecting interests 1853-1903 other collection interests persia 1868-1925 greenland 1905-1960 roy orrin address 48 wimpole road colchester essex co1 2nl england email none chilean collecting interests all stamps postal history covers other collection interests the rhodesia s all 1892-end of u.n.i austro-hungarian empire postmarks of triest to 1918 eduardo paulsen address paul harris 10105 casa f las condes santiago chile email chilean collecting interests provisional airmail issues covers the chile specialist no 53 page 2 of 20


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cover of the quarter by t s hale this cover-of-the-quarter is from t.s hale s u.s censorship auxiliary marks on privileged mail to and from chile 1943 1945 exhibit which won a gold medal at sesquichile 2003 this official stationery cover was anonymously sent in december 1944 the official stationery caused the reviewer to dot the back of the cover which meant it was to be submitted for review as privileged mail the review resulted in privileged status being granted indicated by the wiggly box cancel and was passed unopened by washington d.c censor 2404 this is a new number for the wiggly box cancel series used in washington d.c a dapper t.s hale proudly displays his gold medal the chile specialist no 53 page 3 of 20


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publisher s note this informative exhibit title page of t.s s has been reprinted exactly as exhibited u.s censorship auxiliary marks on privileged mail to and from chile 1943 1945 three types of marks were used in the process of passing privileged mail unopened while censoring nonprivileged diplomatic mail the process started with a simple dot which submitted the cover for special review as a candidate for privileged mail status mail granted privileged status received a wiggle box cancel and was forwarded unopened for delivery once a correspondence became known as privileged the need for review initiated by the dot was eclipsed and the wiggly box cancel was used alone mail rejected as non privileged received one of several bar marks and was forwarded for normal censorship and subsequent delivery i ii iii iv v vi how to read a privileged mail cover 1 sender may have privileged status xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 3 dot elevates cover for privilege review examined by 4 bar means privilege denied 5 censored 2 recipient may have privileged status 1234 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx the application of this system to diplomatic mail to and from chile is the focus of this exhibit the material is organized into three parts i mail granted privileged status ii privileged mail iii mail denied privileged status the chile specialist no 53 page 4 of 20


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sesquichile 2003 awards won by the chile specialist association members in alphabetical order by exhibit category our apologies if we have overlooked anyone by accident multi-frame exhibits patricio aguirre james hunt james hunt heinz junge heinz junge th kannegiesser william lenarz jorge maier alvaro pacheco ross towle auxiliary marks 1853-1920 bolivia transacciones sociales chile postal fiscals ambulancias postales de chile el servicio consular de chile centenary of chile s independence chile presidente stamps 1911-1913 chilean postal stationery chile prephilatelic postmarks chile postal cards and envelopes large vermeil large vermeil vermeil large silver gold special prize large vermeil large vermeil gold large silver large gold gran prix nacional and derek palmer award large vermeil carlos vergara chile official seals 1884-1944 single-frame exhibits patricio aguirre international response coupons silver patricio aguirre pacific steam navigation co gold and special prize t.s hale auxiliary markings for privileged mail gold and special prize t.s hale censored mail to/from chile in 1941 bronze th kannegiesser colon on stamps of chile silver jorge maier chile s first stamps silver alvaro pacheco chile 1900 5c overprint silver alvaro pacheco valparaiso prephilatelic postmarks silver alvaro pacheco 1904 telegraph 1c overprint silver eduardo paulsen chilean airmail provisionals silver ross towle first meter marks of chile silver martin urrutia franca markings silver literature ross towle john west postal rates of chile the postal history of chile gold w/felicitations vermeil the chile specialist no 53 page 5 of 20


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sesquichile 2003 by ross a towle of all the stamp exhibitions i have attended i had the most fun at sesquichile with the hub of activity centering around the sociedad filatelica de chile s clubhouse in santiago the hotel where show guests were put up was perfectly situated just across the narrow street and only slightly further to the exhibition philatelic gatherings could be found in the hotel lobby or bar or across the street at the sociedad the discussions would continue until 2:00 a.m or later in the hotel rooms one did not have to worry about scurvy pisco sours flowed the exhibits contained wonderful material that one will not see at a usa wsp show the fabulous luis alemany collection of brazilian bull s eyes with the xiphopagus pair received the gran premio internacional martha villarroel de peredo filled eight frames with bolivian condor stamps and received a large gold claudio biern showed classic venezuela material and also received a large gold jorg maier received a silver for his one-frame exhibit showing 18 examples of the 1st london printing on cover all used during 1853 alvaro pacheco and jorg maier at the frames the u.s exhibitors did quite well since all but one were novices at the international level bill lenarz received a large vermeil for his 1911-13 presidentes carlos vergara received a large vermeil for his official seals jim hunt received a vermeil for his fiscals and telegraph stamps used for postage alvaro pacheco received a large silver for pre-philatelic postmarks and i received a large gold derek palmer award and gran premio nacional for my postal stationery exhibit there were also forty-six one-frame exhibits t.s hale received a gold with special prize for his privileged mail exhibit also being exhibited at columbus and a bronze for censored mail to/from chile during 1941 the chile specialist no 53 page 6 of 20


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sesquichile by ross continued miguel angel guajardo engraver at casa de moneda and medals from the mint s museum alvaro pacheco received 3 silvers for his two surcharge exhibits and valparaiso pre-philatelic markings i received a silver for my meter exhibit thanks to the hard work of patricio aguirre a pre-production version of my chilean rate book was entered and received a gold with felicitations of the jury on the day before the show the usa and german contingents mounted exhibits until 10:20 p.m when we had to leave before the gates were locked after working all day there were just a few frames that still needed to be installed the frames themselves were unique to mount them in the exhibit hall first a series of floor-to-ceiling pipes needed to be installed horizontal pipes were then attached from which the frames hung vertically very labor intensive the frames themselves were lovely ­ custom made out of plywood with a very nice veneer on friday june 27 the show opened to a standing room only crowd the opening dinner was held in the club militar with a sweeping view of santiago saturday morning the weekly stamp bourse was held at the society meanwhile the judges were working hard to review and judge all 400 frames being exhibited in order to complete their work by saturday evening after saturday the days start to blur for me too many nights until 2:30 a.m and getting up at 8:00 a.m the chile specialist no 53 page 7 of 20


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sesquichile by ross continued there was a first-day ceremony for the new chilean pair of stamps and souvenir sheet for the 150th anniversary of chilean postage stamps publisher s note see page 17-18 of this issue for how you can get your stamps and souvenir sheets the spanish contingent also held a first-day ceremony for their stamp in honor of chile s postal anniversary on tuesday the society held their usual luncheon but this time under a pavilion in the back to hold all the additional guests wednesday morning there was a tour of the casa de moneda one could see the work of the engravers and their tools up close it was a field trip enjoyed by all who participated wednesday afternoon chilecollector held their much-anticipated auction for which all chile specialist members had received a catalog the pavilion was full as bidders waited for the 400 lots to come up i know my wallet was significantly lighter after the auction on the 4th of july there was a group trip to valparaiso and viña del mar special souvenirs were provided to commemorate united states independence day jim mazepa toasted our hosts and suggested that the bill be sent to the british embassy after the show closed on saturday it was time to prepare for the final palmares dinner at the dinner the gold and large gold medals were presented the various special prizes were also awarded and the two gran premio awards and derek palmer award were announced i was floating on air when i received my awards i was still floating on sunday morning while the exhibits were being unmounted that evening i continued floating this time in a plane returning home after a wonderful time at sesquichile 2003 the chile specialist no 53 page 8 of 20


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combined comments on sesquichile by paget and bill lenarz this was the best stamp show ever we were overwhelmed with the generous hospitality of the sociedad and its chilean members we really enjoyed the interactions with other members and visitors from other latin american countries bill of course was in heaven when examining stamps that some of the members showed him we were very impressed with the personal interest given to us and attention to so many details by thomas kannegiesser and the other organizers the tours and banquets were very well organized and we appreciate all of the sociedad s efforts bill thoroughly enjoyed viewing so many excellent latin american exhibits and learned much by examining the chilean exhibits bill not only was happy to earn a hopedfor large vermeil for his exhibit but was pleased to see that several members exhibiting for the first time did very well he hopes that they will continue to exhibit so that he can see their great collections again we particularly enjoyed the tours of isla negra casa de moneda and the postal museum pablo neruda s house was a treasure trove another great exhibit from an obsessed collector bill mounting exhibits with the help of t.s being able to watch the good-natured engraver at the casa de moneda try to work and carlos distracting him was a real treat getting a close look at a pantograph which bill had read about was fascinating we were thrilled to receive beautiful engraved prints the postal museum s old cancellers were great and seeing a list of dead letters that had been held for decades was mindboggling bill was pleased that the visit opened the door for ross to obtain documents from the museum s archives that solved some rate mysteries speaking of archives ross suggested that bill visit the 20th century archives near the casa de moneda paget s spanish skills were absolutely essential for our successful visits to the archives with a bit of difficulty paget was able to obtain a two-week visitor s pass obtain some of the documents bill wanted and then get them photo-copied paget and bill returned the next day and struck it rich bill missed the valparaiso tour because he needed to pick up 120 pages of copies the next day somehow with the help of an amiable clerk bill was also able to obtain several more volumes to peruse which included a few more interesting items it will be very difficult to keep bill away from the archives on our next trip to chile combined comments from paget bill continued the chile specialist no 53 page 9 of 20


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we ate an amazing variety of excellent food elegantly presented at the sociedad the banquets and miguel balbi s we also discov ered that all versions of pisco sours made by chileans are superb paget was pleased to see how well the sociedad s garden looks and enjoyed its transformation to an elegant multi-functional outdoor room enclosed by a pavilion heinz whet paget s appetite for a redesign of the front entry garden we can t wait to return ross towle james mazepa and bill lenarz enjoying lunch at the society thomas kannegiesser paget bill lenarz bill birdwatching from inside miguel balbi s living room while eating cheese on a stick the chile specialist no 53 page 10 of 20


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sesquichile 2003 by james hunt good food fine wine warm friends great stamps the pleasures of sesquichile 2003 seemed unending from arrival to departure i had a wonderful time the layout was convenient with the hotel just around the corner from both the sociedad filatelica de chile on one side and the exhibit hall on the other the exhibit hall was attractively laid-out and the exhibits took my breath away this was my first fiaf show and never have i seen such quantity and quality of latin american philately the full run of the exhibition was too short a time to take it all in the chilean material on display was dazzling as i m sure will be reported elsewhere as a collector with broad interests i was also enthralled with exhibits such as brazilian bulls eyes classic bolivia venezuelan provisionals and colombian cubiertas it was more than a banquet for the eyes it was a feast away from the exhibition dealers and fellow collectors had wares to sell and trade and i came home with wonderful items to add to my collection and exhibits i learned a great deal such as how to identify genuine marina oficial anchor overprints and counterfeit iquique cancels of 1892 most of all i talked swapping stories critiquing exhibits and judges renewing old friendships and making new ones ­ the people who were there were the best part of the show to our chilean hosts who planned and presented the exhibition hearty congratulations on a job well done attention to detail could be noted at every turn including philatelic souvenirs at every outing the outings were enjoyable and the formal program events were not too long ­ for which we all are thankful the american contingent gapes wide-eyed at the pre-production copies of ross rate book james hunt alvaro pacheco t.s hale patricio aguirre ross towle and bill lenarz postal rates of chile 1756-1959 by ross towle published by chilecollector will be available for christmas the chile specialist no 53 page 11 of 20


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sesquichile by jim hunt continued perhaps most enjoyably the hospitality lamp was always on at the home of the sociedad rarely were fewer than five simultaneous conversations under way around the lunch table and banter and laughter often continued late into the evening in president thomas kannegiesser s office long before leaving for home plans were being made to return to chile ­ hopefully again and again sesquichile 2003 was truly an exhibition to remember thomas kannegiesser presides over lunch at the society hunt holds the original printing plate for the perkins bacon 20 centavo 1862 issue the chile specialist no 53 page 12 of 20


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sesquichile 2003 photo gallery all photos here and throughout this issue are by carlos vergara thomas kannegiesser hand canceling the newlyissued chilean stamp martin urrutia t.s hale dr eliseo otero paco gilabert and t.s hale await the start of the awards banquet the chile specialist no 53 page 13 of 20


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photo gallery continued carlos vergara presents thomas kannegiesser with a special recognition award from the aps as james mazepa looks on t.s hale and luis alemany laugh about lati patricio and carmen gloria aguirre enjoy the awards banquet evening page 14 of 20 the chile specialist no 53


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two postcards franked with 3 centavos presidentes and the 1912 upu rate changes by william h lenarz the two shown postcards to france franked with 3 centavos presidentes illustrate a change in upu rates that occurred in 1912 until recently chilean documents had not been found to determine the precise date of the change ross towle 1993 the chile specialist no 9 cited an article by porter indicating that rates had increased prior to april 1 1920 wawrukiewicz and beecher 1996 u.s international postal rates 1872-1996 indicated the upu printed matter rate was 3 centavos in july 1908 according to towle the rate actually became effective october 1 1907 and increased to 4 centavos on september 1 1912 during a short break from the activities of sesquichile towle was able to find further documentation at the postal history museum in santiago to support the sept 1 1912 rate change date the two postcards were marked imprime print and treated as such by the chilean post office the chilean cancels are unreadable on both cards but dated by the sender the first card above is dated august 28 1912 there is no written message just the date and signature the card was not taxed the chile specialist no 53 page 15 of 20



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