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magazine everybody s normal nothing made kathie different to anybody else until debt struck lifting people out of debt and poverty 1


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london s calling saturday 15 june 2013 image copyright sean nel 2013 used under license from image copyright pakhnyushcha 2013 used under license from cap co ee morning kettle s on 13-21 april 2013 2 image copyright jmiks 2013 used under license from


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welcome `you listened and pulled me from a lonely pit full of mud and mire you let me stand on a rock with my feet firm psalm 40:2 welcome to lifted magazine we hope that you will feel lifted as you read how god can turn around even the worst situations to bring redemption and hope how he lifts us out of a pit and sets our feet on a rock the lonely pit of debt can be very deep especially as many of our clients have been through so much hardship and personal tragedy before they ask for our help kathie got into debt after her teenage son was in a road traffic accident and only just survived the travel to and from hospitals pushed them into a financial nightmare one night she woke to find a suicide note from her husband who was overwhelmed by the pressure of debt in her despair she phoned cap through our expert debt help we were able to set her feet on solid ground and now she is debt free together we were there for kathy when she needed us the most by `we i mean everyone who makes up cap ­ debt coaches volunteers and you our valued supporters john kirkby founder international director 3


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everybody s norm kathie was living a normal life married with two sons and part of a local church where her husband steve was a worship leader that was until her son daniel was involved in a car accident daniel s injuries left him hospitalised for nine months and unable to walk or talk without assistance kathie struggled to maintain her job as a child-minder and care for daniel at the same time `working 50 hours a week and looking after daniel was becoming too much after one particularly stressful day i just burst into tears i felt so much guilt on the advice of her gp kathie made the brave decision to look after daniel full time and give up her job without the extra income finances became a struggle as they had drained their savings while daniel was in hospital 4


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`it was a suicide note from steve ­ he had taken a month s worth of sleeping tablets `after a really nice day we drove home and arrived back late in the evening she explains `i went to bed leaving steve and daniel talking in the kitchen kathie had not dared go downstairs in the middle of the night since police had knocked on her door to deliver the devastating news of daniel s accident three years earlier that night however god intervened `just after 3am god woke me up and i found the courage to go downstairs as kathie stood in the kitchen she noticed a letter on the table she describes her terror as she read it `it was a suicide note from steve she says `screaming i ran upstairs yelling at him and getting no response i phoned for an ambulance ­ he had taken a month s worth of sleeping tablets the note revealed three years of secrets steve had been hiding insurmountable debts that had built up when daniel was in hospital `he had taken all the debts on himself and hadn t told me because he was trying to protect me mal `we used up our savings during those nine months on things like petrol parking and food as time went on things began to feel more normal `daniel was improving day by day she says `he was walking more independently and excelling in college she knew money was tight but nothing could have prepared her for what happened in november 2010 5


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kathie s timely intervention meant steve was not in serious danger under serious strain and the weight of debt kathie needed help but who could she go to who would support her to get out of debt at a time when she was already under immense pressure fortunately kathie had heard about christians against poverty `terry local centre manager was absolutely fantastic cap took the weight off our shoulders by coming round and talking to us terry took away all the letters that had come through and helped us cut up our credit cards it was a feeling of relief knowing that we weren t doing this on our own we had support cap negotiated with kathie and steve s creditors to agree a budget which they stuck to for a year then kathie s mum gave them some money which cap was able to use to agree a final amount with their creditors to settle the debt once and for all `becoming debt free was the most fantastic feeling we didn t owe anybody anything and that feeling was just so liberating sadly steve has now passed away following a heart attack but kathie has the confidence to carry on `we raised donations for cap at the funeral she says `it wouldn t have gone to anyone else kathie believes that god led her to cap to to give her hope in her darkest hour this article was written by our communications intern ian lynch as part of the reach programme find out more about this one year opportunity at `cap took all my paperwork it was like taking a weight off my mind 6


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job clubs a new service from cap 2013 is a really exciting year of new things for us not only are we hoping to open another 50 new cap debt centres but we have also launched our brand new service cap job clubs we have been helping people out of debt for 16 years now and we know that redundancy and unemployment are big causes of debt that s why we think it s time for us to do what we can to help people back into employment by introducing cap job clubs our job clubs have cap s core values of relieving poverty through the local church in order to give people an opportunity to discover jesus for themselves a free clu b for job see helping yo u step by ste kers p into emplo yment employme nt step towa rds job clubs capjobclub we expect to have 80 cap job clubs up and running by the end of the year if you would like to see if we have a job club near you or are interested in partnering with us to open one in your church email new and improved cap money course in february we completed an exciting new look cap money course the course has new dvds and course materials and much improved online budgeting tools the cap money course is a vital service to help people budget save and spend better whilst also preventing the misery of debt the course helps you to get in control of your money once and for all visit to find your nearest free course the course has also been adapted for students youth and ministers 7


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life after harmonicas `cap really helped me at a time when i had given up i had an operation due to the stress caused by debt cap took the pressure off i can t fault them at cap hq staff celebrate every single debt free family by blowing harmonicas and sending a mexican wave around the office but what happens after the harmonicas once a client is debt free do they stay in the black there is no doubt that cap s work is supporting thousands of clients struggling with the burden of debt providing essential budgeting skills and releasing families from poverty we got in touch with clients who became debt free through our service and conducted unique research into what happened in the years following cap the results were staggering over 96 percent had stayed completely debt free the research covered a wide demographic of 120 clients from those who had become debt free recently all the way up to six years ago it revealed that cap s in-depth service leaves a lasting impression 8 the financial education that clients receive played a big part in the remarkable figures 85 percent of clients had continued to use the budgeting skills they learned when working with us and 83 percent felt in control of their finances our work goes beyond individual clients too of those we surveyed 75 percent had passed on the valuable skills they had learned to others using their experience to potentially save family and friends from falling into debt.


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75 percent had passed on the valuable skills they had learned to others over on facebook we asked our clients what it feels like to become debt free emma `it s like being released from prison debt suffocates you but cap helps to liberate you the statistics show that financial security awaits our debt free clients even when we are no longer directly working with them almost half of the clients we spoke to now had savings and 65 percent were only too happy to let us know about positive developments with their finances ­ things like buying a new car going on holiday or paying for higher education what is overwhelmingly clear from the research is that cap s unique blend of face-to-face home visits supportive befriending and professional debt counselling combine to create a truly life changing service that keeps on working long after a client has become debt free nicola `a massive weight lifted off my shoulders i ve since attended the cap money course so i have the tools and confidence to never let my finances get out of hand again adam `i went debt free on 2 february 2012 and i ve been debt free since thanks to cap kate `for the first time in my adult life i have savings in the bank and no debt i will never go back to the old way again it s wonderful i m so grateful chris `it took us nearly four years but the day we became debt free is still one of the best days i ve had there s heaps of encouraging posts from our clients on our facebook page every day get involved and connect directly with the people you re helping join 10,000 others and give us a `like at 9 of debt free clients stay debt free


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what happens at cap in a single day in november 2012 we ran a twitter campaign to give the world a snapshot of what happens at cap in just one day the result was truly inspiring capuk phones are busy already for our lovely ladies answering 0800 328 0006 #1dayatcap 9:07am ­ 27 nov 12 sophie team is preparing a budget for a guy who was suicidal he met cap came to faith is getting debt help #1dayatcap 10:21am ­ 27 nov 12 capuk touching feedback from a @capmoneyuk coach #1dayatcap 10:46am ­ 27 nov 12 georgie received this from a client who tried to commit suicide before cap started working with him #1dayatcap changing lives 9:27am ­ 27 nov 12 cathy just about to ring a client to tell her cap will be buying her a bed through our smile fund #1dayatcap 11:06am ­ 27 nov 12 capuk new caller has no gas or electric sounds very stressed we ve booked him in for a home visit #1dayatcap 9:28am ­ 27 nov 12 10 ian just read a story of how an entire family came to know jesus after the parents were rescued from debt amazing #1dayatcap 11:42am ­ 27 nov 12


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follow us on twitter @capuk dan harmonica time 1 debt free family #1dayatcap 12:14am ­ 27 nov 12 lisa another client saved from eviction by cap this morning #1dayatcap 3:11pm ­ 27 nov 12 capuk today s letters from creditors to be answered by our team each represents a pang of stress taken away #1dayatcap 3:16pm ­ 27 nov 12 anne about to pick up a nervous client accompany her to court we love to go the extra mile #1dayatcap 12:36am ­ 27 nov 12 capuk caseworker steve about to call a client to say she s debt free gonna be one happy lady #1dayatcap 2:06pm ­ 27 nov 12 ben single mum with only £15 left this month no food at home we were able to bless her with an emergency food shop #1dayatcap 3:59pm ­ 27 nov 12 capuk `salvation bunting celebrating every life changed by god since october 2012 #1dayatcap 4:40pm ­ 27 nov 12 capuk our supporter relations team just spoke to an ex-client who wants to donate we helped her when she was living on £3 a day #1dayatcap 2:56pm ­ 27 nov 12 11


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an interview with dawn stobart creditor liaison manager dawn s team negotiates with creditors on our clients behalf to agree affordable repayments they truly speak up for those who can t speak for themselves how do you speak up for cap s clients many companies are shocked by the level of poverty we deal with because these situations are oneoffs for them however cap helps the poorest and most marginalised in society so their minority is our majority we aren t about avoiding issues as we understand people have loaned money in good faith but we do believe people should have a roof over their head and food for their family it s about justice and fairness to both parties how do you help vulnerable clients after talking with us we have seen several companies including a major catalogue company go on to set up vulnerable client units we also make creditors aware of clients circumstances particularly when they have physical or mental ill health this then helps them to make informed choices to write off debts or reduce payments how does this make a difference we recently had a creditor agree to wipe off £221,702 of debt for a client who has terminal cancer that client now has peace of mind knowing their affairs are in order what do you think sets cap apart cap has a good reputation for clients paying back their debts and creditors see that we are about changing lives we have statistics to prove our service works and it speaks volumes to the industry when they come to see us they are quite in awe of the extra miles we go for clients the emergency food shops and short holidays we offer ­ it really speaks of god s love creditor liaison team lifting the burden of debt of debt repaid each month of secondary debt handled demands and red letters handled every month 12


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75 said debt affected their relationship negatively 26 of these said debt caused total relationship breakdown 26 sixty-eight percent 80 67 68 were prescribed medication due to stress from debt said their health suffered due to the stress of debt 55 stated they were suffering from mental ill health in 2 in 5 people considered or attempted suicide waited over a year before seeking help waited because they thought nobody could help 41 waited 3 years before seeking help 33 49 18 feared losing their homes sacrificed meals due to debt threatened with eviction 15 57 72 21 missed meals regularly unable to `provide properly for their children 61 unable to clothe their children properly 13 unable to provide 3 meals a day


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become a life changer cap is a group of ordinary people doing what we can to help with extraordinary results whether we are working for volunteering for or giving to cap we each do it because we know our expert debt counselling work can turn lives around from debt and despair to hope and new life we are ready to help anyone who lives near a cap debt centre but there are hundreds of people who ring our helpline every month who we can t help together we are on a mission to expand our debt centre network so we can help anyone who calls our helpline regardless of where they live to do this we need to open another 282 debt centres to add to our existing 218 our mission will save lives and marriages prevent hunger and stop depression for thousands of people across the uk are you on board many people already support cap with a monthly donation and because we receive no government funding their regular gift is vital to what we can achieve together will you join 20,000 uk christians and give what you can to help without the unity of those who believe that god and his church have an answer to the misery of debt cap s reach will be limited will you sign up to give a few pounds every month by becoming a life changer and be part of saving many more lives please visit to sign up today organise a church talk last year our experienced team of speakers shared cap s vision with over 300 churches throughout the uk this inspired people like you to support our work make a difference in their local community with the cap money course and see lives changed through opening a cap debt centre 14


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do your bit if you would like to organise a speaker to help you inspire your church then please get in touch as soon as possible as our speaker team are often booked well in advance contact 01274 760814 or to book today i d like to get more involved i d like to become a life changer ­ please contact me i d like to leave a legacy to cap ­ please send me more information i d like to have a talk in my church about cap i d like to raise funds for cap leave a legacy we are increasingly seeing more individuals leave a legacy to cap in their will because they share our passion reach the poor in the uk if you want to join others who are leaving a lasting legacy of transformation in people s lives find out more about giving a gift to cap in your will by contacting our partnership team on 01274 760582 making a will is a vital step to ensuring your family are protected and your wishes are honored when you die you can make a will for free at by entering the promo code `capfree at the checkout to receive a 100 discount thank you for joining others to ensure that the work you are passionate about will continue until debt and poverty is eradicated in the uk my details please compete in block capitals title forename surname address postcode mobile telephone email please return your form to cap freepost nea 3201 bradford bd1 1br registered office jubilee mill north street bradford bd1 4ew e t 01274 760720 registered charity no 1097217 charity registered in scotland no sc038776 company limited by guarantee registered in england and wales no 4655175



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