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1st Semester 2009

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the chile specialist the official newsletter of the chile specialist association 1st semester 2009 the chile specialist association is an affiliate of the american philatelic society editor · charles p blickle · 511 moss ave · clearwater fl 33759-3432 · publisher · carlos vergara · editor emeritus · leland crane · no 70 resetting the course clarifications from the publisher by carlos vergara i must first confess to being remiss in my responsibility of publishing the specialist in a timely manner you will notice that this issue is number 70 with number 69 being published 1st quarter of 2008 this last year has been a time of philatelic malaise in my life i m not sure as to the cause of these doldrums changing times affected economies the reality of real life my daughter s wedding coming up in june or maybe just the fact that at 47 i m going through crisis avoiding realizations of mid life whatever the cause of this season i m back and ready to retake the helm in order to continue the good work of the specialist the plan is to publish on a semester basis dating this issue 70 as 1st semester 2009 the plan will be to publish two large issues per year on a timely basis i thank you all for your patience with me over this period your understanding and steadfast support make continuing this life project a worthwhile undertaking i am declaring 2009 to be a year of jubilee in terms of membership dues there will be no dues for 2009 and those of you that have already paid will be credited for 2010 as i look forward i am encouraged and excited about the fact that chile celebrates it s bicentennial in 2010 a major not to be missed exhibition will take place in santiago and it s never too early to plan visiting and participating i have a major exhibit i am trying to prepare and hope to present for the occasion contents resetting the course clarifications from the publisher page 1 sescal/americas highlights by carlos vergara page 2-6 speaking of semesters the 1ct circular rate of 1909 by carlos vergara page 7-8 official postal administration of santiago envelopes by carlos vergara page 9-11 adventures in plating the hahn reprints by carlos vergara page 12-13 contents continued next page


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contents continued a picture post card series on postal cards by ross a towle page 14-17 three reasons i bought this cover by bill lenarz page 18-20 brandt cover addendum by carlos vergara page 21 interned german ships during world war i by ross a towle page 22-23 perkins bacon and the presidente issue by ross a towle page 24-28 interesting cover and contents by chris keller page 29-30 the united states navy in chile by pete blickle page 31 proposed reference system for chilean ambulancias by alan codling page 32-37 sescal/americas highlights los angeles october 2008 by carlos vergara a highlight of 2008 was undoubtedly the pleasure of meeting up at sescal/americas in los angeles in october it s always good to meet face-to-face and having thomas kannegiesser all the way from santiago made for a special time we all enjoyed good fellowship as well got to see great chile material exhibited we represented well at the awards banquet the chile table was certainly well stocked with food drink and awards congratulations to all award winning specialist exhibitors exhibiting members included pete blickle fip gold patricio aguirre fip large vermeil heinz junge fip large vermeil eduardo paulsen fip large vermeil william lenarz fip large vermeil carlos vergara fip vermeil rodrigo bravo fip silver the chile specialist no 70 p 2 of 37


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sescal/americas ­ october 2008 continued front row l ­ r thomas kannegiesser alvaro pacheco ross towle ron robertson pete blickle emmerich vamos back row l ­ r roger schnell t.s hale carlos vergara alvaro pacheco ross towle and bill lenarz discuss in the foreground and t.s hale and roger schnell chat in the background the chile specialist no 70 p 3 of 37


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sescal/americas ­ october 2008 continued thomas kannegiesser reviews bill lenarz presidente exhibit pete blickle explains the finer points of his testart one framer to ross towle at left thomas kannegiesser looks through some of roger s archived exhibits emmerich vamos the chile specialist no 70 p 4 of 37


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sescal/americas ­ october 2008 continued brian moorhouse expounds on the finer points of chilean philately thomas kannegiesser bill lenars alvaro pacheco pete blickle t.s hale roger schnell and ross towle enjoying the castillo de molina direct from rincon chileno in west hollywood the chile specialist no 70 p 5 of 37


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sescal/americas ­ october 2008 continued t.s hale and paco gilabert from spain alvaro pacheco bill lenarz pete blickle lynn towle ross towle thomas kannegiesser ray todd bill lenarz checks out his award with t.s hale pete blickle and art bunce in the background a great time was had by all the chile specialist no 70 p 6 of 37


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speaking of semesters the 1ct circular rate of 1909 by carlos vergara speaking of semesters these items from exactly 100 years ago were found on one of t.s and my scavenging trips to the balmaceda flea markets in santiago these are the first and second semester of 1909 s stockholder reports from la comercial a chilean insurance company and are franked with 1ct peso bronce issue sofich #68 the chile specialist no 70 p 7 of 37


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speaking of semesters the 1ct circular rate of 1909 continued one centavo frankings are desirable and not easy to find since much of the printed matter was disposed of posted on july 13th of 1909 within valparaiso the reports are addressed to sra ana j meadowcroft de holm c/o caro and company it s interesting to note that sra meadowcroft held 10 shares of the company stock i trust her investment of 100 years ago fared better than some investments of today the chile specialist no 70 p 8 of 37


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official postal administration of santiago envelopes by carlos vergara handstamp of the santiago postal administration in violet red and blue rego t12 being that chilean free frankings of the 20th century have always been an interest of mine i have gathered examples in whatever form they appear prior to visiting sescal in october of 2008 the only examples i owned of the t12 cancel were the illustrated cut squares illustrated above great as reference but not much to show searching for material at larger shows usually consists of several passes the obvious big name dealers with the big stock dealers who have material sorted by country sorted by continent/area not sorted and finally the dollar boxes well it was well into the show and arms deep in one of those dollar boxes where the following cover appeared it may be missing a corner and a bit tattered but it is my first cover with a t12 and in a new color black nicely used in santiago in april of 1899 i m thrilled with my $1 find the chile specialist no 70 p 9 of 37


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santiago postal administration envelopes continued prepared for the santiago postal administration the following envelopes read cierro oficial referring to official enclosure rather than official seal and have a nice logo featuring a steam engine on the flap used within santiago this cover has no cancels thus the date of use cannot be confirmed i recall seeing a used example in a friend s collection maybe someone can supply a date the chile specialist no 70 p 10 of 37


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santiago postal administration envelopes continued this larger sized official envelope 240mm x 122mm closed is a new find i ll be on the lookout for used examples if anyone has any information to share i d be glad to hear it the chile specialist no 70 p 11 of 37


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adventures in plating the hahn reprints by carlos vergara it was 100 years ago this very year that dr hugo hahn mysteriously acquired the original engraved plate prepared in london for printing the 20cts first issue printing as the idea crystallized to use this plate to print a special centenary commemorative issue dr hahn and his consortium began trial printings in addition to recess printings of the full sheet of 240 stamps directly from the plate lithographic transfers were made and assembled into a lithographed sheet of 240 as part of this process smaller lithographed sheets are known consisting of 30 stamps with adjoining remnants these sheets are known in various colors including green red yellow blue and black printed on various papers on some untrimmed examples the edge of the lithographic stone is clearly imprinted as i have studied the hahns and acquired various holdings and collections over the last 20 years i have finally been able to have enough material to properly study these sheets various theories exist as to which rows from the original plate were selected for transferring to the intermediate stone finding the exact stamps and rows continued to be a fruitless effort until reading williams fundamentals of philately turned me onto the idea that many times larger lithographic transfers are made up by cutting and pasting various sections to make up the larger assembly this explained why it was impossible to find three rows in the original plate that matched exactly the comparisons were being done with complete recess printed hahn sheets the chile specialist no 70 p 12 of 37


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adventures in plating the hahn reprints continued being fortunate to acquire the hamish reid/ar doublet hahn holdings examination of hamish s write ups led me to conclude that he was partially right in assigning the small sheet to rows 14 15 and 16 of the original plate while in fact the first block of 15 is from these rows the second block is most of these rows plus another repeated the following image illustrates my theory on the makeup of this small lithographed sheet the chile specialist no 70 p 13 of 37


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a picture post card series on postal cards by ross a towle until august 1903 post cards had to be government issued to qualify for the post card rate this meant that picture post cards were treated as letters and required much more postage the various picture post card manufactures were creative sometimes photos would be glued to the back of a postal card i have seen where a whole picture post card was glued to the back of a postal card the most common method was printing an image in blue black green or maroon on the back of postal card photo glued to back of 1898 3c postal card sent 1 july 1903 to valparaiso picture post card glued to back of 1898 3c postal card sent 21 july 1903 to paraguay the chile specialist no 70 p 14 of 37


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a picture post card series on postal cards continued there is a group of pictures on 1c postal cards that i believe belong to a series of 10 many of the pictures can be found on ordinary picture post cards the images have a number in one of the corners sometimes a title can also be found some of the cards have the name e g repetto of valparaiso as the publisher printed in black some of the cards has valparaiso printed in black number 1 plaza echuarren printed in green number 2 muelle de pasajeros printed in blue the chile specialist no 70 p 15 of 37



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