English 1119/1 SBP 2012


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Trial exam paper for English 1119/1 2012 for SBP

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sulit bahasa inggeris ogos 2012 1 ¾ jam 1119/1 nama tingkatan bahagian pengurusan sekolah berasrama penuh dan sekolah kecemerlangan kementerian pelajaran malaysia pentaksiran diagnostik akademik sbp 2012 percubaan sijil pelajaran malaysia bahasa inggeris kertas 1 1 jam 45 minit jangan buka kertas soalan ini sehingga diberitahu arahan 1 kertas soalan ini mengandungi dua bahagian bahagian a dan bahagian b 2 jawab semua soalan 3 anda dinasihati supaya mengambil masa 45 minit untuk menjawab soalan bahagian a dan 50 minit untuk bahagian b instructions 1 this question paper consists of two sections section a and section b 2 answer all questions 3 you are advised to spend 45 minutes on section a and 50 minutes on section b kertas ini mengandungi 3 halaman bercetak © 2012 hak cipta bpsbpsk [lihat halaman sebelah sulit


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sulit 2 section a directed writing [35 marks [time suggested 45 minutes 1119/1 recently haze has become a serious problem in your town you have carried out a survey on the causes and effects of haze based on your findings write a report to the principal regarding the matter in your report give the causes and effects of haze and provide suggestions to reduce the problem use the following notes to write your report haze dust and smoke particles in air poor air quality causes forest fires open burning vehicle emissions effects eye and throat irritation breathing difficulties low visibility suggestions stop open burning avoid outdoor activities when writing the report you should remember to address your report to the principal provide a title include your name use all the points given add two other suggestions of your own note for your report you will receive up to 15 marks for the format and content points and up to 20 marks for the quality of your writing © 2012 hak cipta bpsbpsk sulit


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sulit 3 1119/1 section b continuous writing [50 marks [time suggested one hour write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics 1 a pleasant dream 2 describe a scene after a disaster 3 success comes to those who work hard do you agree 4 write a story ending with he left and closed the door behind him quietly 5 strength kertas soalan tamat © 2012 hak cipta bpsbpsk sulit



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