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2nd Semester , 2002 - 23 pg.

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the chile specialist the official newsletter of the chile specialist association of north america second semester 2002 no 51 editor · charles p blickle · 511 moss ave · clearwater fl 33759-3432 · publisher · carlos vergara · editor emeritus · leland crane · what is going on by pete blickle i was given a copy of ochenta años de historia aeropostal en chile 1919-1999 by dr eduardo madsen p this long overdue book is a listing of notable flights internal to and from chile the book is arranged by dr madsen s numbering system based on date for each flight catalog and literature references are listed if available the date of the flight the flight itinerary collateral information if available such as pilots type of aircraft and historical notes this is the most complete listing of chilean flights in one place that i know of and should be an addition to every airmail collector s library the volumes are numbered and dr madsen will issue addenda in 2003 you may contact dr madsen directly if you are interested in obtaining a copy his email emadsen i received the news from professor john c west cbe that the last issue of chile news has been sent out this is sad news for chilean philately chile news has been the main english language newsletter that i remember since i first started collecting chilean stamps then covers in the late 1970 s i am sure that those of you who subscribe to chile news will join me in thanking john for the wonderful job he has done in editing the newsletter and as all editors of this type of publication know supplying the majority of the articles continued on page 2 contents what is going on by pete blickle membership news cover of the semester by pete blickle flea market finds by carlos vergara buzoneros of santiago by jorg maier inutil markings by pete blickle huh revisited the great rate debate by pete blickle ramblings from ross by ross towle on the road with t.s by t.s hale condor-lati by pete blickle feliz año by pete blickle the chile specialist no 51 page 1 of 23 pages page page pages page pages pages pages page page page 1-2 3 4 5-7 8 9-12 13-17 18-21 22 23 23


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what is going on continued i understand that the postal history of chile by hugo v brinkgreve and professor john c west cbe frpsl has been published by proud-bailey company england this 575-page book is available from a variety of sources including leonard hartmann and subway stamp 1-800-221-9960 or www i did not attend the aps stamp show in atlantic city the first one i have missed in several years emmerich vamos and art bunce represented the chilean collectors the ameristamp expo 2003 aps winter show will be held at the coast coliseum convention center in biloxi mississippi february 28-march 2 2003 biloxi lies about midway between new orleans and mobile alabama on the gulf coast and has a plethora of gambling casinos and deep-gulf fishing charters biloxi was once plagued by poor relations between the townspeople and the nearby airbase a situation which was solved when the base personnel were paid cash with $2 bills at least those of us in lower rank as i remember and the town became aware of the financial impact of the airbase site selection by the aps must have been left to the gamblers good seafood abounds and for those of you who can make it should seriously consider attending the show i know there will be several chilean collectors there if you can t make it to biloxi note that the following weekend march 7-9 is a good chance to meet up with fellow chilean collectors at the st louis stamp expo where jim hunt is very involved and helps put on a great show looking ahead the aps stampshow 2003 will be held in columbus oh august 7-10 2003 this central location should draw a lot of you who live nearby the sociedad filatelica de chile announces sesquichile 2003 celebrating the 150th anniversary of chile s first stamp june 27 july 5 2003 santiago chile make plans now to attend more details will be coming from the sociedad regarding details on exhibiting schedule etc take advantage of this special event to make a well-deserved visit to chile t.s hale has promised that the first round of july 4th pisco sours is on him carlos promises that the second round is also on t.s the chile specialist no 51 page 2 of 23


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membership news by pete blickle please note that parker sams has a new email address several of our members have been lucky enough to travel to chile recently and as usual have enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of our friends at the sociedad filatelica in santiago these members include carlos vergara t.s hale alvaro pacheco and ross towle bill lenarz received a gold medal for his five frame chile presidente stamps of 1911-1913 at westpex congrats bill those of us who have seen this exhibit concur completely with the judges congrats also to alvaro pacheco who received a silver medal at philadelphia and to others who have continued to successfully exhibit at various shows i would like to apologize to burl henry he has found an unrecorded 1 peso overprinted airmail stamp and has an aps certificate certifying to its authenticity burl sent me a copy of the certificate in july and i had planned to put it in the next issue alas the copy lies somewhere in the mess in front of me and i have been unable to locate it when i do it will appear as this should be of particular interest to the presidente specialists here is a sneak preview of a special medal honoring our good friend derek palmer which has been commissioned by the sociedad filatelica and will be used at selected future international exhibitions as a special award for outstanding presentations featuring postal stationery the chile specialist no 51 page 3 of 23


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cover of the semester by pete blickle this selected cover shows what can go wrong when quality control slips up the 5-centavo envelope an albino h&g 15 and not listed in catalogo 2000 presumably was purchased for 5-centavos at the post office the sender either did not examine the envelope or ignored the fact that the ultramarine ink had not been applied and mailed the letter locally a 2-centavo rate having already received 5-centavos for a 2-centavo rate the post office collected another 4centavos as a 2+2 multada charge the multada marking is the same as is found on bill lenarz s cover shown in specialist no 50 pg 18 it is the santiago version of h2m2 and an example may not have been available to rego when his santiago book was published we will see more of this cancel example of missing indicia imprint the chile specialist no 51 page 4 of 23


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flea market finds by carlos vergara i was recently able to spend some time checking out flea markets in santiago and valparaiso chile always looking for the unusual i found lots of interesting items although not the easiest to mount on album pages i found them interesting nonetheless these examples of revenue stamps show the types found on flea market items including especificos patent medicines perfumeria perfumes tocador toiletries medicine containers with attached especificos stamps the chile specialist no 51 page 5 of 23


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flea market finds continued ampoules of perfume essences with perfumeria stamps replacement lipstick with tocador tax stamps more tocador stamps on bottle the chile specialist no 51 page 6 of 23


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flea market finds continued three views of an intriguing find a bilz a chilean soda pop company advertising lighter with a 10 peso tax token attached the chile specialist no 51 page 7 of 23


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buzoneros of santiago by jorg maier the buzonero marks often are very badly struck therefore it is very difficult to decide whether we have found a new type or rego only based his drafting on a bad marking checking once more my few buzoneros i will give some illustrations buzonero 12 19-6-1914 to temuco-different than rego s draft buzonero 14 ca 1914 to estacion lanco-different than rego s draft buzonero 20 local 2-8-1914 completing the figure 20 illustrated by ross towle in n 49 pg 7 first type buzonero 27 2-6-1917 to brugg/ch-different than rego s draft the head of figure 2 is closed the bar of figure 7 is horizontal the second buzonero 20 shown by ross towle i believe to be a buzonero 26 the chile specialist no 51 page 8 of 23


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inutil markings by pete blickle i have amassed the grand sum of five covers from the period 1900 through 1932 with inutil markings at least one of these has appeared in a previous issue where an alert postal employee caught a previously used stamp being used again the one thing all of these covers have in common is that they were cancelled in a valparaiso post office the cover sent locally shown below has 5-centavos worth of fiscal stamps to pay a 2-centavos rate however the stamps were not legally used at the time the cover was mailed continued on next page the chile specialist no 51 page 9 of 23


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inutil markings continued two covers mailed from valparaiso to the united states in 1912 and 1913 apparently had stamps that were demonetized the first cover with 3-5 centavo cabazones from 1900-01 is shown below back front the appropriate t markings and postage due fees were entered on the envelope the chile specialist no 51 page 10 of 23


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inutil markings continued the second cover showing demonetized stamps shown below has a 10-centavo islas de juan fernandez overprint of 1910 the appropriate t markings and postage due fees were entered on the envelope the chile specialist no 51 page 11 of 23


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inutil markings continued these two examples above bring up the question were there any official rulings on the demonetizing of chilean issues or was it left to the postal clerk s discretion the 10-centavo stamps were withdrawn 17-nov-1911 but i can find no reference to the life of the cabazones the final cover sent in 1932 to denmark appears properly franked with 1-10 centavo o higgins issued in 1932 and 4-15 centavo salitre stamps to make up the 70-centavo rate a sharp-eyed postal clerk found the salitre stamps inutil since they were withdrawn from circulation 1-june1931 the 60-centavos was made up of a 50-centavo and a 10-centavo presidente issue stamps the chile specialist no 51 page 12 of 23


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huh revisited and the great rate debate by pete blickle the multada marking on the bill s cover while not common appears on two other pieces i have the first is on a post card franked with a previously used 5-centavo napoleon which was marked inutil at the post office the second accompanies a faint rego santiago p41 marking on a locally sent cover the chile specialist no 51 page 13 of 23


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huh revisited and the great rate debate continued as to the rate the 4-centavo multada charge is a penalty of 2-centavos plus 2-centavos to make up the 4-centavo rate with the 2-centavo stamp on the cover if my arithmetic is correct that works this query sent me to reading ross towle s article postal rates 1853-1930 preliminary version i could not find reference to a 1-centavo rate for intra-department printed matter i have a 1-centavo piece sent locally to graham rowe co dated 17-jul-86 which appears to be a printed contract signed by thomas thompson y ca this also begs the question of impreso or printed matter rates a 2-centavos on cover to germany in 1891 and are they the same as the wrapper rates that to my knowledge first appeared with h&g e1 e2 catalogo 2000 ep32 &ep33 in 1900 i do believe i may be becoming a rate rat the chile specialist no 51 page 14 of 23


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huh revisited and the great rate debate continued the chile specialist no 51 page 15 of 23



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