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automatic pedestrian detection device


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sdav preventive action for low visibility situations automatic pedestrian detection device the circulation of pedestrians on urban routes frequently causes high risk situations which may be due to imprudent behaviours of the pedestrians themselves or the vehicle drivers preventive action is directly focused on the safety of the weakest element in traffic the pedestrian there are trouble spots where pedestrians are at increased risk due to lack of visibility or confluence of modal uses such as pedestrian crossings parking exits multi-modal areas proximity to schools or areas with a high traffic density which makes them especially dangerous.


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a device that guarantees pedestrian safety the sdav device sdav systems is a technological innovation company which has developed a utility model with a product that leverages unidirectional detection for direct application to people and vehicle mobility sdav systems follows an ongoing development process to apply new utilities to its product in order to achieve a constant road safety improvement.


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sdav simplicity of elements low cost and high efficiency sdav product the sdav system has been developed in several forms to provide a solution for different conflicts that create a risk for pedestrians pedestrian crossings with lack of visibility or limited visibility school areas main roads through urban areas areas with high transit density salidas de parkings in compliance with the spanish 18/2009 law dated november 23.


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the sdav device is a support tool for pedestrian detection which favours and enhances the real perception of the pedestrian sdav those pedestrian who want to cross the street using the pedestrian crossing are detected by an invisible detection system which is installed and integrated in each of the bollards placed in the pedestrian crossing access ramp an activation signal is automatically sent to the light beacons integrated on the roadway traffic lane dividing line stop line which are activated and emit an intermittent warning light for the vehicles circulating in both senses the system can have different accessories to improve its features such as pedestrian counting sending of the detection signal to vehicles bus fleets taxis etc by radio image capture.


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technical specifications unidirectional detection system.field work 5 m system power supply 230v ac with circuit internal operation at 12/24vdc an autonomous power supply system combined with self-powered batteries connected to the lighting system is also possible.


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el dispositivo sdav es una herramienta de soporte en la detección del peatón que favorece y alarga la percepción real del peatón alert device for drivers at parking exits the installation of the sdav detection device at parking exits provides compliance with the spanish transit vehicle circulation and road safety law 18/2009 dated november 23 which requires the installation of devices to alert the vehicle drivers of pedestrians presence in order to avoid possible runovers a detection capsule is place on every side of the vehicle exit fixed to the fade pedestrians are immediately detected when they enter the system detection field and an activation signal is sent to the car driver alerting of the pedestrian presence this signal can be a semaphore red light a pedestrian indicator a warning by means of a variable information panel or any other suitable device the system detects unidirectional movement taking into account only those pedestrians walking towards the parking exit.


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components 2 detection capsules fixed to faÁade galvanized or stainless steel structure blue and yellow led lighting space for advertising light signal at the parking exit optional red/green sdav signal red semaphore on-crossing pedestrian led signal variable information panel device connection electrical cable cable and connector preinstallation technical adjustment metering and sectioning based on location features 2 year guarantee as of delivery of the product testing warranty seal and stamp.


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technical specifications unidirectional detection system field work based on needs system power supply 230v ac with circuit internal operation at 12/24vdc.


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sdav phone number 977443478 cell phone number 637796423 pl emili sanz 01 1º tortosa tarragona



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