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3rd & 4th Quarter 2006

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the chile specialist the official newsletter of the chile specialist association 3rd 4th quarters 2006 no 65 the chile specialist association is an affiliate of the american philatelic society editor · charles p blickle · 511 moss ave · clearwater fl 33759-3432 · publisher · carlos vergara · editor emeritus · leland crane · what is going on by pete blickle thanks for your patience and we trust you enjoy this double issue of the specialist wrapping up 2006 another great philatelic year as we enter 2007 we want to thank the members that have collaborated with us sharing their insight knowledge research and items from their collections we would like to encourage other members to share articles questions or items of interest with us in order to continue providing enjoyable instructional and varied content to our readers the august aps show in chicago was yet again an opportunity for members to get together besides enjoying perusing brian moorhouse s always interesting stock of chilean material ross towle and i enjoyed dinner at carlos and linda vergara s new home the menu including empanadas pisco sours and chilean wine was not to be missed what else could one ask for we wish you all the best in 2007 personally and philatelically contents what is going on by pete blickle member news cover of the quarter by emmerich vamos 1915 revalued envelope what is it by ross a towle the precursor of the urbanos by emmerich vamos disinfected mail revisited by ross a towle presidentes were not printed in england by bill lenarz two new discoveries from the colonial period by alvaro pacheco revalued stamped envelopes of 1915 by ross a towle great finds or trans andean hanky-panky by carlos vergara page 1 page 2 page 3 pages 4-5 pages 6-7 pages 8-9 pages 10-15 pages 16-17 pages 18-22 pages 23-25


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member news welcome to new members dale besom 2425 hooverside lane grove city oh 43123 ph 614 871-3880 collecting interests chile ecuador us precancels ralph crozier 7 wakely st seymour ct 06483 ph 203 888-1579 email collecting interests chilean prephilatelic pacific war colons british cancellations preprinted cards envelopes ambulancia cancellations estafetas wallace craig p.o box 3391 fullerton ca 92834 ph 714 525-8579 email collecting interests chile 1853-1877 issues plus others member address update please make a note of eduardo paulsen s new address camino el queltehue 4767 770-0537 lo barrenechea santiago chile congrats to the following members for exhibiting success at stampshow pete blickle 1-frame gold for testart airmail at winepex bill lenarz vermeil for eighty centavos presidente of chile and its 60-centavos forerunner at aripex jan 2007 ross towle gold and grand award for chile postal cards envelopes 1872-1929 pete blickle proudly stands by his 1-frame exhibit at espana2006 patricio aguirre w large vermeil for marcas postales adicionales a la obliteracion chile 1853-1920 and large vermeil for heinz junge w vermeil for el servicio consular de chile 1907-1989 thomas kannegiesser a large silver/plata grande for chile 1910 the independence centenary issue martín urrutia m silver/plata for correspondencia libre de porte 1835-1900 ross towle vermeil for parcel cards of chile 1907-1954 the chile specialist no 65 page 2 of 25


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cover of the quarter by emmerich vamos this cover of the quarter is the rarely seen mint let alone used ts1 tarjeta de servicio administration principal de correos santiago de chile postcard the card one of only 2,000 printed was sent to sra maria perez by ramon a laval on march 25 1892 the chile specialist no 65 page 3 of 25


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1915 revalued envelope what is it by ross a towle recently i acquired the cover illustrated in figure 1 on first glance it looks an ordinary 1907 5c envelope revalued to 10 centavos in 1915 however on closer examination the revalued text is not the same diez and centavos are not in a straight line but curved to match the center of the indicia so what is it is it a fake is it a regular issued item something else figure 1 the cover was mailed on 27 may 1916 in puerto montt to stuttgart germany it passed through santiago on 20 may 1916 handstamp on the reverse and was censored by the allies the postage is 20 centavos which is the correct upu postage in 1916 it definitely appears to successfully passed through the mails this leads me to limit the choices of an attempt to defraud the post office an uncatalogued envelope and an used revalued essay the indicia is enlarged in figure 2 next page i have also enlarged another indicia of an essay of the revalue in figure 3 next page the chile specialist no 65 page 4 of 25


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1915 revalued envelope what is it continued figure 2 figure 3 it appears that the two 10 s in figure 2 match the 10 s in figure 3 this leads me to believe the cover is also an essay produced by mackenzie co of santiago and was included in the shipment at the completion of the job there is an outside chance that it was a normal revalue that previously had not been reported that will require additional examples to be found the chile specialist no 65 page 5 of 25


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the precursor of the urbanos by emmerich vamos i received a query from australia asking the reason for the roman iv in a circle postal marking on an 1896 cover from hungary to chile fig 1 fig 1 in the postmarks of valparaiso by michael rego and prof john c west two similar postal markings ix and xii in a circle both used in 1896 are illustrated on page 60 fig 2 with the observation that these markings represent the time of collection i.e 9 am and 12 noon with the surfacing of the iv in a circle i believe this statement should be revised as it is hard to imagine having a mail collection at 4 am at any time in valparaiso figure 2 copy of page 60 of rego west s the postmarks of valparaiso the chile specialist no 65 page 6 of 25


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the precursor of the urbanos continued in my opinion these roman numerals in a circle are the fore runners of the well known urbano postal markings u 2 u 12 depicted on page 57 figure 3 of the same book the recorded usage of the urbano postal markings started in 1897 with four exceptions and continued until 1907 with this cover from hungary there at least three known examples of roman numerals in a circle postal markings iv vii and xii the numbering of which corresponds to the urbano postal markings u 2 through u 12 which represent the postal districts of valparaiso where the item was to be delivered the scarcity of these postal markings is explained by the fact that they were probably applied only to the top piece in a bundle as time goes by hopefully other roman numerals in a circle will surface expanding our knowledge about the postmarks of valparaiso figure 3 copy of page 57 of rego west s the postmarks of valparaiso the chile specialist no 65 page 7 of 25


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disinfected mail revisited by ross a towle the 4th quarter 2003 issue of the chile specialist contained an article on disinfected mail some new acquisitions and a visit to the archivo nacional is a good excuse to update the information in the article i can now illustrate the chamfered box desinfectada on a 14 march 1887 stamped envelope from talca to angol it is still not known where the disinfected marking was applied also i can report a blue desinfectado used on 20 may 1904 in antofagasta during a breakout of plague the chile specialist no 65 page 8 of 25


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disinfected mail revisited continued in the archivo nacional i was able to find additional material about disinfecting mail the postmaster general wrote to the minister of interior on 13 december 1886 1689 proposing to fumigate mail coming from argentina in san pedro de atacama and suggested that gustavo de la torre gomez from the santiago post office be sent at a $6 per diem the minister of interior in decree 3475 of 14 december 1886 authorized this on the 15th the postmaster general purchased from a limorin cia 5 gallons of wine vinegar and 40 pounds of sublimated sulfur at a cost of $14.40 for fumigating argentine mail in san pedro de atacama and juncal three days later he purchases equipment for fumigation from guarda almacenes owned by pedro paulo doren at a cost of $133.50 for san pedro de atacama two days later 20th he purchased more sublimated sulfur from drogueria de d mourgues i cia for san pedro de atacama and juncal on the 28th the postmaster general proposed sending francisco chacon 3 per diem and ignacio rios 25/month of the santiago post office to juncal to fumigate incoming argentine mail and was authorized by the minister of interior in decreee 3882 of 28 december 1886 neither decree 3475 nor decree 3882 contain any mention of a handstamp to denote the mail was disinfected does anybody have a cover from argentina showing any indication of fumigation with either a handstamp or staining from the fumigation process the chile specialist no 65 page 9 of 25


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presidentes were not printed in england by bill lenarz introduction until recently i had accepted that five values of the first issues of presidentes from macdonald dies were printed in england as stated by the catalogo especializado chile 2000 however my wife paget and i visited the foreign ministry archives in santiago during januaryfebruary 2006 and examined more than 1,000 documents from the 1911-1920 period related to stamps and the start of the talleres de especies valoradas without finding even a suggestion that any postage stamps were printed from macdonald dies in england upon my return home i reviewed the literature and became convinced that all of the presidentes from macdonald dies were printed by the talleres in chile i returned to santiago in july 2006 with ross towle to continue searching for documents related to the start of the talleres stamps and postal stationary we spent this time in the 20th century archives and searched through thousands of documents we again found no evidence that presidentes were printed from macdonald dies in england during the two trips we examined ample documentation of presidentes and other securities being printed by the american bank note company of new york and revenue stamps postal stationary and bank notes being printed by perkins bacon and waterlow companies of london and imprenta y litografia universo and mackenzie and co of chile we also found documentation that thomas macdonald had printed proofs from the dies prepared by his company but no documentation that he had printed stamps to be issued to the public it seems very likely that if presidentes had been printed from macdonald dies by any entity other than the talleres we would have been able to find documentation for it after finding considerable documentation for other security printings by commercial firms during the same time period in this article i review the literature that argued for presidentes being printed by macdonald in england and the archival evidence that the assertions are not correct i also examine the date of issue for the 10 centavos stamps printed from macdonald dies i owe considerable thanks to my wife paget and colleague ross towle for working with me in the archives and patiently acting as sounding boards ross s laptop computer expertise and organizational abilities were a great help during the second trip paget and ross as well as thomas kannegiesser and heinz junge encouraged me to write this article staffs of the foreign ministry and 20th century archives were very friendly and helpful literature review victor vargas chile filatelico 1943 no 53:179-184 refers to two cables sent from london september 13 1915 vargas stated that el 13 de setiembre dos cables de londres uno de ellos anuncia un nuevo embarque de tintas diversas de la misma firma con factura por £549-6-10 en el otro se informa que entre otras cosas thomas macdonald envía los sellos de correo de 10 centavos está por averiguar por tanto si en esa fecha vinieron sellos de 10c impresos en londres serían en tal caso de los que hoy llamamos del primer tipo en tinta azul muy parecida a la de la american bank finamente impresos muy diferentes de las primeras producciones nacionales de uno dos y cuatro centavos the above quote indicates that vargas interpreted that the cables indicated that 10 centavos stamps printed in london by macdonald were being shipped the chile specialist no 65 page 10 of 25


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presidentes were not printed in england continued in the next paragraph vargas said de ser así no cabe duda que todo el primer tipo del l0c fue impreso en parte en londres en parte en santiago con las primitivas planchas inglesas así se justificaría plenamente la diferencia que hay entre el primer tipo y los tres restantes this quote indicates that vargas concluded that both the frames and centers were printed in england vargas chile filatelico 1944 no 59:93-95 refers to the september 13 1915 cable about the stamp shipment he also expressed the belief that the talleres did not have an offset press at the time of the printing of the first 10 centavos presidente his earliest dated copies of the stamp were july 5 and july 17 1916 j r w purves started studying the presidentes in the 30 s but didn t survive to see his results published several articles came out in the mainsheet and chile newsletter i think all of them were based on his notes of which i have copies but submitted by his colleagues only the first article was relevant to this study purves the mainsheet may 1980 519 63-65 thought that the frames of the first two printings of the 10c and first printings of the 20c 25 30c 50c 1p and 10p presidentes were printed in england he thought that the impressions were better than any of the latter printings and that they were the only printings using wrigley paper he didn t think that the talleres made offset printings until producing the offset center of the 10c stamp in june 1917 he thought that the centers may have been printed in chile he cited the vargas 1943 article as his only source of information on shipments from england he did not mention that vargas did not think that the 10c stamps were partly printed in england and partly in chile the first reference that purves found in a vargas article about an offset press was dated november 1916 and purves concluded that there wasn t an offset press at the talleres before the first 10c stamps were issued in may or june 1916 he also noted vargas references to shipment of plates and dies for 10c 12c 15c 20c 25c 40c 50c and 60c between october 1915 and april 1917 but believed that these were only plates for the centers the catalogo especializado chile 2000 is the only catalog that i have that states that any presidentes five values were printed in england t kannegiesser and h junge personal communication informed me that the 2000 catalog based its statement on earlier versions of the selchi 1983 specialized catalog of chile the catalogo also lists 1915 as the issue date for the 10 centavos stamp while other catalogs list 1916 archival findings and interpretaton i did not find a september 13 1915 cable but found a two page nota of the same date from the chilean ambassador in london augustin edwards to jefe del establecimiento de especies valorades ignacio ugarte figure 1 it was a cover letter for paperwork for shipments including an ink shipment that vargas mentioned as being part of the two cables and a shipment of plates and dies on the oriana from thomas macdonald the plate and die reference is planchas y cuños para los billetes de $50.00,sellos de correo de $0.10 y sellos de impuesto fiscal 100 50 20 1 y 5 pesos y 20 y 10 centavos the embassy was required to submit an annual report on expenditures for establishment of the talleres the report for 1915 uses the same wording for the september 13 shipment hacienda decree 2145 dated october 29 1915 authorized dispatch of three boxes of engraved plates from the oriana shipment from valparaiso to the talleresv figure 2 the chile specialist no 65 page 11 of 25


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presidentes were not printed in england continued figure 1 photo of top portion of first page of september 13 1915 nota from chilean embassy in london to ugarte chief of the establishment of the especies valorades showing shipment of plates and dies of 10 centavos postage stamp figure 2 photo of portion of hacienda october 29 1915 decree authorizing shipment of 3 boxes of engraved plates from valparaiso to the establecimiento fiscal de especies valoradas this was same oriana shipment described by the nota shown in figure 1 the chile specialist no 65 page 12 of 25


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presidentes were not printed in england continued it seems to me and everyone that i have shown it to that the description of the shipment indicates that plates and dies not stamps were shipped vargas may have seen the nota and misinterpreted it he more likely only saw a very brief cable that may have been misleading both vargas and purves believed that the talleres did not have an offset press at the time the first 10c stamps were printed i found a handwritten report dated january 5 1916 to the director general government printing works quinta normal santiago in the foreign ministry archives from the first english manager of the talleres william cromack that indicates an offset press was there by april 1915 finally purves implied that the talleres could not have produced the high quality printing found in the first issue of the 10c experienced english printers started arriving in santiago in august 1914 to assist in the start of the talleres and to train the chilean staff john macdonald arrived in santiago december 1915 and in a report dated february 12 1916 indicated that chilean staff was learning how to use the imported equipment while there were some problems with some of the inks and papers documented in his report and later he seemed to be optimistic that the talleres could produce high quality products discussion and conclusions i will first discuss the issue date of the 10c presidente from the first printing from macdonald dies before who printed the stamp vargas 1944 mentioned that his earliest dated copy was july 5 1916 purves notes indicated it was issued june 13 1916 but he did not have a copy before july the april 1 1916 issue of revista filatelica de chile no 13:6 noted that the oficina de valores fiscales de chile had announced that the 10c stamp would be issued soon the literature indicates that it is reasonable to conclude that the stamp was not issued before april 1916 and probably wasn t readily available until june to supplement the literature i compiled date frequencies of 10c stamps from my collection with offset frames and engraved centers table 1,next page many of these stamps came from an accumulation of macdonald stamps that i obtained from hamish reid the accumulation included much of purves collection i also compiled date frequencies of 10c stamps with the o higgins center printed by the american bank note company abnc table 2 next page since i do not have as much abnc material i also included data from scans copied from the internet the source of most of these scans was ebay and the chile specialist no 65 page 13 of 25


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presidentes were not printed in england continued table 1 number of 10 centavos stamps printed from first macdonald offset frame by month and year from my collection table 2 american bank note company 10 centavos stamps printed by quarter from my collection and from scans taken from the internet macdonald first frame number of stamps type i type ii no ray ray 0 1 0 0 0 0 4 0 11 0 7 4 13 11 25 12 21 20 11 41 11 48 5 42 2 35 1 19 1 13 0 14 0 5 0 7 0 3 0 2 0 4 1 1 0 1 american bank note company quarter-year i-1912 ii-1912 iii-1912 iv-1912 i-1913 ii-1913 iii-1913 iv-1913 i-1914 ii-1914 iii-1914 iv-1914 i-1915 ii-1915 iii-1915 iv-1915 i-1916 ii-1916 iii-1916 iv-1916 i-1917 ii-1917 iii-1917 iv-1917 i-1918 number of stamps 0 1 1 16 16 19 21 13 11 12 10 3 9 11 11 11 14 15 7 4 1 0 0 2 1 month year march 1916 april 1916 may 1916 june 1916 july 1916 august 1916 september 1916 october 1916 november 1916 december 1916 january 1917 february 1917 march 1917 april 1917 may 1917 june 1917 july 1917 august 1917 september 1917 october 1917 november 1917 december 1917 january 1917 the compilations indicate that 10c stamps printed from macdonald dies started replacing the abnc stamps about june 1916 my first copy of the frame without ray next to the right leaf 121 type i with a readable day is july 8 1916 the second earliest is july 15 1916 i have several copies with june 1916 postmarks without readable days i also have a copy of the frame with ray next to the right leaf 121 type ii dated march 11 1916 but my next earliest copy is august 6 1916 heinz junge personal communication has a copy of #121 type i dated june 12 1916 he also has a copy of #121 type ii dated january 15 1916 but no other early copies of that type my early type ii is postmarked zapallar heinz s early copy is from parral i believe that if there had the chile specialist no 65 page 14 of 25


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presidentes were not printed in england continued been a small release of type ii stamps five to eight months before they were more readily available the release probably would have been in santiago or valparaiso not the much smaller towns that the two stamps with early cancels were posted in i believe that incorrect dates were entered into the cancellers used for the two early uses of the type ii stamps unless stronger evidence is found of an earlier issue i recommend june 1916 for the issue month of type i and august 1916 for type ii a more conservative approach would be to list 1916 without a month as the date of issue it appears that evidence presented in support of first issues of five or seven values of the presidentes being printed in england was shaky at best the only archival evidence presented was for the 10c stamp and this appears to be a misinterpretation john macdonald and other experienced english printers were in santiago in 1916 helping to train the chilean staff the necessary presses were there the plates were there and both vargas and i found documentation of shipments of paper and inks i conclude that the talleres could have and did print all of the presidentes that were produced from macdonald dies the chile specialist no 65 page 15 of 25



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