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the chile specialist the official newsletter of the chile specialist association 1st quarter 2006 no 63 the chile specialist association is an affiliate of the american philatelic society editor · charles p blickle · 511 moss ave · clearwater fl 33759-3432 · publisher · carlos vergara · editor emeritus · leland crane · what is going on by pete blickle st louis stamp expo 2006 was certainly a success for the chilean specialist members who attended the show and those who entered exhibitions see article on pp 4-5 i gave a short talk on friday of the st louis show about under-franked chilean postage after 1853 while researching i found an interesting fact in chile there were no penny postcards 1 centavo the 1c rate was for printed matter the postcard rate was 2c and if you wrote on the back of a 1c card you forced the recipient to pay the multa or fine which was twice the short pay or in this case 2c the next chance for specialist members to get together will be at the international washington 2006 may 27-june 3 in washington d.c there will also be a specialist contingent at stamp show 2006 august 24-27 in chicago illinois we hope to see you at one of these shows you may notice recent member richard eldridge has provided articles in this issue we are always looking for contributions from any specialist members that means you on quirky or special finds areas of interest questions or anything of chilean philatelic interest so share the fun and contribute to your newsletter contents what is going on by pete blickle member news cover of the quarter by jorge maier getting together in st louis christmas luncheon at the sociedad by richard eldridge 1927 commercial testart cover to paris by ross towle a possible new air rate to europe by prof john c west the $6.40 airmail supplement to europe by ross towle the elusive ambulancia by richard eldridge lurking on ebay by carlos vergara a recent parcel card discovery by ross towle an interesting modern cover by carlos vergara more information on duplex cancels by thomas kannegiesser american bank note company print orders for chile 1873 ­ 1909 by ross towle analysis of the quantity data in abnc print orders by ross towle the chile specialist no 63 page 1 of 36 page page page pages page pages pages page pages page page pages page 1 2 3 4-5 6 7-8 9-11 12 13-14 15 16 17-18 19 pages 20-33 pages 34-36


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member news member address contact info updates please make a note of all the following changes corrections and updates to your the chile specialist association membership lists pete blickle has a new email address welcome to new member dr lawrence larry sherman 5365 caminito exquisito san diego ca 92130 phone 858 793-5676 email chilean collecting interest 1910 centenary issue other collecting interests m.s ww ii postal history the coelacanth fossil fish international washington 2006 washington 2006 will be held from may 27th to june 3rd this year and it should be a not to be missed event held at the convention center this will be the biggest us show in the last ten years several of our members are planning on attending the event including a few from chile we look forward to getting together during the week local member bjorn wellenius-has been kind enough to offer his home for a chile specialists afternoon of fellowship on sunday the 28th we will have more details on this event as it approaches if any you are planning on being in dc and would like to attend this afternoon of fun send me an email so that we may plan accordingly information on the show itself can be found at the chile specialist no 63 page 2 of 36


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cover of the quarter by jorg maier some time ago an unusual item the first oficial postcard of chile was offered on ebay i am happy to have it in my collection these cards were printed by the imprenta cervantes in santiago and used from the end of 1889 until the beginning of 1892 few copies of the cards have survived whether in rare unused or extremely rare used conditions the illustrated item has a 20 vi 91 santiago 1 postmark in blue but beyond that the postcard gives us a glimpse into the early history of chilean philately written by ramon a laval the director of the anales where he expresses the interests of two philatelists in joining the sociedad filatelica de santiago founded in 1889 the card is addressed to german greve the president of the sociedad greve was also a philatelist of high importance who published many many articles under the pseudonym dr phil a.t lista this card is linked with two chilean philatelists of highest prestige the text of the card estimado señor le agradeceré se sirva proponer a la sociedad a los señores pascual isaza y francisco benavides santos que desean pertenecer a ella the chile specialist no 63 page 3 of 36


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getting together in st louis saint louis stamp expo 2006 provided the opportunity for several members of the chile specialist association to enjoy time together as well as exhibit and scour dealers boxes chile was well represented in the exhibits with a variety of subjects which were duly rewarded by the judges special congratulations go to pete blickle whose first showing ever was awarded not only a gold but the aape novice award as well pictured from left to right specialist members brian moorhouse alvaro pacheco richard eldridge ross towle carlos vergara pete blickle and james hunt specialist members presented the following chilean exhibits pete blickle james hunt bill lenarz alvaro pacheco alvaro pacheco carlos vergara gold aape novice award chile crossover uses 7 frames gold aape creativity award two centavos presidentes of chile 1 frame gold chile 1900 surcharge 5 1 frame gold straight line markings of chile 5 frames vermeil official postal seals of chile 5 frames gold correo aereo testart 1 frame and brian moorhouse was awarded a gold and the aps pre-1900 award for his exhibit nicaragua ­ the 1882 upu issue congratulations to all exhibitors right pete blickle s title page and ribbon the chile specialist no 63 page 4 of 36


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getting together in st louis continued editor pete blickle s report st louis stamp expo 2006 was certainly a success for the chilean specialist members who attended the show and those who entered exhibitions thursday night local member jim hunt hosted ross towle alvaro pacheco brian and mimi moorhouse bill welch and i for an enjoyable evening of pisco sours chilean wine pizza since his home is being remodeled and lots of catching up and conversation on philately among other things friday evening jim hunt alvaro pacheco richard eldridge charles wooster exhibitor of the postage due stamps of peru and i enjoyed dinner at a lovely restaurant which served a good gumbo saturday night was the awards dinner and carlos vergara joined the table jonathan topper was at the show as well though the only dealer specializing in latin american material was brian moorhouse i am sure everyone bought what they could afford left james hunt alvaro pacheco and pete blickle chatting at the awards dinner right richard eldridge and alvaro pacheco at brian s table it was great to be a part of a show that highlighted latin america our thanks and congratulations to the organizing committee for a job well done the chile specialist no 63 page 5 of 36


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christmas luncheon at the sociedad filatelica de chile by richard eldridge i started collecting stamps when i was about 6 years old as i grew my interests changed following my experiences and places i had been ­ great britain the u.s canal zone spanish american war patriotic covers and over the past several years chile about five years ago i began shifting from collecting chilean stamps to chilean covers and became particularly interested in ambulancias i slowly began looking under every rock local stamp bourses shows and exhibitions ebay for my elusive prey but i felt alone in my enthusiasm and excitement every time i discovered one after becoming a member of the chile specialist association csa i was told about the sociedad filatelica de chile this december i was in chile to see my wife s family in concepcion and i was able to escape back up to santiago to attend the sociedad s christmas luncheon for all those members of the csa who have never attended one of these luncheons i can testify that you are missing an experience that will move you to your philatelic core for those who have attended one you will understand my excitement and the thrill of my experience the entire membership received me warmly as if i were a long-lost brother some members knew me from email correspondence some from recommendations through carlos vergara and some knew me from my ebay moniker all members were most cordial and friendly but the real highlight was being able to share the enthusiasm and excitement of collecting chile with others who share the same passion after spending most of the luncheon talking with mr heinz junge about ambulancias several of us retired to an upstairs study where we examined and discussed items several of us had brought for me the sfch luncheon was more than just recharging my batteries it took a flame and fanned it into a wildfire collecting stamps and covers from chile is a very narrow and specialized area and not particularly common in philatelic circles in north america for all who are interested in chilean philately a luncheon with the sfch is a must do it is camaraderie beyond comparison page 6 of 36 thomas kannegiesser president of the sfch and alejandro opitz at the head table heinz junge board of directors of the sfch and the author after luncheon the chile specialist no 63


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1927 commercial testart cover to paris by ross a towle front of envelope the subject cover in this article has caused me many sleepless nights i saw it offered on a website for a reasonable price the website indicated that they would get back to me with payment details and shipping cost i waited a few days but there was no reply in the meantime i forgot which website had it for sale i had not saved a copy of the image nor the website url i tried an email to the dealer who i thought had the item for sale but no response i was sure i would never see it again i would wake up during the night and wonder where it was two months later it showed up again on the web this time the transaction went through the cover was sent on 26 july 1927 from santiago to paris france the ordinary looking cover is franked with 70 centavos in common presidente stamps and a 40 centavos testart stamp what is so interesting about it according to pete blickle he knows of 2 testart covers used to the usa the two covers to the usa were sent by c p carlson who was a philatelist one of the covers is to the house of stamps the other cover is to a c roessler a stamp dealer in new jersey specializing in airmail these two covers are franked with a the chile specialist no 63 page 7 of 36


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1927 commercial testart cover to paris continued 40 centavos testart stamp and 50 centavos in ordinary postage the 50 centavos paid the upaep postage and registration to the usa the subject cover to paris is the first reported international commercial usage of a testart stamp the postal rates established in may 15 1927 only deal with domestic destinations the postal clerk in this case calculated the postage to be $1.10 composed of 70c for upu surface rate to france and 40c for airmail between santiago and valparaiso notice the pencil notation by the clerk for $1.10 a question that pete blickle asks is why would somebody pay triple the ordinary rate to send a letter by airmail between santiago and valparaiso when it did not save much if any time this cover makes the timesaving immaterial as the cover was sent by sea mail from valparaiso to france why did commercial companies pay extra for airmail service did they use it to get the attention of the recipient i do not know the answer but i will enjoy the cover just the same reverse of envelope the chile specialist no 63 page 8 of 36


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a possible new air rate to europe by prof john c west i have for some time been increasingly concerned that i could not identify the franking of some of my airmail covers to europe in the 1933-1934 periods with either the $5.00 pesos rate or the $6.50 pesos rate i have therefore looked hard to find covers otherwise non-descript in this date range genuine research on rates normally depends on archival material and post office circulars to give positive information such work has led to the indispensable definitive handbook of ross towle s postal rates of chile the use by philatelists of covers alone is very problematical so many covers have incorrect franking that one wonders how many does it take to prove a case i am therefore very hesitant in putting this article forward i now am able to show in the table below covers in my own possession covering the period of interest of these 14 covers numbered in the list below 4­17 seem to indicate a rate not recorded of $6.40 per 5 gm i have to add that i am not concealing any covers that might disprove this rate and have not discovered a rogue cover in the period aug 1933 to aug 1934 beyond this period in the $6.50 rate i have two nos 21 and 23 which don t comply and are certainly wrong for the date of usage i show illustrations of three of the covers one from the 70 ct rate and the earliest with the $6.40 air rate and two from the $1.20 rate i would be pleased to send copies of any of the others to anyone interested and to receive any relevant information cover from valparaiso with cancellation date 5 oct 1933 with a 70 ct postal rate composed of 10 20 40 ct normal current definitives and the airmail rate of 2 x $6.40 $12.80 in airmail overprints the air france service left buenos aires on 7th oct and arrived toulouse 15th oct the chile specialist no 63 page 9 of 36


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a possible new air rate to europe continued as can be seen from my list the change from $5.00 to $6.40 is between aug and oct 1933 and the change to $6.50 as recorded from the post office records was 1 aug 1934 i might be totally wrong in my interpretation of the franking and i would be very pleased if collectors would check their own covers in this period if i am correct in the $6.40 rate perhaps we could get the dates of change a little closer it also means that the $5.00 and the $6.40 rate lasted only for one year each if i am wrong all these covers have rogue frankings for it is impossible to determine the split up of the total franking using either $5.00 or $6.500 rates the covers in the list are to belgium france g.b and switzerland rates to europe for surface postage 1933 1934 1 jan 1928 1 feb.1934 70 ct 40 ct $1.20 ct 70 ct reg.70 ct reg $1.30 airmail supplements rates to europe 1933 1934 1 aug 1932 $5.00 1 aug 1934 ­ 1 aug 1936 $6.50 covers in date order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 04 feb 1933 21 apr 1933 03 aug 1933 05 oct 1933 05 oct 1933 28 sep 1933 23 nov 1933 03 jan 1934 06 jan 1934 25 jan 1934 08 feb 1934 09 feb 1934 05 mar 1934 29 mar 1934 21 jun 1934 23 jun 1934 13 jul 1934 14 sep 1934 11 oct 1934 25 oct 1934 17 nov 1934 23 may 1935 10 july 1935 total $5.70 total $5.70 total $5.70 total $7.10 total $13.50 total $7.10 total $7.10 total $14.20 total $14.20 total $7.10 total $7.10 total $14.00 total $7.60 total $14.00 total $7.60 total $7.60 total $7.60 total $7.70 total $7.70 total $7.20 total $8.90 total $9.00 total $7.60 70 ct $5.00 70 ct $5.00 70 ct $5.00 70 ct $6.40 70 ct 2 x $6.40 70 ct $6.40 70 ct $6.40 70 ct 70 ct reg 2 x $6.40 70 ct 70 ct reg 2 x $6.40 70 ct $6.40 70 ct $6.40 $1.20 2 x $6.40 $1.20 $6.40 $1.20 $12.80 2 x $6.40 $1.20 $6.40 $1.20 $6.40 $1.20 $6.40 $1.20 $6.50 $1.20 $6.50 $1.20 $6.50 $1.20 $1.30 reg $6.40 $1.20 $1.30 reg $6.50 to britain $1.20 $6.40 from magallanes the chile specialist no 63 page 10 of 36


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a possible new air rate to europe continued cover from the swiss consulate in lima peru posted in valparaiso with cancellations dated mar 5th 1934 and addressed to the swiss vice-consul in lima who must have been visiting switzerland there is a reception mark for goldiwil for 20th march on reverse the franking is exemplary in that the surface rate of $1.20 uses definitive adhesives and the air supplement of $6.40 has the airmail stamps cover from santiago with cancellation feb 9th 1934 at 12 noon arriving marseille back stamp on feb.18th the large black cross signifies that marseille was the end of air transport and that the onward journey was by train to geneva the franking of 14 pesos is the surface rate of $1.20 up to 20 gm and an airmail supplement of $12.80 or twice the 5 gm rate of $6.40 the chile specialist no 63 page 11 of 36


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the $6.40 airmail supplement to europe by ross a towle when i completed my postal rates of chile in july 2003 i knew there were rates i had not included in the book because i had not found documentation for the rate for example the 1949-1953 period is missing some rate changes the boletin de correos y telegrafos was not published during that time notices were sent to the post offices as individual sheets of paper the postal museum has a very small number of notices from this period and none of them deal with postal rates which means some rate changes are missing i have found documentation for a new airmail rate on september 1 1933 the airmail supplement for letters and cards to europe increased to $6.40 for each 5g or fraction the airmail supplement for printed matter samples and business papers to europe increased to $16.00 for each 50g or fraction these rate changes were announced in circular c.2 no 36 of july 11 1933 please add a notation in your copies of my book of the newly found rate prof john west is to be congratulated in using covers to raise the question of the existence of a $6.40 airmail supplement i am always interested in finding out about unlisted rates and covers whose rates do not correspond to those in my book i expect to have a downloadable pdf file with corrections and additions to my book ready later this year of course i will submit it as an article to the chile specialist the chile specialist no 63 page 12 of 36


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the elusive ambulancia between san rosendo and victoria by richard eldridge in january of this year i was digging through a box of south american covers at a dealer bourse in chantilly virginia when i came across a beautiful cover since i was looking for ambulancia covers this cover immediately caught my attention because it had not one but two nice ambulancia strikes on the reverse but was made me look twice was that one of the two was the ambulancia between san rosendo and victoria i knew that i did not yet have this in my collection but i could not recall if i had seen it previously and immediately set about asking questions and doing more research to this point i have found that this is difficult to find talcahuano on cover the route that the cover took is to santiago shown in the map in figure 2 it would have concepcion been dispatched from the main post office in concepción by train to san rosendo in san san rosendo rosendo it would have been transferred to a santa fe southbound train in this case it was the train between san rosendo and victoria at this pacific renaico robleria tijeral ocean time 1900 there were local trains running just angol trintre between san rosendo and victoria which also los sauces saboya carried the ambulante postal clerks i do not santa rosa victoria know when these local trains ceased but a quilquen trigal careful search of all train schedules for 1913 pua traiguen show that the only local train originating or terminating in victoria was the local run from victoria south to temuco in renaico the letter temuco would have been transferred to the southbound train to traiguen and ultimately pitrufquen off-loaded in los sauces halfway down this spur line border with argen tina the chile specialist no 63 page 13 of 36


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the elusive ambulancia continued the reverse of the cover is shown in figure 3 below the two transit ambulancia postmarks and the los sauces receiving mark are clear and clean the postmark between san rosendo and victoria is especially interesting because the inscription is ambcia entre san rosendo i victoria x without including the word chile the outer circle measures 26mm in diameter and the inner circle measures 16 mm in diameter the date format is in the order of day month three letters and year last three numbers this can be compared to the more common ambulancia with the two end points in the reverse order entre victoria i san rosendo is larger measuring 29mm for the outer circle and a smaller inner circle measuring only 15mm some good examples of the end points in reverse order victoria first can be seen on the chile collector web site figure 3 to this point i have not seen this on any other cover i would be interested to hear from anybody who has this on cover and would be willing to send me a scan i would like to try to pin down the dates during which this particular ambulancia cancellation was used i can be reached at and look forward to hearing input from any readers on this subject the chile specialist no 63 page 14 of 36


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lurking on ebay by carlos vergara one sees lots of interesting items on ebay recently a very nice looking piece of stationery was offered featuring a desinfectada por calor fancy cancel a nice pse from constitucion in november of 1887 to berlin bearing a nice strike of the desinfectada cancel according to our good friend ross towle the only problem would be the following this cover is a fake reason 1 the real disinfected marking is in black not violet reason 2 the real disinfected marking was applied during february-april 1887 the cholera epidemic was over by november 1887 with an ending price of $450.00 we trust the new owner enjoys the new addition to their chile fakes and forgeries reference collection the chile specialist no 63 page 15 of 36



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