The Kofi Annan Fellowship 2014


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A fellowship grant for an emerging leader from a developing country for a one-year full-time MBA education in Berlin, Germany.

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esmt european school of management and technology together with the kofi annan business schools foundation present the kofi annan fellowship 2014 for outstanding leadership potential from developing countries esmt european school of management and technology


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executive summary what is the kofi annan fellowship a fellowship grant for an emerging leader from a developing country for a one-year full-time mba education in berlin germany requirements bachelor s degree of any kind a minimum of three years of professional experience gmat fluency in written and spoken english willingness to contribute to building the economy and society of the home country with entrepreneurial impetus purpose to make significant contributions to least developed countries ldcs and landlocked developing countries lldcs to strengthen the awareness for responsibility in leadership in developed countries support travel visa housing insurance placement networking partner esmt european school of management and technology in cooperation with the kofi annan business schools foundation in the hague netherlands financials value of the fellowship is 58,000 fellows will have a full scholarship from esmt plus fair compensation for travel and accommodation costs and program related fees when starting annually in january application deadline is september 30 annually up to three fellowships are available annually sponsorship esmt invites donors and sponsors to help with funds.


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what is the kofi annan fellowship all about the kofi annan fellowship provides the opportunity for talented and motivated students from developing countries who do not belong to a privileged class and lack sufficient financial means to study management at esmt in berlin and graduate with a prestigious mba from the most international business school in germany upon return to their home countries the fellows are expected to contribute to the strengthening of entrepreneurial capacity and the fostering of a stable market economy as an effective catalyst for their country s development job creation and poverty alleviation esmt will scout for these talents select them provide preparation if needed give fair compensation for expenses like travel accommodation and program fees and guide the fellows through their stay at the school after graduation esmt will offer support to the fellows in starting their new careers and building a network among the kofi annan alumni under the umbrella of the kofi annan business schools foundation esmt is joining forces with associated european business schools to create a scalable number of successful kofi annan fellowships your involvement would be highly appreciated wulff plinke founding dean esmt nick barniville director mba programs esmt


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2 the kofi annan fellowship the kofi annan business schools foundation initiative the kofi annan business schools foundation is a joint initiative of the public advice international foundation pa international vlerick leuven gent management school vlerick hogeschool utrecht university of applied sciences hu and esmt european school of management and technology berlin bsl business school lausanne and nova school of business lisbon.1 learn more at contributes to the targets of achieving full and productive employment and decent work for all integrating the principles of sustainable development and creating global partnerships for development in cooperation with the private sector the objective of the foundation for the coming years is to expand the number of business schools associated with the foundation and to find more companies and industries willing to become business partners and sponsors of the foundation from a corporate social responsibility csr perspective in order to provide more opportunities for more talented students the associated business schools in close cooperation with the business sector aim to create a platform that will actively stimulate the exchange of knowledge and best practices with small and mediumsized enterprises in europe africa asia and latin america in order to generate innovative business solutions that can contribute to economic growth and poverty alleviation in developing countries mission the kofi annan business schools foundation aims to stimulate local entrepreneurship by creating a new generation of innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurs in developing countries through tailor-made and practice-oriented study programs the initiative is an implementation of the un millennium development goals project and directly the kofi annan business schools foundation aims to strengthen the relationship between entrepreneurial individuals institutions and companies in europe and in the south for the benefit of societies across the world hans van ginkel chairman of the board kofi annan business schools foundation 1 the board of the kofi annan business schools foundation is led by prof dr hans van ginkel chairman dr geri bonhof van der waals prof dr philippe haspeslagh and prof dr wulff plinke executive secretary to the board dr m.j van breene.


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the kofi annan fellowship 3 esmt european school of management and technology profile esmt european school of management and technology was founded in 2002 by 25 leading global companies and business associations.1 it is a truly international business school based in berlin and has a distinct european focus esmt offers excellence and innovation through rigorous academic research high quality teaching and a practice-oriented approach to business education esmt focuses on three main topics leadership and social responsibility european competitiveness and the management of technology it offers a full-time mba an executive mba and open enrollment and customized executive education programs esmt s campus is located in the historical center of berlin with an additional location in schloss gracht near cologne esmt and its programs are accredited by aacsb amba and fibaa learn more at mission esmt develops entrepreneurial leaders who think globally act responsibly and respect the individual with a heritage rooted in european values and the potential of technology esmt develops and imparts new knowledge to foster sustainable economic growth dedication to responsible leadership esmt considers sustainability and responsible leadership essential components of a 21st century business education in 2009 esmt inaugurated the e.on chair in corporate responsibility and in 2010 the ernst young chair in governance and compliance esmt has signed the united nations principles for responsible management education prme and is a member of the european academy of business in society eabis esmt awards an annual prize for responsible leadership that is given to an outstanding person with a demonstrated track record of responsible leadership who can serve as a role model for future leaders in society 1 the companies are allianz axel springer bayer bcg boston consulting group bda bdi bmw bosch daimler deutsche bank deutsche post eads e.on gazprom germania hypovereinsbank unicredit kpmg lufthansa man mckinsey munichre rwe sap siemens deutsche telekom thyssenkrupp.


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4 the kofi annan fellowship berlinda mkanganwi december 16 2011 had been a red-letter day on all our calendars since our arrival marking the end of a journey officially launched in january 2011 i would like to share with you some insight on how this journey unfolded for us this year being an entrepreneurial leader requires three things courage to try something new and push boundaries resourcefulness in finding solutions and stamina to do what needs doing often leaders must go the extra mile for the defenseless and voiceless who cannot thank or repay henry ford once said a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business we learnt how seriously esmt takes this during a business simulation working in teams our goal was to run fishing businesses in a specific catchment area we invested traded planned and outsmarted each other at the end we made much money but there were no fish left in the sea when i was young my mother told me something that i believe explains why many of us came on this journey she told me that i was born with my fists clenched because i was holding all the gifts that god had given me and that my life s job is to open my hands there are two lessons in this first that each of us has unique gifts that come as seed to be nurtured second that just as an apple tree bears apples not for itself but for others these gifts are given to us but do not belong to us they are meant for others from the graduation speech of berlinda mkanganwi kofi annan fellow and esmt mba graduate 2011


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the kofi annan fellowship 5 ernest kwame gyimah before we first met at esmt for the official opening of january 12 2012 we made arrangements and met for dinner to introduce ourselves and to share our aspirations for what was to become an eventful year for us coming from 24 countries our hopes and expectations for the year had indeed cut across many spheres we had hoped to make new and lasting friends further develop our technical expertise expand our professional networks experience berlin and germany and take advantage of our mba degree to change jobs and locations among others with all these we aspired to become responsible and integrative leaders that is to be leaders who unite the numerous perspectives required for an organization to grow looking back we feel proud of what we have been able to achieve in this year at esmt nonetheless as we join the esmt alumni and reach out to a broader world we are aware of the expectations all of you seated here have of us we celebrate our day bearing in mind that you expect that we become leaders who know how to spot opportunities share their vision mobilize all the stakeholders energy behind that vision and elicit their support through fair responsible and innovative leadership we promise not to disappoint you from the graduation speech of ernest kwame gyimah kofi annan fellow and esmt mba graduate 2012


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6 the kofi annan fellowship the kofi annan fellowship for obtaining an esmt full-time mba overview esmt s one-year full-time mba program is a management acceleration program aimed at early to mid-career professionals with at least three years of professional experience the board of the kofi annan business schools foundation grants fellowships on the basis of their previous academic education and a motivation letter that demonstrates both social responsibility and a clear business orientation a kofi annan fellowship at esmt has a value of 58,000 and covers full tuition fees and course materials in addition to a living stipend of 1,000 per month for the duration of the mba program the fellowship also covers one round-trip plane ticket to berlin from the fellow s home fellowships can be awarded only after a candidate has been admitted to the esmt full-time mba program i.e applicants must also complete the esmt full-time mba application online before being considered for a fellowship who should apply applicants are residents of one of the un-listed ldcs lldcs or of palestine up-to-date country lists can be found at and other countries might be considered by the kofi annan business schools foundation upon request applications are encouraged from candidates who hold at least a bachelor s degree from any academic discipline and demonstrate three years of postgraduate professional experience all applicants are required to take the gmat graduate management admission test before gaining admission to the esmt full-time mba program.1 how to apply applications are only accepted online via esmt s website potential applicants may also submit a short form for a preliminary check to determine whether they are eligible to apply application deadline is annually on september 30 how many fellowships are there conditions after completing the fellowship after graduation fellows are expected to commit to returning to their home countries or regions to participate for at least three years in the development of the local or regional economy assistance with placement will be given by esmt up to three at esmt further information please visit esmt s website for further information about the esmt full-time mba program any specific questions can be addressed to or made by telephone to the esmt admissions team at +49 30 21231 1402 learn more at 1 limited number of gmat fee waivers are available to candidates who can demonstrate financial need please contact


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the kofi annan fellowship 7 esmt kofi annan fellows 2011­2013 tauseef afzal pakistan dilnesahu atiye ethiopia ernest kwame gyimah ghana malati khadka nepal berlinda mkanganwi zimbabwe bevin ngara zimbabwe doreen nkansah ghana nodir nurimbetov uzbekistan sona rostomyan armenia


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8 the kofi annan fellowship request for financial support esmt supports the kofi annan fellowship initiative because the expected value for the fellows is of the highest relevance it will make a significant contribution to those countries that need effective support most this initiative fits perfectly to esmt s values and services esmt will educate up to three students with every class the fellows will connect with the other students in the class the class will profit greatly from the kofi annan fellows ­ by learning from their perspectives and values when solving managerial issues thus strengthening the awareness for responsibility in leadership the catalytic effects will be strong in addition the fellows will connect with per fellow basis 1 year of study at esmt marginal direct cost fees living cost 12 months travel insurance logistics etc kofi annan fellows of other schools in the foundation after a few years there will be a network of alumni fellows who will support each other by exchanging experiences and knowledge and gain mutual benefits from each other and from the schools in the foundation esmt needs the support of donors and sponsors for this charity initiative our proposition is that esmt gives a full scholarship i.e does not charge any tuition to the fellow the school should not incur additional expenses for an individual fellow the marginal direct costs for this program are requested to be sponsored by social responsibility initiatives 9,000 12,000 8,000 29,000 29,000 58,000 total amount of fundraising request for a fellowship grant tuition sponsored by esmt total value of fellowship value for donors and sponsors sponsors are cordially invited to use the kofi annan fellowship for their csr portfolio of activities esmt will support sponsors through close collaboration and communication activities the fellows can be invited by the sponsor to cooperate with the sponsor in various dimensions in particular in building a sustainable relationship with the respective country esmt appreciates donations of any size account information deutsche bank ag account no 077304403 bank code 100 700 00 iban de10 1007 0000 0077 3044 03 bic deutdebbxxx all donations will be tax deductible items include international field studies learning materials office supplies food and drink.


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the kofi annan fellowship 9 annex least developed countries africa 34 1 angola 2 benin 3 burkina faso 1 4 burundi 1 5 central african republic 1 6 chad 1 7 comoros 2 8 democratic rep of the congo 9 djibouti 10 equatorial guinea 11 eritrea 12 ethiopia 1 13 gambia 14 guinea 15 guinea-bissau 2 16 lesotho 1 17 liberia 18 madagascar 19 malawi 1 20 mali 1 21 mauritania 22 mozambique 23 niger 1 24 rwanda 1 25 são tomé and príncipe 2 26 senegal 27 sierra leone 28 somalia 29 south sudan 30 sudan 31 togo 32 uganda 1 33 united republic of tanzania 34 zambia 1 asia 14 1 afghanistan 1 2 bangladesh 3 bhutan 1 4 cambodia 5 kiribati 2 6 lao people s democratic rep 1 7 myanmar 8 nepal 1 9 samoa 2 10 solomon islands 2 11 timor-leste 2 12 tuvalu 2 13 vanuatu 2 14 yemen latin america and the caribbean 1 1 haiti 2 landlocked developing countries africa 15 1 botswana 2 burkina faso 3 3 burundi 3 4 central african republic 3 5 chad 3 6 ethiopia 3 7 lesotho 3 8 malawi 3 9 mali 3 10 niger 3 11 rwanda 3 12 swaziland 13 uganda 3 14 zambia 3 15 zimbabwe asia 10 1 afghanistan 3 2 bhutan 3 3 kazakhstan 4 kyrgystan 5 lao people s democratic rep 3 6 mongolia 7 nepal 3 8 tajikistan 9 turkmenistan 10 uzbekistan europe 4 1 armenia 2 azerbaijan 3 republic of moldova 4 the former yugoslav republic of macedonia latin america 2 1 bolivia 2 paraguay 1 2 3 also lldc also small island developing state sids also ldc


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esmt european school of management and technology gmbh schlossplatz 1 10178 berlin germany founding dean prof dr wulff plinke phone +49 0 30 212 31-1020 fax +49 0 30 212 31-1012 e-mail mba director nick barniville phone +49 0 30 212 31-1400 fax +49 0 30 212 31-1409 e-mail



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