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the chile specialist the official newsletter of the chile specialist association 1st quarter 2007 no 66 the chile specialist association is an affiliate of the american philatelic society editor · charles p blickle · 511 moss ave · clearwater fl 33759-3432 · publisher · carlos vergara · editor emeritus · leland crane · what is going on by pete blickle in the airpost journal vol 78 no 1 january 2007 i encountered the following in the president s message by derrick pillage on saturday dec 2 i went to the christmas party of the baef in london the display was of crash mail and we were told about the famous crash in the mountains of chile which i believe took five years to be found in a glacier with the mailbag perfectly intact then five years later the covers were rubber-stamped with chilean efficiency and delivered to their addresses it must have been quite an experience receiving the mail 10 years late i have a number of chilean related crash covers but am unable to relate any of them to the crash mr pillage refers to would any of the readers be able to identify this crash i would appreciate knowing what crash it was so i can look for a cover from it good news the sociedad filitelica de chile has just announce the release of the new catalogo especializado chile 2006 see blurb in member news for how to acquire your copy remember we want to hear from you please write up your interesting philatelic finds favorite pieces research and/or questions and send in to be published the more variety and collectors we hear from the more interesting the newsletter -thanks contents what is going on by pete blickle member news cover of the quarter by carlos vergara issue dates of abnco presidentes by william h lenarz the fourth centenary of the founding of santiago by carlos vergara closely cut squares and fakes by pete blickle chile francotyp 791 meter by ross a towle german consulate in chile seals by carlos vergara a modern handstamp by ross a towle the chile specialist no 66 page 1 of 24 page 1 page 2 pages 3-4 pages 5-7 pages 8-16 page 17 page 18 pages 19-22 pages 23-24


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member news welcome to five new members claude e collard providencia 2315-dept 507 providencia santiago chile ph 56-2 234-0416 email dal torrione gualberto via a rosmini 163 55049 viareggio italy stan raugh 4127 eighth ave temple pa 19560-1805 dave reynolds 7805 lime ave fontana ca 92336 albert schertzing cmr 451 box 167 apo ae 09708-0451 ph 517 324-5436 email member address update please make a note of these new addresses roy lingen p.o box 99 verona on koh 2wo canada email ronald robertson 36 riverview gardens se calgary alberta t2c 4g7 canada email catalogo especializado chile 2006 now available the long awaited chile 2006 catalog published by the sociedad filatelica de chile is now available in full color the massive 4-1/2 pound catalog is available for direct purchase from the sociedad this catalog is a must have for all chile collectors pricing is as follows sofich members with paid up dues non members plus airmail dispatch to us/europe us 75.00 us 90.00 us 40.00 please contact the sociedad directly by email to place your order atn thomas kannegiesser the chile specialist no 66 page 2 of 24


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cover of the quarter by carlos vergara besides its interesting combination of presidente and panamerican issues the cover illustrated above carries a cancelled example of a deutsch chilenischer bund 5ct cinderella the duetsch chilenischer bund liga chileno-alemana or chilean-german league was formed in 1916 with the expressed purpose of maintaining the unitiy of chileans of german provenance by maintaining their original language and customs close up of the dcb label with a value certainly not postal of 5 cts the chile specialist no 66 page 3 of 24


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cover of the quarter continued originating in calera on nov 27th 1923 this registered letter was eventually forwarded to its recipient arriving in bergedorf germany on january 10th 1924 determining the rate leaves us with a couple of options total postal franking 1 peso 36 cts additional 5cts label/cinderella 40cts 40cts 56cts upu registration upu rate for first 20g additional 100g overpaid by 6 cts or if counting the label 61cts additional 120g overpaid by 1 ct the back of the cover above features a los andes transit cancellation as it probably went over the andes to buenos aires then on to europe if anyone has seen other deutsch chilenischer bund cinderellas i d certainly like to hear about their holdings the chile specialist no 66 page 4 of 24


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issue dates of american bank note company presidentes by william h lenarz introduction the catalogo especializad chile 2000 lists the issue date of the first issue of american bank note company abnc presidentes as september 19 1911 it also lists two issue dates for the complementaria of the presidentes the 2c 4c 8c and 10c value issue dates listings are september 1912 and the 14c 40c and 60c value date listings are 1913 i have new information that two of the first issue values were released earlier than september 19 1911 and that provides more precise dates of issues for the complementarias first issue ross towle and i spent an enjoyable and fruitful week searching through documents in the 20th century archives in santiago july,2006 i was surprised about the contents of ministerio de hacienda decree 2388 dated august 19 1911 figure 1 the decree noted that there was a shortage of 1 and 2c centenario stamps that were due to removed from circulation on september 18 and authorized circulation of 1 and 2c presidentes as of the date of the decree i recently obtained the cover shown in figure 2 dated september 12 1911 with a santiago certificados cancel while it is correctly franked for a regis-tered intra-departmental letter towle 2003 postal rates of chile until i saw the decree i would have assumed the date was wrong the earliest cover i have for the 1c stamp is dated october 11 1911 figure 1 hacienda decree 2388 stating a shortage of 1c and 2c stamps and authorizing early release of the 1c and 2c presidentes the chile specialist no 66 page 5 of 24


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issue dates of american bank note company presidentes continued figure 2 cover documenting earliest known use of a presidente complementaria january 23 1912 adjustments of the domestic rates towle 2003 resulted in major changes in stamp needs the intra-departmental letter rate increased from 3c to 4c and the postcard rate increased from 2c to 4c causing a need for a 4c stamp the intra-departmental letter and postcard rate increases resulted in franking required for a registered postcard or intradepartmental letter to increase from 12c to 14c this caused the need for a 14c stamp the inter-departmental letter rate increased to 10c causing a much greater demand for 10c stamps the printed matter rate increased from 1c to 2c per 50g according to an anonymous article in chile filatelico 1940 43/44:31-32 based on information provided to the sociedad filatelica de chile the complementarias were first ordered from abnc april 1912 ross towle informed me that actual date was april 22 1912 and that it represents the date that the order was received by abnc it is not surprising that the order included the 4c and 14c new denominations chile decided that the changed needs justified changing the vignette of the 2c to columbus and color of the 10c to blue and its vignette to o higgins the order for 8c 40c and 60c new denominations may have anticipated the change in upu rates that occurred september 1912 the increased demand for 10c stamps appeared to exhaust the supply of 10c freire stamps because with the exception of a cover dated january 17 1916 i neither own any covers nor have i been able to find any covers on the web dated later than may 31 1912 there also must have been considerable demand for a 4c stamp thus the postal authorities probably were very relieved when stamps from the april order finally started arriving ross and i found documents indicating that the stamps first arrived in chile in september 1912 decree 2311 issued september 3 authorized payment for three boxes 3449-3351 containing 4c 8c and 10c stamps decree 2353 issued september 11 authorized payment for six boxes 3452-3457 containing 4c 8c and 10c stamps decree the chile specialist no 66 page 6 of 24


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issue dates of american bank note company presidentes continued 2405 issued september 13 authorized payment for 34 boxes 3458-3491 containing 2c 4c and 10c postage stamps and postal stationery oficio 1227 issued september 25 referred to paperwork about 29 boxes 3492-3520 containing 4c and 10c stamps and postal stationery we didn t found documents specifically referring to the 14c 40c and 60c stamps decree 2535 issued october 3 authorized payment for 14 boxes 3521-3534 containing unspecified postage stamps and postal stationery oficio 1308 issued october 12 referred to paperwork about 60 boxes 3535-3594 containing unspecified postage stamps and postal stationery decree 2891 issued november 11 authorized payment for 75 boxes 3595-3669 containing unspecified postage stamps and postal stationery decree 3110 issued december 7 authorized payment for 73 boxes 3670-3742 containing unspecified postage stamps and postal stationery between december 10 1912 and march 18 1913 there were decrees and oficios issued for seven shipments of 327 boxes 3743-4069 containing postal stationery oficio 324 issued april 3 1913 referred to paperwork about 8 boxes 4070-4077 containing 1c and 2c postage stamps and postal stationery the postage stamps probably were from orders dated december 4 1912 and january 3 1913 the documents indicate that new 4c 8c and 10c stamps may have been available soon after september 3 1912 and that most if not all of the other values were delivered by december 7 table 1 covers with earliest cancel date in my collection c or on the web w and stamps with the earliest cancel date in my collection stamp 2c columbus 4c 8c 10c o higgins 14c 40c 60c earliest cover 11/15/1912-w 9/22/1912-c 9/21/1912-w 10/19/1912-w oct 1913-w 12/21/12-c 8/1/1916-c earliest stamp 10/30/1912 10/26/1912 12/24/1912 9/10/1912 sep 1913 4/23/1913 june 1916 the earliest date of use for a complementaria in my collection or that i have found on the web is a 10c o higgins dated september 10 1912 this date is followed by a september 21 1912 8c and a september 22 1912 4c the earliest 2c columbus is a october 30 1912 stamp the 14c 40c and 60c complementarias are much scarcer the earliest uses i located are a december 21 1912 cover and an april 23 1913 40c stamp discussion i don t think it is an accident that the earliest date i found for the 2c columbus is more than a month latter than the 4c 8c and 10c stamps while there was no previously issued 4c stamp available and supplies of 10c freire stamp appeared to have been exhausted i have found numerous examples of usage of the 2c valdivia stamp through december 1912 post offices probably did not routinely sell the 2c columbus until their supply of 2c valdivia were depleted and may not have even had the 2c columbus in stock until about that time it appears that the 4c 8c and 10c complementarias were issued the second or third week of september 1912 the 2c may not have been issued until late october the 40c was issued december 1912 or earlier and the 14c and 60c may also have been i hope this short article stimulates you to examine your covers and anticipate that such enjoyable efforts will reward some of you with discovery of earlier dates of use if you find an early use please share the information the chile specialist no 66 page 7 of 24


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the fourth centenary of the founding of santiago a set i m fond of by carlos vergara even though my main interests in chilean philately range more towards esoteric materal official seals marinas hahns cinderellas official mail etc in the realm of normal postal issues the set commemorating the fourth centenary of the founding of santiago issued in 1941 271-275 is a set i am particularly fond of figure 1 first day cover featuring the complete set with jan 28th 1941 santiago cancellations the sofich catalog lists the issue date as jan 23rd thus apparently making this cover not quite the real thing i began my collecting days as a child in santiago and this beautifully engraved set especially the higher values were represented on my schoolboy want list figure 2 page from my 1971 socopo catalog waiting to circle some high values the chile specialist no 66 page 8 of 24


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the fourth centenary of the founding of santiago continued santiago in 1972 was rife with political turmoil and unrest often leading to street demonstrations takeovers and sit-ins and clashes between differing political militant groups as well as with the carabineros police as a 6th grader at the instituto nacional just attending school at the corner of san diego and alameda meant that i ended up being in the middle of much of the conflagration the multitudes the chants and the smell of tear gas are all very familiar memories the instituto lay directly behind the university of chile which was often the site of disturbances leading more than once to errant tear gas canisters landing in our classroom several times a week i d have to cross the commotion to get to violin classes at the university of chile s conservatory i d often take refuge or kill time in one of the several stamp shops along my route don julio sieber s place on arturo prat was one of my favorite haunts he would always take time to be instructive in philately as well as helping decide the best use of any discretionary escudos in my possession figure 3 my 1972 bus pass a view of the university amidst demonstrations and a glassine envelope from don julio s stamp store although authentic the glassine is from an earlier period when his address was #14 in my day it was #10 the chile specialist no 66 page 9 of 24


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the fourth centenary of the founding of santiago continued the natural outflow of having a favorite set is finding interesting uses on cover i keep my eyes open as opportunities present themselves and have managed to find a variety of examples figure 4 another set of first day covers addressed to ecclefield in santiago jan 27 1941 is once again later that the catalog s issue date of jan 23 and the odd primer dia de uso cancel has yet to be proven legitimate the chile specialist no 66 page 10 of 24


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the fourth centenary of the founding of santiago continued figure 5 a copy of the vergel news newsletter with the 10cts issue along with a 5cts vistas y paisajes mailed to the u.s.a feb 3rd 1941 el vergel was a large methodist experimental farm-nursery-orchard and agricultural school in angol near temuco where i spent all my childhood summers figure 6 four examples of the 10cts issue used on a cover from talcahuano to cumpeo paying the 40ct inter-department 20g or fraction rate in 1943 the chile specialist no 66 page 11 of 24


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the fourth centenary of the founding of santiago continued figure 7 cover from punta arenas to detroit franked with the 40cts issue paying the upaep 20g or fraction rate prepared by the richardson pan american highway expedition as they completed their overland car trip from detroit to cape horn signed by van hee one of the three expedition members as well as naval and naval tender commanders in magallanes figure 8 cover from valparaiso to santiago with the 40cts issue paying the interdepartmental 20g or fraction rate the chile specialist no 66 page 12 of 24


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the fourth centenary of the founding of santiago continued figure 9 cover with a single 1.10 value from march 1941 overpaying the basic registered rate sent from iquique to huara figure 10 cover from santiago to valparaiso in october 1945 correctly paying the basic inter-department rate 40ct along with the registration fee 1p the chile specialist no 66 page 13 of 24


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the fourth centenary of the founding of santiago continued figure 11 cover from santiago to berlin in june 1941 franked with a single 1.80 issue correctly paying the upu 20g or fraction rate letter was returned to sender see slogan cancel and note stating october return probably due to worsening wartime conditions figure 12 registered cover from valparaiso to sweden in june 1941 nicely franked including the 3.60 issue slight over-franking of the 1.80 basic upu 1.80 registration rate if i could read swedish i d tell you what the slogan cancel says the chile specialist no 66 page 14 of 24


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the fourth centenary of the founding of santiago continued figure 13 over franked certified cover from valparaiso to santiago in nov 1942 bearing a single 3.60 issue figure 14 late usage dec 1969 with postal museum santiago cancellations addressed to my good friend derek the chile specialist no 66 page 15 of 24



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