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2nd Quarter 2006

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the chile specialist the official newsletter of the chile specialist association 2nd quarter 2006 no 64 the chile specialist association is an affiliate of the american philatelic society editor · charles p blickle · 511 moss ave · clearwater fl 33759-3432 · publisher · carlos vergara · editor emeritus · leland crane · what is going on by pete blickle i was unfortunately not able to attend washington 2006 however i understand a good time was had by all see carlos report on page 3 the next chance for a chile specialist get together will be at the aps show in chicago august 24-27 there will no doubt be social activities and i hope to see many of you there here in florida summer is upon us which includes hurricane season which commenced june 1st this brings to mind the importance of insuring ones stamp collection for those of you who dread making an inventory of your material this is usually not necessary except for items with an individual value greater than $5,000 the cost is nominal about $250 for $100,000 in coverage if you live in florida or exhibit you should have insurance contents what is going on by pete blickle member news book review washington 2006 update by carlos vergara cover of the quarter by pete blickle the 4-centavos balmaceda would have been by bill lenarz an anniversary by pete blickle varieties of traiguen ambulancias by richard eldridge interesting expedition items by chris keller chilean cancellations manufactured in switzerland by ross towle watch your handwriting by richard eldridge a new earliest date of use for the 5-ctv canela estanco by art bunce watermarked formular cards by ross towle page 1 page 2 pages 3-4 page 5 pages 6-7 pages 8-10 pages 11-22 pages 23-25 pages 26-27 page 28-29 page 30 page 31-36 the chile specialist no 64 page 1 of 36


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member news member address contact info updates please make a note of all the following changes corrections and updates to your the chile specialist association membership list patricio aguirre has a new email malcolm crew has a new email parker sams has a new email henry munk nielsen has a new email jonathan topper has a new phone number 281 504-4844 burl henrys area code for his phone should be 814 not 914 emmerich vamoss area code for his phone should be 951 not 909 congratulations to chile specialist members who received awards for their exhibits at washington 2000 see washington 2000 article on page 3 for complete list and awards book review by pete blickle i recently finished reading tierra del fuego-the 1891 postage stamp and its usage by brian moorhouse and john c west rdp frpsl this book provides a historical background of tierra del fuego and chronicles uses of the short lived privately printed local stamp by julio popper popper a romanian mining engineer had the 10 ctvs stamp printed to be used to carry mail between his mining camps and from san sebastian by ship to punta arenas on a ferry he had arranged to also transport supplies there are excellent illustrations of essays proofs the stamps as printed as well as black and white and color reproductions of usages on piece or cover with the five different location postmarks the first know use was an auricosta cds 14 april 1891 and the last a san sebastian cds 9 sep 1891 a few days short of five months service there is a history of each of the illustrated pieces as well as copies of the letters where they exist the twelve transfer types and two plate flaws are well illustrated the various cds associated with the issue are shown and the used covers/pieces are arranged by location auricosta carmen sylva colonia popper san sebastian and paramo three fake covers with paramo cds are described and illustrated the book is hard bound and for anyone who is interested in this area of philatelic history can be obtained contacting brian moorhouse at either po box 105 peterborough pe3 9tq england or the chile specialist no 64 page 2 of 36


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washington 2006 may 27th to june 3rd was a hectic though glorious time as thousands of collectors filled the washington dc convention center for the long awaited world philatelic exhibition hundreds of dealers and thousands of exhibit pages were available for perusal there was something for everyones interest and budget from dollar boxes to world-class rarities visiting chile specialists pictured below enjoyed a wonderful evening of food and fellowship courtesy of bjorn and miriam wellenius in potomac fine chilean wine flowed and the homemade empanadas were a big hit thanks bjorn and miriam front row thomas kannegiesser miriam bjorn wellenius standing bill lenarz t.s hale ross towle burt huizing carlos vergara richard eldridge arrived after photo taken by all reports those in attendance at the show had a great experience and everyone went home with something to add to their collections chile was well represented in the exhibits following are the results for participating specialist members washington 2006 exhibit awards to members of the chile specialist association ross towle chile postal cards and envelopes 1872 ­ 1929 large gold special award and felicitations guy dutau les relations postales france-chilennes des origines a 1883 gold patricio aguirre marcas adicionales a la obliteración chile 1853 ­ 1920 large vermeil ross towle postal rates of chile 1766 ­ 1959 literature large vermeil alvaro pacheco chilean lineal markings large vermeil brian moorhouse the chaco war large vermeil thomas kannegiesser chile 1910 the independence centenary issue large silver congratulations to all the chile specialist no 64 page 3 of 36


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washington 2006 photo album a partial view of the huge exhibit hall left thomas kannegiesser president sociedad filatelica de chile enjoys the afternoon with specialist friends right empanadas in process while philatelists eagerly await t.s richard eldridge prepare to examine covers like true chilenos exploring the alto del carmen route and later blurry collectors deciphering blurry ambulancia postmarks the chile specialist no 64 page 4 of 36


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cover of the quarter by pete blickle at a recent stamp show i acquired what i believe to be an unique usage of the 40-centavo testart airmail stamp on 3 may 1927 the test flight a calling card of the envoye extruordinure et ministre plenipotentiaire de s m britannique was posted by himself to the consul general britanico in valparaiso what makes the item unique is the franking the 40-centavo to pay the airmail surcharge and the 10-centavo ohiggins which pays the 5-centavo surface postcard rate plus a 5-centavo ultma hora surcharge the message on verso reads my dear consul general-it is a great pleasure to me to send you this greeting by the latest most modern improvement introduced into communications in chile by french enterprise it will be most valuable can you tell me 1 the british population of chile 2 in the remainder of chile yrs t b hohler of all the testart covers i have seen this is the only card if there is anyone knowing of another postcard calling card or any other type card with the same franking i would certainly be interested in knowing about it the chile specialist no 64 page 5 of 36


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the 4-centavos balmaceda would have been the first presidente printed in chile if by bill lenarz my wife paget and i spent much of our recent visit to santiago searching through the archives of the foreign ministry the search revealed many documents containing material of interest about the development of the talleres de especies valoradas not previously described victor vargas searched the national historical archives and summarized his findings about the development of the talleres in a two issue 1943 article published in chile filatelico he realized that there should be more documents on the subject since the chilean embassy in london served the important role as intermediary between talleres officials and thomas macdonald who served as an agent to provide needed services materials and personnel for the development vargas suggested a visit to the london embassy to search for the missing documents such a search would not have proven fruitful because many documents from the london embassy are in the foreign ministry archives in santiago this article presents new information about the preparation of plates and printing of the un-issued 4 centavos balmaceda presidente i am very thankful to paget and the gracious staff of the foreign ministry for their help i also thank ross towle for making me aware of the foreign ministry archives and its web site and for reviewing this article review of literature otto schumann published an extensive article on essay in chile filatelico in 1937 ix27 111-114 the article was translated to english and re-published in the american philatelist in 1939 5210 867-871 he commented on the lack of official data which he attributed to a march 16 1926 fire that destroyed much of the archives of the talleres however he reported that thomas macdonald prepared the die and two essays which were still in the talleres archives he also reported that 16 miniature sheets of the stamps in different colors along with a die plate were sent to chile invoice dated february 26 1916 and retained by the talleres he concluded that the un-issued stamps were probably printed in the first half of 1916 because of the above shipment he also noted that the president and other members of the balmacedista party decided not to issue the stamp because balmaceda already appeared on the 1911 5-peso stamp and a 4-centavos stamp with his image would vulgarize him he continued with noting that the printed stamps were sent to a paper mill for destruction in 1918 a worker at the plant saved some of the stamps which eventually reached collectors derek palmer 1964 chile filatelico xxxvii153 2-5 cited an article by j mackay 1963 stamp collecting of the donation of proofs of engravings by john harrison to the british library the proofs included one of the balmaceda stamp without values while records are not available to verify it harrison probably did the work for macdonald who sent dies attributed to harrison to chile the catalogo especializado chile 2000 lists the issue date as 1918 the chile specialist no 64 page 6 of 36


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the 4-centavos balmaceda continued new findings we found an unsigned handwritten report dated january 5 1916 to the director general government printing works quinta normal santiago in the foreign ministry archives i concluded based on content that the author was william cromack an englishman working under a three-year contract as manager of printing and offset department of government printing works the section on the typographic department included the following first order 4 cent postage stamps received plates from electro typographic department june 7th 1915 proofs from these plates were taken in mauve june 18th this not being the correct colour and the director wishing to have a further 6 rows of stamps on the sheet the proof for printing in brown was pulled july 16th there was some further delay re the opening of the panels on the stamps this order eventually stopped because the portrait of balmaceda was not approved but the director had some of these run off to give the printer some experience the report notes that plates for the 2 centavos stamps were received august 19 and a sheet was passed august 27 discussion the report indicates the 4 centavos un-issued stamps most likely were printed before the 2 centavos stamps that were issued in 1915 thus if the balmaceda design had been approved the 4 centavos balmaceda would have been the first presidente stamp printed in chile instead it is just an essay with an interesting history the report indicates that the plates were produced in the talleres the die plate sent to chile in 1916 as reported by schumann probably was the plate used to produce the 16 miniature sheets not the die the issue date given by the catalogo especializado probably refers to the date of rescue of some of the stamps from the paper mill it is also interesting that the report suggests that only a small amount were printed because the order was stopped negative proof taken from relief transfer roll unique non-issued stamp the chile specialist no 64 page 7 of 36


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an anniversary by pete blickle august 16 1906 at 20:40:05 local time while many had just finished dinner and others were just starting to eat a terremoto measuring 8.6 on the mercalli scale similar to the richter scale literally leveled valparaiso the ensuing fire left little but damaged walls loss of life was exceeded 3,000 a somewhat gruesome pictorial history was recorded by the postcard makers of the era notably carlos brandt hardy menelaus y cia c kirsinger cia m heydel imprinta prat fotografia de francisco godo imp y encuadernacion universitara and others it is doubtful that anyone personally remembers this terremoto which ranks as one of the most severe since the founding of chile in comparison the 1939 chillan terremoto measur-ed 8.3 on the richter scale developed in 1935 and the 1960 chiloe terremoto had the highest recorded seismic waves at 9.5 since the measurements are logarithmic the chiloe terremoto was nearly 10 times as strong as the 1906 valparaiso one carlos brandt no 4-calle las heras carlos brandt no 6-el mercado the chile specialist no 64 page 8 of 36


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carlos brandtno 8-el templo de la merce carlos brandtno 21-plaza y calle victoria carlos brandtno 28-el teatro de la victoria visto de la gran avenida the chile specialist no 64 page 9 of 36


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carlos brandtno 29-calle victoria carlos brandtno 43 el cementerio jeneral carlos brandtno 47 calle jeneral cruz the chile specialist no 64 page 10 of 36


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the six varieties of traiguen to renaico ambulancia cancellations 1894-1911 by richard eldridge introduction the chilean ambulancia cancellations that use named end points are generally ascribed to the period 1894-1911 with some used as late as 1913 but most of the individual cancellations are used only during a sub-set of that period on many routes the original single circle cancellers put in service beginning in 1894 were replaced most starting around 1898 but some in use as early as 18961 by larger double circle cancellations naming the departure and terminus stations there were also replacement cancellers and/or second cancellers issued on many routes one interesting study is that of the small spur line in the south between traiguen and renaico between 1894 and 1911 there are six distinct and different cancellers that have been documented as used on this spur each one is slightly different and has different dates of usage although some dates overlap this article will examine that rail route and discuss the characteristics of those cancellations and the differences between them background the traiguen to renaico line is a spur off of the main longitudinal line south of san rosendo see figure 1 but the original intention was that this was to be part of the main longitudinal line the first section of this line was built in the 1870s as far as angol which was the administrative capital of the areas to be colonized and linked the army forts to concepción and talcahuano the chilean government later authorized extensions of the rail line from angol to traiguen and also from renaico to victoria in the mid 1880s mr victor aurelio lastarria was surveying the area near victoria and determined that the line through victoria would make for a better primary rail route he convinced the government to pursue this path and at this point the line to angol with planned extension to traiguen was left to be a spur from the main line the extension of the spur was done in two parts the section from angol to quilquen was opened to traffic in 1888 and the last part into traiguen in 1889 table 1 talcahuano concepcion to santiago san rosendo santa fe pacific ocean tijeral angol robleria renaico trintre los sauces saboya santa rosa quilquen trigal victoria traiguen temuco pitrufquen figure 1 traiguen to renaico spur in relation the main longitudinal line six varieties of traiguen to renaico ambulancia cancellations continued 1 mr alan codling personal discussions with the author june 2006 the chile specialist no 64 page 11 of 36 border with argen tina


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traiguen renaico spur completion dates station renaico robleria tijeral angol trintre los sauces sabova santa rosa quilquen trigal traiguen section completed contrator 9 february 1878 juan slater 13 february 1888 mayers hillman 15 january 1889 mayers hillman table 1 completion dates for traiguen ­renaico spur2 while this article focuses on the six 1894-1911 ambulancia cancellations naming traiguen and renaico as the end points it should be noted that there were other early ambulancia cancellations for routes that partially ran along that line there are 25.5 mm single circle cancellations for the following routes3 angol to san rosendo victoria to robleria talcahuano to traiguen renaico to traiguen4 these are early train routes that seem to have been discontinued in the 1897-1898 period during this time the southern railroad system was both expanding rapidly and becoming more organized trains were assigned to run back and forth along spur lines to feed longer-haul trains on the main longitudinal line as the main line was extended from san rosendo through victoria through temuco and then to pitrufquen there was no longer a need to dedicate trains to run from origins such as talcahuano or victoria into traiguen passengers freight baggage and mail could be transferred at renaico to the trains that ran back and forth on that route 2 ferrocarriles de chile historia y organización informe de la empresa de ferrocarriles del estado 1o edición santiago de chile 1943 pp 36-37 3 rego michael chile newsletter london issue no 8 october 1983 page 95 it is noted that rego reports a cancellation for angol to santiago but this cancellation has not been confirmed it is most probable that a poor strike of angol to san rosendo was misinterpreted most serious ambulancia collectors today agree that this cancellation does not exist 4 la empleomania en chile revista postal santiago anno 1 no 14 pages 1-2 may 28 1898 listing of ambulancia postmarks a cancellation with the station names in this order is possible but not verified n.b that the revista lists routes and not necessarily the exact cancellations mr alan codling personal discussion with the author june 2006 in many cases in chile the same canceller was used on both runs on the route to and from and not just in the direction indicated on the postmark the chile specialist no 64 page 12 of 36


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six varieties of traiguen to renaico ambulancia cancellations continued train timetables an unofficial timetable from 1891 lists one train that went the entire line from traiguen to renaico see table 2 there were two other trains that went from san rosendo to angol ­ halfway down the spur line 1891 train timetables station ordinario daily local made all station stops express express tuesday monday thursday tuesday saturday friday station ordinario daily local made all station stops special tuesday thursday saturday special monday tuesday friday san rosendo 2:35 robleria 4:14 angol 4:40 los sauces 5:32 traiguen 6:40 am or pm not indicated 8:50 10:35 11:00 5:20 6:35 7:00 traiguen los sauces angol robleria san rosendo 7:00 8:03 8:55 9:22 10:50 6:20 am 6:45 am 8:02 am 3:00 pm 3:25 pm 4:52 pm table 2 ­ unofficial timetable from 18915 but by 1913 there were four trains that ran each way along the traiguen to renaico spur line see table 3 one train originated in santiago two in san rosendo and one in renaico on the reverse run two of the trains terminated in santiago one in san rosendo and one in renaico there is no explanation as to why two trains terminated in santiago on the reverse runs note that the time between san rosendo and traiguen in 1891 is approximately 4 hours and in 1913 18 years later the time between these points is approximately the same it is not clear exactly when additional trains were added on the line but additional trains would help explain why there were additional ambulancia cancellers used on the route during simultaneous periods if more postal clerks were needed each clerk would need a hand cancel device 1913 train timetables station ordinario ordinario train 81 train 83 daily local daily local made all station made all station stops stops 5:00 pm 7:20 pm 9:50 am 8:45 pm 11:30 am 8:51 pm 11:36 am 9:17 pm 12:05 pm 9:42 pm 12:35 pm 9:58 pm 10:05 pm 10:21 pm 10:30 pm 10:45 pm 11:00 pm 12:51 pm 12:58 pm 1:13 pm 1:23 pm 1:40 pm 1:55 pm ordinario train 85 daily local passengers made all station and freight stops 2:30 pm 5:35 pm 5:41 pm 6:07 pm 6:32 pm 6:48 pm 6:55 pm 7:11 pm 7:20 pm 7:35 pm 7:50 pm mixto train 133 station ordinario train 80 daily local passengers and made all station freight stops 5:30 am 6:00 am 6:31 am 6:16 am 7:00 am 6:32 am 7:20 am 6:44 am 7:42 am 6:59 am 8:10 am 7:06 am 8:40 am 10:00 am 10:44 am 11:00 am 7:21 am 7:46 am 8:10 am 8:15 am 9:50 am 10:20 am mixto train 134 ordinario train 82 daily local made all station stops 8:50 am 9:06 am 9:22 am 9:34 am 9:49 am 9:57 am 10:12 am 10:36 am 11:00 am 11:05 am 2:30 pm ordinario train 84 daily local made all station stops 1:25 pm 1:40 pm 1:56 pm 2:08 pm 2:23 pm 2:30 pm 2:45 pm 3:11 pm 3:35 pm 3:40 pm 6:45 pm 7:20 pm santiago san rosendo renaico robleria angol trintre los sauces saboya santa rosa quilquen trigal traiguen 1:25 pm 1:45 pm 3:09 pm 3:50 pm 4:35 pm 4:50 pm 5:20 pm 5:45 pm 6:15 pm 6:40 pm traiguen trigal quilquen santa rosa saboya los sauces trintre angol robleria renaico san rosendo santiago table 3 ­ official timetables from 19136 5 advertising postcard for the hotel central concepción postmarked 1891 from the collection of the author the reverse of the postcard has an unofficial railroad timetable with times indicated note that as this was printed on a postcard all station stops are probably not listed ­ just the major ones the chile specialist no 64 page 13 of 36


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six varieties of traiguen to renaico ambulancia cancellations continued the six traiguen-renaico ambulancia cancellations the six different traiguen to renaico ambulancia cancellations are described below in terms of their characteristics and are designated by their route and a number following the route e.g traiguen-renaico.1 traiguen-renaico.2 etc note that measurements can vary from postmark to postmark depending on the wear on the canceller itself movement of the train and strength of the strike more important are the inscription and relationship of the letters to each other as seen in the drawings traiguen-renaico.1 inscription diameter of outer circle diameter of inner circle height of letters of inscription height of letters of date slug decoration known dates of usage illustrations other notes ambcia entre traiguen renaico chile 29.0 mm 14.0 mm 4.0 mm 3.0 mm maltese cross on each side of chile 17 nov 977 ­ 20 abr 905 figures 28 39 and 410 this cancellation is in the standard format for a double circle cancellation figure 3 traiguen-renaico.1 example 14 set 903 figure 4 traiguen-renaico.1 example 21 ago 98 6 guia de los ferrocarriles estractados por daniel yague imprenta de la guia de los ferrocarriles enero january 1913 page 47 7 earliest and latest dates from collection of mr alan codling 8 all hand-drawings copyright mr alan codling from forthcoming publication on chilean ambulancia cancellations used with permission 9 collection of the author 10 collection of mr.heinz junge vice-president sofich used with permission the chile specialist no 64 page 14 of 36


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six varieties of traiguen to renaico ambulancia cancellations continued traiguen-renaico.2 inscription diameter of outer circle diameter of inner circle height of letters of inscription height of letters of date slug decoration known dates of usage illustrations other notes ambcia entre traguien renaico 26.0 mm 16.0 mm 3.0 mm 2.5 mm four-looped cross after renaico 16 feb 99 ­ 15 ene 90411 figures 512 613 and 714 this cancellation has a larger inner circle does not use the country name of chile in the cancellation and note that traiguen is misspelled as traguien the i is after the u instead of after the a figure 5 traiguen-renaico.2 example figure 7 traiguen-renaico.2 example 16 ene 901 figure 6 traiguen-renaico.2 example 1 mar 99 11 12 earliest date collection of mr alan codling latest date collection of mr heinz junge vice-president sofich all hand-drawings copyright mr alan codling from forthcoming publication on chilean ambulancia cancellations used with permission 13 collection of the author 14 collection of mr heinz junge vice-president sofich used with permission the chile specialist no 64 page 15 of 36



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