Wladimir Zandt, the Holocaust Survivor


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Among 1 500 000 Jewish children murdered, a Holocaust Survivor testifies : my French anti-semitic hell from 1940 until today

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this is the picture of the french social worker who was heartless callous and irresponsible she separated me as child from my dna american jewish family and she did receive a salary and the host family also from france charity against money two revenues for a jewish child and she was paid by the french government and also the host family for doing this charity job two sources of income for a jewish child mr hollande president of france and all the others presidents have never recognized these facts tell me why not a single country has never accused france of these crimes against crimes of human rights and never has been punished for it dépôt legal sacd paris wladimir zandt publishing 26/09/2012 9782954351803 wladimir.zandt@orange.fr 1


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information direction education media-press speakers buro library my first news letter florida where my dna family lives dear friends and readers jews and non-jews for how many years and how many books will i have time to write for you after this life of hell that france gave me how long do i have left for writing books about my life in hell that france allowed to happen perhaps shall i organize a conference in front of the international media included american tv channels in paris new-york washington chicago today stolen from my american jewish family by france since the age of 5 months how much time have i left to give you all the details of my hell will my heirs be able to reveal all the story to you this book tells you almost everything but there is still so much to be said every new edition will tell you a bit more all genocides violence all around the world hunger misery the rich and the poor and more will the french presidents and their teams dare to tell you the truth about what i have been through regards wladimir for more informations http www.wladimir-the-holocaust-survivor.org 2


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the wladimir zandt french case 1940 wladimir is born in the elne maternity hospital in france a swiss maternity hospital that saved 600 mothers and 600 babies in 4 years volunteer elisabeth eidenbenz daughter of a protestant pastor 1941 french police interns perla the mother and her son wladimir in the french rivesaltes deportation camp reserved for the spanish the gypsies and the jewish volunteer friedel bohny ­ reiter swiss protestant today in new york the speaker after having found his american jewish family to testify usa canada latin america and brazil australia europe israel 3


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acknowledgements simone veil deported to auschwitz at the age of 16 survivor minister academic elie wiesel deported to auschwitz at the age of 17 survivor professor nobel prize for peace letter dated july 25 2009 dear sir i have received your letter for many years you have struggled with the french administration to obtain compensation for the deprivation of your rights since 1948 your jewish family and nationality i salute your courage your energy and your perseverance which are exemplary for 60 years now and i deplore that such a drama has occurred simone veil 4


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letter dated april 7 2003 dear wladimir zandt thank you for sending me your documents they are impressive with my best wishes elie wiesel 5


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letter dated september 26 2010 dear zandt wladimir in haste thank you for your letter when you come to boston give me a call happy new year jewish culture elie wiesel 6


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holocaust memorial washington yad vashem chicago and 200 others all over the world wladimir a real international journalist « holocaust survivor and professional speaker » to the all the holocaust centers in 5 continents in 6 languages on google http www.ahoinfo.org/home.html incredibly hard work alone with his pension as only budget 50 000 62 000 for 12 years and his 6 languages 7


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as says boris cyrulnick a true « resilient » wladimir zandt among 1 500 000 jewish children murdered a holocaust survivor testifies on 5 continents in 6 languages 8



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